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The following story is fiction about submissive man who gets it from teenaged boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Reflections of a Submissive – I



There sure were a lot of bullies in the world and it seem that they all wanted to pick on me while I was in school, especially high school.  I'm just as sure that you have heard a lot of stories about guys getting picked on so I will spare you mine.  I think, however, that I responded to that differently than most boys for even then I knew that they should be in charge of me for they were dominant.  I did, happily, manage to finish college and then obtain a position at the community college as an instructor.  I will start my tail telling you about the life altering party a couple of years back when I meet my lover, or more properly Master, Mark.

The Party

It happened at an off-campus frat party.  Both Mark and I had been taken there independently by friends.  He had just graduated from high school and just started college that fall although at the four-year one.  I had been there a while and as I made my way to the john for a much needed pit stop I bumped him very hard spilling his drink.  That's not a terrible crime nor an infrequent one.  Unfortunately, Mark thought it was.

"Stupid, careless fuck up!  You belong in a barn – not a house you half-witted clod." he growled at me.  "You should be paddled until you can't sit for a week."© YLeeCoyote

I could hardly talk for I was quivering.  Not only could I never could stand up to alpha types but I immediately crumbled before them.  "Please, Sir, I'm very sorry." I whined, "May I get you another drink, Sir."  It was then that I realized that I knew him.  Well, more precisely, that I knew of him for his picture had been in the paper for getting some prize at his recent high school graduation.  He was even younger than my students yet I was calling him "sir".

He did not answer me but continued to talk with his friend.  It was days later I found out that his friend knew about my submissive personality, since he was the kid brother of one of my high school classmates, and told him instantly.

I felt just like a naughty little boy being ignored by his daddy who is fed up with him.  I had to do penance to assuage my guilt.  "Please, Sir.  I'm very sorry that I was so naughty and careless.  Please, Sir, how can I make amends, Sir?  Please, Sir."  I begged and implored.  That at least got him to look at me once more.  Even though I was physically taller than he was I felt like a shrimp who had to look up at him.

He stared at me a long time.  Of course, I could not look back at him so I dropped my gaze and stared at his feet.  "Boi, get your worthless ass out there and your nose against that tree.  Now!  And wait.  When I get there – IF I get there you will beg to be severely spanked.  GIT!" and he pointed to the door.  I rushed out to the tree and pressed my nose to it and waited.

And waited.  It seemed like forever and I had to pee more than before.  I was just a naughty little boy waiting to be dealt with by a real man.  There were partiers moving about and several were laughing at me.  "Bet he'll wets his pants." said one.

"No way, Man.  That's a sucker bet.  Mark is sure to spank the piss out of him if he doesn't piss his pants first." was the reply along with lots of laugher.

How could I have been so stupid not going to the john before coming out here?  Then a horrid thought came over me – what if I did pee on Mark?  He would be furious and probably try to tie a knot in my pee-pee if it was much bigger.  Thinking about all this made me need to pee even more.  Maybe I should just open my shorts and pee on the tree.  Then I heard the sound of pouring water and I lost it.  My shorts were soaked in just fifteen seconds which was a lot sooner than I could grab my little nub hoping to stop the flow and I could not stop for another twenty seconds.  I heard laughing which was surely directed at my wet shorts but I no longer had to pee.

Suddenly, I heard his commanding voice.  "Come here, naughty boi."  I turned and saw him sitting on the bench near by.  He pointed to the ground at his feet and I rushed there.  "Down, boi."  I dropped to my knees and kept my glaze down.

"Please, Sir," I began timidly, "please, Sir, this boi was very naughty and very careless.  Please, Sir, give it a good hard spanking to teach it the error of its ways."

"Yes, very naughty indeed." he said.  "Stand up, boi."  I obeyed.  "I see that the baby wet himself." he taunted and then he opened my belt and my shorts.  He yanked both my shorts and briefs down to my ankles.  "Lift." he snapped slapping one leg and then the other so he could pull my stinking clothes off.  He even yanked my shirt off and used it to dry my crotch.  I was naked.  He took out a marker and wrote on my chest.  It was a thick heavy black marker and he said each letter out loud as he marked my chest in bold capital letters:  "B A D" and "B O I" and again as he did my back the same way.  I was not even a "boy" but just a "boi".  Then he pulled me over his lap.  He gripped me tightly and began to spank me very hard.

«I must not cry like a baby.» I thought to myself as he spanked and spanked some more.  But that did not help.  His spanks ordered me to cry which easily overpowered my feeble will to be silent.  By the time he had stopped spanking, I was bawling like a baby.  He stood me up and propelled me back – still naked – inside and into a corner.  He put my hands on my head.  "STAY!" he commanded like I was a puppy.

I did not dare to disobey.  Then the corner got bright.  No, not like I was in the next world, but like a spot light was turned on.  Now that I was in the Limelight everyone could see my hot red glowing ass confirming that I was just a BAD BOI who had not only earned a spanking but gotten one out in public.  I'm sure that my upper cheeks were as red as my nether ones.

It must have been hours that I stood there although later I was told it was just twenty minutes before Mark called me.  I had to turn around and face into the room.  He was sitting on a couch with some friends.  I put my hands in front of my hard cocklet but was ordered to put them back on my head.  Everyone laughed at my little stiffie.  I tried to will it down.  Everyone could read the words he had written on my body and they laughed at that also.

Next he ordered me to kneel next to him and stay, like I was his dog.  He took my belt, made a loop of it inside out and dropped it over my head.  Then he snugged it up so it became tight like a collar about my neck.  He petted me a few times and also sent me to fetch drinks a couple of times.  I was really paying for my careless behavior.

He took me home.  I was naked and had to carry my smelly clothes which I used to cover my junk as we walked the few blocks to his pad.  His well off parents had set him up in a nice apartment.  He had his way with me over and over.  If I even hesitated a little in obeying his orders, he flipped me over his lap and gave me a dose of hard spanks to show me the error of my resistance.  By the morning my usual level of submissiveness seem almost like defiance for I was obeyed him instantly.  He told me that he was having some company over and that I would be the waiter for the afternoon.  He told me to clean up meaning that I should shower and shave my pubes and pit hair completely off.  "Little slave boys like you don't have man fur." he stated as an absolute truth.

As I removed the now forbidden hair two conflicting thoughts bounced in my head.  I recalled how proud I was when I actually grew such hair, albeit years after my classmates had, for it finally showed that I was a man.  Now, having such hair was forbidden for I really was not a man.  It was clear that I was not for if I was I would not have been shaving it away without a murmur.

All of his friends admired his new slave boi.  I was very busy making sure everyone had whatever they wanted.  When I brought the wrong drink I got punished immediately for my lapse.  I had to fetch the punishment strap from Master's room and bring it to him.  I leaned with my hands on the wall with my ass up for six hard cuts from that heavy strap.  Of course, I cried but I had to return to my work immediately.

I moved in with him soon after as his slave boi lover.  I'm totally obedient and subservient to him.  In the greater world, I seem like a normal, regular guy but I'm constantly reminded of my place for he requires me to be hairless and to wear briefs which are only worn by little boys.

It turns out that I'm quite happy about all this.

Summer Camp Gig

I teach at the community college and nobody there knows the details of my relationship with Mark which is good as it could have complication especially if the students knew.  I think that you can imagine how they would behave if they knew that I was like a little boy, hairless, with undersize junk made even smaller by my tight tightie-whities and spanked several times a week even though I'm almost thirty.  It would be a nightmare for sure.  It's scary just to imagine what terrible nasty things I would hear walking the corridors or across the campus.

Last spring, I received an offer for a summer teaching assignment.  It was a specialty camp for high school students to do some advanced studies in engineering.  The money was pretty good, they promised small classes and lots of equipment for the campers/students to work with.  It was going to be conducted on a college campus where there was lab space and dorm rooms available in the next county.

It sounded very good.  With Mark's permission I accepted.  As the time grew close I found out an important detail.  I would be in the same section of the dorm as my 'homeroom' camper-students albeit with a private room (they had doubles) but the showers were communal.  That meant that they would see me naked in the showers and in my briefs.  I asked Mark to please allow me to at least have some hair and to wear boxers.  "Those boys will make fun of me." I pleaded.  It was no use.

"Make the best of it, boy.  Don't try to be what you are not."

I drove off to Camp freshly shaved, freshly spanked and in new tighie-whities so I would remember what I was just like the rest of the time.

Things were normal for three days.  Along with several of my kids (ranging from fourteen to seventeen) I was in the lounge after dinner talking shop about the project when one of them changed the subject.  "Mr. Drey, we were wondering about you.  We couldn't help noticing in the shower that you wear briefs and don't have pubes." he hesitated and then continued: "It seems strange."

I was taken aback.  "The same reasons for both.  I like it this way and I find that briefs are comfortable.  Incidentally, my partner likes me smooth and in briefs and since we love each other a lot so I do it to please."  I was proud of myself for answering without cringing before the boys.

I think they looked very skeptical and another asked: "Why was your butt red on Monday – like it was SPANKED!?"

"I noticed that also." said another with a smirk.

I felt surrounded.  I had seen these boys in the shower just as they had seen me.  They all had wild bushes and man-sized cocks.  Even soft they were all bigger than me and hard (as adolescent boys often are) much bigger.  Of course, they all wore boxers since teens now think that is a sign of manhood while tightie-whites are for their kid brothers.  Surrounded by confident young men who all aspired to be alpha-males.  I feared that they would suddenly realize that I was far from an alpha and more like an omega male than even a respectable beta.  I was sweating and it wasn't because the room was hot.  My heart was racing even though I was still just sitting still.

I knew that none of this was any of their business.  They were getting overly familiar.  The proper thing would have to tell them that they were crossing the line.  But I would have to assert myself to do that and I'm very submissive especially in the face of confident alphas.  I have trouble doing that even in the classroom.  It was total horror here – five of them and not on my special turf.

"Did your partner SPANK you before you came here." said one with a laugh.

It was not really a question but a declaration.  I knew that I should resist but I could not.  "Yes, Sir." I whispered and added  "Not everyone is the same."

"You're like a little boy.  Hairless.  Little mini pee-pee.  Tightie-whities.  Spanked."

"He IS a little boy." another one corrected.

"All he's missing is a picture of Robin on his panties." laughed another.

I was panicking.  They had me figured out.

"What did you do that warranted such a hard spanking, boy."

Every time I lie, I get caught so I have tell the truth thus I had to say: "It was a maintenance spanking, Sir."  I said "Sir" to them showing I was falling into the abyss once again.

They all laughed.  When they stopped that one said: "It's time for another then.  My cousin gets his maintenance spanking twice a week."  The others agreed.  I was completely out voted.  They quickly created numbers slips for lots to decide who went first.  They pulled me to my feet and quickly yanked my shorts and briefs down.  Fifteen-year-old Derrick, already a junior in high school and definitely an alpha-male, had successfully claimed the right to go first without the lots.  He sat down and pulled me over his lap.  With the others watching, he began.  I was surprised at how hard he could spank.  He methodically alternated between my left cheek and my right one.

I was whining for him to stop but soon, as I usually do, I totally slipped into the little boy mode and began to sob.  Soon after that he stopped and stood me up.  I was about to pull up my shorts but I was stopped.  Another one sat down and pulled me over his lap.  "I've just been spanked." I whined but it did not help.

His response was a few hard spanks and then "You're getting maintenance spankings from each of us." and he continued.  I resumed my crying.  True to his word, the others each had their turns and then I was sent to shower and to bed.  I did not dare to complain even though it was still early.  Until now I kept covered except in the shower although the boys were often did not bother since they were naked together in the shower.  With my red butt and baby front I was more than usually award of my lowly status.

I slept prone that night as you can imagine.  That's when I was not worrying about how I would be fired and laughed at when word spread.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised in the morning.  The kids acted just as they did on the previous days.  I got them to the dinning hall for breakfast and then to class.  They did not make any mention of the night before even addressing me as "Mr. Drey" as they had the previous days.  There was not any whispering nor smirks indicating that other groups knew what had happened.  They behaved in class and in the lab session perhaps even better that the previous days.  Even so, I felt that they were seeing me naked.  When I faced them I felt that they were seeing my baby-sized junk and when I turned to the blackboard, my red tushie.

I expected something to happen in the evening like the night before.  I was particularly concerned when a couple of boys from another homeroom came and talked with a couple of mine.  I knew these were also alpha types but, to my great relief, nothing happened.  Well, not until the visitors left.  The ones who had not spanked me the previous night insisted that it was their turn to spank me.  The five that had already done so said they had limited the spankings yesterday so as not to overdo things.

Well, I'm totally hopeless at resisting one assertive male and it was certainly impossible for me to resist a band of my young camper students.  They quickly stripped me to my birthday suit and got to spanking me.  They couldn't decide who should go first so they decided to do it together.  They put two chairs close and sat with legs alternating to form a double lap for me.  That was very strange for it was impossible to fall off.  They played games spanking me together and alternating but just gently to have fun unlike the night before when I was spanked really hard.

Happily, all of them were gentle this night.  They made me remain naked until it was time to shower and go to bed.  Having assured that I was just a little boy they behaved in a very adult manner.

On Friday, I got another round of playful spankings.  They were less formal and I could see that there were many hard ons keeping their shorts or boxers tented.  Again, like a little boy, I was kept naked with a pink bottom.

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday was supposed to be a short day as the camp scheduled some formal entertainment as a break in the college theater.  Unfortunately, I had not planned well and there were some difficulties so we finished late.  We had rush to change as it was slacks and shirts rather than jeans or shorts and T-shirts which were the norm.  We had to rush to shower and change and even eat fast.  We did make it to the theater barely on time.  It was an amateur production by a different camp group and followed by a dance.  If we had been on time, then they (the straight ones) could have paired off and sat with the girls but that did not happen until the dance.  They had fun nevertheless but when we got back, I had to pay the price.

They blamed me for running over.  Lateness is a spankable offence they insisted.  I did not have any defense.  I was quickly stripped while they remained adult-like in their slacks, dress shirts and ties.  I got pulled over ten teen boys' laps in succession.  They each felt he had been individually wronged so I was going to get ten spankings.  Fortunately they agreed to only ten spanks each.  But the aggregate was a hundred hard spanks.

Somehow they settled on an order.  The first spanker sat and I was held over his lap.  He delighted in spanking good and hard with ten in one spot which was horrid.  I was sobbing almost immediately and I could feel his very hard erection in my side.  The second was a southpaw and played the same game on my other cheek so I was crying.

The rest got pretty confused except that I ended up with a very sore bottom and I shed lot of tears.  Not only did I sleep on my tummy with my ass up to cool but I still hurt a lot in the morning.  I got greeted by ten happy boys who warned me that further misbehavior would have similar consequences.

Sunday was a free day but they had to stay on campus.  They either rested or played ball.  I just nursed my still red swollen tail promising that I would be very careful for the rest of the week.  In the evening they made me do some corner time as my butt still needed to cool off.  "This will help you to remember to be good this week."

* * * * * * * * * *

You can be sure that I was very, very careful the second week.  The projects were doing good and the kids were very happy.  There was not any indication that my group had told anyone outside.  I was very glad of that.

On Tuesday and Thursday they gave me maintenance spankings.  They were relatively easy.  Each time two of them made a double lap and gave me ten on a check each.  It made me very aware of what would be in store for me should I err.  It was an effective procedure for I was very careful not to earn a real spanking.

On Friday eve, everyone packed up to leave on Saturday morning.  They got together and then thanked me for the great job I had done with them.  Then they each gave me a playful spanking as a good bye "present".  Actually, the real present was their promise that "What happens in camp stays in camp."

I did not need to have any word of this getting out.  It certainly would not be good if my school administration or students heard about this side of me.  I think that they might have been worried that talk could backfire on them with regard to college admissions which was in their near future.

Mark found it very funny how they had figured me out and treated me like the boi I am.  Incidentally, I got a welcome home spanking just as a sign of affection.


After almost a month that I finished the summer camp job, I began to relax for I believed that the boys were honoring their promise not to talk about things.  Then I encountered Derrick in the park where I do my running several times a week.  He was playing ball with some other boys and greeted me politely and explained who I was.  I went on with my run.

It was two days later that I encountered him again.  This time he caught up with me close to the finish of my lap around the course.  He also did the same run but much faster.  When he came up to me, he gave me a hard spank saying: "Get a move on boy.  You're supposed to be running not just walking."  Then with a laugh, he ran on to finish.  I caught up with him cooling down and stretching at the end.  We talked a bit including our routines and then went our separate ways.

It was the next time that I got into trouble with him.  It was my own fault, of course.  The running path is shaped sort of like an eight proving both a long and short option.  This day I was tired and cheated by taking the half course.  As fate would have it, Derrick saw me start from a far.  As a faster runner, he expected to pass me as he ran but he saw me taking the short route as I cut in ahead of him.  This time I got more than an encouraging single spank.

Yes, of course, I got that one but he stopped both of us.  As soon as he started scolding me for cheating I knew I was in trouble.  Even though he was alone and about half my age, his alpha personality caused me slip into my submissive little boy role especially since he had previously spanked me.  There was not anything I could do to prevent this.  Once I confessed to cheating, he knew what to do.  He led me to the next bench and sat down.  Without a belt all it took was a fast yank to get my shorts to my ankles.  They were quickly followed by my briefs.

"Still small and hairless just like a little boy should be." he remarked seeing my junk again before pulling me over his lap.  "Why are you being spanked, boy?"

"Because I cheated, Sir."  I was immediately awarded a barrage of hard spanks that covered my entire bottom.  Before it was uniformly bright red, I was crying.

Some other runners paused to ask: "Why you spanking your kid brother?"

"Because he cheated." he replied.  I hoped that they would not recognize me in the future as the kid brother.  They watched a while and applauded when he stood me up when he finished.

Then he pulled up my briefs and shorts and we finished our runs.  Well, he finished up and I was ordered to do my proper quota.  Since he could check up on me, I did as he ordered.

Back home, I had to explain my freshly spanked butt to Mark.  He was delighted when I explained what happened and ordered me to express his thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.  Worse, I was to also thank Derrick for his efforts and tell him that he should not hesitate to spank me anytime I'm naughty.  I did not look forward to doing that but I knew that I had to for otherwise Mark would severely punish me.

* * * * * * * * * *

Derrick was most delighted when I told him what Mark had said.  He also decided that we would run together and promised to keep the pace down to what I could manage.  I should have expected something because he was smirking but regardless I did not have any choice.  Mark had given him authority and he knew it although he had not needed it in the past.

He encouraged me to a fast pace with an occasional spank as we got going.  We had been at it only a couple of minutes when he led me off the path and through a bushy section to a very quiet area.  "I think it would be good if I gave you a maintenance spanking right now, boy." he said as he sat on a tree stump.  Naturally I lost my running shorts and briefs before he put over his lap.  It was a real maintenance spanking – I knew I was being spanked but not as hard as the previous time.  Definitely a very good reminder to behave properly.

After he got me standing, he stood up and ordered: "KNEEL."  After I did I was looking at the tent in his running shorts.  "I've wanted this since camp but we could never be alone there.  Take my shorts down, boy."  I hesitated and he whacked my head.  "NOW, BOY!"  I obeyed.  His manhood stood proud arising from a big bush.  Something that mine would, er, could never do.  I forgot that I was twice his age and had been his teacher just a month ago for now he was a potent man and I just a well spanked little boy.  I opened my mouth and he entered me grasping my head to control me completely.  It did not take long for his jizz to fill my belly twice.  We returned to the running path and continued.

As we cooled down, he said that I did a very good job and he looked forward to more.  I should consider that it was showing appreciation for his watching over me.

Like I had a choice.  Mark thought it was fair.

Read more reflections in Part II

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