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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of a strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It would be best to start with Part 1.

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Recalling Lessons Well Learnt  (3/3)


Strange thoughts haunted Nelson's dreams after he had taken the strap to his older brother's butt.  Nelson was glad that Kenyon had acknowledged that his disciplining him was (all things considered) the right thing and had accepted it an even implied that "It's OK to do it again should the circumstances warrant it."  Nelson's thoughts were far more sinister; he had visions of his father bent over a car fender with his pants off as he applied the strap vigorously to his errant father's bottom.

Nelson thought that his visions were haunting because it seemed so terribly impertinent to even think of striking his own father as if he were his errant child.  That his older brother had done so already did not mitigate the impropriety that caused him to shudder every time the thought went through his mind.  He did not have any such terrible images thinking about strapping his brother who, although a little older, was essentially a peer.  After a while he thought of speaking with his father about it and even risking a spanking.  He could picture what would happen when he confided (confessed?) to his father just as if it was a play he was reading in school.  The climactic line would, of course, be: "Nelson, you have been most naughty.  Come with me to the garage.  You are going to get the strapping you so richly deserve."

Nelson would quiver and shake at that because that would be his first strapping.  He was of two minds about it.  Since it was his first, it was a step up from a little boy's spanking and thus an indication that his father was considering that he was growing up.  But, there was also the fear that it would hurt terribly and that he would break down into tears like a little baby – just like his big brother predicted.  Yet when he returned Kenyon would be very nice and helpful.  He would comfort him and wipe his face and say soothing things but in reality be belittling him for being a baby and not taking it like a man.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a cold night and the wind was sharp and cutting.  Nelson huddled in the doorway of the youth center watching for his father.  If he had gone with one of his friends he would have been home sometime ago.  He had called his father's office but he had not answered which meant that he had left and was, presumably, on his way so Nelson had declined the offer of a ride.  It would be embarrassing to go back in and call again.  What sort of man forgets to pick up his son?  It was almost closing time when he was just about to go back inside to beg to use the telephone to call home when his father drove up.  Nelson dashed for the car and got in.  The warmth was a delight  for he was chilled.  "I was getting desperate, Dad.  You're almost an hour late."© YLeeCoyote

"Sorry, Son, I had trouble getting out." said his dad as he drove off rapidly.

Nelson grabbed the door grip for support as his father took a turn to fast.  "Slow down, Dad, there no rush now."

"It's late, Son, time to get you home."

Nelson turned to his dad and then could smell the beer that he been drinking.  He kept his mouth shut and just prayed that all would be OK.  It was after they pulled into the garage that he spoke.  "Dad, I called your office and you did not answer so I knew you had left.  But evidently you went to a bar since you smell of beer and stink of cigarette smoke.  You have been very naughty and inconsiderate.  Even your driving was terrible and dangerous."

Nelson's dad dropped his head and leaned on the steering wheel.  It was both an admission of wrong doing and a testament to his shame.

Although his body was just warm, Nelson's anger was boiling.  All that fantasizing now overtook his brain.  He hardly knew what he was saying.  It was like there were two of him: and the one from the fantasy world was in control and the real him merely watching.  "That's right.  Look ashamed.  You should be strapped."  He could not believe his own ears hearing what he had said.  He was about to apologize but then his father spoke.

"I'm afraid that you are right, Son.  I shouldn't have gone to the bar and been late.  I'm terribly sorry."

It was an almost automatic response for Nelson had heard it many time before.  "Sorry does not cut it." said the lad for the first time in his new role.  He then paused a long time.  His father was silent.  "You better get into position."  Slowly they both got out of the car and removed their coats in the garage.  It was chilly but that really did not matter as there was not any wind.  As Nelson pulled the belt from his jeans, his father dropped his trousers and underpants and leaned over the rear fender.

His heart racing, Nelson raised the belt and gave his father a hard cut with his thick, leather Garrison belt folded double.  It was even more of a thrill than when he strapped Kenyon.  He could hardly believe that it was he who had swung the belt that had caused that red stripe to form on his father's ass right before his eyes.  The sight was mesmeric to Nelson's young eyes.  He gave his father another cut, perhaps even harder than the first.  He watched the mounds of flesh bounce and quiver in response to the force of the leather and then the second red stripe, crossing the first one, take form.  Rapidly, he delivered a dozen more cuts before catching his breath.  He remembered that Kenyon had spoken of a dozen cuts for serious offences so he decided that his father should have more.

He swung the belt over and over, having trouble keeping count of the strokes.  He stopped when he saw the hot red glowing mass before his eyes having delivered at least two dozen cuts.  He then slipped his belt back into his jeans and put on his coat before entering the house.

He answered his mother's question honestly although evasively even giving his butt a rub as if he was hurting from being spanked.  "Dad and I had some man-business to deal with and he's doing something with the car.  He'll be in shortly."  He accepted the proffered glass of milk and quickly gulped it down before going off to bed.  In the dark of the night, Nelson told Kenyon what had happened.  As you would expect, Kenyon was surprised.  He was a bit more proud of his little brother taking on their dad that he would admit to.

At breakfast they discovered that their father had gone to the office early and it was evident that their mother knew what had happened not only the evening before but when she was away.  "Boys, your father is very sorry about his bad behavior last night just as he was the time that he lost control and Kenyon had to intervene.  He is very ashamed that you had to deal with such a situation and hopes that it never has to happen again.  Now finish breakfast so you can get to school on time."

As the two walked to the bus stop, they agreed that their parents had accepted that they could discipline them when they got out of line.  "Do you think that Mom should get the strap like Dad or just be spanked OTK?  Perhaps with that nasty hairbrush she used on us?" asked Nelson of his wiser and more experienced brother.

"That's a good question, bro.  I'll have to think about it.  Also, should Dad always get strapped or maybe get it with the hairbrush sometimes?"  Kenyon paused a bit and then said: "Bringing up parents is so hard."

End of Part 3.  Go to Part 4

© Copyright A.I.L., August 18, 2008

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