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The following story is fiction about a young man who is punished.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Punishment of My Cousin


It had been a great afternoon.  Uncle Leon and Aunt Lena hosted one of their family parties and they are always fun.  I get to see and play with my cousins.  This time now that I'm thirteen, I'm getting a special treat.  I'm going stay over one night and then Mike, my fourteen-year-old cousin and I will go to the museum.  I'll take the train home by myself.

It's strange, but both sides of Mike's family are punctual and by one fifteen everyone is here except Harold, Mike's twenty-year-old brother.  We have a great cookout and a lot of socializing.  It's all the more fun since the family does not do what most do and show embarrassing pictures.  Some of my friends have told me about that and strangely it is always pictures of kids who have lost their pants or getting spanked or something like that.  Adults never seem to be in embarrassing situations when the cameras are about.

It's just after five when Cousin Harold shows up.  Uncle Leon is furious and immediately starts to yell at him.  Mike pulls me aside and tells me to be quiet and enjoy the show.  Harold insists that he is not late for "You said five and it's just five-ten now."

"I told you that it's scheduled FROM ONE TO FIVE just as it always is."

Harold is too dumb to apologize and talks back insisting it just does not matter.  That makes Uncle absolutely furious.  He yells about my dumb big cousin still being under his rules since he being supported.  Then he grabs Harold by the arm and drags him over to one of the tables on the lawn.  Uncle is a no nonsense big construction worker so he is tough and strong.  Not only is Harold smaller but he a weakling.  I watch in amazement as uncle strips his oldest son.  Harold is quaking as his dad pulls off his T-shirt and then yanks out his belt.  He tosses the shirt aside but he puts the belt on the table.  It is quick work to open Harold's jeans.  Uncle upends his son holding him up by his feet and pulls off his sneakers and socks.  Then he takes the bottom ends of his jeans and pulls them off leaving him with his boxers at half mast.  They are quickly removed leaving Harold quivering, like a little boy, in just his birthday suit.© YLeeCoyote

It is the first look I get of my older cousin naked in more than five years.  It is exciting to see his man parts just hanging down surrounded by his dark pubes.  It is arousing and I cannot help but to rub my clit through my shorts.  Mike snickers at me but with a knowing smile.  Harold is showing what a baby and a wimp he is for he is begging his father not to spank him.

Uncle pushes Harold over the table and he holds on tight when ordered to.  Uncle then takes the belt, folds it in two and gives him dozens of cuts.  I see Harold's butt turn first pink, then red and deep dark crimson.  Harold is howling like a baby as he is strapped hard.  He is also crying.  He should not have made so much noise for that has attracted a couple of watchers.  Mike noticed them and pointed out the neighbor's kids watching with big smiles over the low fence between the backyards.

"Mike get the clippers, please." Uncle calls.  Mike dashes off and returns in a minute to give his dad the tool.  "Turn over, boy." Uncle snaps at Harold.  Thorough his sobs, Harold begs his father not to use the clippers.  When he does not turn over immediately, he gets a few more cuts with the belt.

"OK.  OK.  I'm turning." he yells although his stupid resistance has gotten him a few more cuts.

Mike holds out the clippers to his father but Uncle does not take them.  He just points and Mike smiles just a tiny bit.  He turns to his big brother lying exposed and fearful.  He turns the clippers on and proceeds to clip his brother's pubes.  I wish that I could be doing that but it is very exciting to watch and I'm sure my panties are wet.  Uncle certainly noticed me but did not say anything even though I've come closer to see better.  After a few minutes of pleasurable effort Mike is finished.  He was very thorough and had to handle his brother's equipment to clip all the hair off.  Even in this humiliating position Harold got hard.  I wonder if he realizes it and if it adds to his embarrassment.

I thought it was all over but I was wrong.  Again uncle grabs Harold's wrist and drags him upstairs to the bathroom.  Mike and I follow.  Harold stands into the tub and uncle gets him wet, especially his crotch.  Then for the first time, he calls me and hands me the shaving cream and tells me to put it on and rub it in.  Harold only has hair in his crotch so it clear that is where I should do it.  Harold gets hard again which is exciting although I'm sure he wished he hadn't.  Uncle hands me the razor and I use it.  It takes me a long time and I'm forced to move Harold's stuff about to do a proper job.  After I'm done rinsing him off with the hose, uncle orders him to sit and starts filling the tub with water.

"Practice your babysitting skills, Elisa," says my uncle, "bathe the baby."

I take my time washing my big cousin.  I make him stand while I do his hairless boy parts and crack just like my mother taught me.  When I'm finished, I dry him off with the big towel and put him to bed.  Mike drags me away so that we can talk.

Once we are alone, Mike explains that Harold was warned that if he acted like a little kid he would be treated like one.  "I knew dad meant that he would be spanked, lose his pubes and have an early curfew but I never expected that he would be given a bath in addition to being shaved which he has happened before.  Harold was particularly unlucky that you were here.  I wonder if dad would have had me shave and bathe him?"

Of course, I did not know the answer any more than Mike did.  I did confess that it was terribly exciting and that it made me wet.  We chatted about it and I offered to shave him anytime which he politely declined.

* * * * * * * * * *

This must be the worse day in my life!  I've never seen dad so angry.  It was just a stupid family get together and I hate them.  There really was not any reason to have totally humiliated me like he did especially with Cousin Elisa here.  I guess I could have gotten home an hour earlier but that could have been worse with everyone here if he had stripped and strapped me then just for being late.  This was the worst strapping he ever given me and I going to feel it for a week.  He's taken my pubes before and that's not so bad because I look bigger without them and since it's kinky even sexy.  But that he had Mike clip them was too much.  The brat was grinning the entire time.  Then having Elisa shave and bathe me was way over the top.  I'm not a baby any more but twenty-years-old and entitle to some privacy.

Now it not even six-thirty and I'm in bed without supper having been tucked in like a baby by Elisa.  My pillow is wet because I've been crying and even though I'm prone the sheet still hurts my roasted butt.  And I'm grounded for a month.

Life is hell!

* * * * * * * * * *

Elisa and I are very close.  We're closer than siblings are especially having shared a lot of summers at the lake.  I'm anxious to get a good look at her body which has certainly developed a lot now that her tits sticking out like that.  I'm glad that we made that pact not to be shy with each other when we were naked at the lake all those summers when we were kids.  I'll bet that she will be surprised when she sees that I'm bigger than Harold.

Elisa is staying in my room so it going to be easy.  We always share and it is neat that I still have the bunk beds from before Harold had his own room.  They are great for sleepovers.

It is time for bed so Elisa and I can talk privately like buddies we are even though she is a girl.  She tells me how exciting it was watching Harold get his behind strapped and then lose his pubes.  "I have to confess that I got wet at the beginning and then when I shaved him and bathed him I was practically dripping.  Bet he hated it!"  She is surely right.

It is great getting to see her body again.  She really has developed and the girls I know from here are so modest that they hide everything just to tease us guys.  Elisa is just as delighted to see me naked and admires my body.  When I told her that I'm a bit bigger than Harold she wanted to measure and I let her.  I explained that "When Harold was seventeen he was showing off and had me measure him.  Someday, when I have to take him down a peg or two I'll prove it to him.  I'll probably grow some more too."

* * * * * * * * * *

After breakfast we went off to the museum.  Mike really knows the subway and museum so everything went smoothly and I was on the (commuter) train home just as arranged.  It was a fun day and it was a most memorable experience with my older cousin.  My friends will just die when I tell them.

It was a totally awesome weekend.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 27, 2011

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