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Report Card Day


Both of the brothers were nervous that morning.  It was report card day and they each knew that if it was a bad report that there would be a three way discussion with Dad and his belt in the basement.

Kyle was in the last year of middle school (eighth grade) and Jake was two years ahead as a sophomore in high school.  They did not get the all important reports until the end of the school day.  Jake was quite relieved when he got his.  He did not excel in anything but, even more important, lag behind either.  The report was not to be boasted about, but the 80.0 percent average was certainly acceptable to his parents.  Kyle was quite pleased with his report – nothing below 80 and an average of 91.2 percent.

The two had not made any plans with others for this evening (as previously agreed) and their parents were out for the evening.  After seeing their own report cards neither expected that the bet they had made would matter.  It was a simple "winner wins loser" without any restrictions for a one day bet.  Ten percentage points spread was required to win.  It was a shock to Kyle that he had suddenly achieved total control of his big brother; he had been fantasizing about it for weeks.  Jake was now regretting how he had 'bashed' his kid brother in the past.

Kyle started to feel like a prince the way that Jake was taking care of him and the necessary chores.  After dinner and the cleanup done (by Jake of course), Kyle called him into the family room.  He gave him a mock lecture about an inferior report card and that because of it he would have to be spanked like a naughty little boy.  That phase had meaning to both of them because it made reference to the rituals used by their father for many years.  Jake did not resist with even the tiniest mental reservation as his younger brother "lectured" and then stripped him naked.  He was a man of his word and he had decided that he would obey his brother totally.  It did not take long before the sixteen-year-old was laying across the lap of his thirteen and a half-year-old brother awaiting the first spank.

He did not have to wait long.  Kyle raised his hand and brought it down hard leaving a definite pink hand print on the target surface.  Hard spank after hard spank followed until the butt was crimson red.  Since part of being a youth is being tough and macho, Kyle did not hold back and Jake refused to complain.  To be sure that the spanking would be remembered for a long time, Kyle had Jake "assume the position" for fifteen hard strokes with his own heavy garrison belt.© YLeeCoyote

As could be expected, both youths had steel hard shafts jutting from their groins after this all started.  To ease the pressure, Kyle had even opened his jeans and let his rod free.  Jake did not have any problem with clothes being restrictive.  Then to relieve the internal pressures, Kyle sat back on the couch while his big brother gave him the best blow job he ever had.  Jake wished his brother would return the pleasure or at least let him jerk off but that was not to be.

With the pressure a bit relieved (at least for Kyle) he led his brother upstairs to their bedroom.  There he directed Jake to fetch the shaving cream, the razor and a towel from the bathroom while he dug out some rope.  With Jake commanded into a spread-eagle position on the bed Kyle tied short pieces of rope to this ankles and wrists.  Rather than physically tying the other end to the bed frame, he dictated to Jake that he must consider himself securely tied down until released.  Then he tested the strength of the verbal bonds.  "Raise your right arm."  Jake raised his arm a couple of inches and stopped.  A pleased Kyle then allowed him to return to the rest position.

Kyle contemplated his brother for a while.  The powerful brother who had quietly and trustingly submitted to his control.  He shook the can of shaving foam and then generously covered the thick manly bush that he had long envied.  Even though he now had one of his own, it had not yet grown fully.  His brother remained stoically silent as Kyle rubbed the foam into his pubes and over the ball sack.  The horny teens were both very erect and oozing pre-come.

Kyle decided to start with the sack.  He raised up the heavy 'nads and carefully drew the razor across the sack.  It took a while because of all the folds but eventually it was done.  Jake remained totally silent as if he was mute.  Kyle got diverted by the super rigid phallus and started to stroke it using the foam as a lubricant.  This was not a totally new actively for the two but just a different circumstance.  He loved how he had total control over his brother and stopped when he knew that he was coming close to a climax.

Kyle suddenly decided to change course.  He took the towel and wiped off the foam and went down on his brother without a word.  It was an activity that they both loved.  As always, the thick bush tickled his nose.  He kept at it until Jake exploded deep into his throat and then some.  He removed the rope that symbolically bound his brother and cuddled up to him.  They hugged for a long time until Kyle spoke with great effort and hesitation.

"Jake, I wanted to shave you because of all the times you bashed me but I couldn't because of all the other times that you were my big, strong, brave brother who protected me and taught me.  I'm just an insolent, bratty little brother who needs to be taught a lesson.  You should be in charge, Jake, not me.  Take charge, big brother, and severely punish your little brother for his awful behavior."  And with that a sobbing Kyle buried his face in his brother's armpit.

Jake held his kid brother tightly for some time as he decided what to do.  He loved his brother and did not want to hurt him, on the other hand, he had confessed and asked (even begged) for some punishment.  He realized that not to punish his brother would be cruel in just another (and less understandable) way.  He remembered, however bad the spankings and strappings he had received from their father, he had always felt better afterwards provided that they were justified and proportional.

He knew that he had to be very severe because of the heavy strapping that he had received at the hand of his brother.  He sat at the end of the bed and with Kyle across his lap partly supported by the bed.  He gently caressed the willing, waiting butt before him.  "Why?" he asked softly.  The answer would tell him what he should do.

"Because I am an insolent, naughty little brat, sir."

Big brother's hand came up and crashed down on the waiting butt leaving a large pink hand print and eliciting a yelp from the butt owner's other end.  The butt soon turned completely red as the spanks rained down continuously.  Jake had originally thought to use the strap and even the hairbrush but as he spanked his little brother it became evident that would not be necessary for Kyle was soon crying like a little boy.  Jake continued a little longer before standing his little brother up to hug and comfort him.  Even as he continued to sob, Kyle managed to tell Jake that he loved him and that he was very sorry.

"Kyle, remember what dad told you about crying last year after you got your pubes?"  The boy nodded but continued to sob.  "Kyle if you don't stop crying, I'm going to shave you so that you look like the little boy you sound like."

"Kyle, remember what dad told you about crying last year after you got your pubes?"  The boy nodded but continued to sob.  "Kyle if you don't stop crying, I'm going to shave you so that you look like the little boy you sound like."

The sobs continued but Kyle planted a wet kiss on his brother's neck and hugged him tightly.  There was not any sound of protest; if anything there was a soft sigh of relief.  Prying himself loose from his brother's grip, he stretched the little boy out on the bed and squirted a batch of foam on the small bush.  Kyle did not object and even quieted down a little.  Jake took the razor and started to remove his brother's pubes.  There was not much to do as there was only the small patch of hair above the cock.  When he was done he cleaned off Kyle's now hairless groin and stretched out next to him.  His brother had stopped sobbing and cuddled up as close as he could get.

Over the next few weeks their changed behavior to each other was a pleasant shock to their parents.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 8, 1999

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