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The following story is fiction about CP in public.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this story by the image which I found in several places on the web without attribution and a mis-spelt sign which I changed.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Whipping Post
Revenge Is a Two Edged Sword


Yeah, that's me on the right in that picture that been all over school for days.  And it does not tell half of the story for by the time I was released my tail out shone the sun itself.  But I'll better start at the beginning.

It was early this morning when I was headed to the park to watch my little cousin play some early morning kiddy league ball game.

That's right I was free then unlike Ryan who had been caught messing up on Saturday night.  He was right there where the picture shows me.  To put it mildly we don't like each other so I didn't waste any time before grabbing the strop that was hanging so conveniently on the pole and following the direction on the sign

Public Punishment

Do your civic duty
and take the strop
to these delinquents

I had known that he should be thoroughly thrashed for a long time and here was the opportunity.  My delightful opportunity.© YLeeCoyote

Ryan's butt was barely pink at the time and I was going to correct that oversight immediately.  I made sure to give him a great big smile before I started.  I even laughed a little before raising my arm and bringing the strop down hard-on his worthless ass.  The WHACK was the sweetest music to my ears that I had ever heard.  I stood there for more than a minute admiring the increased redness from my cut on Ryan's tail and savoring the idea of the pain flooding his body.

It was only then that I gave him the second whack.  This was even more satisfying because he grunted a bit from the pain.  It sure made me feel good that he was getting his due especially from me.  Revenge is sweet indeed.

It was a great feeling.  I sure felt powerful punishing my enemy.  I raised the strop again and aimed low hoping to get the sensitive crease where butt and thigh meet.  I was successful and Ryan gave a yell to wake the dead.  My hard-on got even harder.

I stood there grinning where he could watch me seeing the pain in his face and the fear in his eyes.  I got into position and raised the strop for the fourth cut when out of the blue came a police officer who stopped me.  Worse, he arrested me.  I was puzzled and he explained that I had broken the rules and pointed to another sign with the rules including "You are limited to two strokes."  I could see that Ryan was smiling through his pain.  He knew what was going to happen although I did not.

As the cop held me he explained that breaking the rules automatically caused one to replace the target.  Ryan having been released by the second officer on duty was already slipping on his clothes.

"Thanks a lot, Myles.  I really appreciate what you done for me." Ryan said cheerfully as I was being stripped.  Once my clothes were in a bag, they bound my wrists and hooked me to the pole in his place.  I was in shock.  I was to serve the rest of Ryan's time which was two hours.  I barely comprehend this when the officer handed him the strop and said: "You are permitted four strokes as that was what he was up to."

As Ryan took his sweet time as my hard-on wilted.  I could see the hate in his eyes as he raised that evil strop to return the strokes I had given him.  WHACK!  The pain was intense and I yelled.  The second one was worse for it was directly on top of the first and I had not absorbed the pain of the first.  I was now experiencing what I had inflected on Ryan.

Ryan shifted the strop to his left hand and went to the other side of me.  The third cut was very hard as he is a lefty.  The fourth left me in tears.  The two officers disappeared leaving me to suffer with the other guy who I did not know.  I already feared what the next two hours would bring.

It was hard to estimate the time but Ryan returned with two friends.  I heard him tell them: "Myles here did me a great favor by volunteering to take my place.  Now you would be doing me a favor if you thanked him properly."

The first of his friends came close and took the strop from the pole.  He carefully found his place and gave me a hard cut.  It hurt like the blazes.  I yelled and they laughed.  His second cut which I did not see coming made me scream and start to cry again.  My butt was on fire.

I couldn't see well with tears filling my eyes so the first cut from Ryan's second friend was a surprise.  A most painful surprise and I saw stars.  I hadn't had time to recover when the second blow struck leaving me quite the wreak.  They left me to suffer alone for the other guy had been released.  "What a crybaby." one of them said to add to my humiliation.

Time crept slowly as I hung in agony.  A few others gave me a few more cuts.  Among them two guys and I heard one say "Just like Ryan said.  This will be fun."  The guy took the strop and I can asure you that it definitely was not fun for me.  And then the other had a turn driving my pain level way up.

After hours I was released.  I was in great pain.  I rushed, as best as I could struggling with the pain, home after stopping at the drug store for some anti-pain cream and acetaminophen.  Some pills, some cream and an ice pack helped but little.  I was in pain for more than a week.  In school, Ryan managed to say "Thank you." to me every day for releasing him from the whipping post.

Revenge is sweet.  Revenge is hell!

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© Copyright A.I.L. February 3, 2020

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