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This story does not take place here on Sol-3 but on another planet Arcturus-7.  The physical conditions on Arcturus-7 are similar to those of Sol-3 so that superficially, the flora and fauna of Arcturus-7 resembles that of Sol-3, although, with many differences in detail.  The dominant sentient species on Arcturus-7 is humanoid like us and could easily pass as Sol-3 people.  Hey, if Star Trek can do it, so can I.

The social system is very class oriented with a very dominant upper and very submissive lower class.  The beings in the lower class are mere chattel for those in the upper class even though they are biologically part of the same species.  The upper class on Arcturus-7 has the same ownership rights as humans have with cattle here on Sol-3.  The members of the chattel class do not have individual names but are assigned alphanumerical designators at birth, however, they do have nicknames which have Sol-3 equivalents.  There is also an equine-like beast which has the grace of a Sol-3 racing horse but with the proportional size and strength of a Clydesdale for the humanoids of Arcturus-7.

With an off-world setting the story must be fiction.  It contains M/M activities including spanking and sex.  If such subjects are offensive or uninteresting to you or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.  Remember that real people, unlike fictional characters, do not a need to worry about STDs; please be careful in your real life.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The Runt and the Lord


It was surprising that Runt had survived past adolescence for he was some ten percent under standard size.  He had just been spared termination because of a general amnesty as part of the celebration of the birth of the Exalted Supreme Ruler's first son and heir.  Mistakenly he was literally cast out of the detention facility along with several minor criminals of the upper class.  He was now an ownerless stray.  He just wandered around not knowing what to do.  That night he slept under some bushes in a park eating discards from the trash cans.  There he met some runaways who took him into the group and, like them, kept out of sight even thought he had little to fear from the authorities.  The support of the group did, however, have a price – a sexual price.  The runaways tended to be an aggressive bunch and Runt was an easy victim.  A few days later the leader of the runaways said that they needed to move since bounty hunters were coming.  Even Runt knew that runaways are sent to the mines; a very unpleasant place from which there is not any return nor escape, except the escape to the oblivion of death.

The group moved out at midnight.  They went fast and Runt increasingly had trouble keeping up with the group and after he twisted his ankle he lost sight of the group.  He was now lost in a rural area.  Exhausted, he slept in the woods through the entire day.  In the evening he went looking for food at a nearby estate.  As he was limping away with his meager takings from the garden, a horseman on a great stallion rode up and lassoed him; the capture of runaways (particularly young males) was quite lucrative.

The horseman was the local Lord.  He was a very tall, handsome, athletic and dominant man of great rank in his world.  His word was to obeyed unconditionally; more even than the law in his fiefdom and never ever questioned.  The Lord looked at his captive.  Because of his size, he appeared as a boy; a dirty, almost naked and now scared boy, at that.  Runt fell prostrate as the Lord loosened the rope.  "Get up, boy," commanded the Lord "and head for the stables."  Runt obeyed for he was well trained (conditioned?).  His limp was very pronounced as he made his way to the stables.  The Lord was impatient.  He rode up behind (if a stride of the stallion is considered riding) the boy, picked him up and swung him behind to sit on the horse.  "Grip the saddle, boy." he commanded and headed for the barn.

Runt knew not what to think.  He had never ever thought that he would be so close to a great lord much less be on the same horse.  At the barn Runt was given into the care of the stable master with orders that he be washed, fed, seen by the vet, chained and an identity check made.  As was the law, Runt never said a word since he was never asked a direct question.  When he was alone in the barn with a full belly, a strapped ankle and a heavy steel collar chained to the wall, he gave thanks to his deity for the kindness of the Lord.  The Lord was surprised when the identity check report indicated that he was not a runaway.  He decided to keep him.  Since he was a stray, there would not be any taxes to pay on him.  Even though he was small, he could be useful about the estate and more than earn his keep.  He would work harder, more reliably and eat less than a growing boy of the same size.  Runt was not consulted but assigned to a supervisor and a bunk.  A new life was beginning for him although he did not know it.

Runt discovered that he was happy as time passed.  Although life was not easy for him as there was lots of hard and dirty work to do, there was also sufficient food.  The stable loft was a warm and dry place to sleep.  The supervisors were not cruel.  He even made a few friends.  His best friend and protector was Red Duck.  He was called that for he took to the water like a duck and had flaming red hair.  Red Duck was frequently punished because he did not know his place.  As he grew up, he had progressed from OTK spankings to strappings to canings and had even tasted the cat.  If not for the monetary loss, the Lord would have sent him off to the mines.  Runt and Red Duck slept together.  This was a situation that was good for all though technically against the rules.  The supervisor realized that with Red Duck plugged into Runt, he would leave the others alone and Runt would not be raped by any of the other chattel; bending the rules was permitted if peace and harmony resulted.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

The Lord loved to ride bare bareback at night on his great stallion, Swift Arrow.  Being au naturel let him feel as one with his great stallion.  It was a great pleasure to survey his estate in the peace of the night without the interruptions of minions and experience the life of a simpler time.

That year the summer was hot; very hot.  The loft that was comfortably warm in the winter was unbearably hot now.  "Let's go swimming" declared Red Duck and dragged Runt outside into the night.  It was a rare night. Both moons were full and high in the sky.  Runt tried to resist for this was forbidden but Red Duck was too strong both physically and mentally.  The pair made their way for a quarter hour through a field and a grove of trees to the meadow with the pond.  They removed their sandals and ran into the cool water in just their shorts.  They swam for a while and then started to return.  Just then the Lord appeared on the ridge on his great stallion.  "RUN!" cried Red Duck as he dashed for the wooded edge of the meadow where he hoped that he could hide.  As the Lord swooped down, Runt, ever the clumsy one, tripped.

The Lord come up to him and he fell to the ground, trembling.  "Get up" commanded the Lord and Runt stood up but never let his gaze leave the ground.  "What are you doing here?" demanded the Lord.  "Swimming, Sire." Runt replied in fear of the Lord's possible punishments.  The Lord studied the pitiful, quivering creature  for a while and then leaned down, grabbing the back of the shorts Runt was wearing.  He then lifted Runt up and draped him across the stallion's withers.  Runt squealed just as an undersized twelve year old high school fresh-boy does when the giant nineteen year old captain of the varsity football team gives him a wedgie and for the same reasons.  The shorts did not survive unscathed, however; the main button gave under the stress.  The Lord proceeded to pull the shorts off Runt leaving him naked.  Two smooth buns, still damp from the illicit swimming, glimmered in the light of the bright moons.  The Lord raised his hand and brought it down sharply on the target without a word.  Runt yelped in pain.  This was repeated until Runt's smooth buns glowed in the night and he was crying.  Like many a boy getting a spanking, Runt wished to plead for the spanking stop by promising that he would be good.  But he dared not speak unbidden to the Lord so all that he could do was to accept what the Load was giving him and to cry.

When at last the spanking terminated, the Lord lifted Runt so that he was sitting astride the stallion in front of the Lord.  It was now that Runt realized that the Lord was riding bareback for he felt both the legs of the Lord and the hair of the stallion, but not the hard edge of a saddle.  "Hold on to the horse's neck, boy." the Lord commanded and started the horse trotting across the flat meadow.  Runt leaned forward and gripped the steed's neck very tightly.  This was his first ride ever and he was scared.  On the other hand it was also very exciting.  He was very stimulated by all that was happening.  His bottom still tingled from the spanking which had also aroused his penis.  The rough hair of the mount on his bare thighs, crotch and torso maintained the excitement as he bounced along.  He was wishing that a naked Red Duck was behind him for then he would also enjoy being fucked along with everything else.

The Lord leaned forward and asked Runt if he liked the ride.  "Oh, yes, Sire, it is wonderful.  The most wonderful thing ever."  Then he perceived that there was something probing his ass crack.  Just a moment later he realized that it was the Lord's hard shaft as it was driven into his receptive fuckhole.  Runt was thrilled beyond words the Lord's rod ramming in and out.  He shot but remained excited and still welcomed the invasion of the Lord.  The Lord also blasted a load, but his went directly into Runt and remained there as the exit was blocked.

Shortly before dawn, the Lord finished his ride at the entrance to his residence.  He deposited Runt on the ground and dismounted.  He then commanded the fearful slave:  "Take Swift Arrow back to the stables and then you and your buddy are to groom him.  When you are done the two of you are to go to the quartermaster and request control collars.  Then report for your regular assignments."

"Yes, Sire." acknowledged the elated Runt as he led Swift Arrow to the stables.  The Lord watched for a few minutes before entering his residence.  He was wondering about transferring Runt to house duty.  He was a better fuck than any of the houseboys he currently had and had the most spankable butt he ever saw.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., November 15, 1997

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