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The following story is fiction about a college student who get dominated by his younger dorm roommate.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Pussy Boy 101


It happened again.  It has happened every one to two years for as long as I can remember.  Dad's boss reassigned him to another location.  I guess that I should be used to it but I'm not.  Because of some arcane rules about residency I had to change schools – again.  This time it was different for I was in college.  I had finished my freshman year and now I was being forced to switch for my sophomore year to a different university.  Because the university and Dad's work place were far apart, I was going to reside in the dorm.  It sounded like it would be fun and I was looking forward to it.  Of course, Dad gave me the expected lecture that I must work hard, stay out of trouble and be very careful about who I became friends with.  Just as automatically, I assured him that I would.

The college required that I attend orientation as I was a new student there even though I was transferring as sophomore with full credit for my freshman year.  Then because this would be my first year in any dorm, I was going to be billeted with the freshmen.  There was not anything I could do about that and I certainly did not want to lose a year.  Because of all the moving about, I had been late graduating high school where my classmates were mostly eighteen while I was almost twenty.  Now, a year later my dorm mates were mostly eighteen while I was almost twenty-one.

I never expected all the negative feelings that I got even in the first few days.  I was an oddball – two or three years older, a sophomore rather than a freshman, from out of state and somewhat of a sissy boy as well.  The college was an old land grant one and still mostly agriculture and mining.  I did not fit in with either group.  There were a few others not in A&M but even they were not accepting of me.  Xenophobia is probably the proper term.  I hoped that it would abate in time.

Although the initial room assignment were random at the end of the orientation period we were allowed to select our roommates.  A lot of the guys paired off immediately and most of the others took their second choices.  I had to leave it to chance.  Well that's what I thought but someone had selected me.  He got me as a roomie because that's the way the room assignment program worked.  If I had known then what I know now, I would have had a block in place and been assigned with someone else.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Hank was not the sort of guy I had ever known before.  He was a farm boy and, not surprisingly, in an aggie program.  He was a big hunk of a young man and only seventeen.  He had worked hard on his family's farm and had the muscles to show for it.  It wasn't like I was a shrimp at ​five foot ten inches​ (​1.78 m​) but he towered over me with his ​six foot six inches​ (​1.98 m​) height.  In my innocence that first day I was happy to have been picked.  Since I moved into his room, there wasn't any discussion of which bunk was mine.  One would have thought it did not matter but the room was not perfectly symmetrical and his half was slightly larger.

The two days before classes started were occupied with the mundane things of getting schedules and books and the like.  The weekend was like being in a mad house with the returning students moving in.  One thing I learnt about my roomie was that he was not modest.  He liked to show off his fantastic body and he slept nude.  I think he would have liked to be nude all the time.  It was then that I learnt my first lesson from him.  When I saw him going to bed I was amazed and I blurted out: "You're hung like a horse!"  He laughed.

"You ever see a stallion?  See one with a hard on?"

I admitted that I hadn't.  He explained how big they really were and that he was glad he wasn't like that.  "The girls would run for the hills if they saw anything even half that big."  He gave himself a few strokes and I saw it hard.  "This is quite adequate and I have to go very slow with lots of lube to get it in."

He said it was only right that he see what I got and I could not disagree with him.  I stripped down.  It probably gave the wrong impression since I was hard.  "Not bad for a little guy like you.  Do the chicks laugh?"  I did not know what to say for I'm right there with a generous average.  He gave me a playful, locker room slap on my butt and laughed.  "It's probably good for virgins." and gave me another whack on the butt.  "Bedtime, boy." he said putting out the lights.

He dropped off to sleep immediately but I did not.  I kept thinking about how big (tall), how big (muscles) and big (well hung) he was.  My butt was warm from just those two spanks.  All this made me feel like a little boy for some reason.  I felt naughty as I stroked myself to a climax in record time.

* * * * * * * * * *

I got to know my roomie a little more everyday.  He told me how he solved the sibling rivalry with his brother when he was thirteen.  Their parents left them alone for the weekend although a neighbor was on call.  Of course, they were to do their chores and make sure everything was OK.  "My brother got uppity and wanted me to do his work as well as mine.  That, of course, was unacceptable."

I agreed and even added that was very immature and irresponsible.  "Surely he deserved a spanking for that."

"Right!  And I gave him one that he'll remember for the rest of his life."  I smiled.  "I got him into a hammerlock and forced marched him into the woodshed.  I had anticipated this and was prepared.  I had a rope setup with a noose which I slipped over his wrists and tightened.  Then pulled the rope tight so he was bent over and uncomfortable and his arms raised up behind him.  With the rope secured, I undid his bib overalls and yanked them down."

"Bet he did not like that at all."

"He sure did not and howled like a coyote to prove it.  I got Pa's punishment strap from the hook and gave him something to really howl about.  That strap was a heavy son of a bitch and I was mad when I swung it good and hard.  After just five he was bawling like a baby whose mommy gave him a slap on his diaper.  After ten he had a whole new attitude and respect for me."

"Wasn't that a bit rough for a pre-teen?" I asked.

"Pre-teen?  My brother was sixteen – three years older than me.  But he was an immature kid who couldn't discipline himself for even a couple of days.  After that he did his chores when I told him to and even some of mine.  He even called me 'Sir'."

I was most impressed and told him so.

"When I told Pa and showed him the pictures of my brother strung up and his ass a blaze, things changed.  I was left in charge after that."

"Bet your brother did not like that at all."

"Not a bit but I told him that if he acted like an irresponsible kid again he would look like one for I would shave his pubes off.  He never gave me any trouble after that for he knew I could and would do it."

I wondered about how big his brother was and learnt that he was bigger and stronger than I.  "But you don't have worry none – no woodshed around here." he said.  I hoped he was joking.

I found out a couple of days later that he definitely was not joking.  He had gotten some takeout and I suggested that he take the messy boxes and stuff to the garbage can at the end of the hall so as not to attract bugs into our room.  "Taking out the garbage is the little kid's job.  Everyone knows that.  So get to it, boy."

I made the mistake to disagree.  I can't believe how fast he moved.  It was like a blur that you see in super hero movies.  But he had me and opened my pants and got them down along with my undies.  That is when I started to object and got flipped over his lap.  I stopped objecting when the first spank landed on my bare tail like a red hot iron.  I howled.  He kept spanking.  The spanks rained down fast and hard.  In short order my howls turned to blubbering.  I went limp.

When I stopped crying, he said to me.  "Best take out the garbage so we don't get bugs."

"Yes, Sir."  I pulled up my pants very carefully over my red hot tail, collected the stuff and took it to the garbage can.

When I got back, he was naked and fully erect.  That was impressive and I stared a bit.  Really, just a little bit.  Although it probably did not matter.  "Come here, boy." he snapped.  Actually he stepped to me and grabbed me so that we were close and he could sit on his bed.  "This is all your fault, boy.  I want you to take care of it for me."  I wanted to shout "NO WAY!" but I was cowed by the fire in my tail and tried to find another way.  He placed his huge hands on my shoulders and pressed down.  I tried to resist but he pressed a spot that caused a sharp unbearable pain and I immediately collapsed – dropping to my knees and staring right at his large cock.

"Please…" I whined but it was no use.  I knew I had to do what he wanted or he would spank me again.  I gave it a lick and then another until I had licked it all over and his balls also.  As I did I changed.  I realized that I felt that I wanted to do this and my own cock was rock hard.  He was talking gently to me now and encouraging me to take his snake deep into me.  I couldn't but I wanted to.  Something had changed in me and I did not know what or why but only that I wanted to continue doing it.

"Don't worry.  You'll learn how with practice just like my brother did, boy."  That was a comforting thought for I wanted to learn for I loved sucking his cock.  He suddenly exploded filling my mouth with his copious and sweet ejaculate.  I couldn't swallow fast enough and a lot spilt out.  «Such a waste.» I thought.  Then I realized that I had also come but in my pants without even touching myself.  "Good boy." he said tousling my hair.

"Thank you, Sir." I said, although I don't know why I did except that I somehow knew that it was the right thing to do.

By the end of the second week of classes, I knew my place.  Hank was in charge and I was his boy.  It was my responsibility to do all the chores in the room and worship his magnificent cock.  I wasn't that keen on the chores but his cock was an entirely different matter.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next week I learnt more about my place for I got a failing grade on a test.  Hank saw it on my desk and took action.  I got a lecture first that such work was definitely unacceptable and I was to study harder and longer hours.  There was also an immediately penalty for this failure – a spanking.  Hank wanted to use that old fraternity favorite – a heavy thick bruising paddle.  That positively petrified me and I begged him not to use it.

That I was truly scared must have gotten through to him for he relented and said he would just spank me.  That was definitely a misleading way of putting it.  He quickly stripped me and took me over his lap.  I was practically crying before he started because I knew how strong he was.  He got me into position and held me down with a firm grip and started to spank me.  I disintegrated after just a few spanks bawling like a baby.  He told me that I would study properly from now on and I promised I would.  I probably would have promised anything at that time.

After I had stopped crying, he took me over the sink and proceeded to remove my pubes.  First he used a scissors to clip them short and then he shaved me totally smooth.  "Little boys who get spanked and bawl like babies, are not man enough to have man fur." he told me.  There wasn't any question that it was absolutely true.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hank was also tutoring me in a private course in how to pleasure his cock.  I have to admit that I had gotten to love this since that first time.  He was always very gentle getting me to take more and more of his great organ.  I was a very enthusiastic pupil as I greatly enjoyed the course.  There were two sessions a day.  The first thing in the morning and then a bit before bedtime.

I was also seeing Hank as the big brother in charge while I was the little brother even though I was really older and more advanced.  To help me keep this self image twice a week he spread hair remover on my crotch so that I remained baby smooth.  I was afraid to date because I was certain that I would be ridiculed as a little boy.  When worshiping his big cock did not get me to a release a little bit of jerking off would.

Although Hank was totally uninterested in my cock (diametrically opposed to my fascination with his) he did like to play with my butt hole especially when I was sucking him.  He was always very gentle using a lot a lubricant as I gradually learnt to accommodate several of his fingers.  Of course, he early on located my special spot inside which was most enjoyable.

After he had been doing that for a while, he inserted a butt plug.  I objected.  That earned a hard punishment.  Within a few seconds of feeling wonderful I was in pain.  For he had jumped up and then used that most feared paddle searing my ass.  Before I could yell I got a second pop and was crying.  He gave me two more turning me into a blubbering mess.  "You will do as you are told, boy." he said as he pushed in the butt plug.  It hurt even with my ass aflame but I just lay there and accepted it.  I apologized for my disobedience and begged his forgiveness.  My butt hurt for two days.

Over the next three weeks I learnt to accept larger and larger butt plugs but since I did not fight back, he was gentle always using his well lubricated fingers a lot while worshiped his cock.  I had not realized what he was preparing me for although I'm sure you have guessed by now.

He was very gentle.  After I had sucked him a while, he put me on my back and lifted my legs.  He used lots of lubricant and I accepted his intrusion with ease.  His contact with my special spot was far better than it had been with his fingers or with the butt plugs.  I cummed before he did and remained hard.  He kept at it until he cummed multiple time as did I.

Our daily activities changed a little now for although I still sucked him every morning and he now fucked me every evening.  Anytime I neglected doing my chores or let my grades slip it was over his knee for a good hard spanking.

* * * * * * * * * *

At the end of term, Hank made a special certificate for me.  He printed it on high quality photo grade paper and it was quite impressive looking like it came from the university.  It stated: "This is to certify that «my name» has completed the special course Pussy Boy 101 successfully and has earned 3 credit hours."  It had a date, signatures and even a seal.

When I went home for the winter inter-session, father was very proud of me for I had great grades and was more respectful than I had been in the past.  He commented that they must have taught manners at the University also.  Of course, I had to be most respectful because Father was certainly a man and I just a little hairless boy.

Daddy was interested in how I managed to be so good both earning high grades and keeping out of trouble.  I had to give credit to Hank for his help and showed Dad the beautiful certificate.  Daddy studied it for a while and I explained that Hank had helped me concentrate on my studies and kept me from running wild even though he was three years younger than I.  I rubbed my bottom a bit without realizing it but Daddy noticed and asked.  Then I told him that Hank spanked me when I did not keep to the high standards he set.

Daddy thought that it was good it was how Hank was helping me and that I should express his gratitude when I returned to school.  He was quite pleased when I reported that Hank was planing to continue with Pussy Boy 102 the next term.

I was definitely looking forward to that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 11, 2014

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