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The following story is fiction about some young adult males regressing to be little naughty boys for some play.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and male nudity.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Reunion Fallback


The six of them knew each other since they were in grade school and now they had all just graduated from college.  They decided to go to spend sometime together at the lakeside summer cottage owned by Ruby's family.  Now that they were adults, they could stay without parental supervision.  They went a couple of days before the holiday when a couple of sets of parents would show up and they would have show how adult they were.

None of them had anticipated what would happen.  Sure some things were a given such going swimming, having a BBQ and talking about old times.  Things went further than that, however, for talk turned to activities that none of them had expected.  They were four guys – Rick (23), Fred (22), Ted (22) and Paulie (21) – and two gals – Lara (22) and Ruby (22).  As was common when old friends get-together the talk of the new was brief and they started to relive old times for the great camaraderie of the past.

There was, however, something new now – alcohol.  When they were kids all they drank was soda and they couldn't even use pot in any of their houses.  They wished that they could have had booze back then and that talk lead to various chugalugging rounds which quickly got everyone at least high if not truly tipsy.

It just sort just of happened when they were playing poker for swats like they did a decade earlier.  The bet, like when they were kids, was that everyone whacked those that he or she beat for each hand.  It only took four hands before the guys stopped pulling up their trousers as it was too much trouble and wasted a lot of time.  Without saying, they all knew that underwear sufficed for modesty sake.

Although the participants had not actually noticed, there were definitely some better poker players because of more experience, better concentration or just less intoxication.© YLeeCoyote

Initially, everyone got treated the same.  Once the ranking for each hand was decided they all got up and the second highest bent over the end of the big couch and got a swat from the winner.  Next the third place player got it in the same way from the first two.  This continued until the loser was bent over and the other five took great delight in delivering good hard whacks.  This had the interesting side effect of distracting the person from the next hand because of the residual sting in the seat encouraging even more poor play and repeating the cycle.

The third time that Paulie was the loser, Lara yanked down his tightie-whites completely rather then just in the back as happened to all the males.  Somehow, even in this modern age of gender equality the females were afforded greater protection of their modesty.  It was something that she did whenever she had the opportunity for her favorite sport since she was a tween was spanking a male.  This was not really a new experience for Paulie since that had happened several times before as Lara was really into spanking and made the most of every opportunity.

Paulie had a problem ever since he was in middle school and that was the underwear he wore.  His mother insisted that he continue with plain white generic briefs even though EVERYONE ELSE he knew was had moved onto boxers, boxer briefs or some other designer style.  He found this was embarrassing just like shorts used to be on British school boys once they were fourteen-years-old.  "You wear these until you mature, young man and not another word or you'll be spanked." she said.  That turned out to be when he was in college.

Once his undies were down everyone could see that he had hardly grown and that he was still bald.  He explained that he really did have hair but his girlfriend insisted on keeping him hairless and in tightie-whities as she liked the little boy look.  It wasn't until later that he realized that he said too much using the word 'little' as it gave others ideas.  It did not help at all as he was still teased as years before.  Even worse, Ruby insisted that he did have any need for any sort of underpants since little hairless boys don't need to be modest.

The game continued and the other three guys lost their boxers or boxer briefs in the same way.  Their pink butts were very admired and, as in the past, so was their manly development.  The girls remembered way back to when the boys were often naked in the summer to play in the sprinkler or to swim both in the private pool or at the beach here by the lake although they wore swimsuits.

Paulie lost once again before these ideas could be developed further.  The winner was Lara and she pulled him over her lap as she sat on the couch rather than let him bend over the end.  "I'm sure that you remember that you been over my lap before, Paulie." she taunted.  Indeed he did for throughout highschool she had gotten him over her lap, just as with several other boys including her big brother Rick.  It was a quite familiar feeling when she rubbed his red bottom like she had when she had really spanked him back then.  His mind spun as he recalled the past horrors with mixed emotions.

Lara then called on each of the others to give Paulie the penally spanks for losing.  They really hit him hard and then she gave him several and causing him to yell from the pain.  The rules were changed by her action and after that any losing boy went over the winning girl's lap for a similar treatment.  They were all high enough that it seemed like just good fun.

Somehow the conversation got back to how the boys used to run about naked in the summer without any worries that their little hairless peepees were on exhibit.  The two girls recalled with great fondness how they loved watching that especially when they matured some.  They also boasted about routinely seeing little boys that they were babysitting naked.  "It's no big deal for that's what mothers and mothers-to-be do." they added quoting the old canard.

"It would be fun to be 'babysitting' you little boys tomorrow which is going to be scorcher.  Having you run about naked like you used to but this time with us in charge rather than some other girls or your moms."

The guys looked at each other and then stumbled on the idea THAT WOULD BE FUN.  They agreed that they would be little boys for the day.

Ruby made an observation – they are too hairy to be proper little boys and Lara quickly agreed that they should lose their pubes.  Again the buzz they were feeling let Fred and Ted go fetch their razors while Lara got her electric trimmer that could deal with wild male bushes like it dealt with her own.  With all sorts of nice cooing at them, Ted and Fred lay down and Lara easily clear cut the two offensive forests in a blink of an eye.  While she moved onto Fred, Ruby used Ted's own razor to remove the stubble.  A few minutes later both were laughing at how they sorta looked like kids again although with larger peepees.

Everyone was encouraging Rick to join in but he objected.  Finally his sister went into the command mode that she started to develop as a tween and perfected as a teen.  Although it had been years since she used it on him it was still effective.  To everyone else's surprise, suddenly Rick was over Lara's lap and she was spanking away hard.  Ruby handed her the hairbrush that was in her now very handy toilet kit.  Ten hard blows quickly drove Rick back into a place he thought he had escaped from – total submission to his kid sister while his butt was bright red and on fire.  A few minutes later the clipper and a razor had done their work and he was as much of a little boy with a bald crotch as the other three guys.

They were set for tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was midmorning when the two 'babysitters' went to wake the late sleeping 'little' boys.  A couple were under sheets but all were naked.  Of course, they paused to admire the babies' morning wood.  Initially they were surprised and tried to cover up but got spanks for their efforts.  "You ain't got anything we have seen before so stop fussing and come have breakfast.  You don't want to sleep this beautiful day away."

Soon they recalled what the plan for the day was – they would be little boys and the girls their babysitters.  And since it was a super hot day, they would not dress and certainly skinny dip.  They were reminded of the arrangement since they were all now bald down below.  If there were any doubts, they each kept silent so as not to be seen as wimping out.  The girls were wearing skimpy sundresses (over their swimsuits) so as to maintain their image as the responsible adults in charge.

The girls made a proper breakfast and then after making sure each of their charges brushed his teeth properly took them outside.  They had to wait a while before swimming so they played beach volleyball which was perfect for a two-on-two game.  The girls enjoyed watching how things bounced and flopped about.

Ted was the first to get into trouble.  He disagreed with a call and kicked the ball into the woods in anger.  When he returned from fetching it, he learnt how bad his display of temper was.  He got a symbolic lecture from Ruby about behaving properly and then the serious part.  She sat on the bench and pulled him over her lap.  "The penalty for a temper tantrum is a SPANKING, boy."

Immediately, she commenced to spank with her hand.  After a few hand spanks, Lara handed her a flip-flop and she used it most effectively.  Each WHACK of the rubber-like paddle made a stinging impression.  To his surprise, Ted knew he was really being spanked and yelled while even begging her to stop.  Of course, Ruby continued until his bottom was bright red.

The other boys naturally watched.  They found it much more pleasurable than the actual spankee did as you would expect.  There were even indications that there was erotic interest.  They resumed playing ball but everybody kept control.  Actually Lara was sorry but she was certain that she would get her turn soon.

Everyone was happy to get into the cool water especially Ted with his flaming red tail.

* * * * * * * * * *

After lunch although it was not consciously realized by the participants everyone felt that the situation – naked little boys and dressed girls in charge – was normal and they were all comfortable.  Things pretty much repeated like in the morning with games and swimming which was fun for all.  But there was a wild card that appeared.

There were other houses by the lake and some were also occupied.  Derick who knew Ruby from previous summers saw that her house was occupied and decided to visit. His buddy Jake was with him and they had both just graduated from high school where they were top athletes in wresting and football.  They were both big strong men of eighteen who were at their physical prime with large hard muscles and showing other physical characteristic of body hair and well-packed speedos of potent adult males.

As they neared Ruby's place they could see that there were a batch of people there.  They were almost there when Rick and Fred got into a disagreement which escalated into a boys' playground fight.  The naughty pair were rolling on the ground with the girls trying to separate them when Derick and Jake arrived on the scene.  They saw how the girls were failing to separate two naked fighting boys and immediately decided to intervene.

They probably could have just pulled the two apart but Jake spotted a bucket by the shore, easily filled it and dumped the cold lake water on the fighting pair.  The shock stopped the fight and the strong youths pulled the pair apart and held them.  After introductions and explanations of the day's special setup things proceeded with the girls lecturing the misbehaving pair harshly for what they had done and saying that they were going to be spanked.

"Would you like us to deal with these two brats for you, ladies?" asked Derick with a big grin.

The girls smiled.  "Yes, please do.  They have been most naughty boys."  The two visitors did not need any more encouragement and immediately went into action.  They frogmarched the pair over to the benches where they both sat down and each pulled his naughty boy over his lap.  The pair were really shrugging but they were easily overpowered by the very strong athletes who were experienced fighters.  It was very much like two men with their naked little sons over their laps who were totally under control and very unhappy with the situation.

That, however, was just the beginning for then the spanking started.  The youths did not hold back for those were not little boys over their laps but were actually fully grown males and not so fragile even though they were not in as good as condition as the younger athletes.  It was quite a shock to both Rick and Fred as they received the first spanks from Derick and Jake respectively.  They immediately felt like they did when they were over their father laps half a life time ago.  They yelled in pain.  That did not stop the spanking but just encouraged the youths to spank more and faster for they enjoyed the cries.  Everyone but the two spankees found the situation entertaining particularly the girls having the dual pleasure of watching two alpha studs turn two little boys' bottoms bright red.

They had a quiet dinner and relatively early the babysitters put their naked little charges to bed.  Paulie needed a bit of encouragement so Lara provided it on the spot with her own flip-flop.  A quick half dozen whacks, encouraged the naughty boy to obey as he should.  The stinging in his bottom kept him on his stomach for the night.

The girls discussed how much fun the get-together was because they got to control, spank and keep the guys naked.  They also talked of the two hyper masculine hunks who had dropped by who were terribly sexy and who surely would not submit to any spankings like their childhood friends had.  "They would probably just turn us over their laps and spank us if we tried." mused Lara.

Ruby agreed and added "They are men, not boys, like those we grew up with."

In the morning after the boys had dressed and left, Ruby called Derek and invited him and Jake to come by for a bite and more.  He and his buddy agreed since the little boys were gone.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 15, 2019

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