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The following story is fiction. It contain scenes of a boy being publicly spanked.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

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Red-checked Tenderfoot


I stood before the Scout Tribunal in my almost new Boy Scout uniform listening to the seventeen-year-old Eagle Scout, who was the president of the Tribunal and my chief judge, pronounce that I had just been found guilty of three offences: (1) smoking, (2) trying to get other scouts to smoke and (3) lying about it.  The entire troop was quiet as he continued.  "Tenderfoot Adam Roger Smith while this Tribunal considers your sentence, you will wait in the cloak room.  Your sponsor will explain what options you have and the actions that this Tribunal may take.

'Great!  Now I'm a convicted felon and Dad is really gonna beat my butt.' I thought as my brother Jeremy, who is three years older and a First Class Scout, led me to the holding pen.  It was just two months ago that I got into Cloverfield's one and only scout troop.  Not that this was my first choice of things to do but there was not anything else in this retarded village that wouldn't be better off if it was washed out into the Atlantic in the next storm.  Here it is, almost the twenty-first century, and this place still thinks like the Boston Tea party has yet to happen.  I'm surprised that they still don't have the stocks and pillory in the village square.  I was damn glad to move on from the Webelos though.  I hated wearing those undersize pants that did not even cover my ankles.  Dad would have grounded my older sister if she wore jeans that showed off her cute butt like that uniform did mine.  I will admit … er … boast, that the girls and even the guys noticed the way I really filled them out in the front though.

"What's the scoop, bro?" I asked when we got to my temporary cell.  "What can they do?  And what sort of options do I have?"

Jeremy looked very angry and sad.  "You fucked up big time, Adam."  That was unusual for he rarely used that word and now he was doing it while in uniform and in the church's basement.  "Dad will really beat your butt if you're thrown out of the scouts like this.  He'll probably even promote you to getting the strap immediately instead of waiting until you're thirteen."   I nodded, for he was right; confidentially, he's usually right.  "There are several things that they could do.  You could get a lot of shit chores around here.  Community service to kill your free time for a while.  Corporal punishment.  That's if they don't boot you out all together although that's not likely as this is your first offense."

I looked at him in amazement.  "You mean beating?  How?  Who?"© YLeeCoyote

"Public bare ass spanking.  As your group leader it will be my duty to do it."  There was a faint hint of a smile on his face when he said that.  "You get one decision.  You take like it like a scout or you cop-out and quit in disgrace."

You'll take it easy on your brother?" I asked hopefully.

"No, Adam.  That would be seen as a violation of my oath.  If anything I must be harder so that it is seen as fair."  He hugged me and added, "I'm really sorry, brother."

I knew that Dad would beat my ass no matter what, if he knew.  "Will you tell Dad?"

"There no need to tell him about private scout business, Adam."  The smile on my brother's face was broader and no longer smirky.  He had been anxious to spank me for years and now he'll get his chance.  I knew I won't like it but the other options were far worse.  I'm not a coward and won't quit just like that.

I guess that I better tell you one more thing.  Although we're an old fashioned town we are also a very small town. Yes, this is the boy scouts but it is a co-ed troop for we also have a few girls.  They're all tomboys and quit before they are fourteen but this is the only action oriented group in town.  Mary Beth and Tommy, both from my class, are tenderfoots also.  I wish they weren't here to see me getting spanked, particularly Mary Beth.

The Tribunal reconvened and I got the expected lecture and then the choice.  I stood up tall and proudly (sort of) and said that I would accept the sentence of the Tribunal and was sorry that I betrayed my oath and broke the rules.  I promised to be faithful in the future.

The president read my sentence.  It was as Jeremy predicted and he even added that this matter was private scout business and should not be talked of outside the troop.  There one extra that I did not expect: I would have to ask each of my fellow tenderfoots' pardon and get fifteen spanks from each.  There were seven others – including Mary Beth – so that meant I was going to get 105 spanks from my peers.  Jeremy was to give me 100 first though.

They cleared the platform of the tables and things leaving just one straight backed chair.  Everyone else sat in the usual groups and it was only Jeremy and I on the platform.  He told me to strip, apologize to all and get over his lap.  Now I knew what he meant about taking it like a scout.  I had to do it all by myself.  No more getting help like a cub.  I had been claiming to be big enough to do things by myself for years.  Now I had to prove that I really could when it was something that I did not want to do.  Something that was going to be very embarrassing.

I took a deep breath and started.  "Fellow scouts of Cloverfield."

"You must strip first Tenderfoot Adam Roger Smith."  Jeremy interrupted.  I stopped talking and began to undress.  It was not too bad taking off my shirt and sneakers but it got harder when I got to my pants.  My briefs covered me as well as my swim suit did on the beach but this was different.  Then I was just in my briefs.  Even though I was embarrassed I was still excited and my cock was half hard.  After a pause I pulled them off and tossed them on to the pile of other clothes.  I was now naked for the first time in front of a crowd that was dressed.  It was beyond awful.

Covering my privates was obviously the wrong thing to do.  I stood at attention – tall and straight.  I took another deep breath and started again.  "Fellow scouts of Cloverfield.  I have shamed you all and I am really sorry.  I beg your forgiveness and pardon.  I ask that my brother, who is my group leader, and my fellow tenderfoots to spank me as a public sign of my repentance for errors in judgement and regrettable actions."  Then I laid myself across my brother's lap.  As least my cock wasn't exposed to all now but it certainly was not a truly comfortable position.  Jeremy started.  He was good to his word and really pounded me.  Every five spanks the count was announced.  Every fifteen there was a short pause.  The pauses were very good.  They let me concentrate on not crying like a baby.  It was very hard for he was hitting as hard as Dad did and I knew that I was really being spanked.  But what was left of my honor was at stake.  I clenched my fists tight and even bit my lip.  I did not resist because I did not want to resist unlike when Dad forced me not to resist.  I knew I deserved this and I had resolved to take like a man.  The spanking continued and the count rose to the required hundred.  Jeremy stopped.  He, I then realized, had done something nice through all of this.  He never hit me on the tender spot between the butt and thighs; he did not want to hurt me more than he had too.  He did his unpleasant duty but no more.  I would have to thank him for that in private.

I was given a five minute pause while the announcements were made about future activities.  Then my fellow tenderfoots were called up one at a time.  I had to ask each one for the proscribed spanking and then thank each afterwards.  Some hit me hard and some not so hard.  It hurt more than it would have because my brother's paddling had left me a tender red-cheeked tenderfoot.  Several of them relished spanking another guy in public and even squeezed my cock between their thighs.  Tommy rubbed my butt more than was really required and his cock definitely was not flaccid.

Mary Beth was special.  She definitely looked at my equipment which was pretty well developed and had a lots of hair above it.  She said: "Get across my lap naughty boy." with her ravishing cute smile.  She hit me hard a few times and squeezed my cock between her thighs in a way that was not accidental.  I wonder if she was enjoying his more than the others.

Then it was over and I got dressed as everyone left.  Mary Beth took the trouble to say that she wouldn't talk about this even to her best best-friend and she would talk to me at lunch tomorrow at school.  She had to run because of her ride was waiting.

Jeremy and I walked home together.  We were closer than ever before.  It felt real good to have my big brother's arm about my shoulder.  We did not have to speak.  When Dad asked about the meeting he said: "Just the usual scout stuff, Pop.  Nothing of special interest worth talking about."

Lunch the next was a real pleasant surprise with Mary Beth.  As I said before, she was a tomboy and really fun to be with – unlike most of the other girls.  She told me that she was impressed by me the night before and admitted that she had fun spanking me.  She confided in me that she had seen her older brother get spanked BA just a week before.  At thirteen and half he is not nearly as well developed as I and he really cried when his mom spanked him with just her hand.  She asked me to go hiking with her on Saturday and promised to tell me a secret then.  I'm really looking forward to that; we will be alone in the forest.

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