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Runt of the Litter


I'm the brother in the middle.  No, I'm not Malcolm but Johnny and Kip is my big brother who is two and a half years older while Chuck is my kid brother who is just a year younger.  A year ago when I was eleven-years-old my family moved to a new (for us) house.  My brothers and I got the entire attic while our parents' room and the other stuff was downstairs on two levels because of the hill.  It was just one open space.  We had our own bathroom which was built just for the three of us with twin sinks, a shower (you know any boys who like baths?), a toilet and a urinal.  Our friends agreed with us that it was pretty kwel.  That was all that could be built before the money ran out, so no walls to separate us.  Mom said she'll put up some curtains for privacy.  What we quickly found out was it was great having a big open space for we could even play catch and with the thick carpet wrestle and loaf on the floor.

Back when I was only nine, I noticed that my big brother was changing.  He was getting hair by his cock.  Kip proudly showed it to me and explained that when a boy grows up he gets hair called pubes and his penis also gets much bigger.  "I started to get hair before I was ten, Johnny." he boasted.  He also showed me his junk and how he could make it big and hard.  When I tried what he had showed me, my penis also got hard and bigger but it was still much smaller than his although it sure felt good.  However, since Kip was two and a half years older, he was bigger and stronger in every way than both Chuck and I.

Kip was right about the hair meaning he was growing up because now he was allowed to take showers, like Dad did, rather than being given a bath in the tub with Chuck and me by Mom.  I liked that idea even though when Mom give me a bath it was sort nice but I really did not like the babysitters doing it.  Well, the girl babysitters, I mean.  They always wanted to study us like we were specimens.  The guy sitters never did that but made the bath as quick as possible and even let me wash myself a lot.  (They still had to wash Chuck, though.)

Shortly before we moved, Mom stopped bathing Chuck and me.  Chuck was starting to spout pubes so she promoted him to self bathing, like she had with Kip.  I got put into that class because she said that I was old enough to do it myself but my brothers, especially Chuck, would not let me forget I was getting a pass because my kid brother grew pubes.  Mom watched both of us for a while and then just did occasional checks.  Also, it was just before the move and she said that we would not have our own bathtub in the new house.  All three of us were happy about this.  Kip especially liked the increased privacy.

Sometimes my big brother is really smart and does clever stuff.  He pointed out to our parents that he was now as old as the babysitters we had when he was Chuck's age and therefore did not need a babysitter.  Chuck made lots of promises in order to persuade them.  He also carefully explained that in order for us not to have those babysitters, we would have to be 'good' – i.e., accept that he was in charge and do as he said.  I caught on right away so I agreed.  Chuck took a little longer, but he did also.  I guess that it is normal for brothers to fight just for the fun of it not that we wanted to hurt each other but Kip made us see we had a common objective and needed to work together like we were a team.© YLeeCoyote

The first time our 'rents left us alone with Kip in charge we were very good.  We all felt grown up without a babysitter.  That was especially true for Kip since he was in charge.  The next time I was a bit cocky and did not want to go to bed on time.  Kip was very annoyed with me and Chuck agreed with him.  That was the first time I got spanked.  Yes, my brothers gave me my first spanking other than those playful birthday spankings.  Chuck called me a hairless baby and said I should be spanked.  Kip agreed and said that he would tell Dad that I was bad and then I would be grounded and miss my friend's party in a couple of days unless I agreed to being spanked by him.

I guess that I have to explain a couple of things here.  Although Dad did not spank us, we knew all about spanking because it was in a lot of stories and when we were little it was explained to us as how kids, especially boys, were punished not so long ago.  Dad said it was old fashioned and he used other means (grounding, no treats and loss of allowance).  Chuck could call me a hairless baby because I did not have even a single pubic hair even though I was eleven and a half when this happened while he already had grown a small bush.

We were all in just our briefs at this time and Kip sat on his bed.  It was not very high off the floor since our beds were just mattresses on box springs sitting on the floor.  He told me to lose my briefs and get over his lap.  Reluctantly I did.  Kip then lectured me some about cooperating for the common good and then gave me a few hand spanks.  He was fourteen so they were not all that hard although I did feel them and began to understand why spanking were used.  Chuck then said that he was not hitting me hard enough for this to be a real spanking.  Looking back, I guess that I should not have been giggling at that time.  Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my butt and I howled.  "That's what you should be doing, Kip." declared Chuck and he gave me another stinger causing me to yell again.

It got worse, after that, for Kip resumed spanking me using the flip-flop that Chuck figured out was very effective.  After just a few more spanks, I was begging him to stop and promising to cooperate and to be good.

Unfortunately for me flip-flops come in PAIRS for when Kip stopped, Chuck started to give me a whole lot more of hard-as-he-could spanks.

"You are a very naughty boy, Johnny.  A very naughty, hairless baby." he proclaimed several times.  Kip then gave me a few more spanks and with both of them spanking me, I cried.  Then they stopped and put me to bed.  I did not object at all and they also both got into their beds and put out the lights.

I was, as you would expect, most ashamed.  Not only had I misbehaved but when my brothers called me on it I got spanked hard enough to cry like a baby.  I was also forced to acknowledge that my little brother was growing up faster when he pointed out that he had pubic hair that I did not and was even bigger and stronger.  Also he was the one that made sure that I cried.  I did not sleep well that night.  In the morning Kip reported that everything had been fine to our parents while they were out for the evening.  I was not in any real pain any more but I vividly remembered being well spanked.  Later, Kip reminded me that 'spanking clears the slate' so that he was being honest in his report.

It was not only pubes that Chuck was growing that I hadn't yet but generally.  By the time Chuck was ten he was more than three inches taller than I was and he never let me forget it.  Not only was he actually increasing his height advantage but the rest of his body was keeping ahead also so he was heavier also.  Even before he was eleven his hard cock was ​6 inches​ (​15 cm​) which was almost as big as Kip's.  Mine was less (a lot less, sigh) than ​5 inches​ (​12 cm​).  Just like when I wrestled with Kip, I would always lose – ending up flat on my back with Chuck sitting on my chest with his hard cock tenting his briefs.  If I was lucky, that is, and he was wearing them for otherwise I was forced to give his manhood a real close up inspection.  When I played with Kip, things were different for sometimes he let me win like when we were little and he wasn't hard.

Chuck also liked another position to dominate me.  He would get me prone and then get on top.  He held my arms out and spread my legs apart with his so I could not get free.  He would bounce his middle up and down so that his hard cock would bang my crack.  This would assure that he was very hard and he would make nasty comments about fucking me if I was a girl.

There was another problem and that was when the three of us were out together, I was taken for the youngest.  (Chuck would say the baby.)  Chuck did not even have to do anything except be himself standing tall.  Of course, I hated that this happened while Chuck loved it, but there was not anything that could be done to prevent it.

My big downfall happened because I got a detention at school.  I got home an hour late.  Chuck was there and he was all smiles.  He knew about it because the school had called.  He gave me a choice.  The first option was that I could just wait until the folks got home, listened to the message and then ground me.  The second option was that I could delete the message and he would give me a good hard spanking.  I really hated being grounded and it would have been for weeks so I made a bad decision and took the second option.  Chuck insisted that I actually ask him for that good hard spanking because I was a naughty boy and thoroughly deserved it.  He also said that if I quit in mid-spanking then he would tell and I would be in bigger trouble for deleting the school message.

Up in our room, I stripped and then laid across his lap while he sat on the bed.  I had to confess what I did to get the detention and then Chuck gave me a lecture.  Only then did he start spanking me with his bare hand.  He hit me hard but it was bearable.  I did not have any problem not giggling.  "That was the warm up, Johnny.  Now we get down to business."  Then the flip-flop landed and I howled in pain.  Chuck kept up a steady rain of WHACKS and I responded with howls of pain.  Between the howls I begged him to stop but he just reminded me that I was getting a 'good hard spanking just as I asked for'.  It was shortly after that I started to cry like a baby.  When I was bawling, Chuck finally stopped spanking.  I cried for a while after he parked me in the corner.  Not only was I a very well spanked boy but I knew it and was ashamed that my younger brother had done it even making me cry.  Worse, I knew that he knew it also.

I was still in the corner when Kip got home.  He inspected me and complimented Chuck on doing such an excellent job.  He also noted that there a problem that Chuck did not think of – when Mom gets home she going to see that the Crybaby was crying.  "Nope." said Chuck, "She called and said that Dad and her are not going to be home until after our bedtime.  You're in charge and are supposed to make us dinner."

At dinner, Chuck told Kip how I had asked him to spank me in return for not telling our parents that I had a detention at school.  Kip observed that my kid brother did a good job spanking me because I had bawled like a wittle kid.  "You're much more of a man than that crybaby is, Chuck."  Then he turned to me while continue to address Chuck.  "I'm making you my deputy.  When the folks are away and I'm in charge, then you're in charge of Johnny."

I objected that he couldn't do that but he pointed out that I had already accepted Chuck's authority over me.  "He's much more a man than you are and can control you – as he proved by his spanking you to tears." he said.

Chuck was laughing and said that he was in charge of me because he was much more of a man than I was.  I told him he wasn't and he said that he was.  He gave me a CD.  It was a video he had made that afternoon showing my asking him for a spanking, my crying because of it and even my doing his ordered corner time.  "Your friends and enemies would have lots of fun watching it, Johnny.  Since Dad tells us we should act like men and not babies, he'll surely agree that I'm more of a man than you and should be in charge."

Kip congratulated him and told me that I had better accept being the littlest brother.

Chuck then said: "You're next, Kip

I thought he was laughing as he said it but apparently Kip did not think so for I could hardly see what was happening, as Kip was just a blur.  When the dust settled, then I saw that he had a grip on Chuck so that he couldn't move.  "I don't think so, little brother.  Do you need a good spanking to agree?"

"Just joking.  Just joking, Kip." whined Chuck.

"Next time you will get that spanking, little brother." Kip said firmly as he released Chuck.  "And maybe more."

It was now more than clear to me what the hierarchy was.  Kip was on top and Chuck (at least for now) was not going to dispute that.  Unfortunately, however, I was on the bottom of the heap.  Kip had always dominated me albeit in a nice way being that he was my bigger, stronger and more knowledgeable older brother.  It was a relationship I knew and felt was right and that I liked.  What had changed was that Chuck – my kid brother – had taken the second position displacing me.  He had challenged me and won.  He even had evidence of how I succumbed that would be very embarrassing if it made public.  I could not challenge him physically any more than he could challenge Kip.  Also, Kip had recognized the new relationship thus validating it.

I was now the little brother – unofficially but in practice.

* * * * * * * * * *

With one exception there was not any major change in my life because I became the little brother.  Chuck's plan (as I can see in retrospect) was to gain more privileges and autonomy.  What I saw at the time was that he would require my obedience in, for the most part, trivial matters or making sure that I did what I was supposed to do by our parents and school.  The only other one who knew about this was Kip and he encouraged him.

It was only a couple of weeks after Chuck's successful one-man junta that he really exercised his power.  Our parents and Kip had gone out that Saturday morning and left me in charge of my younger brother.  We were both expected to some chores and homework.  I wanted to play with my buddies and do stuff latter.  Chuck told me, most firmly, that I was not to go out until I finished both chores and homework complete with an "… or else."  Well, we both worked a while and then when he got on the throne, I rushed out.  I had only gotten a hundred steps, when he caught up with me and got a tight hold on my neck.  He marched me back home and to our room,  warning me that he would frog march me back if I resisted at all, even if the neighbors watched. "But I was going to do all that stuff later today." I pleaded.

He was not having any of that.  "I told you homework and chores first."  His grip on my neck was painful making me whine as he propelled me to his desk chair.  "Drop your jeans and briefs." he commanded authoritatively.  I obeyed quickly, afraid of what he might do if I crossed him again now.  He made me step out of my pants and also to remove my shirt so I was starkers.  He sat on the chair and pulled me over his lap like I was little boy.  He gave me a few hand spanks and then switched to the flip-flop (which he must have picked up as we came up the stairs).  That hurt a lot more and I knew that I was in for a real spanking.  My instincts were correct and Chuck blistered my bottom.

Since I felt like a naught little boy getting a good hard spanking, I responded just like one.  I yelled.  I howled.  And, sorry to say, I even cried.  Chuck was teaching me a lesson – I was an irresponsible little boy and he was a responsible young man.  I was again parked in the corner to cry and contemplate my (mis)behavior.  After a few minutes, with a teary face and hot-red bottom, Chuck ordered me to go do the vacuuming (one of my chores) and clear the dishwasher (one of his chores) since I was not in condition to do my homework.  When I had finished, I returned and got back to my assignments.  I was very glad that my chair was padded.

Chuck finished his work right before lunch and when we had eaten, told me that I was to stay home, finish all my homework and all my chores before doing anything else.  I was also grounded for the rest of the day.  "You better be here when I get back or I'll take the strap to your naughty, hot, red butt."  I did as he ordered, even making a silly excuse to Mom about not going out.

I learnt an important lesson that day.  If I failed (as decided by him) to do what I was supposed to do then he would spank me and more.  Unlike with our parents, I also learnt that I could not talk my way out of it.  Since I could not complain to our parents (because of the video he made) I was left with doing the right thing or being spanked.  The more that I obeyed him, the easier it was to keep on obeying him.  I even got to the point of first asking him for permission to do things and only if he granted it would I then ask our parents.  Within a few weeks, I sooner would disobey our father than my kid brother.

There must have been some gradual changes in our behaviors because there were changes in the way our parents treated us.  Chuck had asked for more privileges on the ground that he was more grown up than I was both physical and in terms of maturity.  He even had our parents ask Kip for his opinion as he had observed both of us.  Kip gave him a glowing reference which included that he had encouraged me to be better.  That was not a total surprise to our parents for they had noticed changes but now realized that Chuck had been keeping me on the straight and narrow.  I was asked directly and had to confess that I had accepted Chuck's control.

Our parents took a couple of hours to discuss this and decided that it was working and should continue and he was given formal authority over me.  Chuck's terms of existence (his rules and privileges) were immediately upgraded to mine.

Formal authority gave – actually recognized – the power Chuck had over me.  Far more than Kip had over either of us, although we both were expected to listen to our older brother.  Chuck could now officially ground me, dock my allowance, assign extra chores and the like.  Chuck explained to the folks, that he had found spanking me to be most effective and planed to continue to do so because he had found it to be very effective.  Our parents accepted that as well.

Chuck also came up with an extra and diabolical punishment. "You are shorter than most ten year olds and your crotch is as smooth as a baby's.  You give me any trouble, I'll make your rules like those you had when you were nine years old."  He gave me a hug, patted me on the ass and asked: "Understand, little brother."  I nodded as I understood all too well.

So, I was officially declared the little brother when I was twelve while Chuck's eleventh birthday was in a week.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 28, 2009

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