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Each summer there is a Short Story Contest in the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking.  It is only a contest in the general sense since the only strict rules are a limit of 500 words and that the stories are related to spanking.  Sometimes there are categories but with such brief stories it is not very significant.

All my stories are fiction and are spanking related.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

These works are copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

  1. The Enchanted Frog  (M/f, sex, fractured fairy tale)  Child
  2. Persistent Enchantment – 1  (M/b, fractured fairy tale)  Child
  3. Some Paddlings are Fun  (M/t, paddling)  School
  4. Punctuality Counts  (M/M, cane)  Picture
  5. First Adult Decision  (Machine/t, strap)  Child
  6. Persistent Enchantment – 2 (F/g, spank, fractured fairytale)  Child
  7. Substitute Spanker  (F/t, spank)  Child
  8. A Visit from the Tooth Fairy (spank)  Child
  9. ORDER OF THE ASSVILLE SUPERIOR COURT  (M/M, strapping, public)  Mini-saga
  10. Generic Fairy Tale, Class I  (parent/child, spank)  Mini-saga
  11. Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Woodsman  (M/f, spank, fractured fairytale)  Child
  12. The Mugger, the Witch and the Frog  (F/t, spank)  Adult
  13. Tawsed at Schooll  (?/?, tawse)  School

A mini-saga is fifty words (plus/minus two).

Short Story Contest Entries for 2004


1: My first entry is a fairytale as the first few words indicate.  Those with good memories might recall that last year I posted The Prince and the Frog about a prince and another enchanted frog (SSC20032.html#24).

The Enchanted Frog

Once upon a time there was a princess.  She did not, like you have already probably assumed, live in a great palace or castle but in a little cottage with her parents.  They were not anywhere near the line of succession to the throne but because her father had greatly displeased the Queen Mother they had effectively been banished.  As the cottage was hidden away in a great forest Princess Julianne did not have any friends.  The few who lived in the forest stayed away for the most part.  She played in the nearby meadow and, even though she been told to stay away ever so many times, by the pond.

She loved to play by the forbidden pond.  She collected all sorts of creatures – insects, reptiles, amphibians, and even arachnids.  This day she had caught large bullfrog and slipped him into the pocket of her dress before returning home.  It was a large pocket and the bullfrog settled deep down into the fold of her dress.  When she had dinner, the bullfrog was sleeping quietly so her parents never noticed.  In fact, she forgot about him even when she retired.

Sometime about midnight, a bullfrog landed on the sleeping princess who had been dreaming of a gallant, handsome prince who would take her off to his kingdom, his throne and the exciting life that she craved.  She picked the frog up: "If only you were an enchanted prince and my kiss would restore you." she said to herself.  And, almost reflexively, she brought him close and kissed him.© YLeeCoyote

There was a flash and suddenly the bullfrog was replaced by a handsome youth.  Not one to miss an opportunity, Romeo returned the kiss and soon the two were entwined as could be.

In the morning, the princess' mother entered.  She was horrified and her shrieking got the princess' father running.  He was just as disturbed as her mother.  Julianne started to explain that she had a kissed a frog – Romeo was a bewitched prince and she was going to marry him.  Her parents did not believe her any more than yours would have.

As they screamed at each other, Romeo, not having any interest in marriage or dealing with an irate father, rolled out of the bed and jumped through the window making his escape into the forest.  Julianne did not get off so easily.  Her father yanked the covers off, sat on her bed, pulled her over his lap and spanked his lying slut of a daughter soundly until her bottom was as red as the stain on the sheet and she was bawling her eyes out.

Romeo, after retrieving his clothes, went off to find his friends and boast of his latest conquest.  He noted that he needed to get some more flash powder and another frog.

When Julianne stopped crying she kissed both the frogs jumping about her room.  And she kissed every frog she caught from then on but none ever turned in a prince or even a commoner.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 1, 2004

2:  My second entry is another fractured fairytale and as you might guess (or fear) is about a frog – again.

Persistent Enchantment – 1

Once upon a time there lived an ordinary boy.  Trevor was not a prince nor was he happy.  His parents decided that the place for a vacation was a cabin in the forest – days away from everyone else in the world.  It took him only three days to discover that there was but one thing that was fun – playing by the pond.  Unfortunately, that was on the top of the list of places he was forbidden to go.

Once again he had gone there this very morning and his father caught him.  Before you could say Rumpelstiltskin his shorts and briefs were yanked down and he was getting another OTK spanking for being disobedient.  This was the fourth this week and so it was a long, hard spanking that made him cry.

After lunch, he was sent out into the clearing to play – by himself.  Bored he went back to the pond and found a frog.  This frog was more playful than the others he had caught.  In fact this one did not try to evade him like the others had and even croaked at him.  When the frog shot out its tongue to catch a fly it almost hit him in the face.  When Trevor opened his mouth the frog's tongue shot out again and hit his.  They were pulled together until their lips touched in a French kiss.© YLeeCoyote

**** !!!! FLASH !!!! ****

Trevor felt strange.  He was looking at a naked boy.  Then he realized that he was on, rather than in, his own clothes. «What the fuck!?» he tried to say but all that came out was "Croak, Croak, Croak."

The boy started to get dressed in his clothes.  "Thanks a lot.  I've been stuck as a frog since last summer.  It's a strange enchantment – just kiss a boy and you'll be free.  The flies are best at the south end but watch out for Kai.  That snake really wants to eat you – alive."  The boy laughed.

Trevor's dad was watching for him and when he returned to the clearing he was caught.  "I just don't know what to do with you, boy.  The pond is very dangerous.  Since spanking does not seem to impress you, I'll just have to use the strap."  With that he pulled the boy's shorts down again, bent him over a fallen tree and strapped him long and hard.  The boy was bawling uncontrollably.

When he stopped crying, he heard: "I hope that teaches you not to go to the pond by yourself, son."

"Yes, father.  I'll never want to see that pond again."  And, true to his word, he never went there again for he was afraid that he might meet an persistently enchanted frog and get kissed.

The End© YLeeCoyote

I return to this theme in entry #6 and in a complete story The Story of the Persistently Enchanted Frog.

© Copyright A.I.L., June 2, 2004

3:  A simple school tale with a twist, of course.

Some Paddlings are Fun

Principal Lominac was standing by his open window enjoying the nice spring breeze when he overheard two of the sophomores talking.  "Yeah, Wilson really got it good from Lominac.  How did you fix it, Nate?"

Lominac's ears perked up for he had paddled Wilson just yesterday, even though the lad insisted that he was innocent of the offence; the evidence had proved otherwise.  He pressed the record button and listened carefully; his dictation would wait.  He was very disturbed by what he heard.  He had paddled an innocent boy and, worse, not only did the guilty party escape but he had set up the frame.  These wrongs needed to be corrected.  Honor demanded no less.

The lower class members were surprised seeing the horse on the auditorium stage for assembly the next morning.  There had not been any talk of a public punishment.  Both Wilson and Nate were surprised by being called up.  It was difficult to do, but the principal apologized to Wilson for an unjust paddling and canceled the week of detentions.

Then he played the tape.  There was absolute silence as the students heard the boasting, cum confession, and for the long lecture that followed except for gasps at the sentence.  "Ten pops for the plot and double the rate for the crime."  It was obvious that it was to be done publically.  Nate went pale at the order: "Drop them and get over the horse."  Wilson had no trouble fastening the straps about his tormenter's wrists when told to.  He enjoyed lifting Nate's shirt and was thrilled to pull his tightie-whites down to expose the paddles' target to the class.

The paddle was a wicked one – heavy oak, fifteen inches long with holes to reduce air resistance.  Lominac tapped the target and then swung for maximum effect.  Nate gritted his teeth and managed not to yell.  By the fourth pop he was yelling for mercy; by the tenth he was crying and his beaten butt was as red as could be.  It was clear that Lominac was most angry for he was laying it on very hard.

The sophomores were quiet, the freshmen were happy that the bully was getting it and proving not to be super macho.

Then part two commenced – six for the actual crime.  The yelling was louder; the crying was like a baby's bawling.

Surprising all, Lominac handled the paddle to Wilson.  "Perhaps you like to return the six that you should not have gotten."  It was not a question.  Wilson smiled broadly as he got into position.  He hated Nate for good reasons.  It was music to his ears as Nate continued to howl for each of the six pops he was authorized to publically administer.

Nate remained over the horse until the end of the assembly.  Everyone was lead out across the front of the stage to insure that they each had a close up view of the flaming hot red bottom.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 11, 2004

Wall clock

4:  Sometimes the simplest detail can be very important.  One of the contest pictures inspired this tale.  It is of a wall clock showing the time at 01:07:30.

Punctuality Counts

The message light was flashing when I entered my pad.  Master's order was simple: "BE AT THE HAWK BY 1:00."  I had adequate time to shower and dress and get there on time.  I left my pad at 12:44 exactly for the twelve minute walk.

I walked into the bar at 12:56 exactly.  Master turned to look at me, picked up the cane and pointed to the clock with it.  He smiled.  The clock showed 01:07:29!

I knew what he expected.  I dropped my jeans and bent over the pool table.  I also knew the penalty – one cut per minute.  The cane cut the air and then my bare butt eight times.  I wanted to yell but that would have embarrassed Master so I gritted my teeth extra tight.© YLeeCoyote

It was all over except for the pain when I realized that the bar clock was, like all bar clocks, ten minutes fast  I had forgotten that and paid dearly.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 14, 2004

5: This was inspired by the Nudie Juvie Story Festival that Nialos Learning setup.  In this universe not only are juveniles punished by spanking they are forced to be nude and must also submit to peers.  The JPC is a Judicial Punishment Center that provides both spanking by machines and does the paper work.

First Adult Decision

Ken knew he was in deep trouble even before he got home – it was more than an hour past his curfew, even with the extra hour allowed on non-school nights.  His parents had told him exactly what his punishment would be should he be late again.  When he got up it was already noon and only his kid sister, Lizzie, was home.  As he munched his toast he decided what he would do.  He would prove to his parents that he really was growing up and how mature he was.

An hour later, fourteen-year-old Ken and ten-year-old Lizzie were in line at the JPC.  The bored clerk immediately told him that he needed to be sixteen to bring a kid in for punishment.  She showed more interest when Ken explained that he was here for himself and without any paperwork.  After a long discussion the supervisor approved his request.

Ken was soon in the spanking machine.  Lizzie watched from the visitors' gallery.  He howled like a coyote as the strap smashed into his butt fourteen times with great force turning his bottom crimson.  He was proud of himself that he did not cry as he had only a few months earlier.© YLeeCoyote

The nurse checked him and declared that he could go home.  The exit clerk snapped the punishment band on his wrist.  He held the papers in his hand as he did not have any pockets.  He could have the band removed Wednesday afternoon at school.  Ken and his sister left with her carrying his shirt and jeans in the JPC bag.  He would be naked for four days.  But he would be dressed for the big game on Wednesday night.  A detail which he figured he did not have to mention to his parents.

As they walked  home through the park, Lizzie felt his butt.  "It's really hot Ken.  I bet it hurts but you did not cry like last time." she said cheerfully.  I saw several of the big guys crying today.  "And your pee-pee is bigger too.  Jenny is going to have some fun with it.  She'll like all that hair too."  Evidently people were getting use to naked kids for he noted how much less attention he attracted than a year ago.  The few kids that came over were easily shooed away by Lizzie who understood the value of reciprocal protection.

His parents were dumbfounded enough not to lecture him and he did homework rather than venture out to be teased by his friends.  He would deal with his sister's friend, Jenny, tomorrow.  Little girls could be such pests especially those without brothers but it could be fun.  She did have hot little hands.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 21, 2004

6:  Returning to the fractured fairy tale universe with the body swapping frog where Trevor, the latest victim of the spell, has now been a frog for a few weeks.

Persistent Enchantment – 2

Trevor was not a happy puppy, er, frog.  This morning he was particularly depressed for last night had been cold, chilling him to the very marrow of his bones and it had been a full moon so that he had to be very careful with the hunters about.  It also meant that summer was waning and that his own body had returned to the city totally out of reach.  Mid-morning he was stretched out on a rock trying to get warm enough to snap at fly or two.  He was hoping for a boy, any boy, to kiss.

Rose was out exploring this morning.  She was the with her family staying in the cabin but Trevor knew nothing of this.  He was just basking in the sun when she spotted him.

Fast as lighting, she reached out and grabbed him.  She practically crushed him.  "What a cute frog.  I wonder if this is an enchanted prince.  And with that she kissed him before he could even wonder if she had a brother.© YLeeCoyote

At that very moment her mother back in the cabin glanced out the window and saw her daughter raise a frog to her face.  She sighed with disgust and turned to tend to Teddy.  She'll deal with Rose later.

Once again Trevor experienced that flash and discovered that he was back in human form.  As he dressed and explained to the new victim what had happened, he realized that he was missing some very important parts.  He almost grabbed the frog to switch back but he knew winter was coming soon and perhaps being a girl was better than being a frog.  And at least he would not be spanked because, as boys well know, girls are always good and thus not spanked.

He, er, she then heard the call for lunch and ran for the house.  Rose's mother was very angry.

"Young lady, how many times have I told you not to play with frogs?  I even saw you kissing one before; do you want to get WARTS on your face?"

Without waiting for an answer she sat down, raised Rose's dress and lowered her panties and pulled her over her lap for a long hard spanking.  Trevor was shocked.

Soon Rose was bawling and the spanking stopped.  She had to do thirty minutes in the corner with her dress pined up before she could have lunch.  Teddy enjoyed the sight of Rosy's rosy buns as much as he had enjoyed watching her being spanked long and hard.

Trevor mussed on how wrong he was about girls not being spanked and worried how could he become a boy again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 26, 2004

I return to this theme in a complete story The Story of the Persistently Enchanted Frog.

7:  Just a parental spanking or is it?

Substitute Spanker

Matthew was not happy.  Staring at the corner was not interesting and with his pants down he knew that his mother was very serious about spanking him.  It was an especially outrageous thing now that he was a high school senior.

He was surprised by the doorbell.  Moments later his aunt and cousins, Kate and Jimmy, came into the room.  His aunt was anxious to get going but his mom talked about needing to spank him.© YLeeCoyote

"Oh, just have Kate do it.  I find it most effective when she does Jimmy.  I want to get to the sale when it starts." said his aunt most cheerfully.

He blushed – all over – at the thought.  Then his mom spoke.  "Matthew, you are to stay in the corner until you ask Kate to spank you.  If you don't, then I'll spank you when I return."  Matt immediately decided he would wait rather than submit to a spanking from his cousin who was almost a year younger.  His mom continued: "And then tomorrow, you can go over to her house and stand in the corner until you ask her to spank you.  If you come home unspanked, I'll spank you and we'll do the same the next day."

Matt could hear Jimmy giggling.

"And she in charge also."

Matt groaned and then he heard his mother and aunt leave.

"Anytime you're ready, Matt." sang Kate overjoyed at the prospect.

Matt remained silent for a long time and then Kate reminded him that it was going to happen sooner or later.  "Of course, if you like to stand with your butt hanging out that's fine by me and I'll bet my girl friends will all admire it tomorrow."

About a half hour latter, Matt gave in to the inevitable and called Kate.  "Kate, please spank me."

"I'll be happy to, Matt.  Just get over my lap like a naughty little boy should."  Slowly Matt turned and placed his hand in front of his crotch.  "No, hands at your sides, Matt."  He complied as he walked over to his cousin and laid across her lap.  She put her arm across his back and patted his butt.  Then she gave him a few strokes with her hand so that she could admire her hand prints.  What Matt could not see was that she picked up the hairbrush.


Matt howled as much in shock as in pain.  Kate only stopped when Matt was on the verge of tears.  She had him do a few minutes more of corner time before allowing him to dress.

A few days later his mom was chatting with his aunt.  "I'm amazed at how well Matt is behaving this week."

"Oh, I find that Jimmy responds better to Kate's spankings than to mine or his dad's." replied his aunt.  "I'm not sure why, but it does work better.  Maybe you would like to have Kate do it all the time?"

At dinner Matt turned green when his mother told him that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 1, 2004

There is an expanded version of this story: Increased Responsibilities

8:  Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?  Did you once believe?  I guess that this is a fairy tale because it is about a fairy but I don't think that it is fractured.

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Jar was not a believer in Santa, Jack Frost nor, especially, the Tooth Fairy. He was coming up on twelve and just had one more baby tooth to shed.  He was very anxious to become a man and baby teeth did not fit his self-image.  His kid brother, Kenny, was quite the opposite.  He was almost six, anxiously awaiting the lost of his first baby tooth and the monetary gift from the Tooth Fairy he had heard so much about.  He had already knew what toy he wanted.

What Jar could not seem to understand was how wrong it was to destroy the innocent joys of childhood that his adoring little brother had.  As fate would have it, the first and last drop outs occurred on the same day.© YLeeCoyote

Kenny was thrilled.  The Tooth Fairy would be visiting him tonight!  Jar was glad the event was over and pooh-poohed the existence of the winged creature.  He was far too old for that kiddy stuff.

Kenny didn't have to be told to go to bed even once this night.  He even brushed his remaining teeth and put the treasured one under his pillow.  A few hours later Jar retired; his tooth was in the trash.

It was about an hour later, with the full moon lighting the room, that the Tooth Fairy come into the room.  This was not a tiny little fairy like Tinkerbelle but a super large size one.  He was a bit clumsy however, and Kenny felt him reach under his pillow and replace the tooth with big heavy coins.

Jar was awaken by the crashing of his books that a large wing knocked off his desk.  He was too stunned to yell but just watched the creature approach him.  The covers were pulled back, exposing the petrified boy.  The Tooth Fairy sat down and pulled the boy over his lap.  He pulled the super hero briefs down exposing the target bottom.  Then he began to spank the boy.  He spanked hard.  As he spanked he lectured.  "So the Tooth Fairy does not exist, boy.  Then you won't feel this spanking.  But it's for being mean to your little brother."

Jar did feel the spanking.  It was long and hard and he cried.  The Tooth Fairy stopped spanking and went to the window.  A second later he disappeared.  Kenny ran to the window to watch but could not see the Tooth Fairy any more.  Still clutching his new gained coins in his fist, he went to his sobbing big brother and gave him a hug.

"I guess I was wrong, Kenny.  The Tooth Fairy does exist.  What did you get?"

The little boy looked and said: "Three quarters."

"No, those are not quarters.  Those are dollars.  You got three whole dollars.  WOW!"

"And all you got was a spanking.  Here have one."

"Thanks but no, I got what I deserved, you keep your money."  He hugged his loving brother.

Their parents, listening outside the door smiled at how well the plan worked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 6, 2004

9:  After reading Sswitcher's mini-saga Asking for it I came up with this.  I trust that no one will notice that this is a mini-saga.


Sswitcher is hereby ordered to report to the Town Constable in the town square on Saturday next at noon.

For the crime of writing an empty mini-saga the defendant is to receive a sound spanking and then remain in the pillory for two hours.

/s/ The Chief Justice
     July 7, 2004© YLeeCoyote

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July, 8 2004

Note: Sswitcher has given permission for the use of his name.

10:  We all know lots of fairy tales many of which are similar.  This telling is of Class 1 in exactly fifty words.

Generic Fairy Tale, Class I

Once upon a time there was a good kid who lived with cruel step-parents. The kid was blamed for everything that was not to the parents liking, be it weather, market or behavior. Whenever something was deemed wrong, which was everyday, the kid would be stripped and unfairly spanked viciously.

The End© YLeeCoyote

© Copyright A.I.L., July 8, 2004

11:  Here I go again with another fractured fairy tale.  Hope you're not tired of them.

Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Woodsman

Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood.  One day her mother wanted her to do an errand.  Because Red was a smartass, her mother had to give her a lecture first to remind her of the rules for her safety.

"And remember that you are to go straight to grandma's with this basket of goodies.  You are to take the main road and not talk to strangers.  There are some wicked people out there and you have to be careful in these troubled times.  Do you understand me?"

"Yes, mother." said Red in the exasperated tone that reaches its perfection in preteen girls who think that they are very grown up.

"Now promise me."

"I promise." lied the girl; she did not mean a word of it.

It was less than a half hour later that Red stopped to talk to the wolf.  He treated her very nicely and spoke to her as if she was grown up.  She was bewitched by his charm and told him of her errand.  "What a good young lady to both help your mother and visit your sick granny." he smooth talked.  With that he bounded into the forest and Red turned down the side road certain that it was a shortcut as indicated by the wolf.

She had not gone a hundred steps when she heard a great howl of pain.  Then several blows and more howls.  The forest went silent.

The Woodsman dashed from the thicket, his great axe now red as Red's cloak.


Red was scared.  She nodded for she now knew that she had done wrong and was just beginning to understand the seriousness of her transgression as she saw the blood dripping from the great axe.

"Your mother was right in asking me to watch you."

The Woodsman took Red by the wrist and lead her over to a tree stump where he sat down.  It was easy to flip the girl over his lap.  He raised her cloak and skirt and several petticoats to expose her little round bottom.

"Please don't spank me; please.  I'll be good.  I promise." she cried.

But the Woodsman knew what her promises were worth so he answered with his big, hard hand propelled by his strong arm much more used to chopping trees.  Red howled much like the wolf had.  Soon her bottom was the color of her cloak and she was crying loudly.

This time she did as she was supposed to staying on the main road to Granny's house.  Her granny was most pleased to see her, washed her face and comforted her.  But she did not get any sympathy for being deservedly soundly spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 10, 2004

12:  Yep, another fairy tale this time with a villain, a witch and a frog.

The Mugger, the Witch and the Frog

Once upon a time there was a very naughty youth.  He did not work like he should now that he was expelled from school but was a crook for even the army had rejected him.  He was not even nice crook for he robbed weak and helpless little old ladies of their meager funds.  Well, this time he picked the wrong little old lady. 

Melvin watched the ATM from across the street.  It was late and he had just about despaired of getting a client this night when he saw the old crone (surely cashing a dividend check) stuffing a wad of bills into her purse as she left and crossed the street to the park entrance.  Five minutes later he grabbed her purse but he could not run off with it as he had many times before.  Worse, he was being held in a painful hammerlock as if he was just a little boy and the crone was a big burly cop.

The witch laughed.  "Things are not always what they seem to be, young man.  Not all witches fit your limited image of ugly, old crones." Melvin struggled and cursed.  The witch laughed more as she dragged him to the nearby bench.  She sat, undid his pants and yanked them down before flipping him over her lap.  Extracting a large hairbrush from her handbag she patted his butt with it.  "Naughty boys like you get spanked – long and hard."  And then is exactly what she proceeded to do causing him to howl and cry like little boys do when they are spanked long and hard.© YLeeCoyote

She took great pleasure in this spanking.  Melvin was a very naughty boy and had long escaped his just deserts even though he was eighteen already.

When he had stopped crying, she told him that she was taking him home so that she could keep an eye on him and her little Princess could play with him.  "That's kidnapping, you old witch." he cried

Again she laughed.  "Even your parents won't know you boy." she said and then began chanting.

Melvin felt strange; very strange.  It was when the witch held him about his torso in her hand that he understood that she had turned him into a small frog.

"I think that you will find my garden and its pond very nice.  My Princess does a very good job of keeping the mice and rats away.  And don't think she'll kiss you and turn you back into a boy for my spells are not broken that easily."

As she dropped him into her bag and continued on her way home, she added:  "Oh, Princess is my pussy cat."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 23, 2004

13:  We all know what happens to naughty and delinquent school kids and we never get tired of hearing the details.  Obviously this story is about a school spanking.

Tawsed at School

Barry dutifully gave his mother the note from school.  He waited anxiously as she opened and read it.  "It is essential that you appear for a parent/teacher meeting.  If you fail to appear, your child will be suspended.  This is the fourth and final notice."

"This not good Barry.  I got to see your teacher or you'll be suspended.  Why didn't you give me the previous notes."

"There weren't any, mother.  This is the first."© YLeeCoyote

"You're grounded – permanently."  Barry was in shock as his younger sister pranced in and snickered.  Carol was her mother's pride and joy that could do no wrong.

A few hours later, Barry in tow, Mrs. Littlefair entered the meeting room.  She was surprised that it was Ms. Homsen – Carol's sixth grade teacher – there rather than Barry's eight grade teacher.

It soon became clear.  Carol had been very naughty.  Disrupting class, not doing her work, truancy, vandalism and not delivering the school's notes.  Things must change or she would be suspended or perhaps expelled.  The school recommended corporal punishment as being very effective in cases like this.

Mrs. Littlefair was quite shocked.  Barry sat quietly most happy he was not in trouble and his brat of a kid sister was.  He knew that she constantly got away with murder.  She was not going to get out of this.  His mother could not reject the evidence like she always did when he was blamed for her misdeeds.

Mrs. Littlefair promised that Carol would be watched much more carefully and disciplined severely.

It was then that the Principal mentioned the Guardian Responsibility Act.  The law that make it clear that parents were responsible for the acts of their children.  And when they fail in their responsibilities they are libel.  It was very clear that Mrs. Littlefair had failed in her duty and therefore was to be punished – summarily.

Apparently instantly, two burly school guards appeared at her sides and hauled her over to the vaulting horse that was on the side of the room.  She was quickly put over it and her wrists strapped to the supports as her protest were ignored.  As all watched her dress was pulled up and tucked into her collar.  Then her panties were pulled down exposing her neither regions to one and all.

One guard picked up the tawse and got into position.  "Twelve strokes, please, Mr. Wheelwright." said the principal coldly.

She howled loudly almost drowning out the CRACK of the tawse on her bottom.

All watched intently, especially Barry, as the tawse repeatedly kissed Mrs. Littlefair's bottom turning it red and then cherry red.  She kicked so much that her panties flew off.  When she kicked then her most private parts became exposed although she never noticed as she wailed  Barry noticed however; he would never forget the sight.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 4, 2004

The End of the Collection

© Copyright A.I.L., Summer, 2004

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