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Each summer there is a Short Story Contest in the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking.  It is only a contest in the general sense since the only strict rules are a limit of 500 words and that the stories are related to spanking.  Sometimes there are categories but with such brief stories it is not very significant.

All my stories are fiction and are spanking related.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

These works are copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

My first fourteen SSC2003 stories are on this page and the others at SSC2003 – Part 2

  1. Assville High School Rules  Verse
  2. Birthday Surprise  (M/M, paddle)  Adult
  3. Sibling Lesson – 1  (F/t, spank)  Line
  4. Sibling Lesson – 2  (t/F, spank)  Child
  5. School Day in 6-6-6  (Adult/teen, paddle)  Mini-saga
  6. Fathers' Day Gift  (M/t, paddle)  Child
  7. Crawford's First Caning  (M/t, cane)  Line
  8. Sibling Lesson – 3  (F/f/b, spank)  Child
  9. Lesson  (M/b, spank)  Mini-saga
  10. Bus Driver's Delight  (M/t, spank)  Child
  11. Psychiatric Treatment  (g/b, spank)  Parody
  12. The Making of a Star  (t/b, spank)  Child
  13. Field Report – Summary  (M/t, spank)  Edge
  14. The Prince and the Enchanted Sleepers  (M/f, M/t, spank, sex)  Parody

A mini-saga is fifty words (plus/minus two) and line require the use of one of several specified line to open or close the story.  They are shown in red.

Short Story Contest Entries for 2003 – Part 1/2


1: Five haikus explain the policies of this high school.

Assville High School Rules

Tardy students yawn
Nightingales sleep while larks sing
Detentions all week

Homework forgotten
Red-tailed hawks soar in the sky
Master's cane descends

Test answers copied
Thunderbolts blast through the sky
Red-tailed students stand© YLeeCoyote

Run in the hallway
Swift Mercury triumphant
Circle the track trice

Vulgar words voiced
Cassandra foretells foaming
Soap replaces mouthwash

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  May 26, 2003

2:  A nice straight forward spanking story.  Well, not that straight forward for that's no fun at you get a choice of two endings.

Birthday Surprise

It had been an absolutely wicked party.  Jake hadn't expected it at all; surprise parties when one is thirty-seven are not exactly expected since it not a special number.  Nevertheless, it had happened and it had been fun.  The evening had started when a couple of friends had taken him out to dinner and it was sprung on him when they returned home.  Now, at two am in the dark of night he should have been in bed sleeping peacefully but he had gotten high and when everyone split was left in the mess.  He had long since lost track of how many birthday spankings he had gotten.  Jake lay on the couch sleeping.  By the glow of his butt one could see the party debris disaster area.  Some hours before, the revelers had pantsed him.

It was into this scene that Panther slipped silently through the open terrace door.  Panther was interested in acquiring things that could fetch cash on the open market.  A few minutes of inspection lead him to the conclusion that there was little of value – the usual stuff (TV, stereo, VCR and camera) were all old and cheap models – not worth the trouble or risk.  Even the birthday presents were of little value.  Disgusted with this non-paying gig, Panther was about to leave as stealthily as he came.  As he turned the beam from his flashlight illuminated Jake's crimson buns and Panther felt a twitch in his groin.  Then an idea popped into his head.  This would be different – he would give rather than receive for a change.

He picked up the new paddle from coffee table and stepped over to Jake.  Panther raised the paddle and brought it crashing down on the target with a loud TWHACK!© YLeeCoyote

Jake awoke immediately but could only see a figure dressed in black from crown to sole.  He started to get up but the paddle crashed down again.  TWHACK!!  Jake yelped and the paddle continued to crash onto his already hot ass.  Automatically, Jake kept count 10 ... 20 ... 30 ... 37.  Then there was a pause.  "And one to grow on."  TWHACK!!!

* * * * * * * * * Ending #1 * * * * * * * * *

The extra one really hurt and he screamed in pain.

"You should always lock your doors." lectured Panther before dashing out through the open door.

Jake lay still for some time.  First he thought he was just dreaming but his butt hurt far too much for that.  Gradually, he remembered the party but who was that figure in black?

* * * * * * * * * Ending #2 * * * * * * * * *

The extra one affected him deeply and he screamed "FUCK ME SIR!" just as Panther was about to lecture him about locking his doors.

The twitch in Panther's groin was now tenting his tights.  He decided quickly and yanked down his tights allowing his cock to spring up and forward.  From the opened gift box he grabbed a condom, rolled it on and covered it with lube.  Jake's hot butt was quivering as Panther thrust his arrow deep into the welcoming hole.  As Panther fucked, Jake groaned with delighted approval.

After coming, Panther withdrew and took the used scumbag with him. «Mustn't leave any DNA evidence.  At least there was some compensation.» Panther thought as he made his escape.

Jake lay still for some time relishing the mix of pain and pleasure in his bottom.  Gradually, he remembered the party but who was that figure in black?

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 02, 2003

3:  Sometimes one sibling thinks that disciplining another is the thing to do.  And sometimes even a lesson is learned.  This short ends with a contest line shown in red.

Sibling Lesson – 1

Rex was feeling very smug as he laid in his bed listening to his big, bossy sister complaining to their mom.  She had been going at it for more than an hour repeating the same thing over and over to a patient mother.  Normally, he hated hearing her but this time was very different.

It was several hours ago that things had come to a head.  The eighteen-year-old young lady had been left in charge of the fifteen-year-old youth.  Years of sibling rivalry were behind the events.  They had, once again, fought.  Neither could tell about what it was about any more but that detail was trivial.  What was important was the action that followed.

She had shouted and he had ignored her ranting.  She had pushed and, having caught him off guard, was pleased that he fell over the end of the couch with his butt jutting up in the air.  She yanked at his lose shorts and exposed his ass.  Momentarily, she was surprised at how hairy it was as he was surprised at her actions.© YLeeCoyote

She knew all about spankings; or so she thought.  She had been spanked until she turned thirteen and he was still being spanked – and crying too – from their father's heavy handed discipline.

Now the moment she had dreamed of for a long time – spanking her bratty kid brother.  She raised her hand and brought it down hard and swift on his butt about a dozen times in less than a minute.  Then it got to her.  It was a searing, burning pain, like she imagined from hitting a solid steel wall; a red-hot, solid steel wall.  Her jock brother, the wrestler, the iron-pumper with buns of steel was laughing as he got up and left her crying.

Now, a couple of hours latter with her hand stuck in a pail of ice water she was crying to their mother.

Rex was doing his best to keep quiet now certain that she would never, ever spank him with her hand.  The searing burning hand.  Yes, just like grandmother had been saying for years: "The burned hand teaches best."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 4, 2003

4:  Like the previous story, sibling discipline.  But sometimes it is more effective than others.

Sibling Lesson – 2

It had not been planned in advance but their parents suddenly had to be away for the night.  Fifteen-year-old Rex was home alone.  Sue, his arrogant eighteen-year-old sister still in high school, was coming in with her date when the clock struck midnight on a school night.

The young couple heading for the living room stopped when Rex roared as he came down the steps: "You're very late, young lady;  your friend had better leave..." he paused for effect ""  He did his very best to sound older than his years – like an older, rather than younger, brother.

Sue's friend took one look at Rex, who was wearing only shorts and lots of muscles, and said a hasty goodbye knowing discretion was the better part of valor.© YLeeCoyote

"It's two hours passed your curfew, young lady." he snarled.

He grabbed her by the wrist and lead her into the dining room.  Sitting down he pulled the protesting girl over his lap and clamped her in place.  He was so much stronger than she was that it was like she was a mere child under the control of their father.  He lifted her skirt up and pulled down her panties exposing her lovely smooth bottom.  He delivered a hard SPANK to each check.  The shock caused her to go silent as his hand prints formed.

He spanked her long and hard.  He spanked her like their father had spanked him when he was just a boy of twelve (before he switched to the strap).  It was her first spanking since she started high school and much harder than she had ever been spanked before but Rex did not know that.  She yelled and twisted but Rex was totally in control.  When he was satisfied, he carried her to bed.  She bawled for more than an hour before dropping off to sleep.

As she came downstairs in the morning, she heard him saying: "Everything is OK mother.  I've had breakfast and have to go now.  Sis is running late and can't talk.  Don't worry mom we'll be OK; take care of granny.  Bye." and hung up the phone.

"Dad will kill you for what you did, Rex.  And don't think I won't tell." Sue threatened.

Rex laughed hardily.  "I don't think so, Sue.  Dad would spank you every night for a week and stop your allowance.  Mom would be so disappointed that you were so irresponsible when they trusted you.  You better hurry or you'll be late for school.  And I'm sure you don't want to sit through a detention today."

Sue had breakfast standing up.

The family dynamics changed after that and she was never asked to watch Rex again.  Sue thought it was because Rex was implicitly blackmailing her.  What she never learnt until after college was that their parents had called at 10:30 that fateful night.  Rex had to call them back to report that she was home and soundly spanked after he put her to bed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 6, 2003

5:  A whimsical bit of free verse about a student's day and only fifty words.

School Day in 6-6-6

School bus.
Classes; friends.
Warning bell echos.
Locker door slammed.
Dash to class.
'Round the corner

VP commands: "OFFICE, after dismissal, Collins."
Final bell clanged.
"No excuse, Sir."
"Drop and bend."
Paddle speaks – repeatedly

Howls of pain ...
... and regret.
Buns on fire.
Buns in pain.
Dinner standing.
Sleep prone.© YLeeCoyote

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 13, 2003

6:  A Fathers' Day story in keeping with the ideals of Assville.

Fathers' Day Gift

June 8, 2003

Twice a year Junior had the problem – at the holidays and in June when dad's birthday and father day were in conjunction.  Now, at thirteen it was worse.  What the hell could he get as a nice gift for dad?  Especially with little cash.  Dad had everything he really needed; slippers and ties, underwear and handkerchiefs were what boys' mothers helped them get; not the things for young men already in high school.  Tools would have been nice but either dad had them or they cost a fortune.

Every year, twice a year; the same damn problem!© YLeeCoyote

It did not really matter when he was a little kid.  The happy smiles and explanation of surprise dad had were fine for a little boy.  Now he knew better.  Just like he'd been taught to react to grandma's inappropriate gifts.

Well, he have lots of time to think about it this weekend as he was grounded – stuck in his room.  No surfing; no games; no friends, no anything but schoolwork, chores, reading and thinking.  And dad was savvy enough to know how to check his computer internals.  It was real hard to try to think of doing something nice for his father when he was being punished and harbored resentful thoughts.

Oh, well, back to reading that book-report book about life in the ancient past of the 1880's.  It was the pits but it gave him an idea.

June 10

He surfed the web and found what he wanted.  Then checked the local alternative papers and made some phone calls.  The prices were lower and no shipping charges.  One shopkeeper agreed to sell him the item but only at the door.

June 14

He was at the shop early.  Exactly as promised, the item was in the window.  Yes, it was what he expected.

The shopkeeper took forever to open the shop; the roll down gates, the three locks and dozens of things inside.  But he then appeared with the item complete with a gift box.  He handed over his money and almost left without getting his change.

June 15, Fathers' Day.

While mother was busy went to his father.  "Dad," he exclaimed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!"

"Let's wait until your mom's is here." suggested dad.

"No, not this time.  This is just between us; you know, guy stuff."

Dad opened the package and carefully studied the item.  His question did not need to be spoken.

"It's for us dad; like you told me grandfather did with you.  Perhaps the old ways are better."

"I think we should try it so that you know what you're in for, son.  Get into position."

Junior was a bit surprised but dropped his jeans and bent over.  He quickly realized his error and lowered his boxers.  Dad raised the paddle and struck the target; hard.


Junior winced and then pulled up his pants.  As they went for breakfast, he started to wonder if a paddle was really a good gift but he so did hate being grounded.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 14, 2003

7:  Just another unfair school caning story...or is it?

Crawford's First Caning

"You're Crawford, and you're late." roared the new master as the boy entered and approached the front of the classroom on Monday morning.  "I'll be with you in a minute; just wait right there."

Crawford stood frozen in front of the class as he watched – saucer-eyed – the scene in the fourth form class.  Bent over the desk was another boy, his trousers and pants lowered so that his bare buttocks were exposed to the intense stares of his classmates and the cane that was leaving red tracks.

"Boy, tardiness has it price.  Your former master may have allowed you some slack but I will not."© YLeeCoyote


Crawford watched a cane in action up close for the first time.  It was definitely more intense than when seen from the rear of the common hall during assemblies.

"Take your seat Forsythe." said the master.  "Crawford, get into position."

"But, Sir...."

"That is an extra.  NOW!"

Crawford hesitated and the master pointed to two first row students.  "Put him into position." 

Smithe and York jumped into action and in seconds Crawford was being held in position.  His trousers and pants yanked down and his butt exposed as Forsythe's had been.  The cane swished and thumped into Crawford's butt leaving four burning tracks.

"Take your seat Crawford." said the master pointing to the empty desk.

Crawford pulled up his pants and trousers.  "Begging your pardon, Sir, but that is not my desk.  I'm Crawford-minor and I just came by to give you my brother's – he is Crawford-major – assignment.  He's very sick and mater is keeping him home."  He handed the master some papers and quickly made his departure.

As Crawford-minor headed for his own class, he tried to ponder on how life was unfair.  But then he realized about the advantages of being caned before any of his mates.  He was sure he would be the center of attention in PE and especially the showers afterward.  They all would be sure to inspect the marks and want to hear the story.  How he would boast that he did not yell.

And then his brother would have to consider him grown up now.  Especially since he never gotten caned even though he was a full sixteen months older and a form ahead.

Yes, life is unfair but sometimes there are compensations.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 18, 2003

8:  My two literary sibling are at it again; this time some five years earlier.

Sibling Lesson – 3

Thirteen-year-old Sue was delighted.  Ten-year-old Ricky (who in a couple of years would be Rex) was most unhappy.  Their mother had changed the dynamic of this rainy Saturday afternoon by announcing that she had to go shopping and that Sue would be in charge.  Ricky and Sue were the typical siblings and were at the ages where they could not stand each other.  But now they were trapped – together – and alone in the house.

Actually, they really did not truly disagree but both wanted to be contrary.  It made no difference to either of them whether they watched channel 5 or 9.  They had seen the shows but the game was to make the selection.  Likewise with the window – opened or closed – did not matter as long as it was what the other wanted – NOT!

Tiring of this, Sue retreated to the kitchen table with her homework and snacks.  Ricky followed to get his own soda.  What happened was not clear but Sue's drink soon overflowed onto her carefully written assignment.  She was incensed at the damaged but overjoyed at the opportunity it afforded.  "You'll pay for this, young man" she snarled imitating her mother, "Just wait until father gets home and I tell him."© YLeeCoyote

Ricky was immediately gushing forth with apologies and continued to mop up.  "It really was an accident, Sue, honest.  Please don't tell.  Dad will spank me."

"You deserve it, naughty boy ... but I won't tell ... if ... if you get spanked by me."

Reluctantly after some negotiations, Ricky agreed.  Sue took great pleasure in pulling down his jeans and briefs and heaving him over her lap.  She was so very excited.  She was going to spank the nasty brat.  She raised her hand and brought in down with a loud SPANK!

"JUST WHAT ARE YOU DOING SUSANNA MONA DILLINGBERG?" yelled their mother practically dropping the groceries.  "You know that you're forbidden to hit your brother."  A long discussion followed which was terminated by: "Ricky, get me the spoon, please."

She did not have to explain that she meant the big wooden spoon that was never used for cooking but just for heating up naughty bottoms.  Ricky moved slowly feeling that he lost – not only did he have to bare his bottom for his sister but now for his mother with her watching.  And the spoon hurt (although not as much as dad's hand).  Sue was smiling at this turn of events.  What was a little lecture considering she got to spank him and was now about to see mom really do it.

She was not prepared when mom pulled her, not him, over the maternal lap.  Her skirt was raised and panties yanked down (with the brat watching).  The spoon struck repeatedly.

"You will not hit your brother, young lady."

She had a long time in the corner to contemplate the rule with her skirt pinned up and her panties about her ankles.

She never understood why Ricky never teased her about that spanking.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., 21 June 2003

9:  It's not just homo sapiens boys who are naughty.  A mini-saga of just fifty words.


The angry father flipped his naked son over his lap  "It's an augury of fertility only for mere mortals  You're not to pee-pee on any god – especially your mother!"

"Nooooooo  I'll be good, father; please."

Vulcan was not deterred from making a corporeal impression on the mischievous Cupid.© YLeeCoyote



The End

This was inspired by Venus and Cupid by the Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  A reasonable image is at: along with a description and a couple of close ups.  If the link fails please let me know and just search the MMA site with the artist's name for the location.

© Copyright A.I.L., 28 June 2003

10:  I'll bet that spanko bus drivers would just love it if this was reality.  Perhaps even at a trade-off in pay.

Bus Driver's Delight

Keaton Patterson woke with a big smile.  Today was the day and life would surely be better.  Keaton worked the noon to eight shift driving a city bus.  There was one run that he dreaded: the 2:55 because it stopped at the Middle School at 3:10 and collected a score of rowdy kids that made his life – and that of the adult passengers – hell.  But today was going to be different for new local ordinance went into effect.

Because he was anticipating what he would do, the day crept and then he stopped by the school and the usual pack of monsters flashed their bus passes and flocked to the back.  Five minutes later a book hit the windshield.  He pulled over and locked everything.© YLeeCoyote

Slowly he walked to the rear where rowdies were.  A hush fell over the bus as the ex-football player loomed larger and larger.  Even the rowdiest were intimated.  He returned the book to the little seventh grader.  Then he grabbed the ninth grader ringleader.  "You been asking for this for years and now you're going to get it; and get it good."  The three sitting on the long bench moved quickly as he motioned to them.

He sat down and pulled Arthur John Hollman close and yanked his belt open.  His cargo pants fell exposing his fancy boxer shorts.  As the youth yelled in protest, Keaton yanked the youth's boxers to his knees and pulled him over his lap but not so fast that the others couldn't see his equipment.

Then, in full view of all – schoolmates and adult passengers – he began to spank the troublemaker.  Arthur was not little, not fragile so he could spank hard and fast.  The way his own father had spanked him many times many years ago.  Soon the youth's protests that he had no right and this was assault, battery and sex abuse and that he would sue turned into pleas to stop and promises to behave.  But Arthur was not deterred and continued until the youth was reduced to a blubbering little boy with a flaming red-hot bottom in front of all.

Eventually, he stopped and placed the disgraced boy facing the rear of the bus with his pants still about his knees.  "You stay there until your stop, ARTHUR JOHN HOLLMAN."  the boy's bottom glowed like a pair of stop lights for all to see.

"Yes, sir." the youth managed through his sobs.

"And next time I'll use my belt, boy."

As Keaton Patterson, local hero, returned to the driver's seat, the adults applauded.  The kids were absolutely silent staring at the red lights until each departed.

Yes, Keaton Patterson decided, the new law was going be make a big change.  Imagine, in this modern day and age that the City Council would pass a law authorizing students to be spanked by those in charge of them in school and on the school bus.  And the city bus was a school bus because they used their school passes.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 02, 2003

11:  Many will think that the wrong character gets spanked in the parody.  Well, you can write your twist.

Psychiatric Treatment

He was relieved as soon as he saw that the psychiatric office was open and that the doctor was in.  He double checked that he had the fee ready as his insurance did not cover these services.

"Hello, Doctor.  I have a problem."

"You always have problems."  The doctor noticed that he deposited the fee in the slot as required.  Although necessary to get the fee it was best to keep it low keyed.  "Tell me about it."© YLeeCoyote

And he did.  In short his parents had threatened, er, promised that he would be grounded if he forgot to do his chores – especially taking out the garbage – again.

The doctor nodded (as all psychiatrists do) and asked: "And just how do you feel about this?"

He hemmed and hawed before admitting he did not like it but they had a valid point.  The doctor was good at obtaining confessions, er, admissions like this.  The last forgetting was just this morning for not putting his dirty clothes in the laundry room and just last evening for not taking out the garbage.

"I KNOW exactly what you need.  You came just in the nick of time."  The doctor stepped from behind her desk and took hold of the patient and resumed her seat.  Without any further ado, she yanked his shorts and briefs down below his knees and pulled him over her lap.  "You need a good spanking, young man, so that you will remember to do your chores."  With that, she began to spank her patient hard and lecturing him nonstop.  In just a few minutes he was, like all little boys being properly spanked, crying and promising as his bottom turned bright red.

When she felt that the treatment was sufficient, she stopped, stood him up, pulled up his shorts and gave him some tissues.

As Charlie Brown left Doctor Lucy watched for the next patient.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 05, 2003

The image that inspired this can be found at:

12:  Summer camp is a time of experiments and new experiences.

The Making of a Star

By now Alvin was actually looking forward to the one and only performance of the play.  After several weeks of back stage work at summer camp, he had gotten drafted to play the role of the spoiled brat in the weekly play.  He had insisted that he play the brat as a BOY and NOT as a girl and the director reluctantly agreed.  Then, just two days before the show the director had reneged about that and insisted that he play it as a girl.  "Alvin, until recently only men played in the theater – both male and female roles." he explained.  "Beside you get more laughs this way."

He was pressured from all sides and so, there he was in a dress for the, excuse the pun, dress rehearsal on Friday.  He got to do the all fun stuff; all but his favorite part.  That was restricted for the real show as the curtain dropped.© YLeeCoyote

Everything went fine with the entire camp watching on Saturday night.  The play was drawing to a close and Alvin was having a ball being the girl brat tormenting the babysitter.  He was high anticipating the finale.

And then it was time.  He hefted the checker box in his right hand and the dominos in his left – standing front and center on the stage said: "Checkers.  And dominos.  I'll bet that you can play an interesting game with them."  [Dramatic pause.]  "BUT FIRST THEY HAVE TO BE MIXED!"  With that he joyously tossed everything into the air to a big roar of laughter from the crowd.

But the curtain did not come down as it had during the rehearsal.  The babysitter moved forward and grabbed him in an iron grip.  The babysitter was being played by Jason, one of the HUGE seniors.  "I've warned you, Alice June Gordon what would happen if you continued to misbehave."  Jason said in his strong baritone voice as he pulled Alice over to the chair.

"NO, NO, NO.  Don't spank me."  Alvin yelled.  But he was helpless in the grip of the much stronger youth.  The words were barely out of his mouth when he was over Jason's lap.  He yelled and kicked to no avail.  His dress was pulled up.  His tighty-whities were exposed.  He did not have time to realize what was about to happen.

Then in front of the entire camp, Jason yanked his briefs down exposing his butt to one and all.  Then came the spanks.  Real hard spanks.  A plethora of real hard spanks.

He felt the pain in his butt.  His cries were real.  His briefs flew into the orchestra pit.  The crowd roared their approval as the curtain finally – mercifully – came down.

Alvin wanted to die.  Or at least crawl into a deep, dark hole.

But Jason stood him up and gripped his hand for the curtain call.  There were still tears in his eyes but, mercifully, the dress fell back into place and covered his private and his now not-so-private burning and crimson parts.

The End

Author's note: There is a lot of fact in this story.  Fortunately, things happened during a rehearsal rather than the actual performance and not so hard.

© Copyright A.I.L., 08 July 2003

13:  A graduate student's account.

Field Report – Summary

We accidentally encountered the group resting by the lake in the heat of the mid-afternoon.  It appeared to be an extended family with three adult males, five adult females, several adolescents and juveniles.  (See Appendix A.)  We were able to observe unnoticed for a couple of hours before a thundershower caused the group to run off.

As expected there was constant interaction among the group members.  Most of it was mutual grooming, kissing and sex – everything from genito-genital rubbing to full intercourse.  (See Appendix B.)  There was even sharing of the fruit that had fallen from the shade-providing trees.  In short, it appeared to be a peaceful, well adjusted group behaving as expected.© YLeeCoyote

The most frequent sexual activity (at least this afternoon) was face-to-face genito-genital rubbing among the adult females and penis-fencing between an adult and an adolescent male.  One instance of heterosexual coitus was observed in the missionary position.  All of these behaviors have been previously well-documented by other observers.

What we were fortunately able to observe was the disciplining of one of the pre-adolescent males.  He had grabbed the stick that one toddler had been playing with.  The toddler howled and was immediately picked up and comforted by one of the adult females and even encouraged to suckle.  One of the adult males grabbed the miscreant who immediately assumed a deferential attitude and also started to whine.  The adult then sat on the ground, pulled the pre-adolescent over his out-stretched legs and held him down.  He then applied about fifteen spanks to the buttocks of the youth who responded with howls surely indicating distress at this turn of events.  From the observer's distant observation point it was not possible to determine if the youth was crying.  When released, the youngster scampered a short distance away and was quickly surrounded by his peers who evidently provided succor as his howling ceased almost immediately.

It is most unfortunate that our video camera failed and thus we can not document this previously unreported behavior of Bonobos.

The End

All save one of the behaviors described above have been reported for the bonobos [Pan paniscus] – a small chimpanzee of the swamp forests in Zaire.  One reference: Frans B. M. de Waal: Bonobo Sex and Society in Scientific American, March, 1995  That a closely related species developed such a definite discipline method like us Homo sapiens is edgy for this writer.

© Copyright A.I.L., 14 July 2003

14:  I was watching Fractured Fairytales, part of the Rocky & Bullwinkle show, and got an idea.

The Prince and the Enchanted Sleepers

Part 1

The handsome prince was riding through the forest when he spotted a lass (yes, she was very beautiful as in all fairy tails) once again, stretched out on a pedestal under a glass cover (complete with vent holes).© YLeeCoyote

"Another enchanted damsel.  I'll bet this one expects to be awoken with a kiss followed by a wedding and a life of luxury."  He gave a great sigh.  "I guess I must do my duty." he said to his charger.  With that, he removed the cover, lifted the beautiful damsel, sat down, put her over his lap, raised up her dress and each of her seven petticoats (each of a different color), pulled down her knickers and began to spank her bare bottom hard.  This woke her and she screamed.

"What are you doing?  You're suppose to kiss me."

"Not under the new protocols approved by the Ministry of Health; spanking is now the treatment of choice."  He gave her a few more hard spanks and let her up.

She gave one last scream, pulled up her knickers and ran away yelling: "PERVERT!" losing her glass slippers as she went.

«Someday I'll find the right one» he thought as he rode off, «that's the third one this fortnight.»

Part 2

It was less than a week later when the Prince spotted the pedestal with another enchanted sleeper.  As always, he rode over and inspected the body.  Not a damsel this time but a youth.  And in simple well-worn, but clean, peasant clothes.

«Sis won't care for this one at all.  I'll just wake him and send him on.» he thought.  Soon the lad was across his lap with his britches lowered to his ankles.  The royal hand was quickly employed in turning the common bottom a royal crimson.  As always, the spankee awoke but this one did not complain but rather accepted the spanking with promises of good behavior and apologies for past misdeeds.  There was another reaction as well.  The lad quickly developed a hard-on which the prince felt as he rubbed it on the tight hose. «Sis definitely won't like this one – but I sure do.»

The prince stop spanking, caressed the hot butt and lifted him up.  The lad immediately knelt before the prince and kissed the now bulging royal basket.  The prince smiled and lowered his tights allowing the royal scepter to spring free.  It was quickly engulfed by the lad and treated with all the respect do its owner especially when it expressed its happiness.

They adjusted their raiments.  The prince mounted his great steed and lifted the lad up behind him.  They rode off into the sunset to the forest retreat to consummate their engagement and to live happily ever after.

The End

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Collection Continues in Part 2

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