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Revenge Served Hot is Yummy Too


Phil was absolutely furious at what had happened.  He been in his new school for only three weeks when that punk Benson lured him to the garage.  He had been expecting to join Benson's posse but they attacked him instead.  He was caught unawares by the deception.  It was totally uncalled for them to cut off his eight inch high Mohawk, destroy his carefully nurtured, torn-in-just-the-right-places jeans and paddle him to tears.  And then – to add insult to injury throw him out – without accepting him into the group.  Fortunately he still had his boxers to sneak home in.

There was another effect to this, however, which he kept quiet from all the others except his one and only buddy Karl.  He had actually grown a bit sick of the puck shit he been doing for over a year.  It did not help that his father was getting on his case about it more and more.  As his teen hormones drove his conflict with his father he could not change even though he wanted to.  Well, now he could without losing face and with a boost in his allowance.  But, in order to survive at school he would have to do something very soon or everyone would pick on him – probably for years.  But as it all happened on Friday, he had the weekend to plan his revenge.

He though about the problem long and hard.  Benson was not really a leader but a bully and bullies are inherently weak cowards.  A plan, a combat plan if you will, gradually developed and was finalized after scouting Benson's home territory.

Monday morning he was waiting for his enemy on his turf.  He approached him openly under the a cover of deference.  The ruse worked and a minute later he had Benson totally under his control with a choke hold and hammerlock.  He forced his captive into the wooded area of the park that was near the cul-de-sac on the adjacent street to where the bastard lived.  Once they got past the couple of houses it would be safe to get his revenge.  A hundred something meters into woods they would be alone.

As soon as they reached the clearing as he planed, he released Benson who immediately started to yell, rant and make vile threats.  "Quiet!" he roared, "All I want to hear from you is 'Yes, Sir!' and an apology.  Now down on your knees."  Benson practically went into shock.  He was being ordered about like a slave by an ferocious master who had already proven his physical superiority.  He was too scared even to think of running and started to babble like a baby.© YLeeCoyote

"Quiet!" snarled Phil.  "Down on your knees to apologize, boy."  Benson stood frozen.  Phil reached out and pushed him down to his knees.  Easily he then forced Benson's face into the rotting leaf litter covering the ground.

Low murmurings came from the cowed boy.  Perhaps he was saying "I'm sorry."  A foot on his back forced him down even more so that his face was pressing on Phil's other boot.  "Lick my boot, boy."  Benson hesitated and the heavy boot pressing on his back became heaver.  He complied with the order.  Phil glanced to the side and saw Karl with his video camera.  They traded thumbs up.  Things were going according to plan.  Perhaps even better.

Phil grabbed Benson's long hair and hauled him to his feet.  Then face-to-face he told him that he was going to pay big time for what he did Friday.  He held out a box cutter as he grabbed the collar of Benson's shirt.  He gave a small cut and yanked hard.  The shirt ripped all the way to the bottom.  A couple of more yanks and it was in tatters on the ground.  Benson's baggy cargos were the next to go.  Phil grabbed the waist band and pulled up and out.  The box cutter easily cut through and he ripped them the rest of the way.  A quick cut and the other leg yielded also.  The nice shiny boxers went next.  A single slash through the elastic waistband and they had no fight left.

Benson was standing – quivering – in just his boots and socks.  Phil smiled at him and pushed him back down on his knees and then pressed his face to his crotch – tented with the hardness of domination.  "I did not have time to jerk off this morn because I had to meet you.  You'll help me out now, won't you, boy?"  Benson remain frozen.  "Open my pants and take it out. One-eye is very anxious to meet you.  He been telling me that since he saw you last Friday."  Fearful of disobeying, Benson reached up and opened Phil's pants which slipped down.  Phil then pushed down his boxers.  One-eye and Benson were head to head.

"KISS HIM!" Phil commanded.  And Benson complied.  Then he ordered: "FRENCH KISS!"  Benson used his tongue and Phil grabbed his hair – the waist length hair that Benson was so proud of – and started to face fuck the cowed and terrified bully.  It did not take long for the dominant teen to fire his load.  Benson had no choice but to swallow as it was blasted down his gullet.

Phil led him over to the stump and made him sit.  All the time he stroked his hair.  "Benson, your hair is just like my girlfriend's back in my old home town.  It not good that you have hair like a girl's.  People will start thinking queer things about you.  I think that you need to cut it short.  I just happen to have a scissor for you to do it."  Phil took the scissor out of his bag and handled it to Benson.  "Start cutting…" he paused for effect "… or I'll yank it out."  Phil gave a little tug.

Benson was terrified.  He took the scissor and began to cut.  At first he left it fairly long like a page boy.  Phil could see the tears falling from his eyes as foot and a half lengths of hair fell to the ground.  Phil also noticed that he was hard.  Even in his fear he was excited sexually.  Of course, Phil was not satisfied and finished the job.  A few minutes latter Benson's head looked like he had a fight with an angry Edward Scissorhand.  His hair was short and very ragged.  "That so much better, boy.  You don't look like a girl now." purred Phil.  "I'm sure your parents will be most pleased."

"You look like a boy now.  But you're a very naughty boy.  And we all know what happens to naughty boys; don't we?"  Benson was silent.  Obviously more was to happen and he was scared.  Phil pulled him to his feet and sat on the stump.  "They get spanked, young man.  They get spanked and paddled.  They get spanked and paddled until their little bottoms are hot crimson red."  With this he pulled the naked boy over his lap.  He caressed and admired the soft buns before him.  This was going to be great fun.  Even more fun than wack-a-mole game at the arcade.

He brought his hand down hard.  Benson yelled and he repeated the action on the other cheek.  The yell was also repeated.  Phil spanked long and hard being driven by still fresh memories of the stuff that Benson and his buddies did to him last Friday.  Soon Benson's ass was crimson and fiery hot and he was bawling like a baby.  Phil and Karl exchanged smiles as the camcorder remembered all.

Eventually, Phil was satisfied and stopped spanking although the crying continued.  He pushed Benson off and he was lying on the ground.  His cock was still hard and jutting through his fly.  Taking a condom from his bag he rolled it on.  The real fun was about to start.  He lifted Benson's legs and knelt with them on his shoulders.  His steel-like shaft rammed its way into Benson's hole.  It felt good.  It was just not a simple fuck but a revenge fuck even though Benson and his buds had not done that to him.  In and out; in and out; in and out of the tight hole.  It was bliss.  He would have to do this more often.  Soon he shot his load into the condom.

He let Benson's legs down but kept him impaled.  The bully had stopped crying and Phil could see that he had shot his own load on to his chest.  He rubbed the cum into Benson's chest saying: "You enjoyed that, boy.  Don't worry we do it again."  The he reached into his bag and pulled out the mustache clipper he had gotten for this special event.  He grabbed Benson's cock and held it to the side and easily clipped his bush.  First one side and then the other.  He even did the few hairs that were to the side.  Soon Benson was pubeless as a ten year old; like the guys he tormented in the gym showers.

He withdrew and cleaned his cock on the rag that had been Benson's shirt.  Smiling, "It time to get to school, boy.  Don't want to be late and get a detention, do we?"

"I got to go home.  I'm naked." whined Benson.

"Get up, boy."  Phil commanded.  Benson slowly complied.  "Even though you just been spanked, you want to be a naughty boy and cut school.  I guess that you need another lesson, boy.  Lean over that stump."  Again Benson complied completely cowed by the young man he had wronged.

"Now let's see if you can count to six, boy.  Make a mistake and we start over."  Phil folded his belt in two and took a full swing at Benson's upturned butt.  It landed with a loud WHACK!!  And Benson yelped.  After fifteen seconds Phil gave him another cut.  Again a yell but no counts.

"I suggest that you start counting, boy."  He said giving him a third hard cut.

"Three." was the week response.

"No, boy.  You start at one." and he repeated the cut.


"NO!  With a sir." and he gave him another.

"One, sir."  Benson squealed.

Surprisingly he managed to get to six with any more errors but his butt was flaming red and sore deep down.  A couple of cuts had hit lower and left marks on his upper thighs.

"Time for school, boy."

"But I'm naked; I got to go home." pleaded Benson.

"No problem.  I have some extra clothes in my bag you can use."  He handed Benson a Baby Toons T-shirt that barely came down to his navel and some short-shorts which were very tight.  "PUT THEM ON, BOY.  YOU CAN'T GO AROUND NAKED."  That logic struck Benson as right.  It would be easier to sneak home in these baby clothes than naked.

"Now it's off to school, boy." said Phil putting his hand on Benson's neck and griping tightly.  "But I lost my bag.  I have to go find it."

"Is this it?" said Karl.  "Found it in the street, little boy."  Benson was crushed even more.

"You ought to thank Karl for bringing that to you, Benson.  I'll bet he'll appreciate a nice blow-job as a thank you."  He pushed Benson to his knees once again and Karl stepped into position.  He even opened his own jeans and let his hard cock pop out.

"Please…." begged Benson but to no avail.  Karl's shaft was shoved deep into his begging maw where it soon deposited a large load which flowed down join Phil's in Benson's stomach.

"Time for school." Phil announced cheerfully.  "I don't want my new PAL to miss any important classes.  You're my boy, now."  Benson begged to be allowed to go home but soon the three were entering school just in time for the first period.

Phil and Karl both made sure that Benson stayed in class where everyone noticed his mutilated hair – the hair that they knew he had been so proud of – and his strange, childish clothes.  His close buds, those that had helped Benson get Phil, realized that Phil had gotten even and kept their distance.  Everyone else wanted to know what it was all about but the three that knew were not talking.

It was only in the locker room at the start of the third period, that Benson realized the extent of the horror that was to come.  They were still in the swimming group and it was BA class.  Earlier he had thought that he could hide his pubeless crotch by being quick in the showers but no way through swim class.  And everyone knew that he had a big bush last week.

Phil observed just the reactions in the showers and by the pool he had hopped for.  Everyone knew Benson's propensity of scalping others against their will and realized that his hacked hair was surely revenge.  Now they saw the full extent of it – his bald pubes where he had sported a nice bush before and his bright crimson butt.  Since he had been tormenting others on their lack of pubes for more than two years, a lot of guys made pointed comments.  And he was trapped in swim class.  His pals avoided him as best as they could.

When Phil and Karl made sure that Benson kept with them at lunch everyone else knew that something was up.  It was then that Karl explained that he had gotten some great pictures this morning and that they were safely uploaded to a special website.  The location would be made public unless a certain hairless boy was a very, very good, obedient and non-bullying boy.  "You understand that boy?"

"Yes, sir." sniveled a fearful Benson, "Yes, sir."

"Clear the table, boy."  And as the embarrassed Benson, with four red-cheeks, carried the three trays to return counter Phil and Karl smiled as they watched his (former?) friends watching.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 1, 2003

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