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The following story is fiction about a boy getting revenge on his bulling neighbor.  The story contains scenes of spanking and surreptitiously administered drugs.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Is it necessary to mention that the "medical information" is also fantasy?

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Sweet and Sour
Revenge Is Sweet


It was another one of those days that Percy hated.  Even though he was twelve and a year ahead in school, his overprotective mom did not want him staying alone for the couple of hours after school and before she got home from her weekly shopping in the city.  For reasons that he could not understand just like when he was younger, she wanted him to be watched by their neighbor, Spike.  Spike was a complete and total dork as far as Percy was concerned.  He was more than two years older but because he had started a year late and had been left back a year he was in the same grade at school.  That made him the oldest and biggest kid in the class.  That would have been alright except for one thing – Spike was also a bully.

One hundred percent of the girls in the class would not even speak with him and neither would most of the boys.  The boys had learnt that the best response to his bulling was to ignore it as much as possible except when it involved physical aggression in which case it was best to be elsewhere.

Percy had a special problem.  Spike abused his authority as a [baby]sitter.  It started when Percy was about ten.  Spike would complain about some trivial matter and insist that the penalty was a spanking.  At first it was just a few spanks on his jeans while over Spike's lap.  They were not so hard and really did not hurt so it was just one of those unpleasant and unfair things of life.  After a few months, things progressed and Spike began to take Percy's pants down before the spanking.  Also, because he was getting bigger and the spankings were now on his bare ass, they hurt a lot more.

It was when Percy was eleven and Spike was thirteen that another element was added.  Spike had started puberty so he was ridiculing Percy's lack of development.  "You're just a little hairless boy." he would taunt.  "Look at my big bush." he would add and drop his jeans to exhibit his merger growth.  "Little hairless boys get spanked by men with hair like me."  Of course he was talking of himself since he had a few hairs above his penis.

"You're two years older, Spike.  I'll catch up with you soon." Percy told him but that just annoyed Spike who spanked him harder the next time as punishment for being uppity.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Percy was really a very smart lad and would chat with the "detail men" who came to promote their company's new drugs to his physician father.  The surgery was attached to the house and they came before office hours to avoid waiting.  Occasionally (as directed by his mother), he would tell them that his father was on a case at the hospital and that they should not wait.  They would usually leave a batch of samples and literature which Percy would dutifully place on his father's desk.  Percy was very well equipped with pens, pads and advertising doodads of varying usefulness as a result of these chats.

One day Percy's eyes opened wide when he saw what was in the mix – several packages of ReStart™.  A new drug which had been in the headlines the previous week.  ReStart™ was a drug to be given to boys who started puberty too early to stop and/or reverse their premature development.  This time he just did not just put the stuff on his dad's desk but also looked closely at the materials.  One pill every three to six months was the recommended dose for boys under eleven just on the cusp.  If things had progressed somewhat or the boy was older, then a pill a week for a month and then monthly.

For the very first time in his life, Percy stole.  He took one folder of a dozen pills.  He was certain that his father would never miss what he had never seen and assume that only four folders had been left.  After telling his mother that the detail man had departed, he went to his room to study his treasure.  He was delighted to see that it was a small tablet and it could be dispensed after crushing and mixed (even surreptitiously) in either milk or soda.  Percy was not concerned with the possible side effects.

It was super easy to slip Spike a glass of milk spiked with the drug just as a bartender slips a Mickey Finn to a victim in a waterfront dive.  To reduce the possibility of any noticeable strange taste, he added the crushed power when he mixed the chocolate syrup in.  By the time the fourth week had come, Percy was beginning to notice some changes.  Spike was a bit less forceful and less bullying.  A week later, Percy had decided to push Spike and asked to see his "big bush" because his own had grown and he doubted that Spike was more of a man than he was.  Spike refused saying that he had shown it before and it was just the same.  Percy realized that just as the literature had promised, Spike's pubes must have fallen out leaving him bald.  He bided his time for another week.

The next week he jumped Spike when he was in the bathroom and caught him with his pants down.  That Spike's crotch was hairless was most evident and Percy even thought that his tormentor's penis was smaller than it had been a when he had last seen it.  Percy was delighted that ReStart™ was most effective.

Percy accused Spike of lying that he was man rather than still a boy.  "No wonder you have been afraid to show me your bush because it is non-existent.  You have been lying.  And a hairless little boy who lies gets SPANKED."  To use another ancient cliché, Spike was hosted on his own petard.  There was not anyway to deny the evident truth.  The threat of exposure caused Spike to submit to Percy's demands.

Soon, Percy was greatly enjoying lecturing Spike for his lying while anticipating the spanking he would soon be administering.  Percy took his time to remove Spike's clothes to be able to savor the pleasure of turning the tables on his tormentor.  Spike was soon completely naked and standing in front of Percy.  Just to indelibly impress their revised relationship, as they stood in front of a mirror, Percy lowered his own jeans and underwear so that his bush and Spike's baldness were well contrasted.

Percy sat on the couch and pulled Spike over his lap so much of his weight was supported by the couch.  Then he joyfully rubbed the target bottom before raising his hand high up and delivering two hard SPANKS, one to each check.  He then paused to enjoy his hand prints form in red.  Now it was time for the real spanking to begin.  Percy picked up the old hairbrush and hefted it to once again assess its weight before roasting Spike's tail with it.  It was a most effective implement and soon Spike was yelling in pain as his little boy bottom turned fiery red.  Percy was most delighted that Spike was crying before he was finished.

It was after Spike had recovered from the spanking that he confided his puzzlement to Percy.  "You know that I had pubes just a month ago.  Why have they disappeared?"

"I think I know.  Last month one of Dad's medical journals had an article on false puberty.  I noticed it on the cover.  It's rare condition where a kid seems to start puberty but then stops and then is like he never started." lied Percy.  "I looked at the article and they said it rarely lasts more than a year.  You just have to be patient, Spike."

Spike looked very sad and unhappy which delighted Percy immensely.  "I won't tell, but I will spank you whenever you are a naughty little boy."  He paused.  "Remember that I'm a MAN with pubes now and you're just a hairless little boy."  Percy felt really great that he could use Spike's own words back at him.

Hear what Spike thinks by Steam Train

© Copyright A.I.L. June 23, 2011

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