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The following story is fiction about a girl who dominates her brother and his friend.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It is best to start with Part 1 at: ReforgedRelationship.html

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Reforged Relationship – 2/2


The parents of Tiana and Gary were most pleasantly surprised at the changed behavior of their spawn.  They were no longer constantly at each other’s throats but were definitely civil.  In fact, Gary was generally more civil.  They were afraid to investigate like that would break some magic spell and the pair would revert back to their old ways so they just assumed the two had grown up a lot in one weekend.

Tiana saw how Gary’s attitude to her had significantly changed.  He was now extremely respectful and considerate.  He wanted to please her.  Not that she had any experience but her gut feeling was this was more than just how a boy responds to someone who has spanked him.  She even heard the word “Ma’am” said softly a couple of times.

Gary knew how much his relationship with his little sister had radically changed much more than she did.  She definitely was not a little pesky brat annoyance any longer but a young lady worthy of respect who had spanked him to tears.  Although he did not understand how that had happened, there just was not anyway to get around those facts no matter how hard he tried.  As soon as he stopped trying, his life became a lot less stressful.  When he watched his favorite videos he now imagined his sister in the dominant role and remembered how she had actually tanned his butt.  He could not help thinking how it would be a second time.  He could not explain it but there wasn’t any doubt in his mind that there would be not only a second time but many more times.

Earl could sense that his buddy had changed but it took a week for him to learn how little Tiana had spanked him to tears.  Gradually he complied with Gary’s demands that he treat Tiana respectfully.  On a day when he was staying for dinner as they were going to the park, Tiana reminded them to return on time.  Earl found that he echoed Gary’s “Yes, Ma’am.” without thinking.  Tiana was very pleased for she realized that Gary must have told him about her spanking him and that he was also accepting of her superior role.

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It was late afternoon when Tiana returned home while her parents were still out.  She saw that Gary and Earl were at the picnic table in the backyard.  It was what they were doing that upset her – smoking!  She did not care which weed for they were all bad and Gary had promised not to use any.  This most certainly called for immediate action.

“Gary what the hell are you doing!” she exclaimed when she got to the table.  It was not a question but an accusation.  “You promised you would not smoke anything!  This calls for a SPANKING.  A spanking here and now.” she exclaimed rapidly.  It was only now that she realized she did not have her trusty hairbrush and would have improvise.  “Gary give me your belt, lose your pants and bend over the end of the table for the spanking you have earned.”

Gary could not do anything but obey his raging sister who had recently proven herself to be dominant.  “Yes, ma’am.” he replied as he quickly obeyed her commands.

Earl was amazed.  He understood why his buddy obeyed but he had not known such fury.  “Earl you had best go home.  I’ll be calling your parents and telling them of your misbehavior when I’m finished with Gary.” stated Tiana definitively.

“Oh, please don’t tell them, Tiana.  Please don’t, Ma’am.” he begged knowing what his father would do.

That last word was the trigger.  “I’ll won’t tell if you accept the same punishment that Gary gets.  Get your pants off and bend over the other end of the table, boy.” she commanded.  She was surprised that he did it in just seconds.  She was delighted at his submission and wondered if he would still have an erection when she had finished.

Tiana raised her brother’s folded belt and brought it down hard on his upturned ass.  He yelled and a wide red stripe formed immediately.  “You will never smoke again, boy.” she snapped.  She had to direct him to remain in position before she repeated the action.  She kept at it for a dozen hard cuts and repeated the admonishment.  He was sobbing when she stopped.

She then turned to his buddy at the other end of the table.  Exactly as with her brother she gave him a hard cut, the admonition and another dozen hard cuts.  Earl reacted even more than her brother had with louder yells and more tears.  His knuckles were white from gripping the table so tightly as to stay in position.  She got them standing next to each other, hands on their heads and half naked as she lectured them throughly about the evils of smoking.  She noted that they were both flaccid.

They both responded to the question of ever smoking again with “No, Ma’am, never.”

After inspecting their glowing red-tails she ordered the greatly subdued boys to pick up their shorts and follow her to Gary’s room.  There she made them get and dispose of the rest of the weed.  She was very pleased with herself about this.  She also saw that they did not try to cover up their crotches indicating more acceptance of their lowly status as her submissive boys.

“Lose your shirts, boys, and stand in the tub with your hands on your heads.” she ordered as she looked for something in the medicine cabinet.  In rapid secession she turned on the hair clipper, grabbed Gary’s dick and with a few swipes clear cut his pubic bush down to stubble.  “It is important that you remember that smoking has very bad consequences.”  Tiana wasted no time before repeating the action with Earl so that he also just had some stubble rather than the dense bush she was sure he was proud of just a couple of minutes before.  Both boys were horrified at this action but it was going to get worse.

She then got the shaving cream and Gary’s razor.  She had Earl wet down Gary’s crotch and cover it with the shaving and then use the razor to make him baby smooth.  Gary then had to return the favor and shave his buddy’s crotch.  “I’m certain that waiting for your pubes to grow again will remind you not to smoke.”

After they rinsed and dried off, she gave still another order.  “Don’t get dressed until it is time for dinner.” and left them.  The two red-tailed, hairless boys were confused but convinced that they were under the control of a female like they had fantasized about.  It was far more exciting than the videos they watched.  They were not sure, however, if they liked the reality but it was clear that they did not have a choice any longer.

Tiana had an entirely different understanding.  She was delighted beyond words that she now had two boys under her control and accepting of her discipline.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 28, 2020

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