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This story is a sequel to Dad Abdicates which should be read first as it sets up the characters and situations.

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Rob's Dad Abdicates


This past Thanksgiving was a real surprise and more fun than a barrel of monkeys at a three-ring circus.  It was just the six of us – Jayson and his 'rents, Leon and Donna, my 'rents, Ken and June, and me at the Krick's.  It was all very routine until Donna let it be known that Jayson (also fifteen although four months older than I) was in charge.  I really did not believe my ears but his dad confirmed it.  The absolute clincher was that Jay spanked his mother on her bare tushie in front of all of us for having a temper tantrum about telling us.  From the glimpse I got of her anterior side, it was not the only bare bit she had.  I practically came in my pants watching all of this.  You can bet that I had no interest in video games or stuff but only wanted to hear all the details when I spent some time with him alone.  Jay made me swear not to tell as he did not think it would be good for others to know.  He figured it would be like being a different faith or color and lead to harassment.  He was glad to be able to talk about it, however, since his mom had let the cat out of the bag.  It turned out that the best part was that his parents did not nag him about anything and it was up to him to be in charge of himself a lot more than in charge of them.

Starting young used to be far more common he told me.  Midshipmen started at twelve on warships and soon were in command of groups of sailors – two or three times their ages – as they learnt to become officers.  Look at the images of the kings of the middle ages and see how young they were because their elders had been killed.  Alexander the Great ruled his world and died at the tender age of only thirty-three.  They yell about teenage pregnancy now but Juliet was only thirteen – four years younger than her dearest Romeo.  Adolescence is a newfangled, modern invention.

Well, I thought long and hard about all this.  Even how I reminded Dad that he should not drink because he had to drive that very evening.  Sure, I was polite and didn't really give any orders but nevertheless I stopped him from having even one drink.  Then, almost two weeks later, I got to understand what Jay was telling me about taking responsibility for myself before I could consider taking charge of others.  I had fucked up a test at school because I hadn't studied.  It had been plain and simple gross negligence on my part.

I decided that I needed to do something and quick.  I went to visit Jay and had a long talk with him.  I acknowledged that the most my 'rents would do about this would to lecture and nag me which was worse than useless.  Jay let me get to the point where I made a real, adult-type decision – I would have to change myself.  I would have to punish myself and establish rules to get back on course.  Only after I was in full control of myself could I think about controlling others.

Jay helped me work out a plan and then I blurted out the essence of the conversation:  "I've acted like a kid and should be spanked like a kid and look like a kid and have rules like a kid.  Jay, please spank and shave me."  It was the best and worst thing that I ever did.  I stripped down and got over his lap like a kid.  He really let me have it with the hairbrush and I was even bawling before he was done.  He gave me time to cry it all out.  "It" being my irresponsibility.  Next, I sacrificed my pubes.  As they made me feel like a man, that was harder to do than accepting the hairbrush spanking.  But Jay was right that I should lose them.  It gave me another good reason why I needed to act like an adult.© YLeeCoyote

I did let my parents know in the most general sort of way that I had gotten punished and had changed the rules for myself.  By not telling them the details, I assured that my success or failure was my responsibility and not theirs.  I really applied myself diligently and it showed in my grades in mid-January.  For the first time I had actually used part of the winter break to study.  I felt good about myself.  My 'rents were very happy with me.

Jay refused to talk about the details of how he was controlling his parents because it was private.  He pointed out how I did not tell my 'rents many details either.  His father was willing to talk a little bit; not so much as to the details but to the concept.  The entire Krick household was much more relaxed with a major source of conflict removed, he explained.  With Jay in control, he did not have to rebel and made the best choices most of the time.  He was also willing to listen to his father's advice a lot more.  Spankings were not so frequent because the rules were reasonable.  I was a bit brash and inquired about the crotch shaving.  There was a bit of hesitation but I owned up that I had discussed it with Jay and had seen that his mom had been hairless.  He allowed that he liked that Jay shaved Donna and him almost twice a week and that it definitely helped keep them in the proper deferential state of mind.

I also knew that Jay being in charge was very fascinating to my parents.  There were references to it in their conversations and sometimes I overheard one of them talking with one of the Kricks and asking.  It was late February when the great moment happened.  I was coming home and Dad's wheels were in the driveway but one window was open because Dad had hauled something home.  I noticed because it was overcast.  I had gotten my tail busted for leaving a car window open last summer.

An hour later in the house, I was standing by the window when it started to rain and said to Dad: "You know that you left a car window open and now it is raining."  He said a very naughty word which I won't repeat here but it was the one that got my mouth washed out with soap more than once.  Dad yelled that I should run and close it.  I calmly replied: "Sooner done than said."  He had the good manners to thank me.  It was then that I reminded him that he had spanked me – hard – just last year for the same offense.  He blushed and then asked me if I thought he should be spanked.  I threw the question back at him.  "Whatever you think is the fair thing, Father."

Dad was trapped and had to agree to being spanked.  I thought that I should treat him just as he had treated me.  We went upstairs to his bedroom and I made him strip.  He bent over the bed naked and I gave him a dozen with the strap.  Of course, I made them hard ones.  It certainly was a thrill doing this and watching how his butt turned redder with each lick.  I then made him stand in the corner for a while because that was what he always made me do after a spanking.  I confess that I liked how he looked standing there because I put him there after making his tail red hot.  I questioned myself if I was being fair and just or (wickedly) vengeful.  I justified it all by reviewing the facts which were the same as when I left the car window open.

I then took him to the bathroom.  When I picked up the washcloth, Dad probably expected me to wipe his face but I got it wet and added a couple of squirts of soap.  As I spread the soap about, I reminded him of the extremely naughty word he had yelled.  He turned green and when he opened his month to protest I just shoved the washcloth in.  That was all it took.  He did not like it at all but I just twisted it and pulled it out.  He sputtered and I quickly reminded him to watch his language.  It was almost ten minutes before I let him rinse.

I gave him a hug and told him that I loved him and was sorry that I had had to punish him.  He said that he loved me and admitted that he deserved it for his irresponsible behavior.  He also asked that I not tell Mother.  Of course I agreed.  The most immediate change was that he stopped calling me "Robby" and only used "Rob" from that day on.  It was a clear sign that he recognized that I was not a little boy but a young man.  Sometimes the littlest things are so important to how one feels.

I told my mentor about all of this and he commended me on how well I had handled it.  He said I would have to wait to see if my dad would abdicate like his had.  This could be an isolated instance.  Even if it weren't, it changed myself image and surely my Dad's perception of me.

It was a week later that I learnt that Dad had spoken with Jay and his father about everything.  Before Jay told me anything, he explained that my dad had given him permission to tell me about the discussion.  Our fathers talked a long time with each other as Dad probed how Leon dealt with everything.  Jay said that his father was very enthusiastic and crushed my father's worries.  Dad wrapped up the discussion saying: "You put my mind at rest and now I just have to decide if this is right for me." according to Jay.

Jay said it was going to happen.  My father had bared his soul in such detail so that Jay could tell me where Dad's buttons were and what would push them.  When Dad decided, it was up to me to give him that push so he would jump; just like the jump master does with a new parachutist at the open door.  A few days later it happened.  Dad came to me and hinted at it.  I made him say it three times over like it was a rite: "I want you to be in charge, Robert."  We hugged after I agreed.

"You know what has to happen now, Dad?" I asked quietly.

Dad nodded, "Yes, Son."  He rubbed his butt in anticipation or, perhaps, worry.

We went up to his bedroom and I stripped him.  I had gotten a clipper and took it out.  I turned it on for a minute so that he would hear the buzz and led him to the bathtub.  Then I proceeded to remove his body hair.  I started with his armpits and then the little in the middle of his chest.  He just stood there quietly.  Then the delicate part – his pubes.  They were mowed down just as easily as the rest.  I wet him down and put some shaving foam on the areas and shaved them nice and smooth.  As I wiped him clean and dry, I said: "That's stage one, Dad."  He nodded with a coy smile.  Evidently he really wanted this to happen perhaps, even more than I did.

Back in the bedroom, I sat on the bed and got him over my lap.  I made sure we were both comfortable for the next, painful step.  "This spanking is for your past transgressions, so that you can start with a clean slate."  Then I started spanking with my hand to give him a good hard spank.  I liked how my hand-print formed but I would soon cover that up.  After a few minutes I switched to using the little leather paddle I had bought in anticipation of doing this.  I could hit much harder and still not hurt my own hand.  Obviously, it is much harder to spank a man than a little boy and be effective.  I definitely wanted and needed to be an effective spanker.

The paddle was much more effective as Dad was reacting a lot.  I tightened my grip on him so he would not move so much.  I'm sure he could have gotten free but he did not want to do that.  He wanted to be a boy again.  The paddle kept at its difficult task without tiring, although my arm did.  I was afraid that I might not succeed but then he sobbed.  That was my goal – to make him cry.  I increased the spank rate and tried to make each one harder.  It took more than another minute and he was crying.  I did not stop for there was one more stage to go.  I spanked away for another three minutes and he broke.  He was bawling.  It was a place that he had to reach for this to work.  I paddled away for another minute and then stopped.

I held him close as he cried himself out.  Of course, I was telling him that I loved him no matter what but that he must be a good boy.  Jay had emphasized that this was very important – he needed to feel like a well-loved boy to be able to return from being out in the real world.  I had a special surprise for him.  In the family photo album was a picture of him in a sailor suit looking very, very cute.  This picture was shown much more than the others of him and I had gotten him one.  I had noticed a sailor suit in the window of the local thrift shop and inquired.  A costume shop had donated a batch of stuff.  I checked my parents' sizes and got them each one.  I had a tailor cut the pants short to just a two-inch inseam.  After I had washed his face, I dressed him in it.  I was delighted with the fit.  It was tight and made him look very boyish.  His bottom was outlined very well.

Later when Mother returned, she reacted immediately.  He did not have to explain that he had decided to be like Mr. Krick and abdicate in my favor.  Mom surprised me and said she had been thinking of doing the same thing and just this afternoon was talking with Donna about it.  "I guess that this would be a good time to start, Son."  I agreed and told her there were a few things that needed to be done.

Again, it was back to the 'rents bedroom.  It was a lot more awkward undressing her than Dad but I insisted and she acquiesced.  I'm sure it was difficult for her to be naked in front of me, much more than for Dad, but children are naked a lot especially for their caregivers.  I used the clippers on her bush just like I did for Dad's.  I had her lay on the bed for the follow-up with the razor.  I concede that I got an anatomy lesson then.  I reminded her that she would be naked a lot and she had to get used to it as it was normal.  Then I gave her the all important catch up spanking.  Her butt was bigger than Dad's because she had a female's figure.  But it was somewhat easier to spank since it was less muscular.  I began with my hand and then switched to the paddle.  She started to cry and even to bawl much sooner than Father had done.  Once she had gotten into the proper head space, I stopped and cuddled her like I had Dad.  I had her put on a simple bra (we would have to get a plain, white one) and then the sailor suit.  It was fine except that I wanted the skirt shortened.

My 'rents were happy with their matching outfits.  The new way had started.  Over dinner I gave them the new rules that they had to live by.  They were not overjoyed with the limited TV and PC hours but they accepted them.  I explained that we would see about changes after a trial period.

After their bedtime, I called Jay and told him all.  He thought that the special clothes were a great idea and immediately decided that he should get some for his folks should if still available.  As I relaxed in the big easy chair, I thought about having a cigar and a brandy.  A hundred years ago, I think that I would have but smoking is a disgusting, filthy practice and it would be irresponsible to drink now that it was unlawful for me.  I had a frosted chocolate milkshake instead.  It is not what one drinks but how that matters.  I was most content this evening.

Within a week, all three of us sensed the changes.  The tension was gone from the house and that was good.  The 'rents got dressed in the sailor suits a couple of times and played.  I was most effective doing my homework knowing it was totally up to me.  My big sister, Sonya, was away at college but she was in for a big surprise at the end of the year.

Jay came over with his 'rents and they played with mine like kids on a play date.  Both of the 'little boys' thought it was fun that the girls' bottoms showed when they bent over.  This was working out very well.  My 'rents wanted to be spanked about once a week and 'conned' me into doing it.

In the past, we had jointly rented a cabin the woods for a month.  Jay and I stayed for the full four weeks, his parents the first two weeks and mine for the last two weeks.  We had them make the arrangements for this year but with Jay's parents scheduled the second and fourth weeks, mine the first two weeks and just us for the third week.  My sister really did not figure in because she had decided that she was too old to be with family even last year.  Jay and I agreed that she would be a bossy problem if she showed.

The cabin was by a lake deep in a forest.  As boys we had a really great time there.  The drive to the cabin was ten miles from the county road via forest roads.  However, it was only a third a mile by boat across the lake to the nearest the cabin which was but an eighth of a mile from the road.  We were disappointed that other cabin burnt down just two days before we were due.  We were lucky it was not our cabin that went up in smoke but we had been hoping to have fun with the girls that had been there the previous year.

My sister managed to mess up her first year of college.  The best grade that she managed to get was a B.  The others were a C, a D and a couple of F's.  The 'rents were displeased to the max.  There was little choice.  Her planned trip was canceled.  She was to stay home and study for the month before summer school started.  If she did not make up her work, then they would not pay for another year of college and she could go get a job.  She was not happy at all with these choices.  They seemed very reasonable to the rest of us.

She had a paroxysm when she learnt that our 'rents had given up control to me and that, no matter how you sliced and diced it, effectively meant she would be under my control also.  It was a simple choice – stay home and catchup or drop out of college and get a shit job.  We let her rant and rave for a couple of hours but then I sent Mom to tell her to stop the hysterics or else.

Ten minutes later she found out what the 'or else' was all about.  Although she was three years older, I was bigger, heavier and definitely stronger.  I was not going to take any of her stuck up nonsense.  I went into her room, grabbed her, sat on her chair, pulled her over my lap and clamped her in place with my leg.  Pushed over, she was helpless although she screamed a lot.  Boy, was she loud and that was even before the first spank.  That first spank silenced her from the shock but only for a few seconds.  I spanked her for a few minutes and lifted her up but without releasing her.  I undid the button and zipper of her short shorts and yanked them down.  She had a thong on so her butt was fully exposed.  It was already pink when I resumed the spanking.  I had many years of grievances that inspired me to deliver a hard spanking in addition to the immediately prior misbehavior.  I switched to the paddle and that was more effective.  It made a deeper impression and was more painful for her.  She broke into a heavy crying and soon was bawling uncontrollably.  I made sure that she knew in every fiber of her body that she was thoroughly spanked.

Both Mom and Dad watched the whole show approving of every spank.  I had finished with the spanking and was about to lift her up when Mom asked me to wait.  She then took a scissor and cut the thong twice.  When I lifted Sonya up, the destroyed thong fell away.  It was only later that she was horrified that I had seen her sex.  Mom comforted her for some time.  Through her sobs she kept saying "I'm sorry, Mommy."  Dad commented that he should never have stopped spanking her when she was twelve and complimented me on the fine job I had done.

"We are going to get you back on course, young lady." Mother told her firmly.  She was put back into simple plain panties that very day.

"Yes, Mommy.  I'll work at it."

A few days later we went to the cabin – my 'rents and sister, Jay and me.  Sonya was far from happy that she was going to be under very strict supervision from everyone and that she was going to have to study hard.  If looks could kill, she would have dumped four bodies and gone off to her boyfriend, Ned.  The very first afternoon, she ran off from her studying.  I let Jay spank her this time.  She was buck naked and screamed like a wildcat until she was bawling.  We decided to clip and shave her.  She did not like that, although I think it was because of the exposure.  She ran out the next day also with the same result.  We had a surprise for her the next day.  We put a heavy leather band around her ankle and chained her to the porch.  She did not run off but did not do her work either.  This time she got strapped.  She was a slow learner.  The next day she did her work.  We also locked up all her clothes so that if she got loose she would be too ashamed to run.

After a few days she realized that she could have some time to play if she did some work.  She also got used to being naked in front of all of us.  The rest of us wore clothes only some of the time.  I did notice her eyeing Jay's bod and even mine.  Since we were the only ones with pubes it was clear that we were in charge.  As little kids we often were naked here and it seemed reasonable to continue the practice since, in one way or another, we were all kids.

When Jay's 'rents arrived, things continued pretty much as during the first week.  Sonya saw that Jay was controlling his 'rents like I was ours.  But everyone was on top of her.  Mom made sure that Jay's mom knew exactly what Sonja's work schedule was.  All the 'rents were well behaved and did not require spankings.  Sonja got three spankings that week.

Jay and I expected my sister to go back home when the 'rents left but she did not.  What she had done was arrange for her boyfriend to come to the cabin.  Dad had arranged that one of the locals would drop off supplies at the burnt out cabin when he made his tri-weekly mail run.  We were to get them because of the huge distances by road.  So along with the Monday groceries we got Ned.  A certified nebbish.  He was a loser – not a geek, not a jock, not handsome, a frat reject and not even clean.  He did not even look healthy.  If this was what Sis hung out with, it was clear why she was failing.  Of course, not all of this was obvious when we first met him so we brought him back.

His faults became evident that first afternoon.  Jay and I talked to him after dumping his beer but it did little good.  If there had been a way, we would have evicted him then.  He would have gotten lost and been eaten by the rats in the woods which would have been trouble.  We figured that we could return him to the other side before the Wednesday delivery so he could get a ride back to the town and bus station.

He got into trouble the first evening.  Ned and Sonya went for a walk.  They were both in skimpy swim suits.  It was certain that they were going to screw about but Jay and I could well understand that.  Hey, we had hoped to get the chicks across the lake.  Sis had of a bit of slutty reputation even in high school so we decided that it's her bod and she had surely been doing it at school with this loser.

Then Jay asked a simple question – did they take a condom?  We took a quick look in Ned's bag and there were not any.  Unbelievable – "How he get into college being that stupid!" we asked?  It was easy to guess where they would be so we went after them.  We caught them in the nick of time.  Ned was about to plunge into her without any protection.  We dashed over and yanked him off her.  If I was not holding him, I would have slugged him.  We yelled at them for their stupidity as we dragged them back to the cabin.

I was absolutely furious with Ned – I did not want to be an uncle so soon.  Not only was that a worry, but I would not have been surprised if he had been infected/infested with some STD.  He was a year older than my stupid sister but I still was able to control him as if he was only a little boy.  When we got to the cabin, I just sat down on the porch steps and hauled Ned over my lap.  His swimmers had gotten lost, probably when I pulled him off my sister, so he was already bare assed.  I began to spank him by hand – long and hard.  One would have thought that a twenty-year-old college guy could take it better than a ten-year-boy but this one could not.  Within five minutes of my starting to beat his sorry ass, he was crying.  I paused enough that I could get the sandal off my foot and quickly resumed spanking him with it.  Soon he was bawling but I pounded away more.  He was a rotter and had acted irresponsibly and endangered my sister and I was furious.  If I had had a whip or a cat I would have flogged him senseless but I did not so I stopped.  When I pushed him off my lap he rolled down the steps and continued to bawl like a baby.  I just sat there trying to regain full control of myself.

Eventually his bawling switched to quiet crying and then sobs.  He looked up from the bottom of the steps and then crawled up two of them and kissed my foot.  "Please, Master," he implored and pleaded, "Please fuck me.  Please, Master."  It was then that I realized that my cock was steel hard.  I will admit that the offer was most tempting but I was afraid of catching something even using a condom.  I then considered having him suck me but I did not want that either for the same reasons.  I compromised with myself and jerked off on the pitiful creature.

Soon after I started spanking Ned, Jay got back with Sonya.  They watched a while.  It was good that she saw what a worthless thing Ned was – her big college man reduced to a pathetic crybaby by her kid brother only halfway through high school.  Jay took Sonya into the cabin and I heard him close and lock the door to our room.  I can report what happened because Jay told me.  He sat on her bed and pulled her over his lap.  He was surprised that she did not fight back.  Perhaps she feared she would get it from me like I was giving it to Ned.  Jay said he only spanked her with his hand, albeit hard and she started to cry quite quickly.  He lectured her about safety in sex and told her that was the only reason we had stopped their escapade.  He held her as she cried and as she composed herself, her hand wandered down to his crotch and his hard manhood.  She cooed at him about how big and hard his manhood was and that she wanted it.

Well, when she keeps her big mouth shut, Sis is not bad looking.  Jay had liked her bod for some years but until this moment he was just a little pesky kid to her.  I don't blame him one bit for letting himself be seduced by her.  He picked her up and put her supine on the bed and then fetched some condoms.  (Remember that we were prepared for the girls that were not there.)  Then he fucked her silly.  She was delighted and told him he was the best although she probably said that to every guy that pounds her.  Neither Jay nor I have any doubts he did a lot better than Ned.  In the morning he did it again.

I made Ned sleep on the floor in Sis's room while I had the bed.  I warned him that he had better stay put in the sleeping bag.

We were stuck with him another full day.  We fed him but he had to stay away the rest of the time.  Sonya did her studying as directed.  Jay and I did our work – we had brought several books to read.  Wednesday we took Ned back across the lake so that he could get a ride to town and be out of our lives.

Sonya was well behaved for the rest of the stay in the cabin.  Jay fucked her regularly and that kept her in place.  June mothered her for the last week at the cabin and complimented both Jay and I on how well we had tamed her.  She was only home for two days and then it was back to school.

Our 'rents all needed spanking but more of routine maintenance than punishment and they all needed regular shaves.  We spanked each other's 'rents so that they would respect our authority better.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 15, 2007

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