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Responsible Boy


David was a boy (almost a young man, actually) who his parents were very proud of.  Popular, he did well at school, both in academics and sports, and even properly honored his parents in the biblical sense.  He was not, however, perfect.  One Friday, after school, David and his best friend Alex, who was staying over, were playing catch in their yard with a baseball.  If they has just played simple catch, nothing bad would have happened, but they each (independently and silently) decided to make the game more and more challenging (read: macho) by throwing harder and wilder.  Then disaster struck.  Well, actually, the baseball hit a small window and shattered it.  Because he knew what his father would think, that was more than sufficient for a disaster in David's view.

David was horrified.  Just a few months ago his older brother had done the same thing!  Their dad had been more than furious.  His brother was sternly lectured and soundly spanked with a belt, and threatened with grounding.  Then, to prevent a reoccurrence, the use of a baseball in the yard was henceforth STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  As the two boys cleaned up the shards of glass they realized that they could not hide the misdeed (even if it had been ethical to do so).  To go to the hardware store to get a piece of glass and put it in would take at least a couple of  hours and Dave's parents were due back very soon.  The best that they could do was to fill the hole with a piece of cardboard.

David and his friend (as well as his brothers) had been naughty frequently enough over the years that both boys knew what was probably going to happen.  They could even create a check list, that was followed ninety percent of the time by their dads:

David and Alex were especially concerned about just one aspect of this: GROUNDING.  They had concert tickets for tomorrow night!  They knew that they could accept all the other items without undo distress although certainly not joyfully.  The boys and their parents had been friends so long, that both boys were subject to discipline from either set of parents, particularly when sleeping over as Alex was doing this night.  Then David had a brainstorm: write a confession and restitution offer in the hope that the "grounding (sometime)" would be "not this time".

Dear Father,© YLeeCoyote

Alex and I were heedless and irresponsible this afternoon.  Even though you had forbidden us to play with a baseball in the yard, we did so and, most regrettably, broke a small window.  Fortunately, no one and nothing else was damaged.

Rather than going to the park (as we had planned) in the morning, we will go to the hardware store to get a replacement pane, putty etc. Of course, we will pay for this from our allowances.  Then we will replace the cardboard we put in to prevent drafts tonight.  The broken glass has already been swept up and is already in the recycling bin.

We realize that we have been naughty and deserve to be spanked.  We are waiting in my room's corners as you always direct us to do upon hearing of our transgressions.

David & Alexander

David and Alex put the letter on top of the mail where Dad would be sure to see it first and went to David's room.  There they stripped, each put their nose in a corner and waited for the 'judge' and justice to be done.  It is not clear whether they meditated about their transgression or the hope of avoiding grounding.

Dad had very mixed emotions about what had happened.  He was, of course, displeased at the crime but heartened that the boys had confessed and acknowledged they should be punished.  They were showing that they could accept responsibility for their acts and the consequences.  He wasn't sure that he liked that the boys had started the process that they obviously knew too well.  (Dad really did have a check list in his head although not exactly like the what the boys thought.)  He also wondered if there was more to this then met the eye.  He made them wait another half hour before going to see them.

When Dad entered the room he saw the two naked boys standing silently as they should be with their noses up tight in the corners.  Their cute boy butts were all nice and white and he imagined how red they would look a little latter.  He also saw the answer to the question he had earlier for stuck in the frame of Davy's mirror were two concert tickets.  Then when the two boys were standing in front of him, he observed that obviously they were growing up.  The expected words were exchanged and finally it got to be judgement time.

Dad then told the boys that they were to spank each other as they seemed to be doing everything by themselves.  Alex sat on the bed and David laid down across his lap.  Alex then started to spank his buddy, but after a few strokes, Dad stopped them and had them switch.  After an equal session he again stopped then and had them examine the effects.  Both boys were just pink and neither hurt.  They owned up that their ass muscles were better developed than their arm muscles and that this was not hurting as a spanking should.  (Later they told each other that what they did not tell Dad then: not only didn't it hurt, but it felt good in their still developing adolescent packages.)  With a tiny touch of sarcasm, Dad asked for suggestions since a hand spanking was not working.  One boy suggested that they use a belt and the other that Dad do it.  Dad liked both ideas so he decided to use both.

This time it was Alex that got it first.  He bent over and gripped his ankles while David handled the belt.  Still mindful of the concert tomorrow night, Dave did not hold back after the hand spanking fiasco.  He knew that Dad was watching very closely and would take the belt if he was too easy on his buddy.  This was the first time ever that Dave had done this.  He remember how his brother's butt had metamorphosed when his father had strapped him; now he was – most regrettably – doing that to his best friend.  It was only the knowledge that Alex would soon get to chance to 'get even' that allowed him to do this.  As the belt stuck the vulnerable, waiting boy bottom, there was a resounding WHACK! and the appearance of a bright red strip.  And, from the other end, Alex was emoting the effects of the pain in his ass with various cries.  After a dozen blows had turned Alex's butt hot and bright red the boys changed positions.  Davy was then subject to the exact treatment he had given to Alex.  He was almost in tears but this was a physical pain; for inside he hurt even more for having strapped his best friend.  He knew that he should have known better than to play with a baseball in his yard and felt that it was all his fault.  Compared to this, the pain in his butt was inconsequential to him.  Then the blows stopped and he and his friend were once again standing in front of his father.

Davy doesn't remember what was said, but then he was over his father lap with his hot red butt up-turned.  His father spanked him hard.  It was effectively even harder than his usual spanking because he had been tenderized by the strapping administered by Alex.  Treated as a little boy, soon he was crying like a little boy.  Later Alex told him that his father lectured him how disappointed he was because his son had disobeying rudimentary rules.  His father left him on the bed with his friend and simple instructions.  Come down for sandwiches later (in lieu of dinner), no TV or web.  What he did not leave them with were the precious concert tickets.

Alex's butt hurt (as you would expect) but he was much better off  than was Davy.  Not only did Davy's butt hurt from the double effects of both the strapping and hand spanking but he hurt inside as well.  Alex did not share the guilt that his friend had.  He knew that they were equally culpable and did not blame Davy for having strapped him nor feel guilt for giving it to Davy.  Alex got some cold cream and rubbed it over his buddy's hot sore butt very gently.  While Alex was doing this Davy told how he regretted having gotten him into all of this, particularly having to actually use the belt, and could he ever forgive him.  Alex assured him that forgiveness was absolutely unnecessary and held his friend very tightly to comfort him.

Four factors now had Alex's cock fully erect and super hard: the strapping, caressing his buddy's ass, hugging his friend with his groin pressing on that hot ass and just being a healthy adolescent male.  Truth be known, this was not an unusual position for these two.  Alex, with more foresight than he had shown in the afternoon, had taken out the lube from the nightstand before cuddling up with Davy.  With the ease of experience, he opened the tube and smeared some lube on his rigid tool and on the receptive asshole of his buddy.  Just a little moving around put the tip of his hard shaft on Davy's slick rosebud and Alex pressed forward.  Davy relaxed to allow the always welcome incursion.  After only couple of minutes, Alex blasted his first load deep into his buddy.  Knowing what such a prostate massage did to Davy, Alex then withdrew and took Davy's ramrod into his mouth.  With the expertise of years Alex quickly caused Davy to shoot his load which he, as always, ingested happily.  We will leave the two horny youths to the fucking and sucking that two adolescent males can achieve.

In the morning the boys added something to their morning games: spanking.  Alex pulled Davy across his lap and gave him a playful spanking accusing him of being very naughty.  He was, of course, gentle as Davy was still hurting from the previous evening.  Aroused in several ways, Davy then turned the tables on Alex and soon had his butt a happy rosy pink and anxious for still another fucking.  For the next couple of hours the boys did their impersonation of minks and rabbits.  Eventually, they were exhausted and, after showering, went for breakfast.  They were alone in the house.  Eventually they remembered their promise, returned to Davy's room to dress and then go to the hardware store.  It was then that Davy noticed that the concert tickets were gone.  Alex explained that Davy's dad had taken them without comment.

The boys were worried about the concert as they did what was required to repair the window.  They did not know if they would get the tickets back or if their punishment included their loss.  Since they hadn't been told that they were grounded, they even considered getting replacement ducats but that was not reasonable.  The concert had been sold out for weeks and they couldn't possible afford to pay scalper prices.  All they could do was wait until Dad returned for diner.

It was an exceptionally very loooooong afternoon.

The boys were unusually quiet during dinner as crime and punishment was not an acceptable dinner topic.  Finally, after dinner when Dad had not said anything, they decided that they must ask for the tickets.  If they were to go, it had to be now.  They went to the den and politely (as well as humbly as they could be) asked for the permission to go to the concert (and the tickets).

Dad asked them if they really deserved to go.  A no-win question if there was ever one!  After some verbal cat and mouse games, Dad handed them the tickets and said to be home early.

The concert was great and they really enjoyed it.  But on the way home they started to worry – again.  Dad said to be home early and the concert did not break until 1:15.  What would Dad say about their getting in after 2am.  The thought: "Boys, do you think that getting in at 2 in the morning is early?" haunted them on the bus ride home.

At breakfast Dad only asked about the concert and they reported that it was great.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 1, 1997

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