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Robin's Winter Vacation


Like all my fellow students at Woodrow Roosevelt High School, I was especially anxious to get home this day for the dismissal bell indicated the start of winter recess.  I had packed everything last night and so had my guardian, Bruce.  We were to take the evening train for a week of skiing at Lake Placid.  It had snowed and snowed for the last month and the ski reports were the best possible.  And best of all, the Batmobile was staying in the Batgarage and the Batoutfits in the Batcloset.  The mayor could do what the f*ck he wanted with the Batsignal for we would not be around to see it.  We had planed this for a long time; long days on the slopes and then uninterrupted fun and games at night.  No Batsignal and no teachers; no racing to save Gotham and no homework.  Not even Alfred to interrupt us with an important call from the Most Honorable Chief of Whatever.

I was, to say the least, flying higher then the Gotham Tower!

Well, I was until I got home.  Alfred had my milk and cookies waiting as always.  I thought I was a little old for that but it happened anyway.  Secretly I liked it for it was relaxing and comforting.  There was also a note from Bruce.  The exact details don't matter but it read:


      The world has been shattered and I have put it back together again.  I can NOT take the week off.  I'm terribly sorry. The good news is that you still can go skiing.  An old friend of mine, Clark, will take my place.  I trust that you will listen to him and have lots of fun.© YLeeCoyote


P.S.  Clark will join you at Albany as he is coming in on the Century.
P.P.S.  If things go well, I'll join you later in the week.

Alfred did not know why Bruce went off by himself to save the world.  I was disappointed but decided that going was better than staying home especially since Alfred would be on vacation.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was before dawn when Clark woke me to get dressed to get the bus to our hotel from the railroad station.  Later we had our first look at the snow covered mountains in the morning sun.  It was fantastic!  Clark insisted that we have breakfast for there would be lots of time to ski.

And ski we did.  For hours and it was great.  Clark was a good skier and we went on the medium slopes.  After that workout we were ravenous and ate hardily.  We were both exhausted and returned to our room right away.

It was when we went to bed that I got my first look at Clark's body.  I was impressed.  If anything, it was even better than Bruce's!  It would be nice to get close to it although there certainly would not be the emotional attachment that existed between Bruce and me.  I also decided that I had better wait a bit and see if he wanted to play.  It would not be nice to offend one of Bruce's friends.

It was very soon after the lights were out that I felt Clark's strong hand caressing me and I quickly returned the favor.  The steel hard rod in my hand left no doubt that Clark wanted to play.  I was amazed at how easily Clark moved my own body about and told me to "Just relax and enjoy, Robin." when he released my wrists.  Bruce almost always made me do the work with lots of directions until he plowed me but apparently Clark was very different.  I stayed still as Clark played with my body – caressing me with most talented fingers, lips and tongue.  I was flying with delight as Clark worked on my nipples even before he moved south to the more sensitive regions.  I had quickly decided that Clark could do anything he wanted as long as it felt this stupendous.

And fantastic it was as Clark enveloped my dick in his hot mouth.  Bruce did this occasionally but hopefully Clark would do did a lot more.  It was so incredible that I quickly exploded but Clark kept at it pausing only to make a brief comment, "Thanks, Robin; that was delicious.", before continuing sucking and licking my entire package.

I had not reacted to being called Robin since I was so preoccupied with the wonderful sensations I was experiencing.  I had little doubt what was about to happen when Clark lifted up my legs and spread them to expose my butt hole.  I was wrong however, for Clark continued his oral administrations on my rosebud with his most gifted tongue.  This was something that Bruce had never done but it drove me wild.  When Clark returned to my hard shaft I quickly blasted a second large load into him.  I was spent as never before.

Clark moved up next to me and we held each other.  I expected that he would be hard and want me to get him off but, to my surprise, he was not.  He explained that he had come when I filled him the second time and that he loved pleasing young studs like me.  I quickly slipped into dreamland.

It was the next day that I realized what he had called me at least twice – Robin.  How could he know?  I had brought nothing which indicated it unless I talked in my sleep which I don't do.  Beside that was before we slept.  After thinking about it all morning, I asked him on the privacy of the chair lift.  "Who were you thinking of when you called me Robin, last night?

"You, of course, Boy Wonder." he answered as we reached the top and in the crowd we could not talk safely.  It was a while before we were back on the lift and could continue.  "You cut a great figure in your work clothes although I didn't miss them last night.  Bruce and I go way back and we know a lot about each other.  He said it was OK to let you know some things."  I was very surprised but recently Bruce had started to let me know about more things as I was approaching adulthood.  "I bet that you loved last night."  I gave him a shit-eating grin and nodded.  "I thought that you would before and I was sure that you did after.  What would you do if you could, Robin?"  I was not able to answer until much latter for we reached the top and we wanted to get down before dark.

Back in the room, I got to the shower first and then called for Clark to join me.  We washed each other and then I firmly pressed on Clark shoulders.  I could feel his great strength and I knew that I could not have pushed him down anymore than I could a marble statue yet he slipped to his knees and stared at my rising rod as the water flowed over us.  I grabbed his head and pulled him close.  My rod slipped into his open mouth and was immediately enveloped by his heat and several set of muscles.

This was different from anything I had done before.  I had dominated some teens but never an older man and Clark definitely knew what he was doing and had me flying.  I quickly gave him a large appetizer.  When he stood up he thanked me profusely adding that he loved aggressive young studs.  I told him that I loved being one and we could continue after dinner.  "Yes, Sir.  That will be great." he said.

At dinner, Clark explained that there was nothing better than pleasing an aggressive young stud who knew what he wanted.  Those, alas, were hard to find and trustworthy ones even harder.  "Well," I said, "what we did last night was great but I want two improvements."  I looked at him and he nodded waiting for me to explain.  "First, I'll going to tell you what to do when."  He was nodding with a smile.  I was thinking of how Bruce always told me what to do and how nice it would be to be in charge.  I was tenting my trousers by now.  "Second, I'm going to fuck you – hard."  He was still smiling and nodding.  "It's a deal, then."

"Yes, sir.  But we have to talk about something first."

I could hardly wait until we got back to the room to start.  Clark and I talked a bit about what was good and not so good for he wanted me to understand that not everything that might be dreamt of in my philosophy was good to do.  Then I noted that he could always stop me for he was far stronger.

"That is true.  So much so that you would not be able to fuck me even when I cooperate.  That is why you need to be stronger than me tonight."  I was puzzled; how could that be possible?  But he fetched a very heavy container from his luggage.  It was a modified carrying container for radioactive material made of stainless steel and lead.  I could not open it.  "With this open, you will be stronger than I.  But, Robin, you must promise to close it up again when we are done."

After I solemnly promised, Clark twisted the top of the container and I opened it.  Inside was a small piece of green rock which almost seemed to glow.  I took it out.  It apparently had a great effect on him for when he said:  "How may I serve you, sir?" he seemed weaker than just a minute before.  When I told him to strip, I could see that he was just barely able to move about.  When he was naked, I had him kneel and remove my shoes.  I could see that he was excited for he was as hard as I was.

I stripped off my shirt and had him remove my pants, socks and finally my briefs.  My cock soared as never before.  Clark seemed to be drooling looking at it and I could not be so cruel as to deny him the pleasure of giving me pleasure.  I laid on the bed and ordered him to get between my legs and make me feel good.

Good was just the beginning of what he made me feel.  I knew he was more than willing but now I also had the physical power to compel him which was exhilarating.  I lifted up my legs so that he could get into my crack with his gifted tongue.  It felt so wonderful.  He brought me close to orgasm several times.  I desperately needed to come so I got him to lie prone with his legs spread and got the lube.  I slathered some on my ramrod and then on his hungry hole.  I let my finger slide in and even in his weakened state it was difficult as he has said it would be.  It took a while before I could force three fingers in at one time and as long for him to relax enough that I would be able to get my rod in.

He was tight but I thrust hard and got into his hot ass.  He gripped me tighter than anything I had imagined.  There was not anyway to fuck him easily – it was rough and hard or not at all.  As I rammed in hard he reacted with pleasure as I hit his sensitive bits.  I found both thrusts and withdrawals terrific.  I paused a couple of times in the hope of prolonging the experience, but that was too tough to do for more than a few seconds so I just went at it like a hot mink.  I exploded with a yell and heard Clark get off also.

We lay together for a while and I got up.  I closed up the Kryptonite in its container and resumed my place next to Clark and held him tight like I like to be held after a hot fuck.  He seemed so boy like as we rested entwined recovering.  I could feel how his superhuman strength was returning.  I knew I would want to do this again but would not be able to unless he wanted to and opened the container once again.  (After I had closed it, I tried to reopen it but I was not strong enough to do so.)

Eventually he spoke.  "That was great, Robin.  I knew you could do it."

"Thanks, S, but I had a great time also; thanks to you.  I don't think I'll ever forget this night."  I gave him a squeeze and could tell that his strength had fully returned.  "I hope you want to do this again; and soon."

We soon slipped into sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

At breakfast we both agreed that it was great fun and that we should do it again but that the day was for skiing.  We moved on to the harder slopes which were less crowded.  The day flew seemingly as fast as we rocketed down the slopes by for we were still exhilarated from the night before.  Then after dinner we went back to our room for more games.

During the day I had an idea and decided to spring it on my unsuspecting friend.  Clark had told me of some of his pranks as a teen; pranks that he had gotten away with.  Partly he was boasting but I felt that he was also confessing.  I know what confession gets me most of the time.

After the protective container was opened, I confronted Clark with one of them.  He was surprised but that made it more realistic as I scolded him for a trivial transgression years earlier.  I told him that he was going to get the strap as I slowly stripped him down to his birthday suit.  Then I pulled my heavy leather belt off and told him to assume the position.

"Yes, sir."

I raised the belt and swung it at the his big ass.  It hit with a resounding WHACK and he flinched a little.  I could then see a nice red stripe form as the blood rushed to the skin.  I waited a few more seconds as my cock tented my trousers a bit more before laying on the second cut.  WHACK.  The result was the same.  It took three more to cover his entire butt and then, with all my might I gave him the sixth and final cut.  WHACK!!

"I hope that you'll remember this boy and mend your naughty ways."  I could hardly keep from laughing.  I tossed the belt aside and ordered him to remove my shoes and I stripped off my shirt.  My pants and briefs followed quickly and he quickly engulfed my hard rod while kneeling in front of me.  I held his head as I fucked his face.  It felt great as I practically choked him with my large load.  We were both smiling as I led him to the bed and ordered him to give me a tongue bath.  My nipples positively squealed with joy as he worked on them.  Even my navel was happy and these were but the preliminaries.  It's what he did with my crotch that was the best.  He went from my navel to my tail bone and back several times not missing a bit and sending me to heaven.

It would have been cruel not to do what he needed so I got the lube and worked on his fuck hole for sometime.  It was easier then the previous night and I was even able to get my pinky in also.  He was on his back with his legs up as I moved into position.  I removed my hand and quickly stuck my steel hard rod in before the gate could snap closed.  Then I went for it.  I pounded his butt hard and watched his eyes and smile as I did it.  Unforgettable.  Soon after I exploded so did he covering his chest and face with his own come.  I could not resist and licked it up.

I put the Kryptonite safely away for Clark had told me it was dangerous to have it out very long.  He took longer to recover than the first time even though the exposure was less.  Clark seemed very happy with me holding him like he was just a boy and I know that I was happy doing it.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next couple of days we skied and at night got close but, alas, the container stayed closed.  Bruce showed up having glued the world back together.  The three of us shared the day skiing and then dinner.  Before Clark flew off, he suggested to Bruce that he relax at night and see what I could do.  He finished up with: "Dick can be quite a stud if you'll let him." and winked at me.

I hoped that Bruce would take his advice and soon.

I was very disappointed that Bruce refused to take Clark's suggestion (advice?) about how to play in bed.  It was immediately evident that very night at Lake Placid for he had decided that we were going to do our naughty schoolboy routine.  He started immediately after we had gotten back to the room after we watched Clark walk off into the dark for his flight west.

"Richard Garyson" he snapped "I got a call from the Vice Principal this afternoon.  It seems that you were talking back to Mrs. Sponseller.  That is just unacceptable, young man."

I knew better than to open my mouth.  I just stared at the floor.

"I told you what the consequences would be if this sort of thing happened again."  He sure had and I knew what he was going to do.  "Get your sorry butt over here; NOW young man!"  I quickly ran to where he was standing.  Bruce started to strip me immediately.  In short order, my clothes were on the chair and I was starkers.  I was also at full mast for I knew it was going to be a hot night.

Bruce pulled me over his lap and clamped me into position.  He made sure that he had my equipment between his thighs which were pressed together.  "This is going to hurt me more than you, young man." he quipped as he delivered the first spank.  It was a hard spank.  Whenever he says that, he's really mad and pounds away at my butt like he was getting paid for it or something.  When he wants to he really can – and does – lay into me.

And tonight he wanted to.

He spanked me for a long time and I knew that I would be feeling this for days.  Yes, it really hurt but my butt was not the only parts that were feeling the assault.  I couldn't help but to hump his clenched thighs as each spank drove me down and his rebounding thighs pushed me up.  I almost yelled and even cried but that never did any good except to get me called a baby.  The Boy Wonder is supposed to be; is required to be macho – even when he being treated at a little naughty boy.

Eventually (well it seemed like a long time), he stopped.  A few seconds latter, he flipped me on to the bed.  I lay still as required as he quickly stripped naked.  I admired his sculptured body for the couple of short minutes that I could before he jumped on top of me.  His shaft was as big as I ever saw it.  He was on top of me in seconds.  Oh, it felt great as he lay on top of me so that I could not move; I could hardly breathe.  Then he started and I could feel his rod probing for the hole between my flaming cheeks.  It was as hard as that of marble statue that he could have imitated.  He brought his legs together forcing me to spread mine.  He was nibbling at my neck and ears.

There was not any doubt that he was the dominant one as he raised up so that he could plunge his shaft into my, or should I say, his boy's hole.  I pushed out and he rammed in.  Oh, it hurt and felt great simultaneously especially as he hit my love nut.  I practically came then.  He was so hot that he exploded into me after just a couple of minutes.  I was just thinking that I was sorry I had not come myself when I realized that he was not finished.  He was still hard as a rock.

"Be still, Robin." he cooed in my ear.  "There is more to come."  He meant it too, for in a minute he started a long slow fuck that soon got me soaking the sheets and then coming as he did the second time.

Remaining in me, he rolled us on to our sides and we remained spooned together through the night.  I'll let you guess what woke me.  It was one hot night!

* * * * * * * * * *

Back home, I started to brood about Bruce's absolute refusal to let me exert myself with him.  I quickly convinced myself that he was being unfair.  After all, if Superman could submit, then so could Batman.  Beside he always expected me to be assertive like he was.  I started planing how to have my way with him even if it was just once.  The Batcave was the obvious place for we would be alone there and there was the gym with all its equipment that surely would have the need attachment points.  There was lots of rope available.  I had to plan carefully for I certainly would only have one chance.

It took me some time to develop a plan to capture Batman.  We're constantly training for various scenarios that might occur when we're out doing our crime fighting.  Several of our adversaries have used stun/surprise things to try to disable us with various rates of success.  I decided to go that route but with an added twist.  Batman is constantly telling me that I need to act rather than react so that is what I did.

I picked a day when we were practicing gymnastics and pretended that I had to use the john.  Batman fumed as he sometimes does that I should have gone before we started.  I let him go on, because that would keep his mind off anything else.  I grabbed the Batflash device and flipped it so that it would detonate right near Batman.  While he was still shocked I quickly pressed the chloroform soaked rag to his face.  His struggles made him breathe faster and inhale more of the gas.  He was out in a couple of minutes.

I had only a couple of minutes to bind him.  I quickly dragged him over to where I could attach the ankle straps to the floor hooks and the hidden bar with the wrist straps.  I quickly fastened them at all four points.  He was just recovering as I slipped a blindfold over his eyes.  I then pulled him up with the rope attached to the bar.  We were in just gym clothes so I just cut his off.

He was coming out of the haze – madder than a wet hen and confused about what was happening.  If nothing else, he would have to give me credit for capturing him.

Now that I had Batman secured – naked, exposed and venerable – I could relax some.  Of course, my jock and cup was holding me down so I yanked out the cup and tented the pouch.  It felt nice that way, at least for the nonce.  I tried to comfort him both with words and caresses.  "It's OK Batman.  I'm just doing what you taught me.  Relax and enjoy it."  But, it was clear that he wouldn't relax right away.  I was huggin' and stroking him in the ways he like best and using my tongue on his most sensitive places.  I was also touching him in the ways that he liked to touch me but that I normally did not get to do.  It certainly was fun.

"You did very well, Robin," he said "but now you may release me."

"Thanks," I answered ready to play my full hand, "soon."

I was glad that I had used the blindfold so that Batman could not see anything I had set up.  By now he had struggled enough to know that his wrists were attached to a bar that was suspended and his ankles tied down.  "Batman," I said after he stopped yelling to let him go, "tonight we play my way just like Superman counseled."  I paused a bit to let it sink in.  "You always call the shots yet tell me to grow up and be a man like you.  Well, I need the practice."  He snorted but I told him that I would gag him if he was not quiet.  I also reminded him that I loved him very much.  He did quiet down then but I doubt that he was happy.  I decided to put my mouth and tongue to better use and went at Batman's most sensitive places in hopes that he would relax and accept the situation.  I hoped that he realized that I was not his enemy like Penguin, Joker or Catwoman.  After a while, I could tell that he was coming around as his tits and cock were responding normally.  He even dueled with his tongue.

As I worked on him, it was obvious that he liked that attention from them way his body reacted even though he probably would have protested if not for the gagging threat.  I would have really like to have hauled him over my lap (like he had done to me ever so many times) but that was not practical.  I would have to strap him standing.  As I hugged him tightly, I let him know.  "Batman, you have been a naughty boy and you need to change your ways.  I'm going to strap you.  I expect that you will take it like a man.  Understand?"

This was actually a test to see if he understood that I was in charge.  A simple "yes" would indicate he did whereas a long tirade otherwise.  As I waited for his response I almost panicked that it would be the latter – would that just be a routine objection or something more serious.  Then, after a seeming eternity, he whispered "Yes."  I gave him a hug before I started.

I told you how he spanked me hard back at Lake Placid, but not how he had also used this very strap on me other times.  In principle it was fair but not always because sometimes my failing was due to my secret life interfering with my school work.  Two jobs are a tough deal.  With a smile on my face I positioned myself and swung the thick leather strap against Batman's exposed butt.  It connected with a resounding WHACK.  I watched as the red strip formed.  Batman grunted but otherwise was still.  He kept his hard on.  I gave him another nine cuts; all hard and spread over the target.  It really felt good.  I was not thinking about any consequences at all.  It was far too late for that now.

I admired Batman's now red butt.  I dropped to my knees and took his hard rod into my mouth for some serious attention.  He always loved that but this time I had decided it was time rather than him.  I did not let him come so that he would stay interested.  I had to stop when he got really close and then gave him another six cuts with the strap but from the other side.  When I hugged him, he seemed more relaxed than earlier.

I slid the table in front of Batman and climbed onto it.  I discarded my jock so that my cock could spring free.  This wouldn't be the first time it got into Batman, but it was not his choice this time.  The table was the perfect height and I pressed against his lips.  He opened his mouth and I slipped in.  It was so hot.  I let him suck and lick it for a while and then started to push deep into his hot throat.  Soon I exploded into his hot mouth.  It was a wonderful feeling.

I got off the table and  moved it away so I could continue.  But I embraced him first and kissed a lot.  Superman was right; Batman was enjoying this.

There was one more thing that I had planned.  Fortunately, the vaulting horse was on wheels so that I could slide it into position in front of Batman.  I tied his ankles to it so that it could not move and then readjusted the ropes holding up his arms by easing off the original one and tightening the new one so that he was forced to bend over the horse.  It was time for the finale.  I smeared the grease on my hard rod and then on Batman's hole.  I made sure to slip my fingers in to loosen him up as well as to get the grease all over.  He was tight but I was both persistent and patient and was able to get several fingers in.  Then it was time.  I moved my hand away and pressed the super hard Boy Wonder Fuck Tool in.  I pressed hard and slid all the way in.  I fucked him hard with long strokes in and out.  I was glad that I had come just a little earlier so that I could keep this up for a while.  It was wonderful when I did explode in Batman.

I switched the ropes back to the first position and removed the horse.  Then I untied Batman's ankles and embraced him.  I let him down and released the remaining bindings.  While kissing him, he hugged me back and I pulled off the blindfold.  It was over.

It was over, except for the aftermath.  "I'll shower and wait for you upstairs." I dashed for the elevator to leave him some time to consider what he would do.

Upstairs, I took a quick shower and went to the bedroom.  I left the strap on the bed and waited in the corner.  Would Bruce come with understanding or rage?  I was sure to learn which in a little while.

Bruce came into the room and was still a while.  Then he must have picked up the strap for I heard him snap it.  "Position, boy."  I guessed he was mad and quickly leaned over the bed with my ass up turned.  "You been a very insolent boy tonight, Richard Garyson."

"Yes, Sir."  I said expecting the worst.  Bruce raised the strap and brought it down on my butt with a WHACK.  But it was not very hard.  Was he teasing me or just getting started?

"Into bed, pronto."  I jumped and got into bed and Bruce followed me immediately.  He only took a couple of seconds before I was wrapped in his limbs with his hard shaft pressing my rear.  Then he slid in like always.  "I love you, Dick." he whispered into my ear.

"I love you Bruce." I replied as he rolled us into position for a good hot fuck.

The End

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