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The following story is fan fiction using the universe of "Star Trek – The Next Generation" under the parody exception of copyright.  It contains a spanking scene.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  My fans all know that when they see a Star Trek parody with Wesley Crusher from me that there is certainly going to be a young man's tail roasted to perfection.  Enjoy.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The crew of the USS Enterprise-D was exhausted.  For the previous three weeks they had been overloaded with one extreme condition or another.  There had been several rescue efforts, fights with space pirates and even two medical problems.  Although, most surprisingly, there had not been any loss of life on the Ship, there had been damage beyond field repair capability to the main wrap engines.  They were proceeding at Warp 2 with the engineers carefully monitoring the engines for even the slightest sign of any overload.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard was in his ready room with the one child who because of his strange combination of arrogance, daring and intelligence he had a definite love-hate relationship with – Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher.  The young man had a theory.  He always had theories.  "The last three weeks really did not happen as we believe they had." he claimed.  "I've been experimenting…"  He was always studying stuff.  "…and noticed a lot of T5Y activity."  The Captain did not know what that was.  Even Science Officer Lt. Commander Data would have had trouble explaining it.  "Sir, the last time there was such unusual activity, Q was about."  Before the Captain could react, there was an alarm and he rushed to the bridge followed by the young Ensign.

There, sprawled in the captain's command chair was Q.  Jean-Luc knew better than to tell him to get out and restrained his temper.  "My dear Captain Picard you are looking quite well.  You and your crew did very well over the last three weeks.  I must commend your young Ensign for realizing it.  He is deserving of a medal."  As he said that a multicolored ribbon appeared about Wesley's neck supporting a large medallion very much in the style of Star Fleet awards but larger and gaudier.

"So we were not really in those battles and rescues.  Is my ship really damaged?"

"Your little toy is quite whole, Captain, not a new scratch on her."  All over the ship status boards changed so that now normal greens replaced red and yellow warnings.© YLeeCoyote

"Sir, all systems are shown as normal." reported the com officer.

"Q" snapped the Captain, "this is too much.  We are not your toy nor are you're a child."

"Au contraire, mon capitaine." smirked Q.  "Think of this as a training exercise and you haven't even expended one pitiful photon torpedo."

"If I had done this sort of stuff, I would have been spanked." mussed Wesley with a tinge of jealousy and although pretty softly Q still heard him.

"But you're not my parents and besides they would never spank me, Ensign."

"But they should have and they should this time also.  I would if I could."

Q laughed.  "You don't deserve that great medal; I'm going to take it back."  Wes pressed a button on the device he was holding.

"Noooooooooooooooo…" whined Q.  He looked very scared as he shrank to the size of a ten-year-old human boy rather than the large man he appeared to be until this instant.  The uniform hung on him like oversize sacks with the jacket reaching to the deck.

"The saturation mode works."  Wes said happily explaining to Data.  I'm flooding the area with T5Y radiation and obviously overloading something in Q.

"GET THAT CHILD OFF MY BRIDGE!" roared the Captain.

Even now Wes felt a chill down his spine remembering the very first time he looked at the bridge from the lift and glad that he was not that child this time.  He walked over and grabbed the diminished Q by the ear.  "I think we need to have a discussion, young man.  May I use the ready room, Captain?"  The Captain nodded.  "Come along, Q" he said and headed for the door.  Q, whining, followed not wishing to be detached from his ear.

It was an easy task to strip the weak Q.  As soon as buttons and zippers were undone garments fell away and the rest was just as easily removed.  Q had lost his oversize boots even before he left the bridge.  "You have acted very badly, Q." said Ensign Crusher most adult like as he pulled the diminutive Q over his lap.  Holding him firmly, he began to spank the little upturned bottom.  This was a lot more fun then getting spanked he realized immediately.  As he spanked, the boy-Q he admired his hand prints in red and then the entire target turning deep red.  There were many pleads from Q with promises to be good and eventually tears.  Soon the spanking had reached the inner Q and he knew – deep inside – that he had done wrong and had been fairly punished.

Wes stopped spanking and stood Q up.  He held him as he had a long cry.  As Wes comforted the well-spanked Q, he wondered what would happen when he turned his device off.  He took the cried out boy into the lavatory and washed his face.  He was surprised when he came back.  There was another being present – one that looked like an older version of the man-sized Q.

"Father." squeaked Q frighted.  Wes suddenly saw Q reclothed but in little boys' clothes rather than those of a high ranking officer.

Q's father spoke.  "That's right, Wesley, your device does not work but I thought it would be good for Q for it to appear to.  Thank you for teaching my naughty son a lesson."  Then he turned his son.  "You have some apologizing to do." and led him to the bridge.

Q made apologizes to one and all but especially the Captain.  His father also apologized and promised that Q would monitored more carefully in the future. They both vanished.

The Captain thanked his young Ensign for his efforts and wanted to have a full size device made.  Data immediately had questions observing that it could not have worked since the elder Q Continuum entity was not affected.  Wes had a long discussions with Data about how to make it work.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 18, 2009

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