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The following story is fiction about a elementary school boy being spanked.  The story contains a scene of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired to write this story by an drawing on Tumblr at  It appears to me that the boy's drawing was changed from the Mike Co^ck^rill oil on canvas painting "Red Ro^cket" no long shown on the artist's web site at:^^ke-co^ck^rill-red-ro^cket (remove the ^'s I put in to block search engines finding it).   Click to open the images off-site.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Reality Verses Fantasy


"And the very naughty boy got a very hard spanking on his bare bottom after the severe scolding." was the line that resonated through Scottie's head.  Since before he could read, he had heard that line (or variations) when he was told and read bedtime stories.  That never happed to him when he was naughty, however.  He was scolded although rarely severely.  Furthermore, he had never been spanked no matter how naughty he had been.

The boys in the stories always cried long and hard after their spankings.  Also they were parked in a corner – still with their pants down to think about their misbehavers while their bottoms cooled down.  They never had any siblings who would laugh at them in that position.  He knew that occurred because other boys had reported that happened.  He had also heard that spankings hurt.  He tried spanking himself many times but it was difficult and really never hurt for more than a few seconds.

It was at school that Scottie told the world.  The previous night he had dreamt of being spanked and the memory was still most vivid when the teacher assigned a subject during the drawing session.  The subject was "A fantasy that I think about."

Scottie never thought about any consequences for he was still a little boy.  The image that filled his mind was quickly reproduced on the drawing paper.  Now, for all to see, his drawing showed a boy with his pants and undies about his ankles, and his bare bottom glowing red as he lay over a man's lap getting a spanking.  One may argue whether or not it should have been shown to the class but that was not an adult decision.  One of Scottie's classmates saw the drawing, grabbed it and held it up for all to see and, hopefully, ridicule.

The responses varied.  Some thought it was a strange, old fashioned thing to draw and wondered why Scottie had chosen it.  A couple who knew all to well how spanking hurt admitted to the unpleasant fact although quickly adding that when the spanking is over, that is the end of the issue unlike other punishments which drag on seemingly forever.© YLeeCoyote

Once the discussion began, it had to continue for that was the practice in the class after every drawing session when they discussed the drawings.  Scottie could not explain why he had drawn it except that he had heard about spanking both in stories and for real since he was a little boy.  "I've never been spanked." he added.

It is said that there is one in every group and that is even true in grade school.  Toby quickly suggested that Scottie should have both his curiosity and fantasy wish fulfilled.  Most of the class agreed.  Both the teacher and Scottie were at a loss about what to do.

Scottie soon yielded to peer pressure and the teacher agreed to help.  Soon the furniture was pushed aside and his classmates in a semi-circle around the teacher sitting and Scottie standing in front, although not sure about what was going to happen.  He could have just said "NO!" and withdrawn but he was too confused so events proceeded uninterrupted.

"You have been a very naughty boy, Scottie.  What happens to very naughty little boys?" asked the teacher.

"They get spanked." replied Scottie like he and the teacher were alone in his fantasy land.

"Indeed.  And how do they get spanked."

"With their pants down and laying over your lap."

The class bristled with excitement.  Some already knew how nice it was to watch another kid get spanked since they had seen siblings, cousins and friends get it.  While for others this was going to be a new experience.

The teacher reached out and opened Scottie's belt and then his pants.  Scottie was mesmerized as his pants were pulled down quickly followed by his underpants.  The super hero image on his briefs was noted by all and now even the slower girls realized that they were going to see Scottie's boy parts as well.  The teacher pulled the compliant boy into positions.  Scottie was now overlap and held securely by a firm hand on his waist.

Then the teacher's other hand was raised and brought down on the waiting bare target.  It was Scottie's first non-birthday spank.  It was a gentle one and he immediately started to relax as he thought the spanking was not going to hurt as he had first feared.  He was, of course, very wrong as he realized when the next spank was far more forceful and landed with a far greater impact.

The second spank was hard.  All his classmates could see the hand prints form as Scottie yelled "OUCH!"

Then came the full spanking.  Over and over the teacher's hand was raised and brought crashing down on the bare target which progressively turned a deeper and deeper red as hand print after hand print merged.  Scottie's was experiencing pain that he had not in his fantasies and could not help but to cry and kick.  The experienced of his classmates were not surprised by his reactions nor that his pants flew  off.

Eventually the teacher stopped spanking and raised Scottie up to his feet.  He continued to cry and started to rub his hot red bottom as he did the spanked boy dance oblivious to being half naked in front of his classmates.  Many were amused at how his little boy parts bounced about.  Several boys yelled (using their indoor voices): "No rubbing." as he was lead to the corner by the teacher while one added: "Get your hands on your head." and Scottie obeyed.

Scottie did not have any naughty behavior to think about so instead he thought about his fantasy and actually being spanked.  It was quite immediately clear that spanking really did hurt and in that way it was most unpleasant.  Yet he had second thoughts for there a was a nice warm feeling in his hot red behind.

Scottie was sure that he did not like any of his classmates but especially any of the girls laughing at his bare red bottom making silly comments.  That discomfort, of course, would get worse when he had to leave the corner and he realized that he had lost his pants.  After some teasing about seeing his pee-pee, Scottie did get his pants and super hero briefs back and dressed.

Afterwards he had to endure the teasing of his classmates about both being spanked and being naked especially by the girls.

By the end of the day, he noted that his butt did not hurt like it had when he was being spanked or in the corner but was strangely and pleasantly warm.

That night his dreams of being spanked were somewhat different.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 25, 2018

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