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Imagine if Santa's had an outreach program to help his slipping believers.

Redemption – Part 1


Dalton was confused.  Kevin and he had been walking home from school and he noticed that there was new establishment – REDEMPTION – where the Ye Oldde Gift Shoppe, Inc. had closed a month ago.  Kevin said it was still vacant for there was still the "For Lease" in the window.  Even when they went back they could not resolve the problem and each thought that the other was playing a joke even though they both swore to the contrary.

He asked his mom about the place.  The next evening she said that she had gone by and it was still for rent.  Considering that the holidays were coming and you-know-who was compiling his naughty and nice lists he should be more careful.  "Yes, mother," he said politely.  He was even more confused than before.

The next day, Dalton decided to walk home alone and checked out the place carefully.  He could not imagine that he was having hallucinations for he did not even know the word being only in the fifth grade.  Looking through the window he saw a few chairs and a guy sitting behind a desk reading.  He put on his bravest face, opened the door and walked in.  An old-fashioned mechanical bell tinkled as the door swung and the man put down his paper.  "Good day, Lad."

"Good day, sir." he replied politely as he had been taught.  "What do you sell here, sir."

"We provide a service, Lad.  We help true believers get off the naughty list and onto the nice list."  Dalton was puzzled and without realizing it was staring at the man.  It was then that he realized he had pointy ears and was wearing a tight fitting green shirt.  On the desk was a matching pointy hat.  Both reminded him of the elves' costumes helping Santa that he saw in the department store.  But the ears were not glue-on!© YLeeCoyote

The surprise overtook Dalton and he exclaimed: "You're an elf!"  The elf smiled.  "Oh, excuse me, sir." he added as he recovered his manners, "I didn't mean to be rude."  He quickly looked about the place.  On the wall was a picture of an old man with white hair and a white beard in a red outfit.  The sign under it simply said: "OUR LEADER".  Dalton recognized the image.

"Yes, Dalton, I'm an elf as are most of those who work for the firm.  Our Leader finds us to be the very best workers.  Your councilor is awaiting you in room #3 to explain everything to you."  With that he pressed a button and a low gate swung open allowing entrance to the back office.  "You may go right in."  The idea that he should run was quickly suppressed and Dalton walked to room #3.

He knocked on the door and a pleasant voice called: "Please come in, Dalton."  The room surprised Dalton.  It was not like the office that his dad had at work or like principal had at school.  There were three comfy chairs, a low table with some cookies and candy, a refrig, a sink and an elf, dressed elfish garb, holding a clipboard.  "Please help yourself to a drink from the refrig and sit down, Lad.  I'm your councilor Quentin."

Dalton opened the refrig and studied the choice – sodas, juices, milk and water.  There was even real (if you could believe the label) CHOCOLATE syrup.  He had no trouble making up his mind as he filled a glass with milk and chocolate syrup.  He had a big swallow even before he sat down with a handful of chocolate cookies.  His mom did not approve of such wonderful things which, naturally, made them all the better.  "What's 'Redemption' Mr. Quentin?" he asked popping another yummy cookie into his mouth.  Whatever this place was, they sure had good stuff.

"Just Quentin, Dalton.  It's several things, Lad, but simply put it is to free from the consequences of wrongdoing and to change for the better."

"How come Kevin and Mom couldn't see this place?"

Quentin had faced this hard question before and never liked it.  "It because you believe in us and they don't."  Quentin could practically hear the wheels grinning in Dalton's head as he processed this information to correlate it with those arguments that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost were not real.  "We are real to those that believe in us; very real, Dalton."

"Do I need to be redeemed, Quentin?"

"Let me check your record." said the councilor as looked at his clipboard and studied it.  "You been quite a good boy this past year but there have been a few times that you have been naughty and haven't paid for.  But I must tell you that you are on the NICE list but without the gold star."

Dalton looked a little sad for there were lots of things he had on his wish list.  He knew from the past he never got all of them but he really did want to improve his chances.  "So I need to be redeemed?"

"Yes, Lad to earn the gold star indicating the highest rating.  The record shows that you slipped three times without being caught.  On the picnic when you threw your vegies into the bushes rather than eating them as you should have.  You lied, er, let's say didn't tell your parents about that detention in school.  Finally, pulling Brittany's pigtails last month.  Fortunately for you, there aren't any inkwells to dip them into."  Dalton was surprised for he thought that he had gotten away with all that.  Later, he would think about how much fun inkwells must have been remembering Quentin's sly grin as he said that.  "You may deal with this by either telling your parents or getting a spanking here."

Dalton certainly did not want to tell his parents after all this time.  He had heard about spanking but he never had one because his parents always made him miss fun stuff as punishment.  "Spanking?" he paused,  "My parents don't spank me.  Does it hurt?  Will I cry?"

"Of course spankings hurt but in the long run you will feel better.  Nobody else will know unless you tell.  You will probably cry like most boys do; even the toughest."

Dalton sat quietly in deep contemplation for sometime.  Quentin had seen this before and was very patient.  One thing not lost on Dalton was that he was actually faced with a decision rather than an option.  "Will I get everything if I get spanked?"

"No promises, Lad, but it certainly increases your chances." answered Quentin honestly.

"I'll take the spanking, Quentin." Dalton said definitively.

"Good decision, Lad." Quentin got up and got a simple chair that was next to the wall.  Dalton did not remember seeing it before.  After setting it down in the middle of the room, he called Dalton over.  "Please lower your jeans and briefs, Lad, for this has to be done on your bare bottom."  Dalton did not like this but he knew he had asked for the spanking and that he needed to follow proper procedures.  He opened his jeans and pushed them down followed by his briefs.  He let Quentin pull him over his lap.

The first real spank was quite a surprise.  He thought that something terrible had happened as the pain shot through his entire body.  He did not see how Quentin's hand print showed on his bottom in a delicate pink against his pale sink.  He kept silent with a little difficulty.  He soon understood why other boys had cried.  As spank after spank jarred his body he could not help himself and began to cry.  However, after a few more knew that he would survive although it hurt terribly.  The spanks continued to rain down even after his entire bottom was in pain and he was crying.  Sometime after that Quentin stopped, led him to the corner and told him to stand there with his hands on his head.

He did know how long he stood there but all he could think about was his red-hot bottom and why it was that way.  After a while Quentin showed him to the lavatory and when he returned with a washed face he saw him making a drink.  "Try this, Lad; it is an egg cream."

Dalton took a sip and smiled almost forgetting about his hot bottom.  He was surprised that he could sit on the soft chair even though he hurt as he enjoyed the drink.

Quentin shook his hand and wished him well in addition to thanking him for his patronage when he showed him out.  He checked the time and saw that it was just like when he went into Redemption.  Just one more thing to puzzle about as he continued home.

That night Dalton checked out his behind.  It was still hot and red and sensitive.  He slept on his tummy that night but happy that he had improved his chances at getting all the stuff on his wish list.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., December 23, 2005

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