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Each summer there is a Short Story Contest in the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking.  It is only a contest in the general sense since the only strict rules are a limit of 500 words and that the stories are related to spanking.  Sometimes there are categories but with such brief stories it is not very significant.

All my stories are fiction and are spanking related.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

These works are copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

My eight SSC-1999 stories are on this page.

  1. Meeting With The Headmaster  (M/M, cane, family)
  2. Caught by the Post Police  (judical)
  3. Responsibility  (tf/MF, paddle, family)
  4. David and Daddy  (M/M, rom, spank)
  5. Jack and Jill – The True Story  (tt/mm, spank)
  6. Jack's Spanking   (teacher/b, spank)
  7. New School   (teacher/t, spank)
  8. Fantasy at the Castle  (M/fm, family)

Short Story Contest Entries for 1999


1:  My very first SSC story and only 450 words.

Meeting With The Headmaster

John Smith was very nervous.  He was waiting outside the Headmaster Smith's office.  There had been two others ahead of him and he had not heard the Headmaster's cane in action.  When he had been here forty five years ago that sound was quite familiar to the waiting boys.  Then came the War before he had graduated.  He enlisted immediately and he served honorably.  After that he had to help his father with the family business.  And then beautiful Sarah graced his life.  They married and had three wonderful children who were now off making their own lives having graduated from the Universities.  Finally he had the time and the money to return to school to finish his own formal education at his Public School.  He wanted his children to be proud of him.  Because of the War Acts, they had to readmit him.

The Headmaster was known to be very strict and liberal with the cane in times past.  But, only the boys who parents had specially authorized caning got caned in these more modern times.  His parents had long since passed on so he knew that he was safe.  His discomfort was from the mere embarrassment of having failed to have studied adequately and been caught copying another boy's work.

After the expected lecture John was shocked as the Headmaster retrieved the cane from the cupboard.  "The prescribed punishment is four cuts of the cane.  Smith, remove your jacket, drop your trousers and assume the proper position."© YLeeCoyote

"Begging your pardon, Sir, but caning is specified only in the case of criminal acts and then only with parental permission."  John had carefully read the Rules and Regulation Book just the previous week.

The head handed John a well worn volume of the Rules and Regulations of the School hand-bound in leather.  It was dated a half century earlier.  "These are the rules that you are subject to based on your admission date."  John shuddered.  "Would you like to see the authorization that your father signed?  He even requested that the School should be extremely strict with you."

Smith removed his jacket, dropped his trousers and assumed the position.  The head raised the cane and brought it down hard on the waiting target four times.

After John had left, the Head though long and hard about the how revenge was not so sweet for the unjust canings he had gotten from his father many years ago.  He had expected that he would feel much better for getting even.

John was proud of his son for following the family tradition of strict discipline.  He knew, as he hurried to the study hall, that his butt would be sore some time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 1, 1999

2:  If you're going to be nice, you better be sure to do it in a nice way or …

Caught by the Post Police

Pat was still asleep when the Post Police came banging at the door.  Quite foggy, wearing only a bathrobe, Pat responded to the noise and opened the door.  They burst in.

"Are you  They demanded.  Pat nodded.  "You're under arrest."  said the first officer as the second yanked the robe off leaving Pat nude before snapping on the handcuffs.  Pat started to protested but was ordered to be silent and tell it to the judge.

After an hour in a holding cell, Pat was brought in front of the Court, Justice W. S. Porter presiding.  The legal formalities were efficiently complied with and counsel assigned.  By 11 o'clock the trial was over.  Pat was found to be guilty of posting the final twist of stories and jokes that people had worked long and hard at thus spoiling the pleasure of many others who read responses for stories before reading the stories themselves.© YLeeCoyote

"Four hours in the pillory starting at high noon in the Assville town square.  The public may only use the implements provided by the Sheriff."  It was the harshest sentence that could be given to a first offender.

At 11:35 two Deputy Sheriffs led Pat to the pillory.  Pat saw the array of implements on the table – leather straps and paddles, wooden paddles, several canes, switches and leather gloves.  Pat shuddered while being bent over and locked into the pillory.  Pat's buttocks were still unmarked. There was a long line waiting already.

The first person in line selected a cane and Pat chimed the hour in unison with the town clock.

Each person was allowed four minutes and there was limit of eleven persons each hour.

It was a very long afternoon for Pat.  It was never forgotten.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 4, 1999

3:  The research problem discussed in the story is an actual news item from some years ago.


It was a TV teaser that changed all their lives.  All the Anderson's heard was: "Do you know where your kids are?  Story at 10." just as they were sitting down for dinner.  That was enough for dad, however, for even though he never saw the 10 o'clock news that night the next night, he laid down strict rules about letting the rest of the family know where they were.  It did not bother the kid who was only 10 years old as he always was well tracked.  Sis and Junior who were 16 and 17 respectively objected that they were being treated like babies.  Dad was firm and that was the new rule.  One of the paddles hanging in the hall awaited those who failed in the duty to the family.

It was a few weeks later, waiting for his dental checkup, that Junior saw the article in an old weekly news magazine.  The problem was not what his father had assumed.  The researchers could not finished their study for when they called to ask parents: "Do you know where your kids are tonight?" they frequently got kids who didn't know were their parents were.  He got a copy of the story to show his sister.  It was a problem they were both well aware of.

One Saturday, Mom and Dad went out in mid morning leaving the kids alone.  The two older ones were studying for finals and the Kid had a friend over.  They were use to this sort of baby sitting.  Shortly after the young friend was picked up, the Kid started to complain of a belly ache.  Sis and junior were very concerned as both though of appendicitis.  Their parents had not left any information about where they went or when they would return.  Justifiably scared they rushed the little one to the hospital where after a couple hours they were told it was just a tummy ache.  And here's the bill.© YLeeCoyote

It wasn't until midnight that the parents arrived home.  Junior and Sis looked at each other in shock as their parents staggered in with lots of packages after crashing the car into the garage.  It was obvious that they had been shopping and partying as they were both quite tipsy.  Some great example for parents to setting.  Junior's bottom twitched as he recalled that just two months ago how he was paddled for not filling in the 'where we'll be book' even though he had gotten home in time for dinner and had been in the school library.

Seconds later both Junior and Sis were acting the acting as the parents and yelling, berating, lecturing and chastising both errant parents for their irresponsible behavior.  What if the little one really had had appendicitis?  And DWI!  The errant adults has nothing to say for it was all regrettably true and reprehensible.

Then Junior and Sis saw the paddles hanging on the wall.  They each grabbed a paddle and a parent and did what was necessary.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 9, 1999

4:  Bumping into someone can have interesting consequences.

David and Daddy

David was worried.  He knew that the letter from the registrar would be in the mailbox when he got home.  Not only were his first semester's grades not so good but he had been prevaricating all semester about how he was doing.  He knew that Daddy would not be pleased at all for several reasons.

As he walked back to Daddy's house from school, he though back to when he first meet Daddy.  It had been at the town's Fourth of July fireworks celebration at the lake.  He had gotten separated from his friends and in the milling of the crowd found that his back was pressed up against the man he quickly would learn to call Daddy.  He turned to apologize and saw that Daddy was a handsome man a foot taller wearing a leather vest over a beautifully developed torso.

Daddy smiled and said: "No problem, boy." in a deep bass voice reminiscent of Paul Robeson.  Soon after that he felt himself being held closely to and by the strong man.  He had reached back and could feel the arousal restrained by the leather jeans.  He had never enjoyed the fireworks more than that night.  They tricked for the first time that night.  They became lovers soon afterwards.  He moved in at the beginning of the term.© YLeeCoyote

It was only then that he discovered the difference between an erotic play spanking and a punishment spanking for breaking the rules.  The rules that he had agreed to when he moved in.  Rules that were stricter than those of his parents but that he gladly accepted anyway.

The house was empty but the mailbox held the expected and dreaded letter.  He left it on the table unopened.  He knew what it contained.  And what it portended.  He went to his room and stripped.  In the playroom he placed the paddles and heavy straps on the small stand and moved the horse to the center of the room.  Then he stood in the corner, his hands on his head, and waited.

It seemed like forever before he heard Daddy come home.  And then another eternity before he came to the playroom.

"Come here, boy."  David turned.  Daddy was sitting on the straight back chair.  He stood before him feeling like a very small boy.  "Is there anything to discuss, boy?"  David shook his head.

Daddy pulled him across his leather covered lap.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 21, 1999

5:  Did you really believe that nursery rhyme they way you learnt it in kindergarten?

Jack and Jill – The True Story

Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill come tumbling after.

It has been widely reported that the reason Jack and Jill required extensive medical assistance is because they fell down the hill that they went up to fetch a pail of water.  A little thought will show that this is an absolutely ridiculous story.  Water comes down hill even faster than two miscreants do and digging a well at the top of a hill is not a highly recommended endeavor.  It is the second line in the familiar story is untrue.

The two did go up the hill but it was not to fetch a pail of water.  Thirteen-year-olds with raging hormones go to the tops of hills for very different purposes – romance.  Actually, to be more direct: SEX.  Jack and Jill were not any different than the rest; they snuck away from the HS Freshmen spring hop and went to the top of the hill to enjoy the view of the spring sky and particularly the light of the warm romantic moon.  What neither of them had expected was that there would be anyone else there.  There was, however, and that proved to be their undoing.  Jill's older brothers, John and Jason, were both there.  Although they would have liked to be in Jack's place with some girls, they were very protective of their little sister.  It was OK for other girls to have sex but not their little, innocent sister.© YLeeCoyote

The two brothers were both large and strong men, now college students, and had no trouble at all in taking physical control of the two kids.  Jack tried to struggle but quickly realized the futility and Jill was used to obeying her brothers.  Of course, it did not help Jack's dignity nor his ability to run, much less walk, when his pants fell down when he was grabbed by Jason.  It was impossible to deny what was happening with a wet spot on his tented briefs and Jack did not even try to do so.  His total downfall came when Jill reported that he had told her that the first time was safe and did not require protection in answer to his lack of a condom.

Jason sat down and pulled the boy over his lap.  His briefs were pulled down and Jason began to spank the boy hard.  Jack did his very best not to cry, but after John started to use his heavy garrison belt he started to cry.  John sat down at the other end of the bench and pulled his sister over his lap.  He lifted her skirt and pulled down her wet panties.  He proceeded to give her a through payment for improper behavior.  Soon she was bawling and promising to be a good girl.

After some lecturing, Jack was ordered to leave and in his haste, he did not pull up his trousers properly and tripped.  As he tumbled down the hill, Jill broke free of her brother and ran to him.  Unfortunately, she tripped over her own panties and went tumbling after him.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 3, 1999

6:  Since "Jack and Jill – The True Story" was so warmly received, I decided to tell about Jack again when he was much younger.

Jack's Spanking

Jack was standing with his nose in the corner in the front of the classroom; his shorts and briefs were at his ankles.  He was not really happy about that but it did let his red hot bottom radiate some of the heat that was pounded in with the pain of the very hard spanking he had just gotten.

It really was not fair for the teacher to have pulled down his pants and shorts, and to have given him a hard OTK SPANKING in front of the entire pre-kindergarten class.  So hard and long that he even cried in front of everyone like a little baby instead of a big boy of four.

It just was not fair at all.  He was doing just like the book said and showed in the double page, full color glossy picture.  The wonderful book that Grandma had gotten him last year and that he loved hearing daddy and mommy read to him from.© YLeeCoyote

The other kids loved his book too.  He knew all the stories by heart for he had heard them so many times and pretended to read it to the other kids.

The necessary equipment was in the toy bin just like in the picture.  He had to do it because the other kids did not believe that he was a strong boy and, quick and nimble also.

He had found the matches at the edge of the playground at recess time.  The other kids dared him.  He lit the candle and was about to jump when the teacher went postal.

It was not fair for that was his role.  He had been training for half his life.  He was Jack.  He was quick.  He was nimble.  He could jump over the candlestick.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 6, 1999

7:  At his new school Chuck learns some modern discipline methods are in use.

New School

Chuck was nervous on the trip to sleep-away school.  The school counselor had recommended the place and in desperation his parents had followed through.  The place was somewhat of a cross between a reform school and a military academy.  Chuck had studied the brochure and it promised that only the most modern methods were used; a sixth sense said to worry but he did not know why.  Perhaps the claim «your child will return well behaved» even though it also said «our human mentors never strike our campers» was the reason.

Chuck was warmly received and after the screenwork a mentor led him to the quarters he was assigned.  After stripping down, he went to the common washroom.  Ordinarily, Chuck would not have been so willing to get a haircut but this would be his first encounter with a robo-barber.  The military had been using them for several years, but they were still too expensive for the civilian sector.  Because he had never encountered a robo-barber before he did not realize that this was not like the one he had seen on the vids.

He punched in his id-code and the machine spoke: "Welcome, Student Chuck.  Please sit down and place your hands and feet as indicated so that I can give you your first haircut."© YLeeCoyote

Chuck did as he was instructed and was surprised when his wrists and ankles were gripped when the head guides came out.  The robo- barber started and gave him a simple 5 mm crew cut.  He expected to be released after the head guides withdrew into the case.  Another rest was extended and Chuck was turned with his butt fully exposed.  Then an arm was extended and proceeded to strap the new student's buttocks most thoroughly.  The strapping was severe and very hard; for the first time in many years Chuck cried and begged.

The robo-barber/spanker spoke: "That is for your past mis-behaviors.  Future disobedience will not be tolerated.  Now go to the shower cubical and then return to your Mentor's office.  Be quick about it."

His butt burning, Chuck did as he was told.  He had noticed that there were other robos around; many of which could walk.  In the shower he wondered how much his parents knew about the «most modern methods».

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  July 16, 1999

8:  Today's youths are not well behaved as some tourists showed.

Fantasy at the Castle

I was on the upper level of Belvedere Castle in Central Park which I love to do enjoying the view, the birds, the breezes and most of the other visitors (mostly tourists).  This is the same castle that I had in my story "A Boys Big City Adventures" a couple of years ago and was used last year in the movie "Stepmom".  The population was fluctuating rapidly from just me to as many as 25 within minutes.

A European family showed up.  The parents were quiet but the teenage girl was going at them loudly and fast in their native tongue.  The teen boy manhandled (albeit gently) dad to change what he was doing.  As a loyal citizen of Assville, I knew what should happen then.

Suddenly the roof was almost empty.  I was sitting quietly in the corner and the girl was still yelling at her dad.  Then he had enough.© YLeeCoyote

"Quiet!" he snapped at her and she was stunned into silence.  "You promised to behave like a lady but you're acting like a fishmonger wife."  She started to open her mouth, but he again barked: "QUIET!".   He looked around, but did not see me.  He pushed his daughter so that she was bent over the parapet and then he raised her skirt and pulled her panties down.  It was early afternoon and she was facing NNE so that The Great God Ra got to see was it is (falsely) claimed he never does.  Father raised his hand and spanked her shapely butt about a score of times until it was bright red.

Then he turned his attention to his son.  "Junior!"

Junior knew when he must obey without question and immediately presented himself with head bowed.  He pulled the belt from the boy's pants and opened them.  They dropped to his ankles and he pushed the boy's boxers down also.  Junior was quickly placed alongside his sister over the parapet and also exhibiting his butt to Ra.  Dad laid some twenty heavy strokes on the youth's butt leaving a series of red stripes that soon blended in a bright red coating.

"Pull up your pants and you two had better behave properly from now on."  The youths did as they were told without a word.

As they left I was aware of the ever present background noise of traffic.  As a loyal citizen of Assville, I knew that this is what should have happened but, alas, it did not. [sigh]  But across the Park, right over Cleopatra's Needle, with its references to the Great Ra, was a Red-tailed hawk soaring.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  August 6, 1999

The End of the Collection

© Copyright A.I.L., Summer, 1999

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