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The following story is fiction about family discipline and is told by four members of a family.  In order they are the youth's uncle, the youth himself, the uncle's partner and his father.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

A Remarkable Youth


It had been a splendid day.  I had gone over to my parents' house and my big brother, Dylan, and his son, my nephew Alexander, were there already.  We spent the morning working in the yard and then we went swimming.  Ever since I was a tot, we swam nude and that's some three decades.  Now all three generations of us swim naked as the day we were born.  Dad always set a good example by keeping in shape although he was not as impressive now as when I was a boy.  My brother now looks like Dad did back then.  Over the years I have watched my nephew grow into the strapping youth of almost fifteen that he now.  It a good thing that I'm not into chicken or I would be sporting a boner and groping him even with the rest of family about.

It was after we had finished dinner that Alex spoke up.  "Unk, what about we go see that new adventure flick and leave these old guys to snore in their armchairs?"  He looked directly at his father with a big smile as he said that.  My brother smiled and I agreed.  It was arranged that I would drop Alex at home after the movie.  The movie was fine and so was the snack afterwards.  When I got Alex home, he insisted that he had to show me something so I went inside with him.

I was surprised that he took me into his father's den.  The den was not off limits but a surprising choice although it did have had the nicest chairs.  "Uncle, you have been a naughty boy several times today.  Grandpa didn't notice but I did."

I jumped up.  I was most surprised.  "What?"

"SIT DOWN." he said commandingly, and then added "Please."  I obeyed.  I'm not sure why but I did.  "I know that Justin disciplines you and that he is away."  Justin is my twenty-two-year-old lover and he keeps me in line like I was just a teenager with spankings.  "I'm not too young to take care of your needs."  Alex had stepped around so he could reach into his father's desk.  He extracted the strap that his grandpa used on his father and me and that his father now uses on him.  It was not quite as heavy as a razor strop but it was heaver and wider than a heavy belt.  It was mesmerizing to see him gently slapping his palm with it.  It reminded me of how my brother, his father, had done that before his used it on my sorry tail.© YLeeCoyote

"You cut several corners in the yard this morning and ran one red light on the way to the movie.  Please drop your pants and get into position.  Don't worry for I know how to use this thing.  I've been practicing especially for you, Uncle.  I was frozen and so after a couple of minutes, Alex spoke again.  "Do you wish extra for delaying your thrashing, young man?"  He moved the plain chair into a good position.  I knew how I was expected to use it.  I should have told him he was way out of line and to stop this nonsense but I couldn't.

"NOW!" he barked and I jumped to.  I stripped completely as Dad had required and Justin does now.  There was nothing to be modest about.  I stepped to the chair and bent over gasping the rung.  Alex got into position and raised the strap and brought it down hard.

I yelled perhaps even howled but managed to keep my position.  Those muscles that I had admired rippling under his taut skin at the pool were powerful.  He gave me a total of ten hard cuts and I was practically in tears.  Alex had been truthful about knowing how to use that most effective implement for I had been well punished like I deserved.  Alex may have only been a teenager but he had taken charge of me like I was just a naughty little boy and trashed me like a errant youth should be.  He told me to get dressed which I did.

"Thank you for punishing me, Sir." I said.  That's what I had been taught to say when I was eight and still do with Justin.  Now I said it to my young nephew who was still in high school and who had decided on his own that I needed a well-deserved trashing.  "I'll do my best not to be naughty again, Sir." I promised meaning every word with my ass on fire.

Alex gave me a great big hug.  "I'm sure that you will do your best, Uncle."

As I drove home, I knew that things had changed between Alex and me.  I would, of course, have to report this to Justin.  I was certain that he would surely approve since he said that I needed someone to watch me when he was gone although there was a small chance of him telling Alex not to do it again.

I was not prepared for the phone call from my brother the next morning.  Alex had told him what he had done and my brother was justifiably most proud of him.  "My son is really growing up." he boasted.  He went on to make an offer – I was welcome to come over anytime I needed Alex to tan my butt.

I now knew for certain that things could never return to the way they were a day ago.  I would never be able to resist my nephew's orders to present my butt for a spanking.

* * * * * * * * * *

I couldn't believe the high that strapping Uncle Rob had given me.  I quickly rushed to my room, stripped down and jerked off as soon as he took his sore butt home.  And then I did it twice more and only stopped because my dick was getting sore.  There is an old saying about little pitchers having big ears and I had been listening carefully once I began to understand that Uncle Bob and Justin had a special relationship that was not only gay but involved CP.  Also, I knew that the strap I had used on Uncle was the same one that Grandpa used on him and my own father.  Dad even told me that he used it on Uncle Bob just like he used it on me.

The pattern in the family was clear and Dad and I discussed that I would surely use this strap on my sons when they came of age carrying on the family tradition.  I thought about that when I oiled the old leather to keep it supple.  I also joked with Dad that there were times when he was naughty.  Dad immediately saw where I was heading and asked me what would happen if I continued along that line.  "I wouldn't sit comfortably for a while, Sir." knowing when to back off (at least occasionally).

The strap still fascinated me; not so much when I was feeling it strike my butt but when I held and swung it.  At first I just practiced and learnt how to control it even better than Dad did.  Yes, I could tell that his strokes were not uniformly spread over my butt both from the feel and the mirror checkout after.  Perhaps, some opportunity might present an occasion when I could use this awesome strap.

I knew it was very farfetched but I thought about the rest of my family – the ones that I swam nude with.  Neither Grandpa nor Dad ever displayed a tail showing signs of recent roasting but Uncle Bob did although not as often as I did.  It was then that this little pitcher put two and two together and realized that Justin must have been spanking Uncle Bob.

Yesterday morning I was not thinking about any of this as Dad and I went to Grandpa's house to work and swim.  It was just that I noticed that Uncle cut a couple of corners doing the yard work and then ran that red light on the way to the movie.  As I watched the movie, the idea took hold – Justin was away so to uphold the family values I should use the strap on Uncle Bob.  I had read about how the military teaches guys to order others around – something called command presence.  All I had to be was sure that I was a commanding leader and others would follow.  I guess I sort of tried it on Dad but he had it a lot better than I did.  I knew that my uncle was not the same.  To put it simply, I went for it and won the gold ring while Uncle Bob got the red-hot butt.

I was totally glad that I decided to tell Father what I had done.  My uncle might not tell Dad but he would surely tell Justin who might get back to Dad and that would not be good unless Dad knew.  I was super delighted with Dad's response for he totally approved.  Bob, he explained, needed close supervision and since Justin was away he was not getting it.  I had managed to step in at just the right moment.  Dad did not explain why neither he nor Grandpa took on the task and I let it slide.  Sometimes it is better not to ask everything.

Dad even went on to praise me and to tell Bob that I was always available when he required a strapping.

I was delighted at this turn of events.  The only damper on it all of this was that Dad reminded me that he would continue to use that wonderful strap on me when ever I required it.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised when my boy Bobby told me that he had been strapped by his fifteen-year-old nephew Alex on his own initiative and that the lad's father approved and said he might do it again.  I was also a bit miffed that I had not been consulted first but I quickly got over that.  I had been thinking that Bobby needed, how can I put this, a babysitter sort of guy when I was not about.  I knew that Bobby's brother and father knew about our relationship and that Alex had probably over heard things.  It was nice that I would not have worry about the secret getting out any more.  I came to a decision and when I returned hone, invited Alex to dinner.

The young man was slightly apprehensive but I assured him that everything was more than fine.  Although I allowed Bobby to eat with us, he took care of all the serving, preparation and cleanup.  When I told Alex what I wanted he was totally surprised.  "WOW!  That's AWESOME!" was his initial reaction while Bobby was aghast.  Alex, then said: "I'll have to ask Father if it is OK, Sir."  I said that was the proper thing to do but I had already had a talk with his dad to confirm that it was all right.  Hearing that, he agreed immediately.  I can't imagine a youth not wanting such control over an adult man twice his age.

"Alex, I know that you can use the strap very well for Bobby has told me so.  That is one of the best way to punish him when he is naughty in a grown up sort of way.  When he is a naughty little boy, then a different method is appropriate."  Bobby sighed softly and slowly Alex developed a smile.

"You mean spank him over my lap like he was a little boy?" he asked.  He knew he was right for Bobby hid his face.  Alex picked up on it immediately.  "Bobby doesn't like that, I see."  Bobby certainly did not like that I was talking with Alex like he was an adult while he was just a boy and expected to be quiet.

"That makes it most effective.  I want to show you how to do it and since Bobby-boy has been disruptive this evening, he has earned a good OTK spanking."

"I guess that it would be pretty much like Father spanked me when I was younger, Justin." he asked.  I nodded.  "May I start?" and again I nodded.  "Bobby, you have been a naughty boy and you are going to get spanked.  Come here."  Alex was standing when he said that and Bobby went to him in a proper pose with his head down for I had trained him well.  Alex proceeded to undress him slowly and Bobby was blushing.  Soon he was naked and Alex gave another order.  "Go get the spanking implement that Justin uses on you and then wait in the corner with your hands on your head, boy."

"Yes, Sir." said my boy and he dashed off to get the hairbrush.  A couple minutes later he was back, placed the brush on the table by Alex and parked himself in the corner.  Alex was beaming.

"Any special place to do this, Justin?" he asked.  I told him here was fine and he moved the chair away from the table, picked up the brush and called Bobby over.  He quickly got him over his lap and I helped him to get the position exactly right.  It was an absolute pleasure to watch this youth spanking his adult uncle.  He was definitely a natural dominant guy.  It did not take long to ignite a fire in Bobby's naughty boy bottom and I signaled Alex to stop so Bobby would think he made the decision.  He sent a tearful Bobby back to the corner where we both could admire the soft red glow from his uncle's moons.  I knew I had made the right decision for a care giver.

A little later I told Bobby to do the cleanup and then get to bed while I took Alex home.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had some reservations about my son, Alex, spanking my kid brother Bob, his uncle, even though I promptly spoke to Bob about it.  He did not seem upset and probably thought that I was joking when I said that Alex was available anytime needed.  I could tell that Alex was most pleased with himself about the whole thing.  I had quickly suppressed that silly notion Alex had about doing the same thing to me a few months before.  He was smart enough to immediately back off before he got his tail roasted for being insolent.  One thing did change, however, for Alex seemed to mature a lot very quickly and that was good.

When Justin called asking how I felt if Alex would be Bob's babysitter with spanking authority I considered it very carefully before giving my approval.  I was pleased that Alex realized that he should consult with me before accepting.  When Justin told me how he administered the first spanking, I had to laugh because it was exactly how I had spanked him until he moved up to the more manly strap.

The crisis happened when I took Alex for a father/son weekend camping trip.  We did not make it to the campsite as planned because we got a flat on the rutted dirt road.  It was just about sunset and we were too far to hike for help at that time.  There might have been a bit of traffic on the paved road but that was a gamble.  I decided to hope someone would come along and sleep in the car.  It was midmorning when a Park Ranger came by on patrol and radioed for an auto service to come help.  We had one night camping but Alex seemed strangely quiet even after I apologized for failing to follow the rules I was teaching him before he got his learner permit by neglecting to check the spare.  It was flat because I had forgotten to get it fixed more than four months before which, of course, compounded the felony.  Locally, it would not have mattered but in the woods it was different.

It was during the drive home that I pressed my sulking son about what was bothering him.  "Was it sleeping in the car, missing a night in a campsite or less hiking?" I asked.

"Not really, Dad." he responded in a normal teen manner which conveyed whatever.

"I wasn't happy about it either.  I'm sorry."

"I know that but it is unfair." he grunted after a few miles.  "If I forget to mow the lawn or to take out the garbage cans I don't sit comfortably for a few days.  You're getting off scot-free."

Actually, I wasn't because of the service charge but Alex was obviously not thinking about money.  He was talking about something far less precise – justice.  We were silent for the rest of the trip home but I knew that there was but one way to regain my son's respect.  It was a very difficult decision and I knew that the sooner I made it the better.  I pulled into the garage and we unloaded our gear before I told Alex to wash up and meet me in the den for a talk.

Alex was surprised that I was not sitting behind my desk as I usually do when he came in but in one of the big chairs.  "Dads are not perfect." I said right away.  He laughed for he knew that.  "I try, but none of us are perfect."  It was getting harder and Alex was not sure where I was heading.  "I try to correct myself; even punish myself but sometimes that just does seem just to others.  Maybe something different needs to happen, Son, something more basic and equable."

I got up and took the strap from my desk and handed it to my son.  He was surprised as I stripped and got into position.  I hoped that I had not presented him a too difficult a decision.  It did not matter if he used it or not, but that it was his choice.  I waited.

He was having a hard time.  I could hear the heavy leather against his palm as he pondered.  He made a decision although he did not speak.  He rose and positioned himself.  "Ready, Father?"

"Yes, Son."

He gave me six hard stokes.  They really hurt and I was surprised at how perfectly he spaced them across my ass.  He dropped the strap on the desk and told me to stand up.  Then he hugged me tight and cried.  We held each other for a long time.  "I'm sorry, Father." he said several times.

In the morning, we talked again.  "Thanks Dad that was terrific what you did last night. I now know why you told me 'this hurts me more than it hurts you' when you spanked me."

I'm ever so proud of my son and know that he is really growing up.  I'm certain that if he ever tells me that I need a strapping it will only be after careful deliberation and he surely will be right.  I hope that I'm man enough to take it and thank him properly.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 5, 2009

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