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The following story is fiction about boy getting spanked and strapped publically.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Risk – Version I


The day did not start well.  Even before breakfast Dad and I were arguing about some nothing that was super important at the moment.  Anyway, we left at the usual time with Dad to go to work after dropping me at the bus stop to get the bus to school.  If only I had kept my mouth closed for that five minute ride things would have been different.

At the bus shelter, dad got out of the car and growled as I also exited to head to the waiting area.  His growls were of the form "I've had quite enough of your attitude, young man."  I don't think it was necessary to explain in any more detail.  Actions speak louder than words and Dad was more than shouting.  He grabbed me, bent me over and gave me a half dozen spanks on my tail.  Right there in public!  Right there where a few others from my school were watching with saucer eyes and bigger grins.

"Have you learnt your lesson, young man?" was Dad's question, as always.

If we had been at home that would have been the end of it for I would have just said "Yes, Sir." understanding the warning and retreating to my room to prevent a real spanking.  But I could see and hear the snickers immediately from the appreciative audience.

It was well known that I got spanked at home for I never kept that a secret.  Unfortunately, I got teased about it.  The teasing was not so much that I was spanked but that spanking was for babies.  And those few smacks on my jeans' seat were, to be honest, quite babyish.  No one would believe me now that I really got hard spankings.  I could sense my status disintegrating as rapidly as a snowman in a warm spring thunderstorm.© YLeeCoyote

I had an idea.  With some hesitation I replied: "Er, … no."  That was sure to make Dad mad.

It did!

In less time than it takes to tell about it, Dad grabbed me and with all his experience he had my jeans and briefs down in an instant.  Effortlessly, he pushed me over the safety rail and gave me a couple of hard spanks on my bare butt.  Well, they won't think those were babyish I though and then that no longer mattered.

The pain level soared as Dad started to use his heavy belt on my helpless ass.  These were not laughable whacks but real stingers.  Absolutely, unquestionably, not babyish hand spanks OTK but an appropriate strapping for a young man.  It took all my willpower not to cry out like a baby for that would have been counter productive.

"Have you learnt your lesson, young man?" Dad asked again after a dozen hard cuts.

"Yes, Father.  I have.  Thank you." I said most respectively.

"Get on your bus, Shad." he ordered.  I pulled up my pants and ran.

I flashed my school pass at the driver.  "Hold on tight as I don't suppose you want to sit today, kid." he laughed as I moved back into the bus.

I did not get very far.  "You took that better than my brother does." said a girl a grade below me about her brother in the grade above me.  I smiled and thanked her.

A girl in the grade above me gave me a big smile and said: "You got a cute little red butt, Shad."

By the next stop I got to the rear of the bus where the guys were.  There were four – two from my stop and two who were already on the bus.  One was a friend, two just schoolmates and the last was best to avoid.  They all had seen me getting it.

"That was a great show you were the star of, Shad." was the first comment.

"What did you do to piss your dad off like that?" asked my friend.

"Nothing.  He just got ticked off." I replied trying to be cool and macho.

"You took it like a man – no yelling, no crying." said the third giving me a thumb up.

It was a few minutes later after we got off the bus as we all walked to the school gate a block away, that I felt a punch on my shoulder.  It was hard but not extreme – a buddy punch.  "You took that well, Shad.  You were telling the truth – you don't get baby spankings."  It was from the one to avoid.  I was delighted that I had impressed him.

After lunch while we all were heading back to class, a few of the guys forced me into the john and insisted on seeing my battle scars.  I was very obliging as they ogled and admired my red stripes.

My gamble had paid off.

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