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The following story is fiction about school discipline outside the school.  The story contains a scene of a paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by the image I saw on Tumblr at but is gone now.   Click to open the image off-site.

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Roast Bum at the Fête


The weather gods of storms had taken the day off and Fisaga was in charge so it was a superb day with gentle breezes and warm sun for the annual town Fête.  Of course, everyone was there for the fun.  Tradition decreed that it was a dress up day so it was wear one's best and nicest clothes like going to church.  For most children that meant being in their school uniform as they rarely had other dress up clothes.

The Bugle, the local weekly paper, had sent a photographer, Parker, to capture images of the event.  At the beginning of the Fête, he busied himself recording the town folks as they entered the manor grounds.  It was chance that Banwell and Middlen arrived at the same time with their families and as each family was duly recorded Parker asked the two boys to pose together.  He thought it would make an interesting shot because although they both went to East Sanbury Boarding School (ESBS) there were major differences in their uniforms.

Banwell was the smarter dressed one even though he was younger.  He was in his blazer and long gray school trousers.  He even had a name tag and a second tag that proclaimed that he was a prefect of the lower school.  Middlen, the other lad, who was a head taller and two years older, was in his pullover (having forsaken his blazer and tie), short gray school trousers and high socks even though he was in the upper school of ESBS.  Parker could not help thinking back to when he was a boy how Middlen would have been taunted for still being in shorts in the fifth form.  Contrariwise, the younger third form Banwell would have been envied by most of his shorts wearing classmates.

The two families went off to enjoy the Fête in their own ways.  It would not be for a couple of hours before fate would have the two meet again.

Banwell was walking about when he saw Middlen with some younger kids in the games area.  There seemed some uproar although he could not tell exactly what it was.  As he approached it became clear that Middlen was bullying the little ones.  That put Banwell into his Prefect mode.  That would have happened even if the trouble maker had not been from his school and in uniform.  But this time he most assuredly had to act as this was reflecting badly on ESBS, his school.© YLeeCoyote

"STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY, Middlen!" he barked using his commanding prefect's voice.  It was effective to everyone's surprise except Banwell.  "You are a disgrace, Middlen."  The kids cheered.  "Bullying is outrageous misconduct." he lectured the now cowed upper school boy, "Not to mention that you are improperly dressed without your tie and blazer."

"It's what my mum directed me to wear, Banwell." said the puzzled Middlen not knowing what this was leading to.  Banwell decided to let this pass as Middlen had to obey his mother.

"If I had my slipper you would be getting six of the best right now, Middlen.  But you can look forward to it tomorrow from the head but with the cane instead."

"Would this do, sir?  It's what my father uses." asked one of the younger boys holding up a ping-pong paddle and giving his own bum a quick rub.  The others were grinning in hopes of an affirmative response.

"Yes.  That will do fine, thank you.  Middlen get over to that table, drop 'em and bend over."


"Yes here unless you prefer to see the Headmaster and his cane tomorrow."  That Middlen most certainly did not want so he went to the sturdy table with attached benches, dropped his shorts and leaned over.  "Boxers are not regulation pants.  That is another infraction.  You are getting twelve.  Drop the boxers and get into position.  Don't move or we'll start over." ordered the Prefect.  Middlen realizing that things were quickly getting worse quickly complied hoping that nothing else would further anger the monstrous little Prefect.

Banwell removed his blazer and found his spot for action.  He swung the paddle at Middlen's bum.  Middlen grunted and his bum began to show pink.

One of the kids yelled "ONE."

Banwell continued the whacking.  Middlen grunted again and the young crowd showed their maths skills and yelled "TWO."  This was repeated another ten times so when the kids yelled "TWELVE." Middlen's bum was bright red much to Banwell's satisfaction.

The "Get up and fix your uniform properly, Middlen." order was a relief as the kids he had so recently been bullying had started to taunt him for his exposed and red parts.  "Report to my study tomorrow after dinner to sign the punishment book."  Middlen disappeared as fast as he could.

The younger kids thanked Banwell for all he had done for them especially the paddling demonstration.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 9, 2020

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