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The following story is fiction about submissive man who gets it from teenaged boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and sex.  It is a follow up to Reflections of a Submissive previous posted which must be read first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Reflections of a Submissive – II


Babysitting Gig

I was out running one evening and encountered Derrick.  I was immediately worried that he would find a so called reason to spank me but he fooled me by inviting me into his house to meet his parents.  He was most polite and respectful.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The parents said that they needed a babysitter for their two sons – Derrick and his kid brother Steve who was almost twelve.  They explained that the boys had been excessively wild in the recent past and even though Derrick was fifteen, they did not want to leave them alone for a whole weekend.  The usual candidates were too young or too old thus perceived by the boys as snotty and fossils respectively.  Derrick had already accepted that he had lost this fight and suggested me.  I had my doubts about doing this but the boys wanted me and promised to be good.

It was not to be a nanny job for I only had to be there prior to Steve's curfew of five pm until after breakfast in the morning.  Derrick's curfew was eight pm.  He had a choice of eating with Steve and me or using the microwave to heat up his dinner later.  There were bedtime rules as you would predict of nine and ten pm.  The boys were expected to follow their regular daytime rules without my supervision.  Since they knew that to get back to the no babysitter mode they had to prove themselves to be trustworthy.

I wasn't sure about doing this but the money was a great inducement.  After checking with my lover/master Mark that he didn't have other plans for us, I accepted.  There was one other incentive – I was permitted to spank then if they were late or after checking for permission.  The boys' mother had several rules about things that I was expected to follow just like the boys had to and she hinted at there being consequences for deficiencies.  That did not seem unreasonable and I did not think much about it for, after all, I was the adult in charge.

I showed up Friday afternoon.  The boys were home and we all watched their parents drive off on their three-day trip.  I was now officially in charge.  I was hoping to be able to get either of them but especially Derrick over my lap for a spanking as payback for his spanking me in camp and in the park.  I figured he would be late back for sure.  Of course, that would not happen this first night as their mom had prepared a fresh hot dinner which is why they were home early.© YLeeCoyote

Steve wanted to stay dressed past his be ready for bed time but I insisted that he get changed and asked if he wanted a spanking.  "You can't spank me without my folks' permission." he taunted.

I got him on that by picking up my phone.  "Do you think they will be happy if I ask them for leave to spank you just a few hours after you promised to be good?"  He backed down quickly on that one as he realized they might give more general permission.  He even got into bed by the specified nine pm on time.  Derrick surprised me by changing at the same time and then getting to bed by ten pm.  For both boys their night wear was just t-shirts and boxers rather then pj's.  Seeing Steve this way it was clear that he developing into a man early like his brother had.  This was going to be easy I thought.  I was, alas, very premature in my forecast.

It was about a quarter past ten when I got Derrick's email.  The subject was: "You're in BIG TROUBLE, Mister!"  The text went on to remind me that I was supposed to follow the same household rules as my charges and it came with several time stamped images showing me fully dressed and at my computer after the official bedtime rather than ready for bed at the time specified.  I replied back with a batch of LOL's.  The next email popped up a minute later.  "It's not funny, Mister.  Not funny at all."

Then I heard him behind me.  "Should I send it to the folks, naughty boy?"  He paused and added: "They will not be pleased that you can NOT be trusted."

I told him that I was in charge and was not required to be in bed at ten like he was.  He disagreed by telling me that his cousins who had been my age when they stayed over were required to follow them so I was.  Then he played the same trump card I had a couple of hours earlier with his brother – "Should I call my folks?  I'm sure they will not be pleased.  Mother will surely remind you that she told you all this and that there WOULD BE CONSEQUENCES."

I just diddled as I always do when confronted by an authoritative person.  I knew that I was supposed to be in charge but my mind flashed back to the summer school camp where Derrick and others had treated me like a little boy by spanking me and to the running path where Derrick had also spanked me.  I could feel myself slipping into the deep abyss of helplessness.  Worse was that Derrick knew it also because of his experiences with me.

Derrick acted like he had the previous times – with determined, objective action.  He took my wrist and half hauled and half led me to the bedroom.  I made incoherent noises trying to get hm to stop.  He just shushed me.  "Keep quiet or you'll wake Steve."  That conjured up a whole new set of horrors – an almost twelve-year-old boy watching and probably insisting on joining in.  That scared me into silence.

I just stood there.  Silent and still as Derrick stripped me.  He was quiet until he got down to my briefs.  "It's proper that you are still in little boy briefs for you still ain't got a bulge." he sneered before yanking them down to expose my hairless little boy pee-pee which produced a second round of laughter even though he had seen it in summer camp.

Then he sat down and pulled me over his lap.  He handed me a sock and said to put it into my mouth so as to keep quiet.  I didn't want to wake Steve so I did as he said and then I felt the first spank.  Immediately, dozens more followed.  It seemed that each was harder than the previous hard spank.  Soon I was in tears.  Eventually he stopped yet I continued to bawl.  "Get into bed, boy." he ordered and I obeyed.  He got on top of me saying "You're in no condition to suck me so I'll just have to fuck your red hot baby ass like I really wanted to in camp."  He pushed my legs apart and started lubricating my butt hole.  In short order Derrick was thrusting his hard manhood into me.  It felt good and proper although I never told him that although my reaction probably did.  I cried myself to sleep.

In the morning I dressed quickly before the boys could see my still pink bottom.  Of course, Derrick had already seen it and my tighty-whities but I hoped to keep that from Steve.  Derrick went out early and at breakfast Steve noted "You're fidgeting like you have been spanked."  I just laughed and claimed that my back was bothering me.  Right after breakfast he went out also.  I cleaned up and went home since I was not due back until just before Steve's curfew.

* * * * * * * * * *

Steve was waiting for me when I got back.  He didn't want to talk about his day but was interested in me and asked about how my butt was.  I reminded him that it was my back not my butt that hurt in the morning but it was much better now.

"Oh, I thought you said you had been spanked." he said.

"No.  I wasn't spanked.  I told you that this morning." I reiterated.

"You know that lying is a spanking offense."

I wondered what he was getting to.  "You have a confession to make?" I asked.

"Not me.  I think that you do." he replied with a big grin.

He played with me for a couple of minutes more and then showed me a video on his phone of Derrick spanking me the previous night complete with time stamps.  Then he played back my denial.  He had me trapped!  I did not know what to do although he did.

"You got a choice.  You can get a spanking now from me and I won't say anything to Derrick or you can wait until he gets home.  I'll bet he will spank you again and then have me give you a spanking also."  He had a great big smirk on his face waiting for my reply.  The only thing that came to mind was being between a rock and a hard place.  I yielded for I was certain that he was right.  Steve was proving to be as aggressive and dominant as his brother.

He led me to the family room and proceeded to strip me.  When I was naked and staring at the floor he gave an appraisal of me.  "Your butt is still pink from Derrick's spanking.  You wear thighty-whities like a little boy.  You're hairless like a little boy.  Your little pee-pee is like that of a little boy.  You lie like a little boy.  And you're going to get spanked like a little boy."  He pulled me over his lap but with my torso on the couch to support my weight.

"You have been a very naughty boy – lying.  That has earned you a good hard spanking."  Steve gave my butt a few rubs and gentle spanks as he lectured me.  Then that stopped for he had raised up his hand for a good hard spank.  I really felt it and yelled.  That got me a mess more hard spanks.

"Please.  I won't lie any more." I pleaded but he was not listening.  In fact, it got even worse.  The spanks were really much more painful and I was squirming a lot.

"Be still, you big baby.  It's just Mom's hairbrush."  A few spanks more with that and he had me bawling.  Then he stopped.  "Get into the corner, crybaby." he commanded.  I dragged myself there.  I started to rub but he just barked: "No rubbing.  Hands on your head, boy."  I obeyed, of course.

I stopped crying after a few minutes and Steve called me from the corner.  He had his pants down and was sporting a big hardon.  "Kneel!" he barked and I obeyed and only seconds later he grabbed my ears and stuck his cock into my mouth.  With the enthusiasm of youth he came in less then a minute and ordered me back into the corner.

A few minutes later I heard the boys talking.  "What did you spank him for, Steve?" asked Derrick.

"He lied about your spanking him last night."

"You did very good.  I'm sure you enjoyed the blow job which he does well.  I'm proud of you little brother."

After a while I was called from the corner and told to prepare dinner.  I tried to get dressed but that was not permitted.  "Naughty little boys don't get dressed after they are spanked."  After we ate, I was required to do all the cleanup and was sent to bed early while they watched a movie on the TV.

Laying in bed I did not know what to think.  I was supposed to be in charge and had hope to spank them instead in just two evenings I had gotten two spankings and two load of cum from my young charges.  Not only did my butt hurt, but I was worried what was yet to happen.  I did not sleep well.

* * * * * * * * * *

I knew it would happen.  Steve was late coming home.  It was almost six when he showed up.  I was overjoyed that I would be able to spank him.  I really wanted to spank Derrick but I would settle for this one.  After I told him he was late and reminded him that his parents expected a spanking to happen he gave me some excuses.  "Not sufficient – you should have called.  You were late and the penalty is a spanking." I said with unusual resolve.

I managed to maintain my firmness for long enough that he was about to drop his jeans and boxers and get over my lap.  It was then that Derrick showed up.  "STOP!" he yelled, "What is going on?"  I explained but he wouldn't hear of it.  "You're just a little boy – you're NOT allowed to spank a young man."

Steven then spoke.  "Big brother, I was late getting home.  Please give me the spanking I deserve."

Derrick immediately agreed.  "Position, please."  Steve dropped his jeans and boxers after giving Derrick his belt.  Then he pulled out a chair and leaned on the seat.  He got four medium cuts and thanked his brother.

"Now, little boy it is your turn!" he said to me.  "Get over here immediately."

"What?"  I demanded.  I was unhappy I did not get to spank Steven but at least I watched it happen although it was a very inadequate spanking.

"Yes, you little boy!  For your insolence in trying to spank a young man you have earned a spanking."  He was in full power mode.  That is something that makes me crumble.  I think it has something to do with the pheromones emitted by such males that turns me into mush.  I felt frozen as he stripped me completely.  He pulled me over his lap and spanked me long and very hard.  Soon I was whimpering.  Steven then took his flip-flop and gave me a dozen WHACKS causing me to cry like a baby.

As I stood in the corner, contemplating my fate encouraged by my freshly seared tail, I knew I was lost forever.  Always the spankee and never the spanker. I was sent to bed early again (but after dinner and chores).  After Steve's bedtime, Derrick came to me.  He really was not concerned about me but just wanted to exert his power – this time sexually – over me.  I was thankful that he kept Steven away for he mounted me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was reminded that it would be best not to talk about my being spanked and all for they had pictures.  I had to agree.  When their parents returned, Steve admitted he had been late one day and had asked Derrick to spank him which he did.  They both said that otherwise everything was just perfect and that I was a wonderful sitter.

I got paid and headed home.  I was a bit confused to say the least.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 3, 2014

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