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The following story is fiction about punishing children with spankings.  The story contains scenes of spankings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Red Tail Vacation


I was excited to visit and expected that I would have a fantastic two weeks with my cousin.  Robby is a year younger than I having just turned twelve last month.  It is now just the seventh day of my visit and I don’t know if my butt will survive this visit.  My Aunt Stella and Uncle Kelly are far stricter than my own parents and have these antiquated idea of discipline.  They spank!  They spank without much reason frequently and hard.

It was the second day I was here and Robby was showing me the neighborhood.  It was very interesting although looking back I’m not sure if that was because it was just new to me or really special.  In any case, I insisted on continuing exploring the fascinating wild life in the stream even though Robby kept saying “We got to get home.  The ‘rents are going to be furious.”

It was only after he threatened to go without me and literally pulled me away from the water that we headed home.  I soon found out how right he was even before we got to house. We still had four blocks to go when Uncle Kelly, returning from work, pulled up next to us and invited us into the car.  By the time we pulled into the garage we knew that we were in trouble.  “You were told to be back by five and you are late.” summed it all up.

There really was not anything to say except “Sorry.” and that (as everyone knows) does not cut it.  I was surprised at what came next but Robby was not.  As per instructions he got an old flip-flop which was missing the strap from a workbench drawer and gave it to his dad.  Then he dropped his shorts and undies and leaned over the workbench with his butt up and out.  “Ready, Father.” he announced solemnly.

Uncle Kelly then stood next to Robby and used the flip-flop like it was a paddle.  This was repeated five times leaving his tail completely fiery red. “That’s it.  You may pull up your pants, Robby.  And be on-time in the future.”  I seem to have felt each blow that my cousin was enduring and I was amazed that Robby was not screaming.  Uncle then turned to me and said “Your turn, Jerry.”  I was shocked and frozen in place.  “Get into position!  You were just as late as your cousin was.” barked my uncle.  I was a bit slow but got into position with my bare ass up to be beaten as my cousin had demonstrated.© YLeeCoyote

And beaten I was, just like Robby had been while he watched my ass turn red.  Obviously, I survived but it was not pleasant.  It hurt.  I even yelped a bit, unlike Robby who took it quietly.  We were told to get upstairs and get ready for dinner, ASAP.

As we passed through the kitchen Aunt Stella started at us for being late but Robby quickly explained that “Dad has already spanked us, Mother.” and gave his butt a rub.

There was not any time to talk about it except Robby pointed out that we got spanked in the garage by Dad rather than in the house by Mom where his two kid sisters could have watched.  I guess that was something to be glad of.

I fidgeted at dinner and the girls most certainly noticed and giggled some but did not say anything.  Later, Robby explained that they would get into trouble for teasing us about being spanked if their parents heard.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was three days later that Aunt Stella took Robby and me to the mall.  We were having a great time in the arcade while she was shopping when she swooped in like a hawk who had spotted a tasty rodent and announced that it was time to go.  Robby immediately quit his game giving it to some kid who was watching.  I wanted to finish my game but Auntie said “Come NOW BOY or else!”  Unfortunately, I found out what the ‘else’ was.  I was that rodent for she grabbed me and literally pulled me out of the place.  The other guys laughed and I wondered what they thought was going to happen.

I did not expect what happened which was to prove to be a disaster.  We had only gone a short way when we got to a sitting area right in the middle of the mall’s main concourse.  She told Robby to take the packages and dug out her hairbrush from her purse.  Without a word she quickly unbuttoned my shorts and yanked them down to my ankles with everyone watching.  “Lean on the bench, Jerry, and don’t move.” she commanded.  I guess it could have been worse since she left my undies up.  However, they did not mitigate the impact force of the hairbrush as it repeatedly attacked my bottom viciously.

I lost count before a dozen whacks in the thick of my howls and sobs.  Eventually she stopped although the pain and embarrassment continued.  I heard laughter and when I looked around saw packs of kids smiling for they had enjoyed watching me get spanked.

“Come along now.” she snapped.  I quickly pulled up my shorts and rushed behind her like a whipped puppy on a leash fearful of getting anymore.  This was the second spanking I had gotten in less than a week.

* * * * * * * * * *

You would think that I would have learnt that I had best jump when Auntie says to since I got my tail roasted twice in less than a week.  Unfortunately, I did not.  I was with Robby and we had gotten caught up watching a game in the park.  Both teams were really good and the action was fantastic.  We both watched intently.  Unfortunately, we were not similarly intent on the time.  When the game was over, Robby looked at his watch and yelled “We’re late.  Run.”

We were, no surprise, late getting back and Auntie behaved exactly as she would have if Uncle had not spanked us in the garage when we were also late.  Robby knew the drill so well that he handled the big cooking spoon to his mom and got into position with his shorts down leaning on a chair.  Auntie did not wait a second longer before she lit into him fast and furious.  This time he cried but he did not jump up but took it most bravely.  At least, this time it was not my fault that he got whacked.

It all happened so fast that the girls did not get down from their room until he was pulling up his pants.  I could see their smiles as they anticipated watching me get it.

I begged for a reprieve on the grounds that my bottom was still in pain from Aunties’ hairbrush spanking just a couple of days before.  I was surprised that I got an option immediately.  “Jerry you can have a hand spanking from your uncle after dinner or the spoon now from me just as Robby got.”

It sounded good to me and I said “Hand spanking.” although Robby was shaking his head.  I should have listened to him but I was terribly afraid of the hard spoon on my sore bottom especially in front of the girls.

At dinner I was given instructions by Uncle Kelly.  I was to go my room (not allowed to watch TV with the others) and come downstairs ready for bed at eight.  The way he said it told even unperceptive me not to question anything.

At eight sharp, I entered the family room in my pajamas.  I quickly found out why Robby had been shaking his head earlier.  The girls turned off the TV but did not leave.  Uncle called me to stand by him and without a word immediately yanked down my pajamas bottoms.  You can guess where the girls were looking.  I put my hands in front of me but they were immediately slapped away and the girls smiled.  It was a relief for a moment when Uncle turned me over his lap since my junk was hidden.  This turned out to be a high price, however, I realized when he started to spank me.

The impact of Uncle Kelly’s hand was as hard as that of the hairbrush and certainly harder than that of the spoon.  I howled in pain for each blow.  I could not wiggle away for Uncle held me tight.  In short order I was bawling like a baby.  I quickly realized that I had not avoided any pain and gained much embarrassment and shame.  And things were about to get worse.

When Uncle had finished spanking me, I got up.  Then half-naked I put on a fine performance of the spanking dance as I had kicked off my pajamas bottoms.  I was lead to a corner near the TV and had to keep my hands on my head.  I wondered whether the girls were watching the TV or my red-hot tail.

Eventually my corner time was over as my uncle called me out.  Then there was a new disaster as I got my pajamas bottoms.  “Wendy, see that your cousin gets right to bed after using the toilet.” said Aunt Stella.

Cousin Wendy, who was eleven, happily accepted the task and her year younger sister announced that she would also help.  Half-naked I was suddenly being taken upstairs to bed by the two girls as if they were my babysitters or older sisters.  It was, in a word, HORRID.

I did not sleep well at all.  The girls were all smirks in the morning.  I was extremely careful the rest of the time not to misbehave or talk back or even be just a little late.  I did not want another spanking.  Robby was very good for he did not tease me about the disaster.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 29, 2020

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