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The following story is fiction about a youth and his rude uncle.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Rudeness Calls for Corrective Action


Luther was not happy with the arrangements in the least.  His parents were going away for a long weekend and his Uncle was coming to stay for that time.  To a thirteen-year-old already in high school and proud that he was the youngest in his freshman class, it was an affront to have a babysitter.  His parents insisted that his Uncle Randy was not a babysitter but was there to look after the house and several other things.  Luther was not convinced in the least.

The first twenty-four hours did not matter.  Uncle Randy had come for Thursday dinner which Luther would have had with his parents anyway and on Friday morning Randy went to work and Luther went to school.  The trouble was at Friday dinner which the two ate in a local restaurant.  Luther was astonished and dismayed with how Randy treated the waitress – rudely would be a most polite way of describing it.  Luther shuddered when he heard the things his uncle said.  In order to try to make amends, on the way out, he even apologized to her like a parent does for the misbehavior of an unruly child.

He vividly remembered how, when he was much younger, that he was required to apologize in similar circumstances.  The words that he had to say to the waiter still reverberated in his head: "Mr. Waiter, I'm sorry that I was so rude to you.  When I get home, father will spank me so that I will remember to be polite."  The waiter smiled.  Then when he got home he had to ask his father for his spanking.  "Father, please give me the spanking I earned for being so rude to the waiter this evening."  Of course, his father (like every doting parent) obliged his son's request.

In the privacy of his bedroom, Luther undressed and got over his father's lap as directed.  It was not the first nor the last time but it was one of the more memorable times.  A lad of ten feels very small laying across his father lap knowing that he is about to be spanked with good cause especially without having really gotten any fun out of his misdeed.  A few hard SPANKS quickly turned Luther's bottom bright red and had him bawling.  He was most glad to be comforted after it was over as he did not have any resentment about it.  But, most important, it was a lesson he never forgot.

Saturday, Luther and Randy went to the large department store.  Luther was able to get what he needed quickly and easily in a couple of departments.  Actually, Luther would have been quite satisfied if his mother had done that some of that shopping but as a matter of principle he insisted that he was old enough to do it himself.© YLeeCoyote

Randy also did some shopping but things did not go well.  He was impossible to please.  Not only was he rude to the clerks but he even yelled at them because of stuff they hadn't any control over and which was even his own fault some of the time.  Luther was most embarrassed.  Dinner was a reprise of Friday's with Randy again being rude to the waiter.

Luther did not sleep well that night and so even heard his Uncle come in at four in the morning.  He was concerned how his uncle misbehaved in public.  He had trouble understanding how his mother was so polite (even to him!) while her younger brother, his uncle, was such a cretin.  He was so disturbed that he called his grandparents in the morning to ask.  His grandmother was just protective of her son – her baby.  His grandfather was much more honest.  "Sorry to say, Luther, Randy was always like that.  We tried but it did not work for he should be just as polite as your mom."  Luther thought long and hard about things and when his uncle finally crawled out of bed at two in the afternoon he had all but decided what was required.

The final straw was how his uncle acted when he came to the kitchen.  He was just in his underwear and obviously had not even combed his hair much less showered.  He immediately and uncivilly demanded coffee as it he was in a hotel or Luther was a servant.  Luther decided that the time to act had come and to act most decisively.

"Uncle Randy your conduct is most unacceptable.  You are constantly rude and disrespectful to all the people you encounter who are trying to please you in ways that pleases everyone else.  Your father even agrees that you are a rude bore.  You have even been rude to me now because I did not act like your maid or butler and bring you coffee."

Luther paused to get his breath as he said all that at once.  He could see the shocked and surprised look on his uncle's face immediately.

"When I was just a little kid, Father spanked me long and hard for much less offence."  He took a deep breath.  "I'm going to spank you for being so rude to so many people."  He took another breath.  "And I'm going to do here and NOW!"

With speed like that of a super hero, Luther grabbed his uncle and pushed him over the table while he pulled his belt out of his pants.  Randy was slow and lethargic and, most importantly, much too surprised to fight back while Luther was a fired up youth in good condition.  When the belt connected on Randy's tale he gave a howl and jumped up.

"THAT DOES NOT COUNT SINCE YOU GOT UP!" barked the angry Luther as he pushed his uncle back into position.  He also grabbed the waistband of his uncle's dingy briefs and yanked them down.  He then saw the pink stripe made by his belt.  «I've got a long way to go» he thought «before that ass is all red.»  He swung his belt a second time.  Every fifteen seconds his belt connected with his rude uncle's tail until it was bright red all over and his uncle was pleaded for him to stop.  Luther recalled how much he was spanked and for just one instance while his uncle had several counts and was much older.  So he strapped him vigorously.  Eventually he stopped and made his uncle stand in the corner, hands on his head and his hot red tail exposed.

Luther's parents were not due back until early evening but they come in before four because there had been very heavy rains up river with a significant threat of flooding and more where they had been.  That was early enough to see Randy in the standing in the corner like a naughty little boy with a very red hot bottom on display.  They were most surprised by the explanation.

It took them over an hour to fully understand before they congratulated Luther on being so adult.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 18, 2010

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