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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of a strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It would be best to start with Part 1.

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Recalling Lessons Well Learnt  (4/4)


I now have lots of time to tell you about how our lives have changed in the past year.  I have finished my chores for the day and am just sitting naked here in the kitchen writing this like a little school girl doing her homework after coming home all muddy and getting stripped on the back porch.  Truth be told.  I feel like that little school girl.

"Why", you ask, "is a thirty-eight-year-old woman naked and having nothing else to do with all the wonderfully stocked stores to shop in and interesting TV programs to watch?"  Well it's because I'm grounded.  "What!  That's spousal abuse!  Your husband should be locked up."

But it is not my husband but our sons who have decreed this punishment.  And I better obey or there will be consequences that I won't like for at least now I can sit.  They will know if I leave the house or watch the TV.  Somehow, they always know so I've learnt to do as they direct me to.  Yes, our sons are fully in charge of us, their parents.  Even just a year ago I would have laughed at that preposterous notion.  Well, not any longer.

It all started about a year ago when I was away.  Hugh (my husband) had lost control while dealing with Nelson (our second) and Kenyon (our first) intervened.  The upshot was that they took a trip out to the woodshed and Kenyon strapped Hugh for the very first time.  Hugh really did not understand exactly how it happened except that his childish loss of temper got him a child's punishment.  I knew nothing about this until our younger son, Nelson, strapped his father for being irresponsible a couple of months later.  It was interesting that Nelson did not tell me when he saw me right after the event.  He was ever so discrete just telling me that it was 'man-business' when he came in late leaving me to think that his father had spanked him in the garage.  It was when we were getting to bed that I saw that it had been Hugh who had been strapped hard.  It was only then that I learnt the entire story.  Since Hugh admitted that he had been wrong and deserved the punishments our sons had administrated, I could not really declare them improper.  After a few weeks, I realized that Hugh was being more responsible and behaving more adult.  That our sons had spanked him sure made a change.  There was also a change in both of the lads.  They just did not get into trouble like they use to and were even doing better in school.  It surely all seemed quite idyllic.

Yes, it was all idyllic until I messed up.  It was that most favorite time of the month and we were sorting out the bills and writing the checks.  I had hidden one because I did not want Hugh to see it as I had gone way over my clothes budget.  If I could have let it slip for the next month (without any additional purchases) I could have fudged things.  Unfortunately for me, Hugh realized it was missing and asked for it.  Nelson heard me tell Hugh it wasn't here and promptly suggested that we could get it on the web.  At that time, although I did not know it, I was trusted up and in the pan all ready to be put into the oven for a roasting.  A few minutes later, my over spending was displayed on the screen for all to see.  Hugh was furious – both at my over spending and that we would have to pay high interest on the excess over budget.© YLeeCoyote

It was Kenyon that took charge.  He whispered something to his brother and took me by the wrist and led me over to the couch.  (We were in the family room where the computer was.)  "This is most unacceptable behavior, Mother!  Most UNACCEPTABLE!"  In just seconds he had sat down on the couch and pulled me over his lap like I was an errant little girl.  Just as quickly, he lifted up my skirt and yanked down my panties.  I had no idea that he was so strong and forceful.  But that was only the beginning of this traumatic day.  I started to protest and kick but he easily twisted one of my arms behind my back and placed one of his legs over mine.  It was like being in a trap for I could yell and struggle but that was totally useless as it did not accomplish anything.  Then Kenyon struck me.  Hard.  A hard spank centered on my bare right buttock.  I yelled and that got me another hard spank, this time on my left check.

After that slow start, the spanks rained down like raindrops in a heavy thunder shower.  My yelling changed into cries of a little girl.  Still, however, Kenyon's hand kept inflicting pain into my seat.  I collapsed both physically and mentally.  Then the spanks stopped.  I was limp as a rag doll as Kenyon rearranged me.  Now I was over both his legs when he spoke to his brother.  Later I learnt that he said: "Give her ten on each check, Nelson."  I certainly felt my grandma's hairbrush connect.  I knew that feeling from when I was a little girl.  It hurt just as much now as my youngest son applied it vigorously to my already sore behind as it had back then.  I, of course, was not in any state to count.  All I could do was to cry.  I really don't know how I got there but eventually I realized that I was crying while standing in a corner with my skirt and panties gone  and with my hot red bottom on display like I was a naughty schoolgirl.  That the boys had seen my private parts was not a high priority thought at the time.

There was no turning back from this.  Our boys had now demonstrated that they could discipline me just as they had their father.  Perhaps if we had objected when they had spanked Hugh we could have prevented this but they had exercised power and we accepted rather than challenging  it.  That they spanked me, with Hugh's silence giving inexplicit approval, just reinforced their assumption of power.  I now understood from the top of my head down to my flaming ass how Hugh felt after the boys had strapped him.  Perhaps both of us might have resisted but we recognized that we were truly guilty of misconduct and merited the punishments we received.  By the way, that hard spanking was only part of my punishment for I also lost my credit cards for two weeks and was grounded for a month.

Both Hugh and I were very careful after that.  We were not perfect and our strict sons made us pay the price when we went astray.  Thinking back, we both admitted that our parents had not been so strict and had been more forgiving.  I now understood why a teacher friend explained that she liked older students.  "They work harder because they have take home grades to show to unforgiving kids rather than forgiving parents."

* * * * * * * * * *

It is what happened a month ago that got me into this predicament.  It was Hugh's and mine high school reunion weekend.  We left the boys on their own and drove the three hours back to our hometown.  We had the usual parental hesitation about leaving the boys alone but they reminded us that neither of them had been spanked in more than a year and they were worried about us being unsupervised for the long weekend.  Needless, to say we lost that argument but we did get leave to go after making special promises to be good on the trip.

Hugh got the day off and we left early on Friday so that we could see the old place in the afternoon.  The event committee had arranged tours and even a short program in the evening.  Saturday morning we took off on our own because we wanted to see our favorite spot.  The party was scheduled to start at one.  Our spot was still undeveloped and thus pretty much unchanged.  It took an hour to drive up to the top of the mountain.  It was as fantastic as it was when we were teenagers although then it was usually dark with a beautiful and romantic covering of stars and the moon.  The other kids favored a different spot but we thought it was worth the drive.  It was where we first made love.  Even thought it was daytime we reenacted that most wonderful experience.  We sat there for a long time relishing the moment and the memories before heading back to our motel to get ready for the pool party.

It did not work out quite that way which was actually most fortunate.  The rough road had done in a tire and the spare was flat.  We were stuck without transportation.  Our cell phones were not any help.  We could either wait for someone else to show up which could be a very long wait or walk out.  It took us more than two hours to get to a phone and another hour before the auto service guy arrived.  He drove us back up to our car, changed the tire and then led us back to his garage to fix our tires.  We were tired, dirty and hungry by the time we got back to the motel.  We cleaned up and headed for the party a couple of hours late.

A private place complete with a pool had been rented.  When we arrived, it was lit up like a disaster scene; there were police cars from at least three jurisdictions.  We watched as the police took a couple of bus loads of people – our punctual classmates – away.  It turned out that they were under arrest.  Once the police had gone, we drove to the gate and asked the gatekeeper what had happened.  "The reunion folks were having a party; a nude party at the pool.  That would have been OK except the school's cheerleading squad was there also.  They are facing some sort of morals charges about corrupting minors."

In shock, we returned to the motel to thank our lucky stars that we had had that flat and then had a simple dinner in the nearby dinner down the road.  The bust was on the news at eleven and it was not pretty.  We immediately called the boys to tell them that we were not involved with the disgraceful event.  "There isn't anything to worry about as we were not involved and we would be heading for home after breakfast."

Of course, we had to explain a lot when we got home.  We had imprudently left out the schedule and the boys saw the party listing: "Pool Party – suits optional.  The cheerleading squad will entertain."  The news reports told a tale of debauchery in the open and that some were even caught in flagrante delicto.  The boys were both shocked and disappointed at the extreme irresponsibility and hypocrisy.  We also had an additional failing as the car was not properly maintained.  It was clear that we were in for it.  Our only consolation was that we had not been arrested.

We were made to strip for a start.  My hesitation immediately got reminders about how we planned to go to nude party with strangers.  I was, of course, extremely embarrassed and was blushing.  Even Hugh was blushing.  "I suppose that you would have liked being stripped searched in the police station." commented Kenyon sarcastically.

"Would it have been different for your classmates to see your bushes than it is for us to?  We saw them when we were born – remember?" snapped Nelson "And when we spanked you."

Hugh got it first.  He got it with the strap very hard.  He had to lean over the end of the couch with his butt sticking up and out and the boys used the strap as hard as they could.  This was the first time that I got to watch a strapping.  I was amazed at how each cut caused a red stripe to form where the belt connected with Hugh's butt checks.  Then the stripes just blended together into one big red area.  They switched after every five cuts.  Their justifiable anger showed as Hugh's butt turned into a red hot swollen pain center.  They really went at him and he was crying like a little boy before they were finished.  I winced every time that the strap crashed into Hugh's bottom.

They left him and started on me.  I tried to ask for mercy but the words would not come as I was put into place over the other end of the couch.  It was Nelson's turn so he started on me.  I knew even before that first cut that I would soon be yelling in pain and crying.  That belt hurt more than I imagined it could.  I was out of control by the first switch to Kenyon and bawling by the time Nelson resumed.  Everything after that is a great big blur.

After sometime, the boys lifted me up and laid me spread out on the floor.  I was unable to really move myself and the pain in my bottom filled my mind.  I felt some vibrations on my crotch.  The boys then left us.  Slowly I recovered as did Hugh.  We were both very ashamed.  The boys had ordered us to remain in the family room until they returned.  It was then when I was recovering my senses that I saw that the boys had clipped both Hugh's and my bushes.  We looked like naughty high school kids.  There was not much we could do but hug each other for comfort.  It was inescapable that we could not sit.

When the boys returned, they gave us our new rules and the rest of our punishment.  They were very disappointed in our terrible and irresponsible behavior and it was only because we had neglected the car that we weren't in legal trouble.  We were both grounded for six months and anything but work or household shopping required special permission.  We were also required to shave our crotches twice a week and be naked in the house all the time.  It was devastating.

I trust that answers your question.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 3, 2008

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