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Recalling Lessons Well Learnt  (1/4)


Fourteen-year-old Kenyon was distressed.  More than five years ago he had actually learnt that he must treat his kid brother, Nelson, carefully.  Over the years he had gotten many spankings from his father whenever he abused his size and hit Nelson, but happily the last one was more than five years ago.  Kenyon was justifiably proud of himself for having learnt to control his temper.  He suspected that Nelson did try to bug him but since he did not react as other big brothers did, it was unrewarding.  He had even learnt that it made life easier generally.

It was the middle of the school vacation and his mother was away leaving the three 'men' to cope without her help.  She had been gone for a week and this evening his father was taking care of the young Nelson.  When Kenyon returned home, he could hear his brother giving their father a hard time – again – while he was still on the porch.  It had happened a couple of times earlier this week but this time their dad was not handling it very well perhaps due to having a bad day at the office.  He was breaking that important rule that he spanked Nelson many times for fracturing.  Nelson was not so sure about the proper course of action.  All that changed when he heard a slap immediately followed by a yowl from his brother.  That was enough to cause him to dash into the house.

He heard Dad yelling at the boy and was about to roughly haul him over his lap for a spanking.  This was another serious rule violation – acting in anger.  Kenyon dashed between them and managed to untangle them.  "Nelson, get to bed, NOW!" he snapped.

The boy did not question his big brother's authority but seized the opportunity to escape his father's wrath and quickly dashed up the stairs to his bedroom.  Whatever punishment the boy needed would certainly wait Kenyon realized as he turned his attention to his father and said: "Cool it, Dad." exactly like his father had said to both him and his brother many times.  It certainly was not physical strength that enabled Kenyon to restrain his father but just the act of diverting his dad's focus.

They had a truly serious man-to-man talk.  As Dad calmed down, he was able to admit that he had broken several of his own rules – letting Nelson get his goat, losing control and punishing when angry.  He even was able to actually thank his eldest for stopping him from hurting the boy.© YLeeCoyote

"If I had done just one of those things, you would have taken me out to the woodshed, Father." noted Kenyon.  The out to the woodshed meant that he would get strapped on his bare butt in the garage.  The two locked eyes and the man nodded.  "And when you were my age", continued Kenyon, "Grandpa would have certainly taken you out to the woodshed and roasted your sorry tail."  Again the man agreed that his son was correct.  The youth continued, "And that would have been the correct thing to do."  Dad was proud that his son was being so grown up and now definitely ashamed of his own behavior.

Dad was not ready for the next thing from his son.  "You always said that the rules are the same for all of us."  That was also true.  "I know what Grandpa would be doing right now, if he was here."  Dad's eyes dropped.  They were quiet for some time.  "You know what needs to be done, Dad."  Very slowly the man nodded without looking up.

Kenyon, took his father's hand and started for the door.  Meekly, his father followed and in just a couple of minutes, they were in the garage.  As Kenyon pulled his belt from his jeans, he ordered his dad: "Get into position, please."  The youth watched as his father slowly opened his trousers and let them fall and then pushed down his underpants.  Kenyon folded his belt and got into position.  He had a lot of trouble believing that he was really doing this.  He raised the belt and brought it down as hard as he could on his father's bare butt.  It made a resounding WHACK and left a red stripe on the target.

That first cut was the hardest to deliver; it became a little easier after a few.  Kenyon watched as his father's tail turned red as stripe after stripe quickly blended together and his knuckles turned white from having a death grip on the workbench.  After a dozen, Kenyon stopped and told his dad to get up.

Back in the house, Dad complained that his butt hurt.  "Well, you always tell me that it wouldn't be effective if it didn't hurt, Dad."  They both chuckled.  "I think that you had best make peace with Nelson in the morning."

* * * * * * * * * *

A short time later when Kenyon went to bed he found that his brother was still awake.  "Is Dad furious with me?" asked Nelson.

"Well, little brother, he is still mad but he's calmed down now.  It will all wait until morning when he has cooled down."

"Will he spank me then?"

"Don't you think you deserve one?"

Nelson wanted to say 'no' but he could not lie to his brother; especially not while he was treating him in such a grown up way.  "Guess so."  Then he paused a bit.  "But Dad was out of control and…"

Kenyon cut him off.  "Yes, and he well knows that.  He paid the price for it also."  Nelson looked at his brother a while with a puzzled expression.  "You know how Dad always tells us that the same rules are for everyone?"  Nelson nodded.  "He really means it.  You know what would have happened if I had acted like Dad had tonight?"

Nelson had no trouble answering that one.  "He would have taken you out to the garage for a strapping."  The boy suddenly broke into a big grin as he realized what must have happened.  "You strapped Dad!?"

"Yes.  But only as he allowed it because he had owned up to having done wrong.  It was sort of standing in for Granddad.  Dad is still in charge.  Now get to bed for it's late."

The light was out for some time when Nelson approached his brother.  "Kenyon, I can't sleep because I was very naughty earlier.  I know I should be spanked but Dad isn't here."  The boy hesitated a bit before finishing.  "Maybe you could…"

Kenyon sat up and before he could talk about it, found that Nelson had flopped down across his lap.  He couldn't believe it but it was happening.  Just like his dad had accepted his spanking him, now his little brother was doing the same thing.  He was not certain about any of this but that cute little butt ready to accept a well-deserved spanking was irresistible.  He grasped the boy's waist with one hand and raised his other hand before bringing it down on the small target.  He was glad that he could control himself and not hit full force.  Nelson reacted with a low cry but did not try to get away.  He gave the boy a couple dozen spanks until he was sobbing.  He admired how red his brother's butt was before standing him up.  The boy hugged him and sobbed on his shoulder.

When he had finished crying, rather than return to his own bed, Nelson insisted on cuddling up with his spanking big brother for the night.

Kenyon mussed about the future as he drifted off to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was with some trepidation that Kenyon joined his father and brother in the kitchen for breakfast.  Some terrible images had crossed his mind as he showered and dressed for the day.  He could see his father being furious for strapping him and/or for spanking Nelson.  There were endless variations.  He braced himself for the worse and said: "Good morning."

He was answered with two cheerful responses followed by.  "Your brother and I have been having a delightful conversation, Kenyon." said his father pleasantly.  "We've both apologized for our terrible behaviors last evening.  You, on the other hand, behaved very well and we both appreciate that."

"Yeah, even though you spank as hard as Dad does."

"And we're both proud of you." added his father.  "How about we all go to the amusement park today?  Your mom doesn't like it and she'll be back tomorrow."  They quickly agreed.

And as the day progressed, Kenyon kept wondering it he would get to spank his father again.  After all, it did seem to put him into a good and an unstressed mood.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., July 22, 2008

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