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Redtail Day


Hi guys,© YLeeCoyote

I promised a quick and early report on T-day so I’m writing this right after I got home.  But it surprisingly turned out to be Double Redtail Day.

This year T-Day, as we usually call Thanksgiving Day, was a lot more interesting than those of the past as you can guess from the subject of this post.  As always we – my father-side family – were at my Grands’ place.  Let me give you a quick rundown of the main characters.  Of course, I’ll start with Gramps who is our seventy-year-old patriarch and expects to be obeyed like Abraham in the Bible.  He had, oops, make that sired two sons – my Uncle Floyd who is fifty and my father who is fifteen years younger.

They are the olds and for my generation there is Cousin Sylvester, who is thirty and my kid brother, Neal, who is twelve in addition to fourteen-year-old me (Derek).  Thinking about those ages you can guess than Uncle was more like a father than a brother to dad.  That confusion spread to the relationship between father and Sylvester being more like brothers than cousins.  Sylvester has continued this to the extreme for he treats Neal and me like we are still in three-cornered pants.

Yes, there was a gaggle of females about also consisting of Grandma, Mother, Aunt Ingrid and even cousin Glenda who is Sylvester sister.  A very normal family mix but the ladies are not part of the interesting stuff so I’m not going to talk about them anymore.  Just assume the usual.

The issue became terribly apparent during the buffet-style dinner.  Dad and Sylvester were at each other throats about some trivial nonsense.  Granddad and Uncle Floyd admonished both of them like they were teen brats several times.  They did not get the message.

It most certainly was a refreshing change from hearing Dad yelling at Neal and me for similar misbehavior.  There was one difference, however, for they were missing those cutesy remarks like “Do you need a spanking, young man?” that I would have heard.  I had painfully learnt that if Dad said junk like that more than twice, I would be spanked.  Usually, but alas not always, he dragged me off too somewhere relatively private before getting me over his lap with my pants down and turning my tail bright red.  Of course, everyone knew what happened but at least they weren’t able to watch.

I thought that it was strange but as I gnawed on my turkey leg I had the strangest vision of Grandpa spanking Dad and Uncle Floyd giving Sylvester more than well deserved spankinga like when they were teens.  I had a hard time not laughing which would have been terribly hard to explain.

Then it was time for the Great Separation when us males disappear into the TV room to fight over which pseudo war game to watch.  It wasn’t so easy this year because a couple of thirtysomethings were continuing to fight.  Uncle Floyd snapped first.  Both Neal and I watched with saucer eyes how our uncle grabbed Sylvester by the ear and dragged him over to the couch.  As soon as he sat, he pantsed his son acquiring his belt as a spin-off action.  Then it was whack after whack until I was delighted by seeing Sylvester’s tail looking like one of a female baboon in heat.  It was a joy to behold from my POV.

Sylvester was positively comical as he protested like a little sissy boy about everything except the kitchen sink.  It was “I’m too old”, “Not in public”, “I’m sorry” and the like repeatedly.

Yes, I throughly enjoyed it.  I’ll bet you would have also.

If not for Neal there was another, even better show that I would have missed.  I heard him laughing and turned to shush him as I thought that Dad would not think it was appropriate.  Well as I did that I saw that it was something else.  The laughing was even less appropriate for Gramps had gotten Dad lying over the arm of the other couch.  Like Sylvester he had also lost his pants.  Gramps had taken his old fraternity paddle off the wall and was giving Dad a series of hard pops.  “I told you two to stop your squabbling several times, boy.  Maybe you’ll hear better with a red butt.”

Then it was all over except the corner time.  Each red tailed ‘boy’ was parked in a corner and Gramps turned on the TV and picked a game.  I really did not know what to make of it all but instinct told me that it was best to keep quiet about it.  I even told Neal the same as the four of us watched the game.  “No questions now, Neal, for it is a dangerous time to talk.  Just watch the game.” I whispered to him.

After about fifteen minutes the two naughty boys were allowed to pull up their pants and join us so they only missed about half the first quarter of the game.  They were both very subdued for the rest of the game.  Likewise for desert which surprised the ladies and Mom even commented on it.  Neil and I prudently kept our mouths closed except to enjoy the desserts.

The drive back home was also very quiet.  Dad fidgeting and sulking as he drove.  Mom noticed for she innocently commented – “You’re acting like the boys do after they been spanked.” – which made it worse.  Dad snapped at her and then everyone was silent as we made our way home.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Neal writing now because my big brother is indisposed and can’t sit at the computer therefore I am helping him to keep his promise to get this out pronto by continuing his excellent narrative.

I’m very grateful for his advice about being quiet and just watching the awesome spankings.  I saw how Dad barked at Mom in the car which proved his advice to be correct.  I was very, very careful to keep quiet after that.

Now the reason that Derek is indisposed to continue this narrative is that he got spanked just a few minutes ago which I got to see.  We both had noted how grumpy Dad was since Granddad spanked him in front of everybody with his big paddle.  Apparently Derek was not careful enough to be quiet but said something which Dad felt was the wrong thing.

It happened at warp speed!  Just as I returned from the bathroom, Dad grabbed Derek, sat down and pulled him over his lap.  After a torrent of spanks on his boxers, Dad yanked those down and spanked him hard and longer than ever before on his bare tail.  Not only was his butt glowing extra hot red but there were tears which he usually doesn’t do anymore now that he is a big grown up teenager.  “Men don’t cry!” he boasted and explained to me several times.

After Dad went to his room, I slipped downstairs and got a bag full of ice to help cool him down.  When I placed it under the covers he actually said “Thank you, Bro.  That spanking was so unfair.”

“I know.  Dad was very naughty and mean today.  Try to sleep.”

And that is what happened this Triple Redtail day.  Note that I needed to change Derek’s subject.

Derek and Neal

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 27, 2024

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