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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Return to the Nest


Ricky had lost everything.  The divorce was messy and she had a super lawyer and lots of pictures.  She got everything – literally – and he got nothing but screwed.  He also lost his job because he was working in her family's business.  So at thirty-three everything he had fit into a suitcase plus what he was wearing.  He did not know what he would do.  The little town he was in offered nothing and was hostile to boot.

He didn't have enough money for another week at the rundown boarding house and if he did it would be pointless to stay.  He returned to the boarding house where, at least, he could stuff himself on the lousy food they served.  In the morning after breakfast he got a bus back home.  He was sure his father would let him stay until he could find a job.

Ricky was broke, tired and hungry after a long day on the bus without food.  He didn't get a joyous welcome but at least he could stay.  At dinner he met his new stepmother.  Gladys was a young, pretty woman of only nineteen but imposing.  He did not dare to say how inappropriate he thought that such a young woman was for his fifty-eight-year-old father.  He could see that his dad had googly eyes for her.  She said to call her 'mom' and his father supported that idea.  It certainly felt strange calling a woman not much more than half his age that, but he did not have a choice.

Ricky was surprised that the house was just about the same as when he lived there through high school.  "There really wasn't any reason to renovate." explained his father and said he should use the room he grew up in which still had the posters he had put up as a youth.  Ricky, however, was definitely thankful for a bed and a roof.

After dinner Ricky was told to clear the table and load the dishwasher by his young stepmom.  He was surprised and didn't move his ass until his father told him that "Everyone must contribute and you must mind your mother."© YLeeCoyote

"Ricky you've best get to doing as you are told.  I wouldn't want to have to spank you for disobedience on your very first day back home." she said.  Ricky looked at her clearly puzzled.  "Yes, boy, SPANKED.  Don't forget that you are my stepson now.  I have lot of experience dealing with my brothers as I've been spanking them since I was twelve.  You aren't any different and naughty boys get spanked."

As he did this chore, he recalled how often his father had said "While you live under my roof you must follow my rules."  He was also reminded how his father had disapproved of his marriage.  "I told you that woman was no good and I guess that you believe me now, boy."

Ricky was also reminded of many more things when he put his merger belongings in the closet next to his old high school clothes.  On the inside of the door were three potent reminders.  In the middle was a frame with a glass covering the rules he had to live by and it even specified some of the punishments violations earned.  The hard wood paddle that he had made in high school shop class with his name burnt deep just like it had burnt his ass deeply when his father had used it on his tail hung to its right.  The heavy leather strap that had also seared his butt many times hung on its own hook on the left.  He recalled that he could never decide which was more painful.  He could not help but to fondle both items as he read the rules again for the first time in more than a decade.  They brought back many unpleasant memories.

Later, it felt strange being in a single bed after years of sleeping in a wide bed.  It was not pleasant recalling the many times he had bent over it presenting his butt either for the paddle or the strap.  He wished that his life had taken a different trajectory and that he was not under his strict, uncompromising father's roof but he had nowhere else to go.  Eventually he slipped into a troubled sleep and dreamt of the unpleasant past.

It was a few days after his fourteenth birthday not that his parents had made it a special day.  The note from school was not going to be received well at all as it reported that he had both failed a math test and neglected to turn in three homework assignments for the same class.  It strongly implied that 'parental corrective action' be taken and had to be returned with a parental signature.

It was not any surprise that his father was furious.  It would be his first time with the strap.  Ricky stripped as required and stood naked in the middle of the family room while his father lectured him for what seemed to be an eternity.  He was sent to fetch the heavy leather strap and the punishment book.  Once the dreaded strap was in his father's hands, he lay over the end of the couch.  The strap finished up the conversation with fourteen hard cuts on his virgin ass.

Ricky managed to keep quiet for the first painful cut which left an angry red stripe across his bottom.  The second cut provoked a yelp and after that he screamed for each painful cut to his father's delight.  Once the tearful boy was standing again he realized that his mother was also there and seeing his nakedness.  She scoffed at his attempts to cover up.  "Boy, I've been seeing you since you were a baby and changing your diapers.  You don't have anything to hide from me."

After a short time, he was sent to bed quite sorry that he had failed as he was suffering for it.  He did agreed with his mother that he was no longer a baby.  Of course, he forgotten that she also spanked him naked.

Ricky quickly learnt that his father was most serious about his following the exact same rules with the exact same consequences for failure that he knew from when he was in high school now that he had returned to his childhood home a failure in life.  Additionally, he was expected to seriously search for a job on a daily basis.

It was only three days latter that his father asked about his job hunting efforts.  Ricky's answers were far from satisfactory and after dinner he was ordered to fetch the paddle and the punishment book.  Like years before, he was soon starkers in the family room and being lectured like a child.  He was glad that his stepmom was busy in the kitchen and not watching.

Then the too long lecture was over too soon and he was ordered to assume the position.  The heavy, dense paddle quickly connected violently with his butt.  Ricky howled in pain.  It was a struggle to remain in position but he knew the heavy price he would have pay if he moved.  Over and over the paddle kissed his increasingly tender seat.  Then, mercifully, it was over.  Well, except the fire his dad had ignited there which would smother for days as a powerful reminder.

With teary eyes, he added an entry into the punishment book just like when he was a kid.  It was only then that he noticed Gladys was watching.  He did his best to cover up.  "No need to hide your little thingy, Ricky.  You are not any different from my brothers who I've seen naked for their spankings since I was little girl.  I expect to spank you, just as I've spanked them both, should you deserve it."  He retreated to his room after collecting his clothes, the punishment book and the paddle as fast as he could.

A couple of days later his stepmom walked into his room without knocking.  He complained but got a snappy "A boy doesn't have anything to hide from his mother." which did not please him at all.  Then she continued "I told you to clean up this mess days ago.  I see that I need to tell you on your bottom rather than on your top."  Ricky was puzzled.  She quickly pulled his T-shirt off and opened his belt and pants.  Then she sat down on the bed and easily yanked his pants and undies down to his ankles.  She continue to show her expert spanking skills as she pulled him over her lap.  It all happed so fast that his head was spinning.

He protested that she could not spank him.  That was totally useless.  "I guess that I have to remind you of the rule about keeping your room neat and that you had been spanked a couple of dozen times in the past for failing to do so you're not just a repeat but a habitual offender.  Remember, I've already seen your little worm and have spanked my brothers many times so there is no need to be shy." she admonished him.

He was not prepared for the sting of the hairbrush which he had not noticed her carrying so he was expecting her to use her hand.  Not only was the brush made of heavy, hardwood but she was strong and the contact area was a lot less than the paddle so it really stung.  Over and over she raised the traditional mothers' implement used on boys with great success.  It was most effective in her hand and she kept at it a long time.  He was crying as he filled in the punishment book having totally forgotten about his nakedness.

At dinner she told his dad who wholeheartedly approved of the spanking and suggested that he keep his room neat and tend to his other chores just as he had done each time his biomom had spanked him for any such lapses .

"Yes Sir." he said now realizing that everything was like he was still in high school except that his stepmom was much younger and stronger than his biomom and wielded a meaner hairbrush.  Overall things were terrible, as his prospects were worse than back then.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 10, 2019

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