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The following story is fiction about a couple of brothers and is set in the Puericil Universe which is used with permission.  It is a sequel to Puericil Is Great – Soaring to the Clouds which should be read first.

The story contains scenes of spanking, young fdom and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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You may change the following names in the story to enhance your reading pleasure. 

The dominant twelve year old narrator
His submissive fourteen year old brother
The eleven year old girl in his life
His non-Puericil friend and classmate
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Puericil Is Great
Crashing Back into the Abyss


My downfall came during the summer.  I had been ever so careful but it was Rosemary who did me in although my parents had approved of the setup.  Just like she had said months earlier when she got me to drop my trousers to show her brothers what a man is like after she noticed the tent in my jeans following my spanking them.  Of course, she wanted to look also but I quickly got to like how she admired me.

It was the summer and Billy had gotten an invitation to spend a couple of weeks with his friend on a summer visit to the Capitol.  Everyone seemed happy about that so it was arranged.  Then the 'rents decided that it would be nice if they took a vacation at the same time.  Neither they nor I wanted to be in a car and motel rooms together for a fortnight.  They suggested that I could stay with one of my friends and that sounded pretty good.  Denny's parents agreed but I had not figured out the things that could and unfortunately did happen.  They had a summer cabin that they had rented.

I should have sensed that it was a bad idea especially when I saw Rosemary's smile when it was being discussed.  Perhaps I would have realized it if her brothers had been naked but they were dressed normally since they were in my house.  Truth be told, I was looking forward to some fun in country and maybe even getting close to Rosemary who I thought was cute and had perky little boobs.  Even if I didn't get into her pants (like she had gotten into mine) I hoped to at least play with those.

It didn't take long before my saying "Mr. Peelman" and "Mrs. Peelman" got on everyone's nerves so we agreed that I should call them Uncle Sy and Aunt Kate which I shall do here.  It was right after breakfast that things got out of my control in an unpleasant way.  Aunt Kate announced that announced that a box of important groceries had been left behind and a shopping trip was necessary right off.  Uncle took her to town because he was concerned about the car and wanted the mechanic to check it.  He figured that they could get both important errands taken care of at the same time and not have to worry.  Their apparently innocent departing words were the killers: "Now boys, behave yourselves and listen to Rosemary as she is in charge."  I certainly couldn't say no because her brothers immediately gave positive acknowledgments.  I had unknowingly just sealed my doom by just being polite.

"Harvey, the big condition for your staying with us, was that you obey all the rules and the same rules apply to you as to Denny and Ricky.  I'm sure you know them, so take off your clothes so that you are naked exactly as they are." said Rosemary in a very authoritarian voice as her parents drove off.© YLeeCoyote

I objected that I was not a little boy and it was pointed out to me that they were both older.  That only made things worse.  Then I played my trump card – that I had pubes.

"What's the price for arguing with me Ricky?" she asked her older brother.

"A spanking, Ma'am."  Both Denny and Ricky were sporting huge grins obviously like the idea of seeing me spanked.

"OK, I'm stripping." I said knowing I should try to cut my losses pulling off my T-shirt and also dropping my shorts leaving me starkers just like her brothers.

"That's better, Harvey.  Now get over my lap."

I was about to refuse when Denny pushed me towards his in-charge sister.  "You better do it, Harv." he advised.  That made it crystal clear that they were going to assist her and I certainly couldn't fight them all off.  I got over her lap.  She got a good grip on my waist and I felt her little hand rubbing my cheeks.  I wished that she was rubbing my other cheeks in a different situation and then came the first spank.

It was harder than I expected but not all that hard.  I thought that I would be able to resist crying and show that I was grown up.  Unfortunately, she had other ideas.  She spoke a few words and then the spanking continued with much greater intensity.  She had gotten a flip-flop and that multiplied her strength ten-fold.  I could not hold out against such an assault.  In a few minutes, I was yelling and begging and starting to sob.  She had broken me.  Actually it was worse:  A younger girl had broken me!  I knew now that I was just another little boy – like her brothers – in her charge.  I was bawling when she stopped.

She stuck me in the corner and made me keep my hands on my head.  It was more than four years earlier, when I was eight, that I bawled so much after a spanking and was parked in the corner.  I certainly did not feel like an almost teenager on the way to be a man just then.

When I got summoned from the corner, Rosemary said that I was right and shouldn't be running about with my pubes showing.  I immediately reached for my shorts.  "No; no, boy.  I haven't said that you should get dressed.  There are many ways to skin a cat." she said.  I did not like the sound of that although I did not know why.  Unfortunately, I was about to find out.

We went outside and I had to sit (on my sore butt which continuously reminded me that I best cooperate) on the table with my legs hanging over the end.  She ordered me to lie back and stay still.  "You don't want your pee-pee to get cut." she said showing me a small pair of scissors.  I agreed with her completely.

"Please don't, Rosemary." I begged.  It was futile.  Her brothers were already pushing me down to hold me still.  Then she sheared me like a lamb.  There was not very much to clip short but I did so love having pubes, especially so that Billy could see them and be jealous of me.  Then it got worse for she covered the area with shaving cream and soon I was baby smooth, like Billy and her brothers.  I had to hold back the tears.  However, I could not help getting a huge hard-on as she handled my dick.  I heard Danny whisper to Ricky that their dickies didn't get hard like that.

"I hope that you will be a good little boy for our time here so we all can have fun, Harvey." Rosemary said with a huge smile.

"Yes, Ma'am." I said, like her brothers were required to say.  "I'll be a good boy."  Then she told her brothers to make me feel good and they gave me a great hand job using the shaving cream as lube.  I pretended that it was her hand and climaxed.  The three of them were most impressed with the force of my explosion and the volume and thickness of my man cream.

It was then that I remembered what she had said a few months earlier when she first got me to drop my pants for her.  «Harvey, someday I'll have control of you and then you'll be under the same rules as my brothers.  Since boys don't need to be modest you'll be naked and you won't have that silly hair either.»

Her terrible prophecy was coming reality and there was a long time left at the cabin.  I comforted myself that my pubes would grow back, even if she shaved me again.  It wasn't as if I was on Puericil like her brothers.  Little did I know about the evil plot in progress.

After she covered us with sunblock, Denny and Ricky showed me around the area.  There was lots of stuff to do and maybe not having pubes for a couple of weeks was a small price to pay to enjoy this lovely place.  I expressed my displeasure at my hosts assisting in my spanking and shaving.  They retorted that had I done the same to them.  We made peace with each other – after all we were just three naked and hairless little boys together.

Uncle and Aunt returned and we had lunch.  Aunt Kate especially was pleased that I was naked like all good little boys should be and she noticed my still red bottom.  Rosemary explained that she had spanked me because I had been a bit uppity and that I had promised to be a good little boy.  "I expect no less Harvey." Aunt Kate said.

An hour after lunch, Uncle took the four of us to the pond to have a swim.  The rule was strict – no swimming without an adult supervising.  The cold water was very soothing for my hot butt and skinny dipping is fun.  Of course, Rosemary wore a bathing suit and showed off her nice body.  I was still hoping to get to know it better.

In just two days I was having a great time.  I had gotten use to not having clothes since it was delightfully warm and Rosemary was being very nice.  She let us do what we wanted and only exerted her authority a little, mainly at bedtime.  If any of us little boys were slow to go to bed, she used her hairbrush or flip-flop to encourage us.  She didn't actually bathe us but she closely supervised us.  I even got used to her seeing all of us pee.  Fortunately Denny had gotten over his nocturnal enuresis issue so he did have to suffer the shame of wearing diapers but slept naked like Ricky and me.  It was easy to slip into the role of a little boy since I had two role models to encourage me and it was relaxing.

Three days after she shaved me, she was unhappy that I was showing some stubble so she rubbed some depilatory cream on the area.  When I washed it off, the stubble disappeared.  I was really nice and smooth but I still did not worry for I was sure it would grow back once I was home.

I was surprised she brought us a glass of milk and some cookies to have before we brushed our teeth for the night.  It was very nice of her and I even thanked her for her thoughtfulness.  She would also have a small glass of milk but passed on the cookies as fatting.  Rosemary said that since she was in charge she was suppose to take care of us.  I thought that having a sister, even a bossy one, could be nice.

A couple of day later I got another spanking.  We were out exploring the woods and Ricky said that we had better go back before we were late and got into trouble.  I refused to listen and we did get back late.  Rosemary investigated and I ended up confessing so that the others would not be spanked because of me.  She decided that since I had put their butts at risk, they should spank me.  They were most delighted.

Ricky sat and I got over his lap.  He was close to sixteen now and reasonably strong (although not aggressive because of the Puericil he was taking).  When his hand struck my butt with a loud SPANK, I knew that I was being spanked.  He did not need a flip-flop to make an impression on me.  Almost immediately I was howling and then crying.  He kept me in position while Denny got a few spanks in just to drive the point home that I had to follow the rules.  Later Ricky reminded me how I had spanked him so I had better not be mad that he returned the favor.  I let my animosity go once again.

Well, except for those two very hard spankings and losing my pubes I was having a great time.  I did not have anything to worry about (either for myself or Billy who was away) except to have fun and there was the woods and pond to explore.  It wasn't perfect and all three of us got spanked a couple of times each week.  But these spanking were light ones for minor offences like being slow with chores and being late and absolutely nothing like the scorcher I got the first day or from Ricky.

When I got home, I visited with Denny and Ricky a lot more than I had been before.  Of course, now I always had to be naked just like they were but that seemed most natural.  Even though Rosemary had stopped putting that cream on me, my pubes weren't coming back.  It was another couple of weeks before I found out why.

"Well, my docile little boy, your scheming was discovered and now, like my brothers and Billy, you are a Puericil boy.  You been on it since we when to the cabin."  When I found that I couldn't get very angry and Rosemary told me to calm down and I did.  Immediately!  So that I knew that she was telling me the truth.  "It was necessary to stop you from bullying your brother." she explained.  She even proved it in a most embarrassing way.  Like the first time she shaved me, she handled my dick and got it hard.  Then she had her brothers jerk me off.  The difference was proof positive for I was not as hard as before and my performance was inferior in every way.

This was something that Billy had noticed also.  For a while I been making deposits fore and aft in Billy making him happy every day.  I was not able to continue at that rate dropping to only a couple of times a week.  Billy was very nice about it saying that he understood perfectly and that I should NOT worry about it.  He was even kind enough not to tell me that he could easily find other guys in this class who would share their man cream.

The being naked rule has been extended to Billy and to home so we all are naked there.  I've learnt that it is the right thing for us little boys.  BTW, Rosemary is the nicest baby sitter even though she is very strict with us, just like with her brothers.  She always brings us our nighttime milk and cookies.  We know that she will not hesitate to spank us if we get out of line.

I was puzzled that I had not been taking a pill like Billy and realized that I hadn't seen her brothers take any either when we were at the cabin.  "We switched to the liquid form of Puericil, Harvey.  My brothers did not like taking the pills nor the responsibility to remember.  That, of course, isn't really fair for little boys to have to do.  Now they just get it when they eat in their food or drinks after Mom or I add it.  They are happier this way.  Your mother and I been giving it to you the same way.  It's tasteless, odorless and colorless so you never noticed.  There is not any reason for you to worry about getting your Puericil."

"When did it start?" I asked curious.

" I gave you your first dose when we had the picnic lunch on the way to the cabin and then again at night.  Now be a good boy and drink your milk.  It is important that little boys have their milk.  Then let's get you to bed."  She had a great big smile when she told me that.

"Is it in the milk?" I asked drinking half of it in one go as an obedient Puericil boy must.

She smiled.  "Sometimes."  I finished my milk.  "Good boy.  I think I'll give you your bath tonight."  I smiled as she led me to the tub for I hoped that she would make it fun special fun.  Billy continued to be totally absorbed in the TV and his program had another half hour to run.

As she washed me I asked:  "How long will I be given Puericil, Ma'am?"  She was making the bath more pleasant than usual.

"As least until you graduate, Harvey."

I thought that meant three years which is when I'll finish junior high but later I learnt she meant high school which was meant almost six more years.  I was feeling good as she washed me especially my hair and back.  She hardly touched my thingy which only got a little hard when she washed it.

Naturally life became more complex as I was growing up, er, getting older.  One of the things with being on Puericil is that the guys not on it see you as a wuss.

The guys that aren't ordinarily bullies now come across that way but they generally don't mean to.  I look back and saw that, regrettably, I did it a few times.  (It was different than what I did with Billy which was really nasty bullying.)  But, alas, there are the real bullies.  They now have us wussy Puericil boys to pick on in addition to their usual targets.  I was lucky for I had Chad.  Chad, a half year younger than I, was a classmate who obviously was not on Puericil.  He was very much my friend and protector as he frequently fended off the bullies for me.

He was a great pal.  Like Billy had wanted my hard rod I realized that I wanted to suck Chad off and enjoy his thick, rich, creamy cum.  He never, ever, pushed me that way but I had to ask him.  He even refused me a couple of times because he was not sure I was doing it of my own free will.  Once, I convinced him that I really, truly wanted it, we did it several times a week.  We both loved it.

My yearning for Rosemary was still there.  I did not see her as mother surrogate nor a babysitter but as a girlfriend.  Yes, one word not two.  Of course, she was a very bossy girlfriend but what was important was that she saw me as boyfriend.  Sure she had lots of power over me but she told me she loved the nice gentle boy that I had become.  We even dated.  That had a nice bonus that I could stretch my curfew a little bit since she was also my babysitter.  It was great sitting in the cinema with the armrest up and snugging up close.  It was not always that I had the pleasure of taking her out for she also dated other guys even Chad.  She explained that she was too young to go steady.  That happened the last time because the movie she wanted to see was long and not only started late but ran way past my bedtime.

Chad had some great ideas.  One hot Sunday he asked Rosemary to go to a small state park out of town by bus where they could swim in a pond.  Since Rosemary was scheduled to sit me rather than refuse I was invited along.  We took food and water for lunch and were off on the early bus.  I knew that the hike through the forest to the pond would be fun like at the cabin the previous summer.  Of course, I hoped to see Rosemary in her bikini so as to admire her body.  My childish mind just had Chad being a watchman and lifeguard to keep the bears away while I got close to her rather than as a for more powerful rival.

We found a private area and got set to go swimming before lunch.  I had forgotten my swimsuit and said I would use my tighty-whities.  Rosemary said it did not matter and reminded me that little boys don't need to be modest.  Chad surprised me by saying that he would go nude so that I would be more comfortable and suggested that Rosemary do the same.  She almost did but said she had to keep her bottom on because it was 'that time' for her.  I was thrilled to get to see her beautiful breasts at long last.  I was disappointed that she didn't just have eyes for me but for Chad's most masculine body.  I admit that I also was admiring his plump cock surmounted with a thick bush all of which I was quite familiar with.  I tried not to think about how babyish I looked without pubes and my pee-pee sagging.

It was during lunch that I learnt that Chad had been with Rosemary in a way that I could not do while on Puericil.  It was very depressing.  It was clear that Chad was disappointed that he didn't have any need for the condoms he had brought.  (Shhhh…oot!  I never need those anymore.)  I did get closer to Rosemary than ever before and actually kissed her breasts.  Chad was really disappointed that she did not want to do more with him while I was there.  I'm not sure how it all came about, but Rosemary suggested that I help Chad get relief for he was up and hard by then.  She already knew about my giving Chad blow jobs but this was certainly going further.  I got on my back as told and Chad lifted my legs onto his shoulders as Rosemary leaned over my face so I could kiss her tits.  The next thing I knew was that Chad was inside of me and French kissing Rosemary.  (I quickly learnt why Billy had loved me doing that to him.)  It was Rosemary that gave my cherry to Chad not that I was unwilling.  I heard them making a date and Rosemary promising Chad her favors.  That is to say the sort of sex that I couldn't possibly satisfy her with.

I was pouty after that even though I knew that I could not give Rosemary what she needed from a man since I was stuck as a boy.  Shamefully, I showed my displeasure by acting out and not listening to my elders.  After an hour Chad had enough; more than enough of my shenanigans.

Chad grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of the water.  He had absolutely no trouble flipping me over his lap and holding me in place.  He did not need a hairbrush or a flip-flop to make me know that I was being spanked by a man.  He raised up his hand and brought it crashing down on my tail over and over ignoring my howls of agony.  In just five minutes he reduced me to a blubbering baby who was very sorry for his naughty behavior.  Rosemary not only watched but encouraged him to "spank the ungrateful brat."

When he finished spanking me, I found myself kneeling between his feet.  Once again his manhood was rampant and irresistible.  I quickly engulfed it and soon had a delicious snack.  I begged forgiveness from them both for my terrible behavior and was a very good boy from then on.

Later when it was time to go, while Rosemary changed behind some bushes, Chad not only dried and dressed himself but he made sure that I was properly dry.  When he held out my thightie-whites for me to step into, I told him that I could dress myself.  "Do you want another spanking, boy?" he asked.

"No, Sir." I replied and obediently stepped into my briefs he held out and then pulled up followed by my shorts.  I thought that it was good that he was not pulling them down to get me ready to be spanked.

Once we were home, Rosemary put a couple of drops of Puericil directly into my mouth to reduce my aggressive feelings.  I thanked her and again apologized for my naughtiness in the park.  She forgave me and made me understand that Chad could give her something I couldn't at the present.  Also, that she understood I needed stuff from Chad also.

I've come to understand that Puericil is great – especially for little immature boys like ME.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 9, 2013

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