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Bathed and Spanked – Page 4
My Rest Stop Humiliation


Paul D.

One Saturday Aunt Carolynn took my two cousins and me to a theme park.  On the way home we stopped at a mall so she could shop with her daughters, while I played on the mall's swing set.  On our way back to the car she bought us each a bottle of soda.

While driving home I was in the back seat playing with my cousins.  At one point I put my thumb over my soda bottle and shook it up, aimed it a Beth, and threatened to release my thumb.  I was only teasing her.  But the pressure on my thumb soon became very intense and so to release it I put the bottle to my mouth thinking I could swallow it.  But the pressure was intense and a large portion of the contents shot into my mouth.  I was unprepared for that and all the grape soda pop dribbled out of my mouth and went on my lap.

I was wearing white sailor pants and a wide collared white sailor boy shirt.  (Aunt Carolynn and her two daughters always kept me dressed real "cute".)  Aunt Carolynn was furious, and as she drove she told Susan and Beth to make sure none of the soda dribbled off of me onto to the car upholstery.

Five minutes later we pulled into a large highway rest area.  It not only had a large restroom for men and women, but it had paths going beyond eyesight of the highway so travelers could lunch in an area somewhat removed from the highway.  In short, it was a busy rest stop.

When parked, Aunt Carolynn grabbed her travel bag and pulled me out of the back seat and led me quickly by my arm, followed by her two daughters.  I was horrified where we were heading.© YLeeCoyote

She took me into the ladies' restroom.  It was a big area and very busy.  It had six stalls and there was always a large group of women and girls waiting in line.  All eyes were on us as Aunty led me to the baby changing area.  Aunt Carolynn started addressing me out loud as she unbuttoned my trousers.  Being in a big echoey rest room meant every word she said was amplified and heard by everyone in the restroom.  "Look at the mess you've made!  Step out of these pants right now!  Now take that shirt off and hurry.  You should be ashamed of yourself, staining this beautiful sailor outfit I bought for you just last week."

When I gave her the shirt she could see there were grape soda stains on my undies and pulled them right off.  Since we were in the corner of the room, and I was facing away from the crowd, it wasn't the end of the world for me.  She then filled one of the sinks with water, while I stood pulling my T-shirt down around my private parts.  She added some detergent to the water, and then put in the clothes to let them soak.

The changing counter was very large and could accommodate several babies at once.  On the furthest end were two other women changing their baby boys.  Aunt Carolynn picked me up with her hands under my arms and sat me on the counter.  "O look, you got stains on your T-shirt also.  Give it to me so I can soak it along with your other things."

I didn't move. I was clinging to it pulled over my private area.  Aunt Carolynn simply and gruffly pulled the shirt off, saying, again so everyone could hear, "You don't have anything down there these two ladies haven't seen on their own little babies."  I was frozen in humiliation.  I couldn't even cry.

"O look, you're all sticky down here."  Addressing the two ladies changing their babies, Aunt Carolynn said, "Pardon me miss, but would you happen to have any baby wipes I could borrow."

Both ladies offered their containers, saying "Please use all you need."  Aunty then took baby wipes and washed my chest area, my legs and thighs, and inner thighs, and pee-pee.  I was looking down, with my eyes closed, too ashamed to even be breathing.

The crowd of woman and girls milled more slowly when they realized what was taking place at the changing counter.  Aunt Carolynn then left me sitting at the counter and moved over to the sink to rinse out my clothes.  I kept my legs scrunched together and my hands in my lap.  It was hard to look up, but whenever I did I would see many eyes looking at me, and heard a lot of whispering.

When Aunty had finished rinsing my clothes she came back to me and picked me up and stood me back on the floor, facing the crowd.  She slapped my hands to my side and told me stand still while she combed my hair.

Having been raised in the South, Aunt Carolynn valued good manners, good behavior, and good grooming.  And for little boys that meant well-slicked hair.  Aunt Carolynn always carried the pomade in her bag when we traveled, and took some in her palms and started rubbing her hands together.  Then she applied it to my hair, with vigorous rubbing.  There I was an eleven year old naked boy getting greased by my aunt in front of a crowd of strangers.

One of the women in the room said, "It's so nice to see a well-groomed boy these days."

"That's right!",  another woman chimed in.  "These days so many young men run around looking like ragamuffins!"

Aunt Carolynn took it as a compliment.  "Paul, tell the ladies how often you have to re-slick your hair while you stay with me."

I didn't feel like talking about my forced grooming protocol.  "A lot", I answered.

"Sweetie, I said tell the ladies how often I make you re-slick your hair!", said Aunt Carolynn with steel in her voice.

I knew she was in a take-no-shit mode.  "Four times a day, Aunty.  In the morning right after my bath, before lunch, once in the afternoon, and before supper."

Beth interrupted immediately and said, "When Sue and I bathe him in the morning we comb and grease his hair as soon as we dry him off.  Even before we let him get dressed."  With that everyone knew that I wasn't even allowed to bathe myself.

Aunty now had taken a comb and was now combing my hair as I stood naked in front of a roomful of female strangers of every age.  "That's right.  Beth and Sue are so helpful in Paul's grooming."

"Sometimes when Sue and I want to dress Paul like a college boy", explained Beth further,  "we put cologne on him when we finish drying him after his bath.  He squirms and complains, but mom said it is important that we teach Paul how to groom himself. But we make him look as handsome and neat as a college guy."

"The girls have fun dressing Paul up in many different ways",  said Aunt Carolynn.  "Paul and the girls get on so well together.  And the girls do such a good job of looking after him at this stage of his life.  They are the ones who taught him to use a jock strap for the first time, and it really helped Paul feel like a man the first time they put his jock strap on.  Isn't that right Paul, darling?"

I couldn't answer, but Aunty continued, "Good grooming is one of the most important lessons for a young man of Paul's age to learn."

"I agree", said another woman who had just outrightly stopped to watch with her daughter, who was about my age, standing along beside her.  "Good grooming coupled with good discipline is the regimen I follow with my two sons.  And it works wonders!"

"I completely agree with the discipline part too", answered Aunt Carolynn.  "Paul, tell the ladies how many times a week you get spanked."

I was looking down at the concrete floor, almost sobbing out loud, and couldn't answer.  Aunt Carolynn didn't push it and asked Susan.  "Susan, tell the ladies how many times a week you have to give Paul a spanking."

This was unbearable.  Now all the women and girls would know that I got spanked by a girl practically my age.  "I have to spank him at least once every other day for something or other.", answered Susan. "Mom taught us not to take any backtalk.  We order Paul to take off his clothes the moment we decide he has a spanking coming, and it makes no difference who is present."

"Once we had to spank him when I had my girlfriends over", added Beth.  "Mommy explained that we shouldn't put off the spanking till my friends went home, and, besides, it would be good for my girlfriends who have no brothers to learn about boys."

"That sounds like a very effective method", interjected one of the ladies.  "What other forms of discipline do you use?"

Aunt Carolynn responded, "I pretty much leave it up to Susan and Beth.  Girls, do you have any other favorite things you like to do to Paul to make him behave?"

Susan answered first, feeling very important with her duty to share her methods.  "When Paul is really naughty we make him take off all of his clothes, then we give him lots of chores to do.  And he has to stay naked until he finishes them.  And they usually gets done in a hurry because he wants to finish before anyone comes over and sees him being punished."

"It's funny seeing him rush around doing his chores naked", added Beth.  "He moves so fast, he practically runs about doing his chores.  Susan and I think it so funny to see him scrubbing the floors bare naked."

"But it really helps him", explained Susan.  "After naked house cleaning he is very well behaved and he stays very quiet so he doesn't do anything else wrong."

"And when he is naughty we don't allow him to close the door to his bedroom or the bathroom.", added Beth.

Susan explained: "Mom told us that Paul is at an age where he might want to do naughty stuff by himself, and mom said that having Beth and I constantly monitoring him really helps him at this difficult time in his life.  So it might seem like punishment but it is really for his own good."

Beth continued: "And mom said that since we are girls, it is really good that we groom and dress Paul.  Girls know what girls like in boys. That way Paul will learn to take care of himself in ways that are attractive to girls.  We know what kind of boys are really neat and cool, and we are helping Paul be that way.  We tell him how to dress, how to comb his hair.  That is why when our friends come over they think Paul is so super cool."

"That's right", answered Aunt Carolynn.  "For the most part all of this helps keep Paul out of trouble and well behaved."  As she continued to part my hair she went on about grooming:  "When Paul first came to stay with us he was sloppy about wiping himself after going potty.  His little undies were always stained.  But now I have little Beth here (Beth was gleaming) check him out after he comes out of the bathroom, and after just a few times of having to use baby wipes on him to finish up what he should have finished by himself, Paul now keeps himself very clean after going poopie."  Looking to Beth, she continues, "Isn't that right Beth?  When was the last time you had to use baby wipes on Paul?"

"It was a week ago, momma!", smiled Beth.

"So teaching a young man to be neat and clean is part of a proper upbringing, and goes along with good discipline", continued Aunt Carolynn to the approving nods of some of the other mothers.

"There!  You're hair is all combed.  You look just like a young slicked-up businessman!"  Everyone in the room was smiling.  "Now young man", said Aunt Carolynn,  "before we get going I want you to go potty.  I don't want to have to stop at the next rest stop because you wet the car seat!"

"But I don't have to go Aunt Carolynn", I pleaded.  Aunt Carolynn started to lead me by the arm to the back of the line of women waiting to use the stalls, but I resisted with all my might.

"Young man, if I had my hairbrush here you would get it right now!",  yelled Aunt Carolynn.  Now everyone in the room was watching.

And Beth added, for all to hear, "Mommy, I left the hairbrush I use to give Paul his spankings at home because I was so certain he would at least behave himself today."

One of the women who had just arrived at the changing table with her baby said to Aunt Carolynn, "I have just the thing for you, ma'am.", and quickly dug into her baggage and pulled out a flyswatter.  "I use it on Dennis all the time and it does wonders!"

"Thank you so much, my dear!",  replied Aunty.  By this time Aunty had pulled me a little more towards the center of the room.  She pinned my arms behind my back and then started flailing by naked behind with the flyswatter.  It really stung, and with each blow I would yelp and scream.  Then Aunty started directing the blows all over, each blow in a different place.

On my side legs.  WHAP.  "No Aunty please!" I cried.

On my inner legs.  WHAP!  "Owwwwwww.  Please no!"

On the higher part of the buttocks.  WHAP. WHAP. WHAP.  "Don't spank me any more, please Aunty.  I promise I'll be good."

On the front of the legs.  WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP.  I was screaming hysterically.

On the front inner thighs.  WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP.  "Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

On the sides of my buttocks, at the waist area.  WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP.  My bawling turned to wailing.

On my lower legs, inner and outer sides.  WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP.  With each blow I was jiggling wildly, not knowing where she would strike next, dancing to get out of the way.

On the sides of my knees.  WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP.  My pee-pee was flopping wildly as I jumped around, screaming the whole time.

Every swat landed in a different place.  Aunty was really swatting away, clearly enjoying the flexibility of her new found instrument of discipline.

Everyone in the room was silent.  Only my yelping screams that soon turned to hysterical little-boy bawling could be heard.

There were smiles on the faces of a lot of the younger girls as I did my naughty boy dance.  Then when Aunty had finished at last I grabbed my behind, jumping up and down furiously.  And a lot of the younger girls started to point and giggle at my wiener that had gotten a little bigger from my frantic jumping.

And when Aunty handed back the fly swatter to the lady she thanked her and said she would be stopping to purchase one on this very day.

As Aunty pulled me by my arm to the back of the line, still bawling, she said to Beth, "I think you will like the fly swatter.  Paul reacted very well to it.  I think it will help him to learn his lessons more quickly."

Then she said to me, and all could hear, "Paul, from now on Beth, Susan and I will be using a fly swatter on you.  I am going to buy one for each of us.  That way I hope you will realize how much we care for you, and we are going to be a lot less lenient with you from now on.  That way you will grow up to be a fine young man.  Now get over here and stand in line," she finished as she planted me at the back of the line of women waiting to use the stalls.  There I was, an eleven year old boy who had just been spanked wiener-naked in front of a roomful of women of all ages, having to wait in line with them to use a stall.

Then Aunty said to Beth, and in the concrete room everyone heard this, "Beth, come here and stand in line with Paul.  I want you to go in the stall with him and make sure he tinkles.  I don't want to have to stop at any more rest stops on the way home!"

"Yes mommy", said Beth.

"I'm going to see if I can borrow some baby powder from one of these ladies.", said Aunty as she approached one of the ladies at the changing table.

Soon Aunty came back to me in line with some baby powder and ordered me to spread my legs real wide.  She sprinkled some powder in her hand and then rubbed it into by thighs and bare bottom.  The lady in back of her looked at Aunty and smiled and said, "You take such good care of him."

Aunty sprinkled more powder in her hand and rubbed it into my butt, as she said to the lady, "Thank you.  Little Paul here gets into mischief like all boys, and like all boys he gets his little behind spanked."  Then she addressed me as she rubbed powder into my behind, "There, there, does that take the stingy all away?  Do you feel better now?  My honey, you can be such a sweet  little baby when you want to be.  If only you would behave, then Aunty wouldn't have to spanky."

Then Aunty sprinkled more powder into her hand and started rubbing it into my pee-pee and little boy sack as she continued,  "Little Paul here gets a rash very quickly if he isn't kept dry.  You know how little babies are."

There I was on full display, my pee-pee area being fondled by my Aunt, in a roomful of strange women of all ages, who were learning everything about me.  Learning that I was some kind of problem child who had to be totally controlled by women and girls.

Then Aunty sprinkled more powder into her hand and rubbed even more powder into my pee-pee area.  It was so embarrassing.  She was turning my little pee-pee and boy balls and crotch white with baby powder.

"Even though he is a mischievous one, look at how neat and handsome he is", the woman standing in line directly in back of us said to her two daughters.

"Mommy, how come his pee-pee doesn't look like a spear, like Billy's?" asked one of the gawking little girls.

"That's because this young man isn't circumcised."  said her mom.  "But underneath that skin, that little boy has a little spear tip just like Billy does."

"Paul, why don't you peel back the skin on your pee-pee so the little girl can see what your pee-pee looks like under all that skin", suggested Aunty.

I froze, not able to even answer, as the little girl moved in closer.

"Paul, don't make me do it for you.  Show the little girl what your pee-pee looks like.  Now take your hands and peel the skin way back so the little girl can see that you have the same thing her little brother Billy does."  It was show and tell time, thanks to Aunty.  With tears in my eyes and demeanor I take my little shrunken wiener and pull the skin way back until the tip was fully exposed.

"See, Samantha", said the educating mom, "his little pee-pee tip is just like Billy's."

"But mommy", said the little girl, "Billy is a lot smaller than this boy, and their pee-pees are the same size."

Aunt Carolynn fielded this one: "Paul here is a little slow in developing.  Some boys just  take longer to grow up."  With that she came to me and lifted my left arm way above my head.  "When Paul get older this armpit will have hair growing from it."  She put my arm down and taking me by the shoulders, turned me around so I was facing the mom and her two girls, and all of the people in line in back of me.  "And of course this cute little face will have hair here and here", she said as she pointed to my upper lip and my chin.

"And most dramatically he will get hair here", as she pointed to the area right above the base of my penis, "and here", as she lifted my penis and held my balls out for all to see.

As the amazed crowd came and went, the girls who hung around in the corners for the longest amount  of time, pretending to be digging through their purses, or waiting for their friends, were girls who were closest in age to mine.  It was probably because it was a chance for them to see what a guy who was around the age of their boyfriends – or guys they had crushes on – looked like all bare naked.

Finally the line was up and I could enter the stall with Beth.  As we were about to enter the stall the little seven year old girl in back asked her mommy,  "Mommy, can I watch him go pee-pee?  I never saw a big boy go pee-pee."

"Me too, mommy!", asked her nine year old older sister.  "We only get to see Billy go pee-pee."

"No dear, I don't think little Paul would like it", answered the mother.

"O nonsense!" chimed in Aunt Carolynn.  "It would be perfectly ok.  Besides, Paul has nothing to hide.  Do you Paul?"

So with parental nods all around the four of us entered the stall.  The two little girls, and Beth, the "big" girl in charge.  The two little girls each stood on one side of the toilet bowl, and Beth stood against the back wall looking straight on at me as I faced the toilet.

Through the stalls in the concrete room everyone could hear Beth, younger than me, ordering me how to pee:  "Paul, pull the skin all the way back like mommy showed you before going tinkle.  Or else I'm going to get her."  I did as I was ordered.  The two little girls moved their faces almost to within inches of my wiener, and their eyes and their little mouths were wide open.  I strained, and soon I was able to start peeing.

The younger girl giggled and reached out, and Beth commanded, "Paul, let her hold it!"  I gave control of my wiener over to the little seven year old.  She smiled as she felt it.  And she made swirling motions with my pee-pee, and said,  "See, I can make circles, just like I do when I water the garden with the hose."

"Let me try, Becky", said the nine year old, as she reached over and took my pee-pee from her younger sister.  I was just about finished peeing as she got control of my little sausage, but that didn't stop her from holding it for awhile.  She felt the length of it up and down.  My wiener got more firm in her hand as all three watched in total silence. The nine year old then noticed the skin was tractable and started pulling it back and forth as a wide smile broke across her face.  And my pee-pee got big.  I was too embarrassed to care.  The girls stared in silence.

After a while she let it go, and Beth said, "Now don't think you're finished!  Keep trying to go, to make sure you get everything out.  You've already cost Aunty a lot of time at this rest stop.  Make sure we don't have to stop again.'

The girls went wide eyed as I flopped my pee-pee up and down and some drops came flinging out.  "Shake it some more", ordered Beth, "make sure there are no more drops!"  I shook it some more and when Beth was satisfied I pulled the skin back over the tip, but was still hard.

Beth led me out of the stall by the hand and all eyes were on one very red-faced and humiliated boy with everything he had very erect and on full display for a roomful of women and girls.  Indeed, my entire body was blushing.  And worst of all, because I was blushing all over, my freshly powdered erect pee-pee was super highlighted.  I glanced at the faces in the room, and not one pair of eyes met mine.  They all were focused on my little bobbing boner.

Aunty was waiting, and noticed my pee-pee sticking up.  "Look at you!  In a public place.  Shame on you.  It's a good thing we stopped at the mall and picked up a few items, Paul, or else you would have to ride home jaybird naked in that awful condition.  Beth, while you were in the stall with Paul I went to the car and got your bag."

Beth pleaded, "No mommy, don't let Paul wear my new panties!"  The crowd was greatly amused.

Aunty pacified Beth by telling her that modern laundry techniques do indeed remove all traces of a boy's ickiness, and that as a reward for letting me borrow her panties to wear on the way home, I would have to do her house chores for the rest of the week.

As Aunty had me step into the flower patterned pink panties, that were skin tight and revealed me in a way that was somehow more obscene than my outright nudity, I was at least grateful to be getting out of there.  But then Aunty noted, "O dear, these panties are a little tight on you.  I don't want you getting chafed."

With that she led me to the changing table and approached a young girl of sixteen who was changing her little cousin, and asked, "Pardon me Miss, but would you mind sprinkling a little more powder into little Paul's panties.  They are all he has to wear and I don't want him getting chafed."

"I would be happy to", replied the young mother in training.  And with that Aunt Carolynn pulled the front of my panties away from my belly and told her to sprinkle in my panties.

Pulling the waist band of my panties away from my body, my little erect wiener was aiming straight up, and the young woman was looking right at my eleven year old pee-slit.  "Yes, sprinkle lots all over.  It will soothe little Paul.",  Aunty said.  The young woman sprinkled lots and it covered my pee-pee and turned it white.  Aunty then pulled my panties away from my body all around my waist as the young woman continued to sprinkle lots of baby powder into my panties.

Thanking the girl, Aunty led us out of the girl's restroom.  As we made our way back to the car, cars entering and leaving the rest area were tooting their horns at the sight of me in my tight panties.  And little Beth was gleefully skipping circles around us as we made our way back to the car.

In the backseat of the car I sat between Beth and Susan for the trip home.  My wiener was plainly visibly through the tight panties.  But my pride was nowhere to be seen.

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