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Each summer there is a Short Story Contest in the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking.  It is only a contest in the general sense since the only strict rules are a limit of 500 words and that the stories are related to spanking.  Sometimes there are categories but with such brief stories it is not very significant.

All my stories are fiction and are spanking related.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

These works are copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

My fourteenth through the twenty-sixth entries are on this page. My first thirteen stories are at SSC 2000 – Part 1/2.

  1. Rent Day – Another Reality  (M/M, F/F, public, nc)
  2. Dental Spanking  (Dentist/patient)
  3. Rent Day Revelation  (F/M, public, nc)
  4. Johns' Strapping   (M/m, strap, nc)
  5. Co-opting in the Computer Lab  (M/m, strapping, nc, schoolboy)
  6. Report Card Day Disappointment  (M/mm, spank, strap, parental)
  7. Still Another Three Bear Story  (Bear/b, spank)
  8. Goldilocks Makes Peace  (M/f, spank)
  9. The Toilet Seat Caper  (M/mf, spank, parental)
  10. Goldie's Second Chance  (M/f, spank)
  11. Goldie at the Three Bears  (M/b, spank, parental)
  12. Eros at the Bacchanalia  (F/m, spanking, parental)
  13. Crime and Punishment  (M/M, spank, Assville)

My twenty-seventh story, The Beaver's Second Spanking, is now part of BeaversSpankings.html#2

Short Story Contest Entries for 2002 – Part 2/2


14:  A replay of the previous story but with a different roll of the dice.

Rent Day – Another Reality

The favorite day of the month for Mr. and Mrs. Jones was rent day.  They were the resident owner-managers of the "123 Garden Apartments".  They had worked out an inducement system to discourage tardiness with the rent payments.  Actually it was penalty system but it also gave rewards to those who paid early.

Today Mr. 8 and Ms. 12, (both new tenants) did not have their rent payment.  "Please be at the pool at 9 pm tonight." they were told.  Word among the other tenants spread quickly.  Everyone was gathered at the pool.  Mrs. Jones explained that the penalty specified in the lease were to be enforced.  Each of the delinquents were to get a spanking – here and now – publicly.  The spankers were to be chosen by lot from those who checks had already cleared.

Ms. 12 reached into the bowl and selected her spanker.  Ms. 13 was a feminist and hated all men.  She hated her landlord and was certain that he oppressed his wife.  Now Ms. 12 struggling against the hardship of this horrible male dominated world was to be tortured in front all her neighbors.  She would minimize her suffering.© YLeeCoyote

She sat down and called Ms. 12 over.  She had to make this look real for the monstrous landlord.  She lowered the lass' jeans to her knees and pulled her over her lap.  Then she started to spank her on her panties as if she was a child.  The landlord reminded her that the rule required bare buttocks.  Ms. 13 pulled the panties down but only in the back.  Ms. 12 did not even cry as her bottom turned a dark pink.  Most of the observers felt cheated, particularly Mr. Jones.  However the rules had been followed.

Mr. 8 chose Mr. 10 who was totally indifferent to his male neighbor as opposed to lusting after Ms. 12.  He felt that he had already seen enough male butts for a life time.  Mr. 8 got short shrift rather than the long lecture which Ms. 12 would have and his jeans and briefs unceremoniously lowered to his ankles.  Then he was overlap and Mr. 10 was spanking hard and fast.

Mr. 10 was not ready for his own reaction.  He had expected a hairy and flat butt.  What he got was a beautiful butt, hairless, unblemished and with curves.  Many of the features that Ms. 12 had.  As he spanked, he observed the young man's butt do exactly what her butt would have done.  It turned pink, then red and finally crimson.  It was extremely sexy and sensuous.

Mr. 10 found that he was enjoying this much more than he had expected.  Both men could feel each other's hardons.

The two delinquents were helped back to their apartments and were treated to ice packs by their spankers.  Over the next few hours, Mr. 10 learnt that he was not as straight as he thought.

By the third day they each managed to pay enough of the late rent so has not to have to make another "interest/penalty" payment.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  June 26, 2000

15:  This morning as I walked to my dentist appointment I got an idea.  This story is the result and features an unusual spanking.  My dentist would never do anything like this.  In fact, he is too generous with those shots which hurt more that the air drill for a simple filling preparation.  By now you should have figured out that if you believe that the devil is a dentist (or vice versa) or you fainted during the 1976 movie "Marathon Man" this story is definitely NOT for you.  BTW, just for the record, the wait for time for dental shots to be effective is now under a minute but back then....

Dental Spanking

Kevin was late for his appointment with the dentist.  Again!  He was now sorry that he seen the newest hot release – Marathon Man – last night.  He never liked dentists and had nightmares all night.  The day had not gone well either particularly with his tooth bothering him.

As he rode the elevator to the dentist's office he remember that the dentist had threatened to spank him if he was late again.  Well, at least that would take his mind off his lower right first molar.

He was immediately directed to the chair and the assistant put the bib on him.© YLeeCoyote

"You're late again, Kevin.  Let's get right to that molar.  I have to be out of here on time today." said the dentist as he walked in reaching for the drill.

"I want a shot, please, doctor."

The dentist pushed a button and a couple of clamps snapped around the arms of the chair so Kevin could not move.

"That was ready fifteen minutes ago but I haven't any time to wait for it to take effect now.  Besides, I told you I was going to spank you if you were late again.  Open, please."

Kevin opened his mouth to protest and found it suddenly full of things.

The dentist adjusted the light and said: "I think that fifteen strokes should do it."  The dentist touched the toe switch and the drill started to whirl and pressed forward for the first stroke.

Kevin yelled.

The dentist touched the drill to the decayed molar another fourteen times and Kevin yelled each and every time.

"Rinse, please, and I'll put the temporary in now."

Two minutes later the dentist was finished.  "Make an appointment for next week, Kevin, and we'll finish it up.  Gotta' run now."  The dentist dashed out.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  June 29, 2000

16:  Another visit to 123 Garden Apartments on rent day.

Rent Day Revelation

The favorite day of the month for Mr. and Mrs. Jones was rent day.  They were the resident owner-managers of the "123 Garden Apartments".  Most of the time their fifteen tenants paid the rent on time.  They were pleased about that for they, in their turn, had to pay their creditors.  They had worked out an inducement system to discourage tardiness with the rent payments.  Actually it was penalty system but it also gave rewards to those who paid early.

Today Mr. 15 was the one delinquent.  At the pool at 9 pm he reached into the bowl and selected his spanker.  It was Ms. 15.  The two of them shared the two bedroom unit but each had their own lease and were to pay their own rent.

Unfortunately, Mr. 15 had been late in the past and Ms. 15 was as disgusted about the situation as were the Jones.  Mr. 15 was in for a shock; a major shock.  Ms. 15 gave him a long lecture frequently referring to him as her naughty boy and during the latter part began to strip him.  He was not concerned about this as he was often at the pool in the skimpiest of Speedos.  He was not prepared when she put her thumbs in the waist band of his boxers and pushed them to his ankles.  His bare pubes were a surprise and provoked snickers from the audience.© YLeeCoyote

Rather than selecting something from the available implements she pull out her ever faithful hairbrush from her purse.  It was a well crafted item of solid oak and really had a heft to it as Mr. 15 could testify to.  She sat down on the diving board and pulled him across her lap.  It was not the first time he was in this position.  He had been spanked many times by her and suddenly realized that this time it was public.

She gripped his waist tightly with one hand and raised up the other one.  The one with the heavy, solid oak hairbrush.  He struck with a THUD that echoed around the pool court.  He yelped.  She had hit hard and his past experience told him that it was going to get worse.

He was right.  The paddle-like brush hit his butt so fast that he thought that there were two or three of them.  It struck very hard.  His butt turned pink and tears swelled up in his eyes.

The pounding continued.  His butt went red.  The tears started.

Then he was crying but she continued.  He totally lost track of how many spanks and of time.  All that was in his mind was spanks.

When she was finished she made him stand with his nose touching a tree while everyone admired her brushwork.  Although his aroused state did not show in this position, everyone had already noticed it.

Then she took him back to the apartment and lectured him even more on responsibility and living up to his obligations.  Then they made sweet music together.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  June 30, 2000

17:  Once again it's report card day and surprising reports have interesting consequences.

Johns' Strapping

John Smith walked home from school quite unconcerned that the report cards were due in today's post.  John was certain that he was getting at least four A's and one B at the worst and maybe even five A's.

When he got home, his father was waiting with the report and an angry countenance.

"Look at this!" he shouted thrusting the report at his son.  It was a horrid report.  Two F's, two D's and a C.  The C was in PE.  John was confused, shocked and speechless.  If he had had asthma or epilepsy he would have been rolling on the floor from an attack.© YLeeCoyote

His father pulled him out to the garage. There he was made to bend – bare butted – over the car.  Dad used his son's own leather belt hard and long until the boy's butt was hot, red and very painful and his son was bawling.  Then he was sent to bed without dinner.

Across town, another angry father was confronting his son also.

"What sort of fool do you take me for?  How do you explain these five A's?  You never had more than one B at a time.  What sort of trickery is this?  How did you fake this report?"  He too strapped his son long and hard until his butt was hot, red and very painful and was bawling.  This John Smith was also sent to bed without dinner.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 1, 2000

18:  Censoring programs, such as Net Nanny, have their problems.

Co-opting in the Computer Lab

"Karl, the nerd" he was called by most of his classmates.  He, generously, chalked that up to jealously.  There was one place where he was actually sort after – the computer lab.  The school was in a poor neighborhood and their only access to the web was in the school lab.  There were kiddy protection programs installed, but they were certain that their classmate Karl could bypass them.  They were right.

Suddenly, in midterm the head was replaced by a strict blue-nosed disciplinarian.  He quickly got a new and better nanny program that not only blocked access but issued a report.  There were harsh penalties for even trying to go to the forbidden places.  (Can you spell T-A-W-S-E, class?)  It took Karl a while before he could bypass this new censor.

The new principal also appointed a new PE instructor, Mr. Wilkes.  He was not liked by any of the students.  Gym classes became totally boring calisthenics and without any games or even competitions.  The joy that hearing that the calisthenics time was to be shortened was immediately lost when it was discovered that the time would be for 'personal inspection' after the showers.  Mr. Wilkes apparently enjoyed having his young charges naked and closing inspecting their bodies, particularly their privates in the name of hygiene.© YLeeCoyote

It was announced that any attempt to go to prohibited sites would get the miscreant strapped immediately.  Karl though long and hard about this and came up with a plan.  He confided in two classmates.  Chuck agreed to be a sacrificial victim.  He bravely entered a url that tripped the alarm.  In seconds the head was in the computer lab.  Chuck was ordered to drop his trousers and bend over the desk.  The strap struck him ten hard and painful times.

Jenny was next.  A couple of days later, she went to the American Cancer Society site.  As soon as she started to investigate her mother's problem – breast cancer, the alarm went off.  Fortunately, Mrs. Jones had been watching her and stopped the enraged principal before the lass was cruelly beaten.

The trap was set.  All that was necessary was for Wilkes to log on while at least ten students in addition to the plotters were also logged on.  Two days later he did.  As he typed, Karl's program went into action.  When he hit 'enter' the url was converted to that of a porn site and the alarm went off.  The principal dashed in; the strap at the ready.  He was outraged.

When he discovered that it was a staff member who was at fault, he was doubly outraged.  He dragged the miscreant, still protesting his innocence, to the desk and yanked his gym shorts to his knees leaving him in just his jock strap.  He pushed him over the desk and strapped him as hard and as long as he could.

Wilkes' butt glowed bright red.  Some believed that there were even tears in his eyes.  He resigned the next day.

Immediately Karl was genuinely popular.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 3, 2000

19:  Yes, dear readers, still another report card story.

Report Card Day Disappointment

Henry's report card made his backpack seem like it was filled with lead.  And it was getting heavier with each step.  He had not gone directly home from school and now it was already dark.

It was just dinner time when he got home.  He washed up and when he saw his brothers' report cards on the table added his to the pile.  His father looked at them and handed them to his mother to do the same.  All three boys were especially quiet for the meal.  They were all concerned about their grades.

Joey's, his younger brother, was first.  He had gotten B's and C's and high marks in all the behavior items.  Under questioning he said that he really tried hard and had done his best.  His parents believed him and signed the card.© YLeeCoyote

Kev, his older brother, was next.  He had similar grades but several behavioral deficiencies.  He admitted that he hadn't done his very best.  He agreed to have a stricter curfew and was to get five with the strap.  He put on his most macho and brave face for his brothers and after handing his father his own leather belt, assumed the position with his bottom bared.  The heavy strap spoke loudly five times before his card was signed.

Henry was very unhappy with his report but his parents saw nothing wrong with three A's and two B's with top marks in the deportment section.  He felt that he had not worked hard enough but his parents disagreed and signed his card also.

Kev and Joey were a bit disappointed.  They had expected that their brother was going to get it after his admission of insufficient effort.  The boys were about to leave, when their father spoke.

"What time were you suppose to be home, Henry?"

"Four, dad."

"What time did you get home?"

"Six thirty, dad."

"Did you call or have an emergency?"

"No, dad."

Dad moved the chair to the middle of the room and Henry stood in front of him.  Dad reached out and undid his belt and jeans.  Then he pushed them down leaving him naked below the waist.  Henry knew enough to get over his father lap.


He knew why he was being spanked.


He had made his parents worry.


He was crying.


His father stopped and the boys went to their room.  His brothers were sympathetic.  Eleventh grade Kev used some cream to sooth both their bottoms.  Ninth grade Joey did not laugh at him (this time).

Later, after light outs, Henry sobbed softy to himself hoping his brothers wouldn't hear.  He was so ashamed.  It was not that he had cried.  Now that he was in the tenth grade it was totally disgraceful that he was still spanked over daddy's lap by hand instead of being strapped in a dignified manner like his big brother had been for more than a year.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 9, 2000

20:  Three bears, yes; Goldilocks, not this time.

Still Another Three Bear Story

Breakfast was over and Pooh's headache persisted.  It got worse as Christopher ran down the porch steps dragging Pooh, as always, by his ankle and into the woods behind the house.  Christopher was looking for his friends, Roo, Piglet and Rabbit.  This morning he was not successful.

Suddenly it got very dark like a storm was coming up.  But it was not a storm.  It was the shadows of two large bears.  Since they were both very large (at least to a six-year-old human boy) Christopher was scared.  Just like he did in bed at night when he thought that a ghost or other horrid creature of the night was nearby, Christopher hugged Pooh very tightly.

The larger shadow spoke in a deep voice.  "Christopher, you have been mistreating Pooh."© YLeeCoyote

The other shadow spoke in a sweeter, higher voice. "We are going to have to take back our Pooh."

"Mommy. Papa." squeaked Pooh who always had trouble speaking when he was hugged so tightly by his beloved Christopher.

Christopher was very scared and confused.  He had often pretended that Pooh actually talked but he was not doing any pretending now.  And mommy and papa Pooh were so large.  He gave Pooh a big kiss and sobbing said a very tender goodbye to be favorite friend.  He then gently held up his dear friend to his mommy.

Mother Pooh took her cub and gave him a big kiss with her big wet tongue and Pooh giggled.  When he stopped giggling, Pooh said "I want to stay with Christopher, mommy if he won't bang my head on the stairs."

"Are you sure, son?" asked papa bear.

"Yes, Papa, Yes. Yes. Yes."

"I'll be very careful with Pooh, Mr. Bear." said Christopher (using his best manners) very sincerely hoping that they would not take his dear friend.

Papa bear thought about it for a minute and then sat down on a fallen tree and called Christopher over.  He talked with Christopher a while and then agreed that Pooh could stay BUT Christopher would have to be punished for his past misbehavior.  He reached over and opened Christopher's pants and let them fall.  Then he pushed down his underwear and pulled him over his lap.


Christopher was crying and promising to be good and careful.  Suddenly he was alone with Pooh with his pants up.

His bottom hurt for days and forever after he was always careful with Pooh particularly on the stairs.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 12, 2000

21:  Well, this time Goldilocks is a star character but she not a little girl anymore.

Goldilocks Makes Peace

If Goldie was not a cute and beautiful high school senior you would have described her as pissed; pissed like Mighty Casey for striking out.  Her agent was not very helpful.  He had to tell that she really upset the bear family and since he had a lot of friends in Tinseltown – no work, period.

"But it was not my fault.  Beside it was not even suppose to be my gig.  It not fair."

"Fair or not that the way it is, Goldie." remonstrated her agent.  "The Bears still got a wrecked house and you did run away."© YLeeCoyote

"But I was scared."

"Maybe in the Big Apple, Goldie, not here."

Dejected, Goldie left the agent's office and started walking on Hollywood Boulevard.  She did not watch where she was going and walked right into a handsome young bear.  Fortunately he was a gentlebear so he helped her up and very gently brushed her off.  Even though it had been years, she recognized him as "Junior" from her encounter years earlier.  She started to beat him with her fists which he easily stopped.  "I hate you!" she screamed over and over.

"Why?  I don't even know you, girl."

After a bit, he got the story out of her.  "Are you willing to apologize publicly, Goldie?" he asked knowing just how his father felt about that past unpleasantness.

"Of course." she snapped.

"Apologize politely?"

"Yes, Junior." she said nicely.

"I'll talk to pop and see what I can do.  Give me your phone number."  She hesitated and he reminded her, with a big smile, that she had already slept in his bed.  "I'll call you at 6." he promised.

He called as promised.  "Pop will be on the Tonight Show tonight and said you can make amends then.  I'll pick you up in an hour.  Be ready!"

A little latter she was waiting in the wings to go on stage with Junior.  Then came her big moment – appearing on national TV.  Even though she was not getting paid, it would great exposure.  After a little talk show chat, Junior explained to the audience that Goldie was truly sorry and had something to say.

Goldie did herself proud, politely and fully apologizing to a much calmer bear than she had run away from so many years ago.

Mr. Bear was very pleasant but instead of immediately accepting the apology noted that some young ladies need some special attention for inappropriate behavior.  With that he put his huge paw behind her and effortlessly pushed her over his lap.  He lifted her dress and pulled down her panties.  Then gave her a through spanking which had her crying loudly and her cute bottom bright red all on national TV.

Junior held and comforted her then and, of course, took her home.

The next morning her agent was very busy.

Oh, she also noted that Junior's bed was still "just right".

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 15, 2000

22:  Toilet Seat up or down is a frequent argument.  Here is one solution.

The Toilet Seat Caper

Pat and Mike were at each others throats once again and their mother used the magic words, "Just wait unit your father gets home!", to get some peace and quiet in the house.  It was the zillionth time that the twin teens were arguing about the toilet that they shared: seat up or seat down.

After that they were quiet but the atmosphere was so thick that one could have cut it with a knife.  It was not until almost bedtime that dad returned home from his business trip to judge and execute the sentence.  Each was fearful of being found guilty but looked forward to the other one getting a red tail.

Then Judge Dad listened to the evidence.© YLeeCoyote

"He always leaves the seat up and...."

But dad cut her off with "Is that so, Mike?"

"Yes, dad.  But she always leaves the seat down and...."

Similarly, dad cut him off with "Is that so, Pat?"  Patricia nodded.

After a brief pause, the judge spoke: "Go to your rooms, strip to your underwear and wait for me."  They knew better than to argue or delay but they were still confused as who was going to get spanked.

A few minutes later dad went to their shared bathroom and, after closing the lid, sat down.  He summoned his errant, bickering children.  He divested them of their underwear.  They both blushed at being treated as little children, rather than the nudity for they often skinny dipped together.

Dad took Mike across his lap and held him firmly.  Then he spanked him hard and long until he was crying and promising to be good forever.  When his bottom was bright red and properly seared it was Pat's turn.  Her spanking was not any less harsh.  Soon her tears and promises flowed like those of her brother and her butt was equally hot and crimson.

The learned judge got up and had his children look at the toilet.  "I've told you this a zillion times – PUT THE LID DOWN BEFORE YOU FLUSH TO PREVENT GERMS SPREADING."

Pat and Mike shared the cold shower to cool their hot butts as loving siblings sharing their pain.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 16, 2000

23:  An alternate version of the classic tale.

Goldie's Second Chance

It was barely ten minutes after that horrid bugler and trespasser had run away after having wrought such havoc on their home when there was a knock on the door.  Papa bear responded and found that it was Ranger Smoky with an urchin in tow.  The very scamp that had made its escape just moments before.

"You got that thief." declared Papa gleefully.

"I saw it running from your house and thought that there might be a problem." stated the Ranger.  "What damage did it do?"© YLeeCoyote

"It made a mess, broke some furniture, ate Junior's breakfast and spoiled ours.  That man-cub need to be punished." stated Momma Bear so forcefully that even Junior trembled and he was totally innocent.

All four could smell that the man-cub's fear level had increased as it tried to wriggle out of the short leash held tightly by the Ranger.

"Please, don't hurt me," begged the urchin, "I'm just an orphan; very hungry and tired."

Papa poked the urchin several times.  "Not worth the effort to skin; no meat on its bones.  Just break its legs and leave it for the jackals and crows in the meadow, Smoky."

At this harsh pronouncement the urchin swooned and Smoky let it fall to the floor.  As his mother said that was a bit harsh, Junior ambled over and licked its face getting a taste of his own porridge from her lips.

Goldie recovered but with Junior's paw on top of her she could not move.  "Please," she begged, "I'll be good.  Please don't break my legs.  Please don't kill me."  And she kissed Junior back with a lick.

"Maybe something less drastic, father." Junior said in his sweetest, politest, most respectful voice.

"Junior's right, dear.  What it did was not a capital offence and it's just a cub."

"Well...." father said, softening.

"You just would have spanked me, papa."

"If I spank that, I'll break it, Junior.  It's too fragile."

"I'll can do it, papa.  I'm strong enough but not too strong.  Please, father?"

Goldie was to afraid to run and docilely let Junior lead her over to momma's chair where he sat down.  He glided her over his lap, lifted her skirt up and placed a paw across her back.  They both knew that she could not move now.  He pulled her panties down.  With his other paw he rubbed her smooth soft bottom.  She forgot to feel scared for the moment.  He raised his paw and brought it down hard.  She yelped in pain and remembered to be scared again.  In just moments she was bawling like a baby and trying to make promises to be good.

When Junior stopped spanking her she hugged him tightly as she continued to cry for a long time.

"Time to take it to the pound." said the Ranger with authority.

"May I keep it, mother?  I'll take good care of it; promise.  I've wanted a man-cub for so long and this one so pretty.  Please mother; pretty please with honey on top?"

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  July 16, 2000

24:  Don't worry, it not that little girl in the woods again.

Goldie at the Three Bears

Goldie was being a terror.  His parents had hoped that he would calm down at lunch but they were wrong.  The little terror got even worse running about wildly.  He managed to get out of their sight.  Then while they searched for him he caused havoc.

He climbed onto several tables and took samples.  What he thought was ketchup covered French fried potatoes were hot sauce covered ones.  He howled at the burning.  He grabbed the glass next to it.  It was cold.  It looked like water.  It was gin.  He howled again as he spit it out.  When he jumped down he knocked several plates off the table and they shattered.

As he ran around in pain, he knocked over several things.  One of them, a small beach chair was terminally injured when a rock gashed the seat.© YLeeCoyote

At the next table he found relief in the form of a large container of ice cream.  Nice cold, smooth, sweet ice cream that soothed his tongue and throat.  He ate it all making his little tummy distend.

He was tired and wandered into a tent.  A sleeping bag with a teddy bear was just what he needed.  He got in and was asleep in seconds.

As he slumbered Mama and Papa were frantically searching for him.  In fact, everyone was looking for him.  He was found only when another boy ran from his tent yelling.

"There's someone in my sleeping bag, Mama."

A few minutes later he was no longer dreaming of unlimited supplies of yummy, soothing ice cream.  His father was yelling at him about being a bad boy for running away.  Then his shorts and briefs were pulled down and daddy put him across his lap.


Goldie knew that he had done something very, very wrong and bad because daddy was spanking very, very hard.  He was bawling already.


Then the spanking stopped and daddy picked him up.

A few minutes later he was sitting on his very hot bottom strapped into the car as his daddy drove home.  If he hadn't been crying still he might have heard his father say to his mother: "And I don't think we can ever go back to THE THREE BEARS CAMPGROUND."

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  August 9, 2000

25:  I was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw the small exhibit The Birth of Baroque: The Carracci.  It consists of a few paintings, drawing and etchings from between the years 1580 and 1610 by the Carracci – Annibale, Agostino, and their cousin Ludovico.  There were two small etchings that were of particular interest.  When I looked at them I got the idea for this story – to explain "What happening here?"

Eros at the Bacchanalia

The invitation was from Bacchus so there was no doubt that it was going to be the bash of the year with lots and lots of wine.  In fact it was the Bacchanalia of the year.  All the Gods from Alecto to Zeus were there as were a few mortals.  By now the party was in full swing and all robes had been converted to ground cloths.  The vastness of cellars of Bacchus was well appreciated.

The ever mischievous Eros (a.k.a. Cupid) was being watched by his father, Mercury.  No matter how many times his bow and arrows were confiscated, he managed to acquire more.  It was as if he had a set hidden in every tree.  The high potency wine had affected Mercury and Apollo so that neither of them noticed that Eros had double loaded his bow again.  A quick snap and the two had nothing but eyes for each other.

Eros took off to play.  Perhaps one should say "to mischief".  In any case he was having his usual fun.  His special arrows were flying every which way and spreading love and lust wide and far.  Well until Venus saw her son.  She grabbed him by the ear and, like little boys all over Earth and above, he yelled.  She led him to a nearby bush.  From there she cut several branches to make a suitable implement.  He knew that he had better not run.© YLeeCoyote

She then enlisted the aid of another lad.  She placed Eros's arms over the second lad's shoulders.  When he bent over Eros was pulled forward and raised up from the ground.  She raised up the bundle of branches.  Eros howled.

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  August 14, 2000

26:  This is definitely in the Assville category and is M/M.  After a blazing start posting a SSC story daily at the beginning of the contest, I ran out of ideas.  It simply was not acceptable not to submit a story at the end.  Then it was pointed out that I had violated the customs of Assville.  I had my idea.

Crime and Punishment

I was sleeping soundly dreaming of succulent BBQed Road Runner when the bell went off.  As first I thought that it was the alarm but spanking the clock did not stop the racket.  It was the doorbell.  It was being rung as if the fires of hell had escaped and were threatening the fair town of Assville.

As I approached the door, it was forced open by two big, mean, burly deputy sheriffs.  "Y. Lee Coyote?" they barked.

"Yes."© YLeeCoyote

"You're under arrest."  With that they grabbed me, snapped the cuffs on and dragged me away to the jail.  Within the hour I was in Assville's Magistrate's court and being charged.  My supposed crime was a high misdemeanor – posting a non-inflammatory comment.  They gave me a choice – to rot in jail while they subpoenaed my ISP to prove the post was mine or for me to stipulated to this.

It was clear from my post that I did NOT question the intelligence, honesty, breeding and/or sanity of the previous poster but politely and calmly disagreed with him.

I tried to argue that the law did not require any of those things but the Magistrate was not moved.

"The custom in Assville is to do that and you have not!  The custom is higher than the law."  Then he passed sentence.  "You are to be taken to the town square, this market day, now and placed in the pillory until mid-afternoon.  At that time the hangman shall apply ten strokes, well laid on, with the tawse.  You shall remain there until sunset."  Then he banged his gavel and called for the next case.

The Sheriff's men dragged me to the town square where the market was in full swing.  A few minutes latter I was locked in the pillory with my rump wanting for the hangman's caresses with his tawse.  They did not have to strip me, as I never had a chance to get dressed.  The town crier lost no time informing one and all of my impending punishment.

The crowd, actually a taunting mob, gathered by 2:30 and was having fun anticipating my up coming torture.  As the town clock started to strike 3:00, the hooded hangman arrived with his tawse.  The mob went quiet in anticipation as the court clerk read the Magistrate's order.

The Hangman raised his weapon and brought it down hard on my bare rump.  I howled.  Nine more times and then he shifted to the other side and repeated it all.  I continued to howl as if there were two full moons in the midnight sky.  The mob was cheering him on throughout the process.

Four hours later, a deputy released me.  I limped back to my den and a cold tub.  By now I had formulated what I would post next time.  Instead of a simple "I disagree with XX." I would say "That idiotic, thieving, son of a sea-cook XX should be sent back to the happy farm as it has no idea of what it is jabbering about."

The End

© Copyright by A.I.L.  September 6, 2000

The End of Collection

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