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The following story is fiction and contains a scene a spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is part of series; starting with Part 1 is recommended.

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Imagine if Santa's had an outreach program to help his slipping believers.

Redemption – Part 2


The two brothers walked purposefully.  Henry, almost fifteen, loving holding the hand of his little brother, Larry, who was eight.  They had a mission; Peter, Larry's friend, had told him about Redemption and he was very anxious to go there.  He had a long must-have wish list and wanted to improve his chances of getting everything on it via that most special delivery service utilizing a sleigh pulled by eight flying reindeer.  Henry had never heard about the place before, but he loved his kid brother so he agreed to take him there.  They found it squeezed between the big department store and end of the corridor just where Peter had said it was.

Likewise, the inside was just as Peter had described.  After the reception elf explained that they needed to be interviewed separately, Larry zipped down the hall to see Reinaldo in room #4 and Henry to see Kendrick in room #2.

Reinaldo quickly established that Larry was a good boy and only needed a good hard spanking to clear his record of some minor misdemeanors.  Once told, he quickly put down his milk and slice of cake, dropped his jeans and super hero briefs and got over Reinaldo's lap as Peter had done.  He knew that he would not like the spanking but once it was over it would be past and he had a very long wish list of wonderful toys that he really and truly wanted.  "Please spank me to make me very, very good, Mr. Reinaldo."  He could not help but to put the 'mister' in the request.

Reinaldo did his job most conscientiously.  Larry quickly felt the first of the hard spanks.  He almost regretted being in this position but quickly focused on the hoped for rewards.  The hard and experienced hand quickly reddened and heated the small bottom it had for a target.  Of course, the other end reacted and was soon howling and crying.  Larry was glad that his big brother was not watching him be such a baby.  After what Larry would have estimated as hours, the spanking stopped and he was placed in the corner.

They talked over a small dish of high grade ice cream.  Larry was disappointed that his record was not perfect.  Reinaldo explained that back in August on the picnic he had gotten his big brother into trouble.  Henry had chosen to get spanked rather than tell their dad what had really happed.  Larry would have to get his brother to forgive him.© YLeeCoyote

Meanwhile, in room #2, Henry was talking with Kendrick.  Kendrick observed that Henry was the one of the oldest boys who were as true believers.  "I get a lot of flack from the guys about it but it's so much fun.  Beside if I did not believe, then Larry would know because he always knows when I lie to him and he would miss the wonderful fun I had."

"Your record is pretty good for a fifteen-year-old...." Kendrick started when Henry interrupted.

"Except that I abuse myself a lot."

Kendrick laughed.  "No, No, lad.  That's OK.  It is a necessary function to keep your plumbing working well.  You should do it at least three times a week and daily if you feel the need.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about that issue.  It is just a few times you were snappy with a teacher at school.  Just a simple spanking will take care of that."

"That's a big relief.  Who does the spanking?"

"I do, unless you want to have your father do it.  Most guys like to get it over with right here."

"Yes, I just as soon not tell Father."

Kendrick smiled.  "Excellent.  Since you're pretty big just drop your trousers and underpants, bend over and I'll use this."  He held up a short strap.  Henry got into position and Kendick stepped behind him.  He raised the strap and brought it down on target with medium force leaving a nice red stripe.  He delivered another five.  "OK, you may get up now."

"That was easier than I expected, sir."

"Well, some snappiness is normal in boys your age and the record shows that you were provoked." he explained.  "You may go now."

"Thank you, sir." he said and went to meet his brother.

He had to wait for a while but soon Larry came dashing out and took him back to room #4.  "Henry," Larry quickly started to explain, "Back in August I was very naughty and because of that you got blamed and spanked." He paused.  "I'm very, very sorry.  Please forgive me and spank me very hard like I deserve."

Henry pulled his brother close in a great big bear hug (that they both loved).  "Of course, I forgive you." he said giving him a kiss.  "But I may not spank you.  Father has forbidden me to hit you and it would be very naughty of me to disobey him."

"But you must so I can clean my record." he pleaded.  "Please, Henry,  Reinaldo explained that you must spank me."

"Boys you cannot solve this here."  They both showed disappointment.  "We here at Redemption cannot supply the spanking.  You must ask your father to permit your brother to spank you.  It would be OK if either your father or your brother does the spanking but better if Henry does it."

As they walked home they told each other what happened.  They both felt good that they had gone.  One problem remained, however.  They decided that they should talk to their father after dinner.

Larry was quite anxious by the time he got to speak.  "Father, please allow Henry to spank me."  Of course, their father had to ask a lot of questions to learn that Larry had been naughty months earlier and wanted redemption and Henry required parental permission.  Even though it seemed strange, their father responded to the pleads of his younger son.  After carefully warning about excesses and limits, he granted permission.

The two carefully followed all the rules that Reinaldo explained.  Henry slowly undressed his little brother.  Then just before he was about to be turned over his lap, Larry threw his arms about his brother.  "Please spank me very hard and make me cry like Reinaldo and Daddy do.  I was a very naughty boy and need to be spanked very hard for redemption."

Henry easily positioned the cooperative boy over his lap.  It felt strange as he contemplated the new position and he caressed the little waiting bottom.  Then he gave a gentle spank; almost as soft as a birthday spank to see how it works.  "Henry, you got to really spank me hard to get me on the nice list." exclaimed Larry.  Henry, slowly overcame his inherent resistance and began to spank his brother harder and harder as was necessary.  As Larry's bottom got redder and redder, he began to sob and then cry.  After a while Henry sensed that it was enough and stopped.

As soon as he was on his feet, even though he was crying, Larry threw his arms about his brother and hugged tightly as he cried.  Henry hugged him back just as tightly.  They stayed this way for a long time, even after Larry stopped crying.  Just when their father peeked in Larry whispered: "I love you.  Thanks for spanking me.  I'm really sorry, Henry."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 23, 2005

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