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This story is made up and contains themes which some may consider to be of an adult nature.  If you are not an adult under the laws of your state or country do not proceed further.  This story is for entertainment purposes.  All character names are entirely fictional and any resemblance of any kind, to people living or dead, is purely coincidental.  The essay below is part real life but mostly fantasy.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Grounded Instead – A Punishment Essay


Dottie Henson

I'm a thirty-six-year-old woman – a wife and mother of two boys, ages seven and nine, and you have just grounded me for the next two weeks.  I'm not allowed to go out or have visits without permission from you, my husband.  The grounding is deserved and I take full responsibility for my immature actions.  I set up an elaborate scheme to get you to spank me and instead, you grounded me!  I am devastated.  I didn't want to be grounded.  I wanted my husband to spank me.  This is awful.  Not only am I not getting what I wanted, but I am grounded for two weeks.  I am very unhappy.

It just so embarrassing – thirty six years old and grounded like a teenager.  I feel so stupid.  I have to make excuses about why I can't go out or even talk on the phone.  Only my sister and my best friend, Jennie, know that I have an arrangement with my husband that involves non-physical domestic discipline but it is even hard to tell them when I'm grounded.  Can you imagine what its like to be thirty six years old and have to call your sister or your friend and cancel a shopping date or tennis game because you got yourself grounded.  Even on the phone I blush at the though of telling someone that I'm grounded.  It's even harder to make up excuses for others.  Every time I look it the mirror, my face gets flushed at the though of a grown woman in my predicament.  I tell myself that it won't happen again but it always does.  The kids are getting old enough to realize that something is going on.  Especially when they see me in that outfit that I have to wear when grounded.  Most mothers don't wear a starched white blouse, short pleated skirt, knee socks and Mary Jane's around the house.  The boys are getting to the age where women's panties attract their attention and the skirt is so short that I have to be very careful when they are around.  The early bedtime sucks and the kids think it's weird that I have to go to bed at the same time that they do.  I don't think that they believe that it because I'm worn out and need extra sleep.  I sure do hate being grounded.  At first, it seemed as if my plan was working.  I arranged for the kids to stay with my mother for the weekend and dropped them off so that I would return home about a half-hour after you got home from work.  As I hoped, you were waiting for me in the kitchen with an angry look on your face.

"What is this, young lady.  Can you explain a $700 credit card bill when I told you we needed to watch our budget.  If you've got something to say, you'd better say it now.  We've talked about this before."

As planned, I was caught dead to rights.  I left the bill on the counter for you to find.  I gave you a practiced look of shocked innocence.

"OK, you've earned a major punishment"© YLeeCoyote

"What!  You're not going to spank me?  I thought you were only kidding when you threatened to take me over your knee last time I overspent."

"No, Dottie I should give you a spanking but I won't; I can't really hurt you.  Play is one thing but I love you too much to do it for real.  As of tonight you're grounded for two weeks."

"Grounding!!!  No, NO!  Damn!  Damn!"

I was flabbergasted.  This was not what was suppose to happen.  I couldn't believe it.  My stomach actually did flips.  I decided to 'fess up.  "But I didn't really run up those charges.  I purposely bought the stuff at the end of the billing cycle and returned them at the start of the new cycle.  It was all a set-up to get a real disciplinary spanking from you.  When you threatened me with a real spanking last time, I got all weak in the knees and decided to give you the chance.  Play is fun but I want to feel the real thing, Please, can't you just spank me and forget the grounding, Please!"

You told me that I was too old to be acting like this and how disappointed you were in my behavior.  You told me that since I want to be spanked, that was not much of a punishment.  I lost my temper and yelled at you "NO; but I DIDN'T REALLY SPEND THE MONEY.  I DON'T F***ING WANT TO BE GODDAMN GROUNDED!"

"Watch your language, young lady, or there is a bar of soap in your future.  You know as well as I do that the problem is you deceiving me to get your own way.  Now, young lady, go to your room and think about you behavior.  I'll make us some dinner."

I ran up to my room and threw myself on my bed.  I cried and beat the pillows with my hands.  I replayed the scene in my mind and wondered what went wrong.  In my replay, you took the bait .  "OK, you've earned a major punishment " What; are you going to spank me?  I thought you were only kidding when you threatened to take me over your knee last time I overspent"

"No, Dottie I wasn't kidding.  You've earned a real SPANKING.  Play is one thing but I've had enough.  I love you so much and don't like to really hurt you.  but you've gone too far.  I will make you one sorry young lady!"  You take me by the hand and lead me to the center of the room.  You pull out a chair, sit down and pull me over you lap.  You start with a dozen hard slaps on my skirt and lecture me about my irresponsible behavior; about how hard you work so that I can stay home with the kids and how you won't tolerate my overspending.  You pull up my skirt and are pleased to find that I'm wearing stockings and a garter belt.  You land another dozen smacks on my blue nylon briefs and then pull them down exposing my redding bottom.  Since I wear my panties under my garter belt, you can only pull them down to mid-thigh.  This is far enough; you go to work on my rear and thighs with a vengeance.  Soon it starts to really hurt.  I have second thoughts and beg for mercy but you continue.  I burst into tears and you give me a final half dozen smacks.  You let me rest over you knee until I calm down.  You lecture me some more and I can feel your hardness.  Finally, you tell me to get up.  I drop to my knees and lower your zipper.  "I'm sorry … so sorry."  I say and then show you with my mouth how truly contrite I am.  Once you are relieved, we kiss and make up.  We have a romantic dinner and spent the rest of the weekend mostly in bed.  God, I wish it had worked like I planned.  It must have been over an hour before you called me for dinner and I wasn't too hungry.  I had planned on a romantic dinner, which was to have been proceeded by a scolding and spanking and was to be followed by some special marital fun.  I'd even made sure to wear old-fashioned stockings, the kind held up with garters and a belt since they turn you on so much.  I quietly ate a few bites and sat there staring at my plate.  Finally you broke the silence.

"Would you say that your behavior was immature?"

"Yes," I sobbed, "I'm very ashamed."

"Would you agree that it was childish?"

Again, I nodded my agreement.  "Dottie," you continued, "this isn't your first time you've done something like this, is it?  Would you like to tell me why you did it and what you were thinking?"

"I don't know.  It's just that I crave a real spanking and I know that you don't believe that spankings are the right punishment for me since I enjoy getting them and you enjoy giving them to me.  I'm sorry I don't know what to say.  I buried my face in your hands.  "Please," I sobbed, "please, I know this was stupid – really stupid – but I love you.  I'll accept whatever punishment you give me even grounding which sucks big time."

"OK, go to the computer and write an essay about what just happened, what you wanted to have happen and  why you hate being grounded.  If I like it, I may reconsider your punishment and have you post your essay to SSS."


The End

But what happens when the boys grow up?
The fantasy continues in Junior's Spankings.

© Copyright  January 20, 2003.  All rights reserved.  Permission is granted to copy for personal use only.  Any other use is prohibited.

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