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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of a strapping and a shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It would be best to start with Part 1.

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Recalling Lessons Well Learnt  (2/4)


Life went on pretty much as usual with Kenyon,  Nelson and their parents after Kenyon had assumed the role of disciplinarian.  An astute observer would have observed that there were subtle changes, however.  Both Kenyon and Nelson's behavior was a bit different as they had acquired a better understanding of life and increased their respect of their father.  Kenyon now also understood something that his father had been saying for many years – "This spanking hurts me more that it hurts you."  For years, especially while he was crying from being spanked, he would think that if that was true, then why am I crying and not Dad?  He understood now that it was not fun to hurt someone that you loved.  The result was that both lads were better behaved.

It would be, of course, too much to expect that both lads were perfectly behaved all the time but the frequency of their misbehaviors was down.  There was a wedding that their parents were to attend which would require that they be away for most of the weekend.  They, of course, had the usual discussion about staying home alone, having a babysitter or staying with friends.  Other times they had opted for the latter but this time they insisted that they could take care of themselves for the thirty hours and that they could obey the rules without a 'warden'.

It was close to midnight when Kenyon came back into the house after being with his friends in the backyard.  One might argue about whether or not this constituted a party or having house visitors neither of which were not permitted.  There could not, however, be any discussion about the propriety of the can of beer that each youth had had.  This was all witnessed by Nelson from the bedroom window in clear detail through his powerful binoculars.  As his big brother prepared for bed he casually asked if the beer was good.

"Beer?  What beer?" was the retort.

"The beer that Bill brought in the cans that Tom carried away."© YLeeCoyote

Kenyon realized that Nelson knew a lot more than he liked although he did not know what he wanted.  "Are you going to tell?"

The reply was quick.  "Am I a tattletale?  A snitch?"  he said with much anger.  "Of course, you know what Dad will do when he finds out and Tom will blab."  He paused to let that sink in.  "And what's going to happen next time the folks are away?"

It took a few minutes for Kenyon to realize that his kid brother was right about this but what could be done.  Certainly the beer could not be put back in the cans and returned.  He was even right about Tom although actually it was his kid sister who had the big mouth and she seemed to find out everything and loved getting her brother into trouble.  "Shit!  You're friggin right!"  He exclaimed after a bit.  "You got a solution?"

"That, big brother, is for you to come up with."  Nelson paused and grinned.  "That is, if you 'got the right stuff'."  He paused again.  "That is if you're really Dad's son."

«I don't need riddles.» thought Kenyon but Nelson was really letting him work things out.  He might not even know the solution and perhaps there might not be one.  And why that crack about being Dad's son.  Then it came to him.  Dad must have set an example to emulate. «Yes, that's it!  I must take responsibility for myself.  Like Dad did back when I strapped him. » This was not easy to do.  Kenyon pulled the belt from his jeans and handled it to his little brother.  "Nelson, I fucked up tonight and Dad's not here."  He didn't that think he needed to say any more so he just dropped his jeans and underpants and leaned over his bed presenting his ass for the belt.

"You need more than just a strapping, Kenyon.  That would do for having company but not for acting like you're more  grownup than you are."

Kenyon was not sure what his brother was driving at, but he was afraid that if he took the time to find out he would lose his resolve for getting the strapping he certainly deserved and then he would not have anything to say when Dad confronted him.  "OK.  Whatever."

Kenyon watched as his little brother folded the belt and found the proper spot.  He gripped the bed tightly and tensed for the first cut.  He howled.  It was as hard as the ones from his dad.  He bit on the bedspread hoping not to howl again.  The second cut hurt as much as the first.  Kenyon tightened both his grip and his bite.  He managed to hold still and be quiet for the next six but lost control on the ninth cut.  The tenth caused him to start crying.  He was chagrined that his little brother had broken him.

As he cried, he realized that Nelson was holding him the same way that he had done when he had comforted him when he was hurt.  When he stopped crying, Nelson spoke.  "I know you won't like the next bit, Kenyon, but you need to remember you're not really grown up yet.  You crowed about having pubes so you have to lose them now."  Kenyon was horrified.  "Yes, you need to remember that you have to act grownup not just look it because you got some hair about your balls."  He lay there as his brother went to fetch some things.

Kenyon did not have the strength to resist when his brother took their father's mustache clipper to his bush quickly reducing it to stubble.  The bush that he was so proud of and that had taken a long time to grow.  It hardly seemed necessary to remove the stubble with the electric razor.  When he saw himself in the mirror, he almost cried again for he was as hairless as a little boy.

They cuddled up together for the night only this time it was Nelson who was holding Kenyon rather than the other way.

The next morning, Kenyon was very quiet and subdued.  He knew that he had been punished quite severely although justly.  He was not harboring any resentment against his brother for he knew he had done wrong and this would be the way to prevent parental problems.

He waited until after dinner to tell his father that they needed to talk man-to-man and then surprised him by having Nelson present.  It was difficult but Kenyon confessed his misdeeds and reported that he had owned up and that Nelson had punished him.  "It was sort like when I strapped you, Dad."  He insisted that he had learnt his lesson and went on to ask that they be allowed to stay alone.

Their dad reviewed all the details of both the transgressions and punishments.  Kenyon admitted that it was severe but not unjust and he was sure that he learnt his lesson.  Neither lad anticipated their father's pronouncement.  "I'm very pleased with you both about how you handled this.  You both acted maturely.  Your mother and I will put this incident behind us and we'll all move on.  Unfortunately, Kenyon, that does not mean your punishment is over.  Nelson, you will keep your brother's pubes shaved for three months so that he can think about what growing up is really about.  You will also be in charge of him for the next six months."

"Awesome!" reacted the pleasantly surprised lad.

"Need I tell you what will happen if you are unfair or spiteful?"

"No, Sir.  Does that mean I'm in charge of his discipline also?" asked Nelson.

"Yes.  And it time for both of you to get to bed.  School tomorrow."

Kenyon was very careful to keep out of trouble because he did not want to get punished again by his kid brother.  After only two months, Nelson decided, much to Kenyon's relief, that it was not necessary to shave his brother anymore.

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