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Punishment School


I was not looking forward to the weekend at all.  I had been a very bad boy for a couple of weeks now and Daddy was extremely angry with me.  He had warned me several times, but I had willfully refused to abandon my perverse ways.  So on this past Wednesday evening, as I stood with my nose stuck in the corner, my briefs down about my ankles and my blazing red cheeks on display, I heard him make the reservation with the principal.  The principal of the place that I would soon learn to hate: Punishment School.  That is what everyone called it although it did have a more formal name: The Special Education Center for Recalcitrant Youths.  The state board of regents, however, never certified this school.

But, I am getting ahead of my story.  I have been with Theodore, er, I mean Daddy for several months now.  When we first found each other, I was, in a word, a waif, albeit an over aged one.  He got me to clean up my act by being both a mentor and a lover to me.  He brought discipline into my life and now I am going to night school to earn a high school diploma.  Daddy treats me like a boy of twelve; as if I was the son he tragically lost many years ago.  Since my bio-dad was an abusive drunk who mistreated me so badly that I ran away from home, I missed that wonderful experience of a boy bonding with his father and I am so very fortunate to have it now.

When Daddy found me, I was really a mess.  I was dirty, no, absolutely filthy in matching rags (which had been clothes at some time in the past).  I was even infested with both lice and crabs.  He wouldn't let me into the house until he cleaned me up.  First he gave me a buzz cut to get rid of my hair so he could easily treat the lice on my head.  Then, when he saw me scratching because of the crabs, he just grabbed me by my dick and, without a word, took the same clippers to my pubes also.  I lost at least eighty percent of them in the first two quick passes.  It hardly seemed worth the trouble to object as he clipped the rest off.  I think that the crabs missed them more than I did for they stopped doing what it is that crabs normally do as they scurried for cover.  Then he said: "I guess that we ought to get the rest of your hair, boy, as one never knows what might be hiding there." and raised up my arms to shear my arm pits clean also.  I was a little puzzled by all of this but I was so down that all I could think of was the meal that was soon to come and a warm dry bed afterwards.

After a while (i.e., four showers and a three chemical treatments) he was satisfied that I was clean and de-infested and he got a big fluffy towel to dry me off.  I felt like a new boy when he carried me into his house.  After swapping the towel for a night shirt, I had the best dinner I had had in years.  It was just plain simple food but I was starved and it was what I needed.  Apparently, I fell asleep on the couch shortly afterwards because I don't remember going to bed at all that night.  It felt real good waking up in his arms in the morning though.  Things progressed rapidly from there and soon I was his son/lover.  As his lover, I had the joy of his bed every night.  As his son, I discovered the life that I had missed as a real boy.  Of course, there was a price to pay for this: I had the obligations of a twelve-year-old along with the many joys.  I had to go back to school (night school, but school nevertheless) and do chores about the house and yard.  And he believed that a boy of twelve who misbehaves gets his britches (Daddy's word) taken down and his bottom thoroughly spanked or even worse to a hot glowing red.

The second week I was with Daddy I was disrespectful repeatedly and he decided that I needed a spanking.  Foolishly, I objected and claimed that I was too old and boasted that even my pubs were coming back – just like an actual adolescent would.  That was a mistake.  A very big mistake.  Daddy immediately slapped my face, marched me into the bathroom, pulled down my jeans and briefs and covered my crotch with shaving cream.  He again shaved me so that I was as smooth as a little boy.  Then he sat down on the toilet, pulled me over his lap and spanked me very thoroughly.  It certainly hurt but in a very different way then when my bio-dad had beaten me.  I was reduced to tears quite quickly as Daddy spanked and lectured me.  He then held me a while before parking me in the hall corner just before a couple of his friends came over.  As they saw my hot red butt, I was certain that I would die of embarrassment and wished that the floor would open up and swallow me but I didn't and it didn't either.  Perhaps it was easier when they mentioned that they had to discipline their boys at times also.  Since then he has made sure that I am totally hairless below the neck.  That along with regular spanking has kept me feeling that I'm a real boy.  Daddy has pointed out to me that I must like it because I haven't objected even once.  (And Daddy is always right.)© YLeeCoyote

But, back to now.  I am now sitting in my room wearing a tight T-shirt, tight little boy short shorts, socks and sneakers as Daddy commanded waiting for him to return from work.  The only things that I was allowed to do today were my chores and homework.  All my toys were forbidden: no TV, video games, internet, stereo or anything.  I look like a ten-year-old in last year clothes and the Barney T-shirt does not help one bit.  I am dreading the day I must spend in Punishment School tomorrow to learn proper respect and manners.  Even though I was alone all day while Daddy was at work, I did not even touch any of the forbidden items.  Somehow, I knew that if I did Daddy would know and I would be more trouble.

When Daddy got home we had a very simple dinner and I tried to convince him that I did not need to go to Punishment School.  I made all sort of confessions and even told him that I realize that I deserve a spanking and that I will really and truly be a very good boy.  Daddy did not seem to be moved, however, but just listened.  After I had cleared the table and done the dishes (in record time) Daddy called me into his den.  I hoped that he would use the phone there to cancel the reservation at Punishment School.  He did make that call but my hopes were totally shattered when he asked if I could be enrolled for two, rather than one, days.  Fortunately the answer was a no.

After hanging up the phone, he turned to me.  "So you realize that you deserve a spanking?"

"Yes, Daddy." I said mournfully.  It was quite clear that my talking had gotten me into more hot water and saying 'no' now would show that I was at least insincere if not actually lying before about promising to be a good boy.

"Very well.  You shall get what you have so enthusiastically earned."  Daddy answered.  Great, I think, wisely keeping my big mouth shut this time.  Then comes the dreaded order: "Drop your shorts, boy, and lean over the desk."  As I lean over the desk Daddy takes out a small paddle from a drawer and steps behind me.  A few seconds later it strikes my upturned checks with a loud SPLAT immediately followed by a howl from me.  I clutch the desk tightly and Daddy gives me the spanking that I requested.  Before it is finished I am bawling like a baby and begging him to stop.  Eventually he does stop but not until my butt is a very painful hot red mess.  He sends me to bed in my room to sleep on my tummy – alone.  The seriousness with which Daddy views my misbehavior is most evident.

Saturday morning he takes me to Punishment School.  There are a gaggle of people waiting and half of them are dressed like I am in tight tee's and shorts sans briefs.  The place looks like a small school room; there are ten schoolroom desk-chairs in two rows of five in front of a raised platform with a small regular desk and some chairs.  There is a chalk board on the side.  I really only expected boys but from the way some of the tee's are showing, er, protuberances rather than in the matching shorts some of the students must be girls.  Some nine other parents with their kids and the staff are together in this room.  When the bell rings Daddy, like the other parents, directs me to a desk and then goes to the back of the room.

Then the principal introduces himself and the staff and starts calling on each of the students.  Each accompanied by a parent goes to the platform, is introduced and then explains why (s)he is here.  This is a bit disgusting until the fifth one when it turns really gross.  After the boy is finished embarrassing himself with a public confession to strangers, his mother asks him if he remembers what she told him would happen if he needed to come back to Punishment School.  Before the guy can even answer, she sits on the straight back chair.  The poor guy turns beet-red as she starts to open his shorts which she quickly pulls down.  Then she gives the kid an OTK bare-assed spanking in front of everyone.  He is bawling like a baby by the time she is finished, when she makes him face the group so that everyone can see his pubes and everything else and then promise that he would be a good boy.  She then has him pull up his shorts before they return to their places.  I definitely do not like this.

The next two called just had to confess and were not publicly spanked.  I started to relax a bit in the hope that I was not going to get my butt spanked in front of all these strangers.  The next up was a girl and she got spanked also.  As you certainly realize by now, she had to show everything to the group and she did not even have any pubes to hide it.  One more and it's my turn.

Daddy takes me up to the front and I make my confession.  I can still here myself saying: "My name is Charley and I have been a very naughty boy…."  It is awful beyond words.  Then I get prodded with questions and I elaborate with a few more transgressions (like I did at home).

Daddy starts to go back to his place in the rear of the room and I start to follow when the principal yells: "Not so fast young man."  I freeze in my tracks and suddenly am alone with the staff on the platform.  Herr Shultz gets up.  He grabs me by the ear and drags me over to the spanking chair.  Just seconds latter he has my shorts down and me over his large lap.  He tells me that I am going to be spanked for not telling the entire truth immediately.  Then, somehow, there is a large wooden-backed hair brush in his hand and it is kissing my butt hard and fast.  This large, strong strange man is spanking my bare ass in public and worse I am crying like a little kid because of it.  When he is satisfied that my ass is red enough he stops and has me apologize to the parents for keeping them extra.  (However, each and everyone one of them is grinning broadly and I'm suppose to be sorry!)  Modestly, I place my hand in front of my crotch and he yells at me to put them behind me.  Then he puts a couple of straps about my forearms holding them together.  I'm certain that everyone is staring at my bare pubes and shrunken-from-embarrassment equipment.  He then has me turn to show my mis-treated tush to the masses and tells my fellow students that they can expect the same for lying.  The parents all depart leaving just the staff and us unfortunate students.

The principal comes forward and has me turn around to face the other nine students.  He addresses them and asks what did I do wrong just now.  Nine hands are raised and the principal selects the girl who was also just spanked.  She stands by her desk with her hands at her side and speaks: "Sir, the new boy was rude to the group because he did not stand with his hands at his side when speaking but tried to hide his little hairless pee-pee that no one cares about, Sir."

"That's correct, Mary; thank you for a nice concise answer."  He paused a minute and then asked: "What do you think is the proper punishment?"  Several hands are raised and he called on John.

Just like Mary, John stands at attention by his desk.  "Sir, it would be presumption for me to say for that is up to you but when I did that last year I was not allowed to put on my shorts for four hours, Sir."

Then I speak up.  "But sir, I did not know.  I wo… OW, OW!  OW!!"

"SILENCE" roared the principle as he rapped my already hot butt with a ridding crop three times with gusto.  "You will speak only when given permission, boy."  And then to the class again: "Does his ignorance mean anything?"

Another boy gets up when selected.  "Sir, he should have been paying better attention to see how the rest of us behaved.  When I was rude like that I got examined by the class and never was falsely modest again, Sir."

"Any other comments, class?"  Everyone remained seated with their hands folded on their desk tops.  "Very well then it will be examination and no pants until after lunch.  You three start, please."  He pointed to three students who got up and came over to me.  They each inspected me very closely.  They looked into my eyes, ears, nose and mouth and felt me all over paying extra attention to my genitals.  They even examined my pee hole and ass hole.  I felt like a puppy at the vets.  The other two groups of three students then did the same.  They made little disparaging comments about me as if I could not understand them.  Pat was the worse of them all.  It was not sufficient to examine me outside, but also the inside.  After wetting a long middle finger, Pat bent me over and shoved it up my butt and rubbed my prostate.  The resultant erection was cause for everyone else's merriment.  Even the principal noticed my turgid state and responded.  First he declared that it was rude to point (as if I had a choice) and without warning rapped my member with his crop.  I yelped in pain as the shock cause me to return to a flaccid state.  Up or down I was greatly embarrassed.

"Return to your seat, boy." the principal ordered as he removed the strap holding my arms behind me.  I stepped out of my shorts and returned to my desk leaving them on the floor.  I thought that I was so smart not pulling them up but I was not smart enough.  As I sat down so very carefully on my tender bottom, the principal immediately asked the class what I did wrong.  Nine hands were raised and then I realized what I had done.  I even raised my hand and the principal called on me.  I stood at attention by my desk and said: "Sir, I left my shorts in the middle of the floor, Sir."

"That's right, boy." said the principal and acknowledged one of the others.

"Sir, he should have put then into his desk but now they are but litter and should go into the trash bin.  Sir."

With that the principal picked up my shorts with the crop and dropped them into the waste basket and called me back to the front.  "Bend over the desk boy." he commanded and then gave me three hard whacks with the crop.  Next he lead me over to the high stool on the side and put a dunce cap on my head.  After the earlier examination I did not care that I was sitting without pants with my legs spread exposing my crotch to the class nor did they seem to care either.  After an hour I was permitted to return to my desk.

The morning was occupied by several lectures about the proper behavior of boys and girls.  Several of my classmates managed to merit spankings of various sorts during this time.  Fortunately, my very sore bottom managed to escape any additional abuse.  At noon we broke for a recess period followed by lunch.  For recess we had to run around a play yard in the back for a half hour.  We returned to the class room to find fast food kiddy meals waiting for us.  I don't recommend them but it was strongly suggested that we eat everything.  We then had to throw the waste into the same basket that contained my pants which the janitor removed immediately but I did not dare to say anything.

The class was reconvened by the principal and John raised his hand.  "Sir, may I suggest that the time for the new boy not to wear his pants has expired, Sir?"

The principal said: "Yes John, that is correct.  It was most considerate of you to bring up that point." and then he turned to me.  "After you thank John, you may take out your pants from your desk and put them on, boy."

I turned to John and thanked him and hopefully looked in my desk.  Of course, there were not any shorts to put on.  "Sir,' I said, "I think that they were taken out with the garbage, Sir."  Just then we all heard the crunch of the compactor on the city's garbage collection truck.  The principal sighed and give Ms. Kadinsky a knowing look.  She then went to the rear of the room and got something.  She has the build of a football player with breasts.  As she returned to the front she took me with her.  She placed a large multi-color plastic thingy on the floor and told me to get down on it.  As she wrapped it around me, I realized what was happening – it was a diaper.  As I returned to my seat, I could see the others grin at me.  John had the biggest grin of all and I would bet that he knew that this would happen.  It was worse than being naked.

The afternoon passed slowly and I could not pay proper attention.  As a result, I got paddled several times and also put back on the dunce stool.  Since I was wearing a diaper, I got it on the back of my thighs.  At recess, I was not permitted to go to the lavatory because kids in diapers don't do that.  I was determined to wait until I got home rather than wet my diaper.  I was not fortunate in this matter however.  Just before the end of the day, when some of the parents were starting to watch the class, I got another dose of the crop.  By then I really had to go and the pain of the crop caused me to lose control and soak the diaper.  Ms. Kadinsky must have noticed for a few minutes later she walked over to me and stuck her hand into the diaper.  "The diaper boy's wet."  She declared loudly to everyone.  The other kids giggled and she went to get another diaper for me.

She took me to the front and had me lie on the desk to change me.  Everyone was watching and one of the parents used a video camera to memorize the horrid event.  She did a full job on me by making sure I was clean (using baby wipes) and dry (with baby powder) before applying the new diaper.

Daddy was very disappointed with me for losing my shorts and on the way home told me that I was grounded for two full weeks.

I hate that place.  I really do.  And I'll try my very, very best to be good and not have to go there again.  I promised Daddy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 29, 1999

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