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The following story is fiction about MM spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  Like all proper fairy tales, it gets violent and bloody.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Red, the Wolf and the Woodsman


It's story time, kiddies.  Now turn down the light and listen carefully.

Once upon a time there was a boy called Red.  He did not have crimson hair as you might have guessed but was called that because always wore a red hoodie.  He was a brave boy and was absolutely sure that he knew everything.  Well, not quite, because he could not understand why he did not get all A's at school.  He was really certain that it was because all the teachers were jealous of him, however.  At home he hated doing his chores and it was only the fear of his father's thick, heavy, wide leather belt connecting with his bare butt that got him to do them.

There was one chore that he actually liked and looked forward to doing.  Every couple of weeks or so, Red's mother would prepare a batch of delicious, made from scratch, goodies for her father, Red's beloved Pop-pop, who lived alone in a small cottage in the forest.  The woman was unhappy about that for he was old and wished he lived in town where there were others to assist him should the need arise which surely happen sooner or later.  But the old man was as stubborn as a mule and refused to move.

So on one faithful day, Red set out to visit Pop-pop with an extra spring in his step for he had permission to stay overnight.  That made things even better.  Pop-pop never told him to take a bath or to brush his teeth or make wee-wee before bed as his mother always did like he was a baby.  However, he always did these things because he was a young man and did not want to seem like a baby to his Pop-pop.

About half way there Red meet a wolf and they walked together a while since they were going the same way and chatted.© YLeeCoyote

"What, wolves can't talk."

"That is true now but this was a very long time ago.  Remember how the story started and back then wolves and all the other animals too could talk just like we can."

Well, a wise old owl heard them talking and knew that was one big bad wolf who was only looking out for himself.

Now that owl was truly a wise old bird and wondered why the wolf did not just eat the boy right then and there.  When he heard, just like the wolf had heard, what the boy's errand was he put two and two together and got….

"Twenty-two." <LOL>

No!  That is not right.  It is five!

The owl figured that the wolf was going to beat the boy to his grandpa's house and kill him and eat him.  Then he would also get the boy.  The wise old owl knew that would be terrible.  But he realized that there was something he could do so he flew off.  Neither the youth nor the wolf, even with his much better hearing, heard the owl fly off.  The owl quickly located the good Woodsman and told him what he heard and of his suspicions.

The Woodsman agreed with the analysis and hotfooted it to the old man's cottage.  Just as he entered the clearing he saw the wolf just dash through the open doorway in the cottage.  He feared that he was too late but redoubled his efforts to save the old man rushing to the cottage.

It was a fearsome sight when he entered the cottage for the wolf had already knocked the old man to the floor and was standing over him salivating as he prepared to rip out his throat with his huge fangs.  He grabbed the old man's heavy walking stick and swung it with all his might.  It was truly an all-powerful blow for it cracked the wolf's skull.  The wolf died instantly.

When the old man recovered his senses, he thanked the Woodsman for saving him and wanted to talk with his old friend.  The Woodman was not in the mood for idle chatter and continued to be very serious chastising the old man for failing to bolt his door – again.  "What if I had been just a minute later?" he asked.  The old man turned pale because he immediately refelt the danger he had just faced  – with the wolf's fangs at his throat.

"I've spoken to you about this before." said the angry Woodsman, "Several times before, actually.  I've told you what would happen it you forgot again."  With those words he grabbed the old man and sat down on one of the study wooden chairs.  The old man was screaming for him to stop but he did not.

He quickly opened and lowered the old man's britches and pulled him over his lap.

"He's going to spank him!  Gosh!"


The old man could not fight off the strong young Woodsman and most certainly could not escape from the embarrassing position over his lap.  Of course, things quickly got worse as hard spank after hard spank landed on the old man's exposed backside.  Maybe if he was in a more dignified position the old man might have been able to avoid crying but being in the little boy over a man's lap position and being spanked he could not help but to cry.

Red breezed in a few minutes later after the Woodsman had.  He was shocked by what he saw.  A large wolf was lying dead on the floor.  His grandfather was being spanked.  He could not help but to stare at his crying Pop-pop's bottom getting redder and redder.  And there was an angry Woodsman glaring at him.  Then the spankee was parked in the corner after the spanking which seemed normal to Red except that the spankee was old.

Red then received a long lecture followed by a good hard spanking.  Well, Red did not think it was so good, for just like his grandpa had been stripped and taken over the Woodsman's lap so was he.  As the woodman's tough hand connected with his tender ass he felt pain like from his father's belt causing him to howl.  Soon he was crying.  After that he was parked in another corner to think about his naughty behavior.

After the Woodsman left both the youth and his grandfather dressed and inspected their hot red rumps.  They grew closer as they commiserated with each other.  The youth was delighted that the Woodsman left the wolf's tail which he attached to his bike when he returned home.  It reminded him to be careful about speaking with strangers.

And they lived…

"… happily ever after." said the little one finishing the story.  "Good night."

"Good night."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 21, 2017

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