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It was truly a chance meeting.  They had not seen each other for almost a decade but they knew each other instantly.  "Leatherby; Harry Leatherby, if I'm not mistaken." said the younger man.

"You are quite correct…" said the older man as he looked at the first, "Ravensdale; Charlie Ravensdale.  What are you doing here?"

They immediately started to talk to explain what in each their lives had brought them to this little hotel in the Scottish Borders without even a telly capable of showing BBC1.  Ravensdale had just completed his degree – with honours – at Uni and was exhausted.  Both his parents and doctor had sent him to this isolated hotel which was as much a sanatorium as a hotel for total rest.  None of those youthful excesses until he had some real rest after all those tough exams that were the culmination of years of intense study.  Leatherby was also there but to escape but from the impossible dog-eat-dog financial world.

The appropriate congratulations were given and then they turned to talk about their shared lives.  It was for just one short year at Lerwick (a well respected but minor public school).  Ravensdale had been fourteen and had transferred in because his family had moved back to the UK from the 'colonies'.  Leatherby had been the Head Prefect for that year and had taken the new boy under his cane, his wing and his protection.

The first two months were very hard on Ravensdale's bum for it was dusted by Leatherby's cane more than a dozen times.  Leatherby would have done it more often except that the rules of the school required a waiting period between canings.  They were both proud and stubborn.  Somehow these frequent canings lead to Leatherby taking the younger boy under his wing.  Instead of just caning him, Leatherby began to tutor the new boy in the ways of the school, life and even sex.  Almost any other lad would have faced problems for being a poof but Ravensdale was too aggressive for anyone to think, much less suggest, that he bent over for anything but Leatherby's cane.© YLeeCoyote

They happily talked for many hours that first day; reminiscing about the time that they had shared.  "I'm very grateful for what you did.  You beat me into submission and then made me better than before.  It took two months but once I yielded to you, I became totally obedient – more so than you realized.  I would never have achieved the honours' degree if not for you."  Leatherby looked puzzled, so Ravensdale explained.

"Our last time together was your last day at Lerwick.  I did not have a perfect term report as you had commanded so you caned me.  I dropped my shorts and pants and bent over your desk and you gave me six of your very best."  Leatherby was smiling.  "You rogered me for the last time even making me come.  Then, while you were still in me, still hard after blasting your first load into me, you commanded me to work hard and achieve a degree with honours.  And then you rogered me until you came again.  I respectfully submit that I've done as you commanded.  Thank you very much."

"Surely there were others that helped you?"

"No, Sir.  Your successors at Lerwick were wimps!  They couldn't have caned their way out of a paper sack.  And if they had even opened their trousers with me bent over I would have busted their nuts, had them up on charges and they knew it.  They didn't use the cane at Uni so it was just you.  There was one other thing.  I was young and naive and believed some stories that spunk in the arse would take over; making me your slave."

Even though they were sitting on the lawn, they were interrupted by the innkeeper wanting to know if they wanted drinks or tea.  He was surprised to find that they were schoolmates.  "Leatherby was the Head when I started at Lerwick." explained Ravensdale.

"Then will ye be wanting to share a table for dinner?"  They both said yes and then ordered their whiskies.  "I'll send it with the lazy boy shortly, gentlemen.  I would cane him but my arthritis prevents that."  The innkeeper started to walk away but turned back to ask:  "Would it be an imposition to ask if you could do it, Sir, seeing that you're experienced?"

"Not at all.  The laddie should not be deprived of his due." said Leatherby with a smile.

A few minutes later, the lad arrived with their drinks, two canes (junior and senior) and a sealed note.  "Mr. McQuire said to wait to see if you had an answer." explained the lad not suspecting what was about to happen for he had been given a tall tale about the canes.

The envelope contained a note for the lad.

You have been very sloppy and Mr. Leatherby will cane you in my stead.  Drop your trousers and bend over when he tells you or you'll be on your way home this evening.

He turned pale as he read it.  He could ill afford to be turned out and have to return to his widowed mother with neither a job nor prospects.

"OK laddie," said Leatherby, "get into position."  Slowly the lad obeyed.  Leatherby flexed the junior cane and gave a practice stroke.  It made a very satisfactory swish as it cut through the cool mountain air.  He raised the cane once again although this time it cut into the laddie's bum.  He tried to stifle the yelp but he could not, although he stayed in position.  The next two cuts landed above and below the first respectively.  "Get up, laddie.  I'll discuss your behaviour with McQuire tomorrow.  I suggest that you do as he requires."

"Auch, Sir, that really hurts."

"He's the very best, laddie.  He was the head prefect when I was your age and often dusted my bum." said Ravensdale.

The lad ran off as soon as he was directed.

"You haven't lost any of your prowess with that cane, Leatherby."

"I think that this one" (picking up the senior cane) "is more appropriate for you."

"Aye; you always did know best."

They slowly finished their drinks in silence each contemplating what was to come.

"Let's take a little walk, Ravensdale, you need to see more of this place."  The two walked for a few minutes and were in a small glen which afforded sufficient privacy.  "I've often thought of you, Ravensdale.  Do take off your jacket, drop your trousers and get into position." ordered Leatherby as he removed his own jacket.  "We've waited a long time for this."

The younger man did as he was told.  As he bent over, his cock was rock hard with anticipation.  Leatherby was also hard as he got into position.  He made sure of his position, raised the cane and brought it down dead centre across the middle of the target.  "One, Sir."  The process was repeated for four more cuts – each perfectly parallel and evenly spaced.  "Five, Sir."  Leatherby contemplated the target for a bit before delivering the last cut neatly barring the gate.  "Six, Sir."  Ravensdale knew not to move until he was given permission.

Leatherby dropped the cane and quickly opened his own trousers and freed his hard cock.  He spat into his hand to provide some lubrication as he advanced to his target.  He knew that Ravensdale would not move as he moved into position and pressed forward.  The young man yielded, as he always did, and Leatherby  pushed in as far as he could go.  It felt as wonderful as it had the very first time when he had taken him.  All this added greatly to the pleasure of this fuck which he drew out as long as he could.  Ravensdale was also delighted with the situation.  Leatherby knew how to take control of him and make him like, nay, love it.  He came just as he had often that first year at Lerwick.

Later, at dinner, they made plans for when they would return to the real world.  Charlie would move in with Harry who would help him get a position.  As they sipped their chosen single malts in a quiet corner, Harry explained that the story about the effect of spunk in your arse is not a fairy tale at all but true.  "Charlie, you been mine since you were fourteen and I'm not going to let you get away from me again." said Harry emphatically.

Charlie looked at him with big puppy eyes.  "Yes Harry.  I'd like that a lot."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 20, 2007

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