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Rape is a Punishable Crime


"Count backward from 100." said the doctor.


"Tell me your story."

I had been dreaming about this for a long time.  Well was a long time for me.  I was a horny virgin who was certain that he was the only one who hadn't made it with a girl by his senior year of high school.  She had just graduated and I was taking the one course I needed to get my diploma.  I didn't know why She agreed to go out with me – I had only been asking, begging her for three years – but when she said yes I was thrilled and not going to question why.  No way.

It was she who suggested that we go to the beach after the movie.  It was a hot summer night and we went skinny dipping.  Then while drying on the beach, I made advances.  She really did not object but just was coy.  Lying there, my nostrils filled with her heavenly scent, you can well imaging that I was harder than I had ever been before.  She even allowed me to caress her luscious form.  Her long tresses, so soft and fine.  Her full round breasts whose nipples stiffened from my kisses.  Her cute little navel, proved super ticklish with its silver ring when touched by my tongue.  And best of all that wonderful slit in the mound between her legs.  I'm certain that She moaned with joyous pleasure as I caressed it.  Even her Venus fur was soft and golden in the bright moonlight.  A young man's dream coming true.  I moved closer and closer.  I got on top of her and she smiled.© YLeeCoyote

We kissed.  We broke for air and I positioned my love tool at her portal.  Yes, I was a virgin but I knew what to do.  I had watched so many educational flicks (and not just those from school).  I was about to lift my hips to enter her when She screamed.  She screamed loudly; a piercing cry of "RAPE!" – that most terrible of words – and then "STOP!"  She screamed and screamed.

I was dumbfounded and frozen but before I could react I was in agony.  Something was gripping me tightly by the balls and dragging me off this angel.  I howled like a animal caught in a trap.  I did not know it at the time but I had been caught in a trap.  I was dragged to my feet and used as a punching bag by her brother as her boyfriend practically crushed my balls.  By then their mates had joined them.  I lost consciousness.

I recovered in the emergency room – in pain, bruised, my sack swollen to the size of a grapefruit, handcuffed to the bed and under arrest.  At the trial She testified how I was about to take her virginity and ruin her for life.  Her brother and her boyfriend explained how they heard her screams and dashed over to assist the innocent young girl in distress; what good fortune they were having a team party nearby.  An innocent lass about to be misused in violation of the laws of man and god.  Their mates concurred and even spoke of how my vulgar organ was dripping after I had been dragged off the innocent girl and not a condom in sight.

The jury took only five minutes to agree that I was a felonious scoundrel.  The judge was not sympathetic; she had run on a strict enforcement platform.  I received the maximum sentence.  The bailiff immediately snapped a control collar about my neck.  I was now her slave with fewer rights than her dog.

My parents were crying; the last I ever saw of them.  My kid brother was trying to be brave;  And She and her boyfriend were kissing as I was led away.  I stayed in the re-education center for several months.  I was trained to be a devoted house slave.  I was conditioned to obey her and her household unconditionally.  Escape was impossible for the collar had controls and tracking.  There were terrible punishments for even trying.

I should have known what was coming.  For millenniums house slaves were never whole men but I never though of it.  Conditions in the re-education center were harsh, discipline very strict; the training more than full-time.  I saw others that had been done but never realized that it was going to happen to me.

She, her brother and her boyfriend came to do it to me.  She was vengeful and cruel but I could only see my all-powerful Mistress; She who must be obeyed and worshiped for they had conditioned me very deeply.  But it was her right since She now owned me totally.  They strapped me to the wall.  She teased me so I was rock hard.  Her brother ran a clipper through my pubes and they floated away.  Her boyfriend sprayed me with shaving cream and finished the job so that I was baby-ass smooth.  They were all grinning in great pleasure.

She played with me a bit more.  "You've never been in a girl and never will be, slave."  She played with me more but did not let me cum.  Suddenly She struck my erection and I drooped like a flag when the wind stops.  One of them grabbed my balls and yanked them down.  Then they were pushed through some device and an elastic band snapped closed about the top of my sack.  It hurt but nothing like what was to come.  They each slipped on latex gloves and surgical masks.  They washed me with a strong disinfection agent.  It stung where the dull razor had scratched me and burnt my piss slit.

"This is going to be fun; lots of fun!" She laughed and the guys laughed with her.  She picked up the scalpel and slit my ballsack.  "Look at the little eggs." one chucked.  They were happy with my pain.

"Time to see if they are ripe to harvest." said her brother.  He grabbed the left one and started to squeeze it hard.  I yelled in pain.

"Go on, pop it, brother." I heard through my pain.  He took it in his palm and made a fist.  Then he clenched tightly.  I screamed for the pain was unbearable.  I practically fainted.

He let go and she chortled: "You did it; you busted the rapist's left ball."  Then she cut the cord and the pain changed.  She threw my crushed ball into the waste bin.  The red bin neatly labeled:

Waste Only

with the "mally" added with a red marking pen on the neat black on white printed label.

Her boyfriend then had his jollies with my right nut.  "You think you can bust it with just your fingers, dear?" She asked sweetly giving him a peck on the check.

He played with my second; my last ball for a while.  He pressed it first on one axis and then another for what seemed an eternity.  Each trial squeeze hurt more than the previous one.  Through my sobs I begged them to cut it off hoping that they would stop torturing me.  It did not help for he continued to work on my nut like it was an exercise ball.  Then he pressed really hard and it popped.  They complained that I spatted them as She sliced off the bits that were left.  Into the Formally Bio-hazard Waste Only bin they went.

An assistant vet came in to finish me off.  He trimmed the rest of my sack and stitched it closed.  I felt every stitch.  They all were smiling as I suffered.  The vet turned to her: "Locked or removed, ma'am?"

She giggled.  "No need to lock it now.  Cut if off, please."

The vet slipped something on my cock head and pulled my foreskin over it tight.  He held it in place and spun a tool about it.  In less time than it takes to tell, before my scream from the pain of the knife finished, my foreskin joined my squashed balls in the bin.  If I had had any doubts that She had controlled me completely, they were certainly gone now.  I knew for sure deep in my soul that I was just mere chattel.

I was allowed to stay in my stall for a couple of days to heal.  In the next few months I changed a lot.  They gave me a wax treatments over my entire body to yank out my hair and the regrowth was minimal.  My once proud cock never raised its head again; I was no longer a man.  I was a eunuch house slave.  Not only wouldn't I ever be a sire but I would never ever be able to fuck nor even enjoy a blow job.  A fitting punishment for a rapist.

A while later my re-education was completed and I joined her.  She was at the university and I did my domestic duties in the dormitory.  She even rented me out to the others to pay for my keep.  I slept on the floor at her feet even when her boyfriend stayed over.  I did not care that they fucked; I did not care that I was constantly surrounded by beautiful, nubile young ladies.  I cared not a bit about sex.  Naked all the time except for my collar, all could see that I was a slave; a eunuch slave who adored its mistress; they payed no more attention to me than they would a canine.

My life, more properly existence was pathetically woeful.  I never had a day off; the only vacations I went on were her's so I could continue to serve her.  Everyday was a torment like I was in hell; I did not have a life.  Yet at the same time I existed to serve her.  I was miserable yet I loved my tormenter.  The trap She had sprung was simplistic compared to the one the State put me in.  I was even denied the simple pleasure of food because I never even got table scraps but only SlaveChow™ and water in carefully regulated amounts.

She and boyfriend were all juniors when my total non-existence was really made most evident.  I was following my Mistress carrying her books when She met her brother (now a sophomore) and boyfriend and my own brother.  He was going to pledge their frat as soon as freshmen were allowed to.  I looked longingly at him, not daring to speak, the whole time but he never acknowledged me.  Why should he?  Once  upon a time he looked up at me as a hero: his big brother with a hairy crotch and hard potent cock and a future.  Now – I was a convicted felon sentenced to be a eunuch slave with a shrunken cock that would shame even a small ten year old.  A nothing; a cipher.

Don't think that my existence was devoid of sex in the midst of all those horny university students mostly eighteen to twenty-five but it was not what I would have wanted before and now it was but a chore.  Most of it happened at the fraternity parties.  As you could have guessed there was certain limitation on casual sex.  Young ladies were suppose to wait and the men to sow their wild oats.  Of course, I never got to even see the local whores but was used at many frat parties.  I, along with the other slaves available were kept in the f-room strapped across a bar.  In the nicer places, the bar would be padded.  The young gentlemen were free to use any and all of us as they wished – which they did.  And there were a lot of them compared to us slaves.

The early part of the evenings were not to bad by comparison.  They were not yet drunk nor mean tempered.  For the most part they just wanted to get their rocks off in a hot hole.  They did not care whose hole.  Occasionally there was even a female slave with us but it did not make much of a difference for slaves are neither male nor female to the free people.  Of course, I could not tell which hole they used.  They usually came in groups and chatted about the sexy ladies in attendance as they emptied their full balls down our throats and up our asses (or the occasional cunt).  Even the lowly pledges were allowed to use us. 

The later part of the evening was nastier.  Now they were drunk and rejected by the ladies.  That was, of course, our – the slaves' – fault.  Now not only did they fill us with cum but with piss.  The taste was not so bad as it was beer piss but our stomachs got distended.  At our other end, it acted like an enema as it filled our colons.  There is a limit to how much you can stuff in a body and we were often pushed past that point.  It was planned for by having a drain in the floor but it was also an excuse to use that favorite of fraternities – the paddle.

The first couple of fucks each night actually were pleasurable.  Most of the time they used some lube so they would not get their cocks sore and hit my pleasure spot.  It was a place that I never knew that I had until then.  I can't say it was sexual because I was desexed at the re-education center.

The paddlings were never nice.  They were always mean spirited and taking out their frustrations on us poor slaves.  The frat men loved to hear us howl and even had contests.  I frequently hurt all week after a party.  She liked looking at my colorful bruises.

After I had been a slave for a couple of years, I thought that I had lost all feelings but I learnt otherwise at one of the parties.  Her boyfriend took me to the f-room and my younger brother was the pledge-in-charge.  He just pushed me over the bar and strapped me down.  Her boyfriend then mentioned that I was one of the better fucks and gave him permission to use me first.  "Thank you, Sir, Big Brother." he said and he slapped my rump.  It was something that I use to do to him when he was young and kid him about ramming my hard cock up his young butt.  Not that I ever did or came close but he never liked it.  I heard him slide his zipper down and then he must have pulled out his cock for it was pressing my hole.  He rammed in and started to fuck hard.  He knew what he was doing and it felt good.  He was a real man with a potent, hard man-sized cock not a tiny soft worm like me.

"You're right, Sir, this slave is a good fuck.  But it is good that I like girls better for I promised my folks that I'll make them lots of grand kids."  He was thrusting away and then blasted his load deep into me.  "My folks were so disappointed that my brother died before even finishing high school."  So that what I was – dead and a disappointment.  "He was such a wimp that I'm sure he was a total virgin at the end.  He never had a girlfriend or even a boyfriend."  And then he blasted a second load into me.  "I got my first when I was in the tenth grade – a pair of twins – a boy and a girl.  They were a hot pair."

They finished college, got married and set up a household.  There was much more housework but for a slave I was well treated.  The only time master used me was when She was having her period.  Of course, the inevitable happened and they had a child.  A beautiful boy.  I wish that he had been mine as I cared for him.  I watched him grow up with the dreams that I had as a boy. 

After a decade of marriage the Master stopped using me for sexual release.  He still coupled with her a lot but no longer found me of interest.  The long years without balls showed in my body.  It lost even the tone of a boy's and my little worm was now smaller than when I was ten.  There was only one bright spot in my existence – the Young Master.  He was the one duty that I liked – watching over him.  I dared not tell this to anyone for they would have sent me back to the re-education center to snuff out this one star in my universe.  Yes, I stilled fawned over Her but it was not the same.

The Young Master reached puberty when he turned twelve and was a young man at thirteen.  A very horny young man.  But he had an outlet that I did not have.  Yes, although Master had stopped using me the Young Master was more than making up for it.  It started out slowly with a morning blow jobs.  At first he climaxed quickly but soon learnt to spread his pleasure for longer.  Then he needed more and more.  Soon I was getting his loads down my throat and up my bottom two and three times a day.  He also discovered the additional joy of having a mobile piss pot at his beck and call.

He was very successful in getting his peers to yield to him.  She and Master were away a lot and Young Master frequently brought home girls and even young boys.  More times than I could count they yielded to his advances and gave up their cherries to him.  But that was all that he wanted for he drove them away if they returned for more.  The more they begged, the more he liked it.  I was the only one he used repeatedly.

Every morning Young Master summoned me to his bedroom.  He would fuck me at one end or another until He filled me with his sweet young man-cream.  Then He would empty his bladder into the same hole to "wash it down (or up)" as He like to say before going off to school.  As the years past he grew into a handsome young man with a beautiful body.  Young Master never shared me with his buddies.

It was right after his eighteenth birthday that disaster struck.  He had gone out with his mates to celebrate and did not return by the morning.  I did my chores not suspecting any problems until the police came looking for Young Master's parents.  I gave them the contact and they left.  She and the Master spent a fortune on his defense but the Young Master was convicted of rape.  The appeals were rejected.  She and the Master then sold me.  I cry everyday for him. 

And that Doctor, Sir is my story.  Please Doctor, when you program me for the new owners please make me forget Young Master; please.

The doctor snapped his fingers.  "Wake up."  SNAP.  SNAP.  "How do you feel?"

"Just fine Doctor, thank you.  Very refreshed, Sir.  When will you start my re-education?

"Tomorrow.  Return to your cell now."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 17, 2003

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