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The following story is fiction about a girl who dominates her brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Reforged Relationship – 1/2


They had a contentious relationship like many other siblings.  They also shared a common goal but there was a high barrier to achieve it.  Then thirteen-year-old Tiana broached the subject to Earl, her brother’s best friend.  He, in turn, spoke to Gary her fifteen-year-old brother.  A couple more messages were exchanged before Tiana and Gary actually sat down together to talk.  It wasn’t the peace negotiation of the year but they did agree on how to convince their parents that they could be left alone without wreaking the house or killing each other.

It was Saturday morning of the first home alone weekend.  No sitter.  No forced sleepovers with friends like they were preteens.  Just the two of them in the house.  They both were actually working on their respective chores determined to prove that they were responsible.  They had already dealt with the kitchen after breakfast with Gary loading the dishwasher and Tiana dealing with the rest.  Now it was the big item for each of them.  Gary had the long task of doing the lawn and Tiana the laundry.  Perhaps this was sexist but so what.

Tiana had thoughts of putting on a hazmat suit before going into her brother’s room to get the laundry.  It was messier than she expected.  She was gathering up stuff and stripped the bed noting the ‘young man’s stains’ that she had heard her mom complaining about to her aunt.  But the most important thing was that she bumped the computer mouse at the beginning.  That woke up Gary’s computer and a video resumed playing.  It turned out to be the catalyst that would change this sibling relationship forever.

It was something familiar to Tiana.  For many years she had watched her parents spank her brother.  She always got a charge from it and wished that she were the spanker.  She even had many dreams of doing exactly that.  As she matured through puberty the excitement expanded from just that of power exchange to also include a sexual element.

The video was that of a young lady spanking a young man.  They both looked younger than the eighteen that she was sure they had to be.  Checking the computer savvy lass saw that it was a local file.  She quickly fetched a thumb drive and copied the entire folder it was in after glancing at the directory.  It was a trove of porn and surely her brother’s favorites.  She finished the laundry harvest and left with her bonus.© YLeeCoyote

After getting the first washer load going she gave the newly acquired file some examination.  The images showed a common theme without any fancy analysis – a male being spanked by a female.  The video titles had words like ‘spank’, ‘naughty’, ‘strict’, ‘mistress’ and ‘boy’.  The conclusion was obvious.  Gary was excited by a female spanking a boy.  That seemed like a great bit of information.  It was something that she was also excited about, however, but obviously from the other side of the hairbrush.

These thoughts filled her mind as she did the laundry along with memories of Gary being spanked.  Tiana replayed her memories in her mind’s eye.  They started with mom calling Gary to her and lecturing him about some misdeed.  Gary would stand there staring at the floor and looking contrite.  Also, he would whine that “Tiana is watching.” without effect.  Eventually she would lower his pants and he would object again without any useful result.  Soon after he was over Mom’s lap and then most exciting part – the spanking.  She recalled that she saw his boy bits but that was not so important (nor impressive).  Then the most important thing – the actual spanking complete with the reddening of his butt accompanied by the sound of the spanks with the bonus of his cries.

It was as she had these thoughts that she realized one thing had changed over time besides his boy parts growing.  For the last year, maybe two, he had stopped objecting to her watching.  Did he give up because he was always told “Tiana needs to learn this for when she has boys of her own.” or did he suddenly like her watching for some reason.

That afternoon, Earl came to visit and play video games on Gary’s superior computer.  She wondered if that was what they were doing or were they watching porn.  The easy ways to know were just not possible.  She could not be that proverbial fly on the wall observer nor ask directly so she would have to spy.

There weren’t many ways she could do this so she just listened carefully both at his locked bedroom door and in the adjacent bathroom with the help of a glass on the wall.  Her persistence yielded more information.  They were not playing video game but watching porn.  The comments they made to each other were mostly things that would be expected like ‘big boobs’ but it was the spanking sounds that gave the game away.  Nor were there any of the things she thought she would hear like ‘He’s shoving that big dick into her cunt.’

Tiana made the logical conclusion that Earl was into the same things as her brother which was another useful datum.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was almost six p.m. on Sunday when the parents were due home.  Tiana was not happy because Gary had stayed out all afternoon rather than tending to his last chore of painting the picnic tables.  Both of them had returned from being with friends shortly before their parents were due back as required.

Tiana was angry.  “You have jeopardized everything by being irresponsible.” she lashed out him for not finishing his chores.  “And you will get spanked as well for Mother promised.” she added.  They did not have a chance to argue for the phone rang just then.  It was their parents with the dual purpose of checking up (which went OK) and reporting a problem.  “We won’t be back until late.  The ferry failed and we are were trapped on the island.  We are safe but could not call because the phones were also out.  We just got back on the mainland where we could call you.”

“We are fine, Mom.  Don’t worry we will be OK.  No need to rush back.” answered Tiana and echoed by Gary.  Then the two got back to their own issues.

“We still have time to do the painting and for it to dry – if I help you!  Then you will get the spanking you so richly deserve otherwise I will tell as promised and Mom will roast your good-for-nothing butt.” she stated definitively.  “Well?”  “Do you agree?”

Gary nodded.

“Say it.  Say it in full, Gary.”

“OK.  You help with the painting and then spank me.”

“Good.  Time to change into work clothes.” she ordered.  “And get to work.”

A couple of hours later and the job was finished.  They cleaned up, showered and ate.  Then it was the moment of truth and Tiana went into Gary’s bedroom.  His initial objections were immediately shot down as she reminded him he was due a spanking and brandished her trusty hairbrush.  Gary was somewhat cowed by how his little sister was behaving.  She was not only like his angry mother but also like the females in many of the videos including those especially exciting ones where girls, rather than women, were the powerful spankers of boys just like himself.

“Gary, I am very disappointed in you.  You made promises and did not keep them.  You jeopardized our no sitter deal with the ‘rents.  You have earned yourself a good hard spanking.  Now kick off your sneakers and put your hands on your head so I can strip you.”

The befuddled boy obeyed without quite knowing why he was submitting to his sister.  She pulled up his T-shirt and eased it over his arms and hands.  Then she opened his shorts and let them drop to the floor.  As she stuck her fingers in the waistband of his undies, he whined.  “Not those, please, Ma’am.”

“Of course these because spankings are always on the bare.  I’ve seen your little pee-pee many times.” she retorted and quickly pushed the undies down to the floor making him naked before her.

She sat on the bed and pulled him over one thigh so his weight was on the bed and locked his legs in place with her other leg.  Both of them were excited – emotionally and even sexually by this extreme power exchange.

For the very first time she gave him a spank with her hand.  There was a most satisfying spank sound, the start of a pink hand print and a realization that he had a very hard butt.  It was most exhilarating.

Gary was somewhat confused but for this was both wonderful and horrid at the same time.  A few more hand spanks did not change anything.  Yes, this was much like his favorite video.

It was now that she switched to the ladies’ implement of choice – her hairbrush.  She brought it down hard with feelings of joy, pleasure, vengeance and retribution.  It too left a print but this time an oval.  As she whacked away with the brush that original oval spread across Gary’s entire bottom with the pink darkening to a deep red.  She was elated to hear him sobbing little a little boy.  Surely things would be different from now on. Gary’s head was spinning.  His sister had made him cry by spanking him just like in the exciting videos he watched so often.  He felt like a powerless little boy rather than a potent teen who is ready to take on the world.  What did the future hold?

Tiana then did something that their parents never did.  Rather than park the well-spanked boy in a corner, she comforted him.  Gary remained confused during this and still felt like a little boy.  Tiana was elated with the power she had exercised and sensed that the world had changed.

“Any more stupid misbehaviors, boy, and the next spanking will be even harder.  Understand?” she demanded.

“Yes, Ma’am.” he replied docilely.

She took the little boy to the bathroom and washed his face and helped him urinate before putting him into his bed.

Then she also went to bed.  They both had intense, exciting dreams that night of a new future.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. August 28, 2020

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