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The following story is fiction about a group of boys being strapped.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Rest Room Strappings


Hello, I am the fly on the wall you all wished you were.  I like this place – Mile 49 feeding station, er, or as you call it, a rest stop on the Interstate – because there is lots of good food available.  But you don't care about that but the exciting things that I observed.

Now this is what I saw today in my abode.  I was resting between meals in the males' room – up high on the wall where I was safe and could see everything when this swarm of larvae, er, gaggle of boys came in.  There were six of them (just like the number of legs I have) about eleven and twelve-years-old.  They were a group (a brood, perhaps) since they wore matching faux skins on their thorax section with a common logo.

Don't ask what it said since I don't read so well.

They were a rambunctious gaggle, for they were pushing and shoving each other about noisily.  They were having fun as they were laughing and yelping.  They went over to the wall receptors, er, urinals.  There they unwrapped those faux skins on their lower sections so that they could get to their hoses and pass their delicious golden water.  I wish that I could have some of that RIGHT NOW.

The pushing and shoving that I previously referred to continued even as they had their hoses out and pressurized.  That meant that their water streams were no longer properly directed.  In several cases the faux skins fell to the floor fully exposing the lower parts (what I think of as my abdomen of my three part body) of their bodies and their rear (that's redundant since you are not built with the normal and proper quota of six) legs.  That caused more action for when some of the larvae bent over to pull them up others pushed them and some even stepped on the faux skins preventing that. They were laughing a lot and having fun.© YLeeCoyote

Because of the delay in turning off the flow of the golden water when each was shoved the fluid went many places mostly on the floor but some went on others' real and faux skins.  There was lots of noise but it was all happy except a little bit from those who got wet.

Then an adult with a matching faux skin on his thorax section come into the facility.  Almost instantly he bellowed at the group.  They obviously feared and respected him because they froze in place.  The adult bellowed some more and there were some short yelps from the larvae as they quickly repositioned themselves in front of the wall receptors and one by one they finished discharging their golden water.

The adult, presumably the leader, continued to bellow and summoned the larvae.  He was standing by the other type of unenclosed units, which can dispense clear water.  He ordered each of the larvae to stand at one of the water dispensing units.

He bellowed another order and the larvae all opened their faux skins and lowered them to the floor and bent over the unit.  It was the start of some sort of ritual, possibly religious?  Regardless, the larvae were very quiet now.  The man extracted the strap from about his middle and folded it in half.  Holding the ends together, he proceeded to swing the strap at the exposed bottoms of the larvae bent over one at a time.

When contact was made there was a loud report and then the whacked larva howled in pain.  However, they each just gripped the unit that they were bent over more tightly staying in position.  There was a noticeable hue change to the lower end of the color spectrum.  This continued until he had delivered six blows to each of them.  He bellowed some and they remained in that position as he used the urinal very quickly without lowering his faux skin but accessing his hose using an opening in it.  Returning to the larvae, he bellowed still another order and all the larvae quickly raised their faux skins and closed them.

He bellowed some more and then switched to a normal voice that I could understand.  The larvae each used the clear water on their forelimbs' pads, perhaps for some religious purity rite.  When they were finished with the water ritual, he said there wasn't any time for ice cream and to follow him to the van.  Obviously, that was an additional punishment but was the reason actually true or just an justification?

They made noises of disappointment as they all rushed out following the adult.  I then flew down and had a delicious drink of that wonderful, fresh and undiluted golden water before that nasty one (who always attacks me) came to collect the golden water from the floor and cart it away.

Oh, yes, there were other observers.

Most notable was a pair of larvae.  They walked in just as the six were dropping their faux skins.  They apparently realized what was going on and stopped to watch the strapping ritual.  As they did, I watched them and saw that their hoses grew because their faux skins bulged.  They also found it was amusing as they were smiling and even shared the view with those light-emitting devices in dark mode that so many of you carry about.

The adult one did notice them but did not mind them watching.  He even said: "They are getting strapped because they were fooling around and made a mess."

The pair responded with: "Right, Sir." and watched the rest of the rite respectfully.  Then they proceeded to the urinals carefully avoiding the golden ponds (I silently thanked for not polluting my dinner.)  Like the adult, they extracted their hoses and dispensed their golden water quickly.  They closed their faux skins and left without preforming the water ritual.

There was a young adult (an older larva maybe) on one of the enclosed sitting units.  I wished that he would drop some of the leaves he used to wipe his bottom for they are even better food than the golden water.  I was sure that it would be so good because of the great aroma he made, but I digress.

Like the pair of larvae, his hose started to grow as the man bellowed and even more as he listened to the strappings.  He was muttering to himself.  "Give it to the hooligans." was one phrase I heard.  He also was rubbing and pulling on his hard hose and it spurted some gooey white stuff as he emitted cries of pleasure.

He cleaned up the gooey stuff with the wiping leaves and then restored his faux skins.  He preformed the ritual with the clean water and left.  I greatly feasted on one of the serving leaves that went to the floor and was not flushed away.

I hope that you enjoyed my report.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 8, 2018

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