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Each summer there is a Short Story Contest in the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking.  It is only a contest in the general sense since the only strict rules are a limit of 500 words and that the stories are related to spanking.  Usually there are categories but with such brief stories it is not very significant.

All my stories are fiction and are spanking related.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

These works are copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

The second group of my SSC-2005 stories are on this page and the first nine at SSC 2005 – Part 1 and the last are at SSC 2005 – Part 3

  1. Oversight  (M/F, spank) Ageplay
  2. Parental Spanking Law  (M/t, spank, strap, public, judicial)  Child
  3. The Price of Messiness  (M/t, spank, paddle)  Child
  4. Not the Last Time  (M/t, spank)  Child
  5. First Vote; First Strapping  (A/A, spank)  Strange Places
  6. Stranger in the Park  (M/b, spank)  Child
  7. Duty: His & Hers  (M/F, spank)  Adult
  8. Helping Out  (t/t, spank, paddle)  School
  9. Sex, Lies and Big Brother  (t/bb, spank)   Child
  10. Trial by Den  (t/t, spank, switch)  Child
  11. Getting the Bully  (t/t, spank, public)  School

Short Story Contest Entries for 2005 – Part 2/3


11:  A young lady must rush to meet her daddy.  She is certain that she was a good girl and would not get spanked this week but, alas, she is wrong.  I left this story a bit ambiguous as to be it being ageplay or just domestic father/daughter.  The spanking is not arbitrary but is for a good, standard reason.  The Trickster figures that his readers will figure it out on their own.


She had been a good girl this week.  Really good!  She had done her homework every day when it was assigned.  She had done her chores every day; even the dreaded ironing.  Yes, she had been a very, very good girl the entire week.

Just getting up a few minutes late really was not naughty.  Well, not as long as she rushed and was on the 9:37 train to see him.  And rush she did.  Because she was a good girl all week, her other school uniform was all washed and pressed and hanging in the closet right above her properly shined shoes; all ready to put on.  She did her morning ablutions and dressed in record time for there was not any need to select what she was to wear.  She picked up her bag, checked for her transit card and dashed out.  She made the train by the skin of her teeth.

He was waiting at the station for her.  It was a lovely summer's day and she saw the picnic basket in the backseat.  Today the paddle on top of it did not give her pause.  They found a secluded glen by a little brook.  She was all smiles as she reported on her week and answered his probing questions.  Evasive and half truth answers were not their way.  She would not get a paddling this day.  She would sit comfortably at dinner and on the train back home.  He was so pleased that his little girl was so very good.© YLeeCoyote

They were having a great time together.  The flowers were so ever tempting so she started to collect them and make a wreath.  He watched her intently and suddenly told her to fetch the paddle.

Dutifully, she complied.  Just as dutifully, she got across his lap without any hesitation as her heart sped up.  He lifted up her skirt.  He raised the paddle and smacked her bare bottom ten times.  With her still in spanking position and as he rubbed her hot red bottom, he told her that he was terribly disappointed that she would do such a shameful thing and promised dire consequences for a repeat performance.

She was just horrified at her misconduct as he was.  She sincerely promised not to do it again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 25, 2005

12:  A new law requires public parental spankings.

Parental Spanking Law

Everyone knew that it was going to happen.  It had been a major campaign issue which had been discussed in even High School civics classes.  It was top priority with the new governor and with his party controlling the legislature the new law was passed within the week matched those of the fifteen other states.  The details were in the paper: the punishable misdeeds, the punishments and the allowed implements.  This was to insure that abuse would not occur.

Ross, like his classmates, was not happy with the new law.  Things that had been family decisions were no longer private but were now a matter of statute without any discretion.  Within a week Ross and his classmates were issued their personal standard straps by the State.  They got the official guide which explained the Law and how it and the strap should be applied.

That evening Ross and all the kids across the state showed their parents and guardians the new wicked items and the rule book.  Dinner was quiet in most households that night as both the elders and youngsters contemplated what would happen; what would have to happen for there was sure to be swift punishment for those who failed to obey the law.© YLeeCoyote

It only took three days for it to happen.  Timmy, Ross' younger bother realized it when he saw the traffic ticket and the strap on the hall table when he got home from his den meeting.  He found his brother in his room and asked: "What's going to happen?"

Ross looked sad as he explained that at seven o'clock the strap would be used.  The neighbors had already been told so that they could witness the event (as mandated by the Law).  Ross could not concentrate on his homework knowing what would occur so very publicly right after dinner.  The strap; the heavy, thick, two-tailed, five by sixty centimeter State-issued strap would kiss the bare bottom of the miscreant this very evening.  Mother made a simple dinner knowing that no one would have an appetite this evening.

"This will hurt me more than you." said father as they went out right on time.

"That's not funny, father." Ross groaned.

The car had been left in the driveway to use as a support.  Ross gave his father one last pleading look.  "Sorry, son, but we must follow the Law."

"Yes, father." Ross replied dutifully.  This certainly was not a time to shame the family.  The block Captain was there with his official book.

The crowd became silent as they approached the car for parents had shushed their kids.

A belt was opened; a zipper lowered, trousers fell quickly followed by underwear.  Half naked he bent over the trunk and grabbed the sides.  Ross hesitated even though he knew there was not any way out of this;  the target was raised.  Then his father spoke.

"Do your duty, son."

Ross raised his arm to obey both the Law and his father in this most unpleasant duty.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 17, 2005;  Revised: July 25, 2005

13:  The housekeeper's complaint gets a messy young man paddled.

The Price of Messiness

It was almost a joke the way it happened almost daily.  Usually mom but sometime dad would yell at seventeen-year-old Kevin about the mess that seemed to appear wherever he went in the house – shirts, school books, sports gear and even underwear.  Then mom had to go to her mom to help out when she was sick for a month.  It's not rocket science to figure out what sort of mess soon developed with just the two males in the house.  Truth be told Kevin's dad, Roger, was not so very neat himself.

After the first week that mom was away Mrs. MacGillicutty, the cleaning lady, left a note: "Men – you have to learn to pick up after yourselves!"  This got dad to thinking and to lay down the law to Kevin.

Both of them were anxious for mom's return for her three week absence seem like forever.  On the morning of the day before her return when they were off to work and school dad told Kevin that he had asked Mrs. MacGillicutty to keep count of every item she had to pick up.  You're going to get one cut of the paddle for each one, boy."© YLeeCoyote

Of course, there was nothing Kevin could do about it anymore.  By the time he got back from school, the count would have been made and recorded.  He knew that he was going to have a very sore bottom when mom returned.  When he returned from school he saw the envelope on the kitchen table.  He wished that he could destroy it but that would not make his problem go away.  It was after dinner that dad said to open it.  Kevin read it and gulped.

"Are you sure that this is fair, dad?"

"Is this the right thing to do?"

"One cut per item?" he asked spacing out the questions.

"Yes, Kevin.  But if it's more than ten, we can spread it out."  He paused and then asked "How many, son?"

"Twelve, dad." the lad replied dropping his jeans and boxers and assuming the position.  He had been through this before.

The paddle struck twelve times as Kevin dutifully counted.  "I hope you will remember to put away your things in the future, son.  You may put away the paddle now."

Kevin took the paddle in exchange for the tally sheet.  His dad turned white as read he it.  In an neat cursive script Mrs. MacGillicutty had written:

Items not put away properly:
Kevin:  12
Roger:  20
Two week count.

"Which shall it be, dad – ten now and ten tomorrow or twenty now?" asked Kevin very gently tapping his palm with the paddle.  His dad was trapped and they both knew it.

To his credit, dad just dropped his slacks and boxers and assumed the position.  Kevin gave the first one very hard and the rest more gently for the count of twenty.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 24; Revised July 30, 2005

14:  A boy get spanked for being disrespectful and insubordinate to his father.

Not the Last Time

Thirteen-year-old Luke was not happy that he would have to spend the day with his kid brother Timmy and father at the office.  It had not been planned but other events forced it.  To be honest, the subway ride in the weekday rush hour crowds was fun but even Timmy got tired of being an unpaid office boy.  The ferry to Staten Island at lunch time and eating on the boat was lots of fun especially since dad had remembered the binoculars to study the sights.  Unfortunately, rather than leaving early as planned, they had to stay late for dad was yelled at by his boss and had to do an unsatisfactory report over.  Luke was very pensive on the trip home.

After Timmy has been sent off to bed, Luke started to talk with his dad about the day.  He had previously complained that he was getting too old for spanking and had been repeatedly told that would never be the case.  He quickly got to the stuff he had been hearing about how school was his job like dad had his job at office and rules were for everyone.  What he noted was that the dad's 'teacher' had given him a failing grade, a re-do assignment and even a detention.  "According to the rules, you have earned a spanking, dad." he said most seriously.

That got his father's attention especially when Luke was tapping his hand with the ping-pong paddle.  "Fair is fair, dad." he said and added: "Never too old for a spanking."© YLeeCoyote

That did it.  His dad moved over and Luke opened his pants and pulled them down with his boxers.  With dad across his lap, he looked at the big expanse of behind and hesitated.  He touched it with the paddle and told his father to get up.

When his dad was dressed, Luke striped and gave his dad the paddle.  "Dad, I was wrong and I've been very disrespectful and insubordinate.  I've earned a major spanking."  Then he got across his father's lap.  "Go ahead, father.  I'm ready." the lad said gripping the chair leg tightly although the timber in his voice betrayed his true feelings.

"Are you sure, son?"

"Yes, father.  I really deserve a long hard spanking – one that makes me bawl."  His father, paused and then smiled.  His son was really growing up and accepting responsibility.  He spanked him hard for that was what was required.  Luke would have been insulted with anything less.  His big son cried for sometime as he held him close.  Luke apologized and thanked his dad before going to bed.  As he left he added: "I hope that this is the last time."

Back in his bedroom, Timmy asked why he was spanked but Luke would not say more than he had been very naughty.  When Timmy offered to apply some Sportscreme® Luke refused – that wouldn't be right.

Never again did Luke tell his father that he was too old to be spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 4, 2005

15:  A machine decides who is to be spanked by the group.
Why this is a strange location I think will become obvious at the end.  It is the situation that is really the part that is strange.  I'll confess that I've never watched the TV series that inspired this.  As the story codes indicate I, once again, forgot to assign genders to the characters.  That actually fits in nicely with the situation.

First Vote; First Strapping

It was time for the first elimination.  Everyone had to go the voting terminal until the Brain decided who was out.  None of us had any idea of what the rules exactly were. We would know when the Brain had decided.  Each time we went to vote, we had to bend over the padded bar and reach down to the screen-buttons.  It was the fifth round when there was a loud yell: "NO!" as the clamps suddenly embraced  #09.  The resultant bellow indicated that the rest of us were safe – for another week.

Well, not entirely safe for each of us had to give #09 two cuts with the strap.  If the Brain reported that they were not of sufficient force, the lenient one would get strapped.  Unfortunately, we did not have any real guidance as to the proper force.  With eleven of us remaining, that meant some twenty-two cuts which #09 was sure to remember for some time.

I could not help myself as I watched #01 swing the strap.  The CRACK of the strap on the bare butt was a new sound to me.  I was sure that it hurt as much as the sound testified.  Then I saw how #9's butt showed the effects as the two overlapping red strips from the leather/flesh contact area.  I was mesmerized as I watched #02 through #07 apply the strap.  It was surely as horrid as I imagined; I empathized with #09 for the pain that was unquestionably felt.  The Brain was satisfied with the force as the indicator light remained green.© YLeeCoyote

Then it was my turn to wield the strap.  I wished I had never signed-on to the program.  I swung as hard as I dared for #09's butt already looked like a slab of raw meat in a butcher's display case.  There was a howl but the red light flashed on.  I had not hit hard enough and would be punished.  Again I swung and the light stayed red.

I stood, still horrified as the last three took their turns at #09.  These last six cuts seemed louder then the others and certainly harder than mine.  #09, bawling, was released by the Brain and taken away by the medics.

The guards grabbed me and I was put into position.  I was to get one cut from everyone left for each red light.  There wasn't any place to run even if I had not been petrified by my own fear.

Now that I was restrained, I went limp and my heart was racing.  Then there was this fiery pain that racked my body.  It must have been the first cut.  I yelled.  Then the next one with the same reaction.  I lost count in the pain.  Then I was released.  I was not hauled off by the medics.  They sprayed something on my butt and I had to run with the others.  The game must go on.

I did not want to be voted off.  I had to survive!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 10, 2005

16:  Percy's never gets to the movie for a spanking intervenes.

Stranger in the Park

Percy's bottom hurt like it never had before.  His butt was a hot crimson red from a hard, bare-bottom, hand spanking he had just gotten from Mr. Medlin.  He was trying to figure out exactly what had happened to have gotten him into this state as he sobbed, out of sight in the back section of the park.

An hour ago he did not know Mr. Medlin at all.

An hour ago he had never, never ever been spanked in his entire twelve years.© YLeeCoyote

Yet, now he was crying from a well-deserved spanking on this Saturday afternoon rather than enjoying the movie that he been planing to see.  The cinema was just another ten minute walk and he still had the money in his jeans.

When he stopped crying, he headed for the water fountain and washed his face.  Then he lay on the lawn – prone – trying to figure things out.  It was right after lunch and with his mother's approval that he had headed to the movie.  Since he had an extra hour he had taken the long cut through the park.  It was there that he had met Mr. Medlin.  The man was watching birds and he struck up a conversation with him.  He seemed like a very nice gentleman.  They exchanged names and he even looked through his binoculars.  The man told him how he had lost his own son because he had been very naughty when he had been Percy's age.  Maybe, Mr. Medlin, mussed if he had spanked his dear departed Johnny he would have been a good boy and would still be alive.

Percy insisted that he was a good and obedient boy.  "If I wasn't, mother would not have allowed me to go to the movies.  Anyway, when I'm naughty, I don't get spanked."

Then things changed.

Things changed very suddenly.

Mr. Medlin grabbed him and pulled him over to a bench.  Before he knew quite what was happening, his jeans and briefs were down and he was over Mr. Medlin's lap getting spanked long and hard.

He hadn't understood the lecture he had gotten during the spanking.  Almost as suddenly as it started it was over.  Mr. Medlin was gone.  He pulled up his jeans carefully as he cried.  Then he went to the water fountain, washed his face and was now on the lawn thinking; thinking very hard.

He realized that he was very fortunate to have met Mr. Merdlin rather than the man his son, Johnny, had the misfortune to meet.  He realized that he had truly and honestly deserved that hard spanking.  He promised himself that he would be a good boy; an obedient boy in the future.

Percy gave his hot, red-bottom a rub as he formally promised himself that he would do as his parents, his teachers, many other adults and especially Mr. Medlin had told him:


The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 12, 2005

17:  A housewife gets her comeuppance for irresponsible behavior.

Duty: His & Hers

Kurt was in a bad mood.  It had been a hard day and it was not yet over for he had brought home a lot of work that would have to be done before the morning.  That the house was empty was not a good sign for it meant that mother had not yet even started dinner and it was obvious that she had not cleaned up before she had gone out.  This was not the first time.  His mood did not improve.

Kurt understood his responsibilities and got straight to his work.  It would have been a lot more fun to watch TV but that would have an adverse effect on his future.  When little Jamie got home from school he required lecturing and thought himself lucky for he did not get spanked.  Mother did not show up until after dinner time and instead of groceries bags she was carrying several from Stacy*s.  As one would expect, when questioned she did not have even filmiest excuses for her irresponsible dereliction of duty.

Kurt decided that firm decisive action was required.  Action just like his own father had discussed frequently and, even more germane,  practiced.  Just the thought made Kurt's own bottom twitch in painful remembrance.  He got the hairbrush; the wide oval one that had been his maternal grandmother's.© YLeeCoyote

Kurt sought out mother who was trying out some of the illicit new purchases rather than making dinner.  He watched until she had removed the new, still tagged clothes before entering the room.  As expected she did not take kindly to his grabbing her and pulling her over his lap as he sat on the bed.  Holding her tightly in place, he lectured her on her neglect of her responsibilities and her shameful spendthrift ways.  Initially, she was too stunned to object and then the words crushed her for they were all to true.  Worse, for less than three weeks earlier she had been in a similar position for the same reasons.

Kurt grabbed the back of her panties and yanked them down to expose the target.  Then he picked up the wide, heavy hairbrush and began the necessary task.  He spanked her long and hard.  She was bawling like a little girl soon after he had started.  He left her crying on the bed.  Later she made a trip to the market and then returned to make dinner.

"I'll return the stuff tomorrow." she promised through still red eyes.  "But you should not have spanked me." she sniffled.

Kurt snorted indignantly.  "Of course, I should have.  It was less than three weeks ago that you pulled a similar stunt."  She was still unhappy but could not make any coherent response because there really wasn't any.

Kurt finally said what was needed.  "Mother, I will remind you of what father said: 'Kurt, you must be a responsible young man – the man of the house – while I am away and watch over your mother and little brother, Jamie.'"

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 14, 2005

18:  A youth helps out his friend's older brother – with a paddle.

Helping Out

Tex, Ken's bro, wasn't my friend but I was in their room playing a video game.  Tex was a college freshman while I was a lowly HS junior.  Ken, my friend, had called that he was going to be late because of some traffic jam.  Tex was muttering to himself about how his dad would have killed him for fucking up at college.  That certainly could not happen; not ever for his dad had died last year.  But I knew what he was talking about for I had seen Ken's butt after a session with their dad.  I also knew how Ken changed after his tail had been paddled.  It was not rocket science to realize Tex had reacted the same way.  I could see that the letter that Tex had on his desk was from the college.

I could also see his dad's frat paddle still hanging on the wall.  I vividly remembered seeing Ken get it from his dad once.  I was terribly grateful that I never did.

Tex would glance up at it frequently as he read and reread the letter.  It was clear that he knew that he had fucked up and what would have happened had his father been alive.  But his mother would never do it.© YLeeCoyote

I stared at the paddle, also.  We were alone.  I got the paddle from the wall.  "Tex, this is what you need." I said in a flat voice.  He looked at me.  I started back.  After a minute I continued: "You need a reminder to do your school work."  He nodded almost imperceptibly.  "Get into position, young man."  That's exactly what his father had said to Ken.

He got up.  "Yes, sir."  He dropped his pants and bent over the bed presenting his bare ass for the paddle in my hand.

Ken had gotten three a year ago for messing up in school.  Tex was older and bigger.  I decided on six.  I swung hard for I was not nearly as strong as his father had been.

Tex grunted but remained in place.  He remained still for the other five but it was a struggle as I could see.  Of course, his butt was glowing like two polished apples.  "OK, you may get up now."  He collapsed on the bed.  I heard Ken come in and went downstairs.

"Hey, got a soda, man?"

"Sure; need one myself."

An hour later we went upstairs.  Tex was studying.  "Thanks, Eric." he said.

Ken looked at me quizzically.  "I let him study.  We all need to hit the books at times." and then to Tex "No problem, dude."

It was a week later that we could talk.  "Thanks, Eric.  You won't believe how much that helped me."

"My pleasure, Tex.  I'm available anytime you need it and it's our secret."  What I didn't add was that I'm looking forward to it.  I practically creamed in my pants that first time and now I see his apple-red-butt every time I jerk off.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 16, 2005

19:  A teen teaches his kid twin brothers a lesson.

Sex, Lies and Big Brother

The twins did it again.  They told tall tails, a.k.a. lies, to me expecting that I would go off and get into a fight.  Rather than do that, I had a very serious discussion with our parents.  They, in turn, had a talk with the twins warning of dire consequences if they did not mend their ways.

It was less than two weeks later that they disparagingly reported that they had seen Rick sucking face with my girlfriend Nancy.  Rick is my classmate but not really my friend.  It was enough to make me mad but fortunately I knew that both Rick and Nancy were busy with different school activities.

They were hoping that I would clobber Rick or get clobbered by him.  I let them think that as I stormed out of the house.  I figured that I would find Rick in the park.  I asked him to help me.  We went off to the less crowed part of the park.  The twins were still following surely hoping to see a fight.  They were quite surprised when we cooperated in catching them rather than going at it tooth and nail.© YLeeCoyote

"Rick, what happened to you when you lied?"

"I got strapped so hard that I couldn't sit for a week when I was fourteen.  What about you, dude?"

"Dad used the hairbrush but I was only eleven."  The twins suddenly got the idea and both turned pale.  It was clear that they remembered the talk of ten days ago.  They began to struggle and protest but Rick and I were prepared for that and it did not do them any good.

I sat on the nearby bench and undid Timmy's belt and opened his jeans.  He looked so very sad and was begging me not to spank him and promising never to lie again.  I think that he knew that he was going to get it and was not trying to get away anymore.  So for the first time, I pulled him over my lap and held him in place.  His cute little buns just stuck out waiting for my hand.  I patted them a bit.  Then I lifted my hand up and was about to deliver the first spank.  It was very hard to do.  I did not want to hurt my kid brother but now I could not stop.  I brought it down medium hard.  It made a loud spank sound and left a hand print.  I gave him another twenty – some harder and some not.  He cried some but not excessively.

Then it was Sammy's turn.  Everything went the same way from jeans down to crying.  I wiped their little faces.  They ran off into the bushes to finish crying.  "Don't be late for dinner." I yelled at them.

"Yes, big brother."

At dinner, mom asked how their day went. "Devan spanked us for lying." said Timmy very matter-of-factly.

"We deserved it." added Sammy.  "We still love him."

Mom and dad were so puzzled they were silent.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 21, 2005

20:  A Weblos den is self-governing – and punishes it own members.

Trial by Den

They had made a solemn and secret Pact before the camping trip.  It was with elaborate ritual and nine times nine drops of hot red blood had sealed it.

Regrettably, on the trip one had failed by having broken one of the rules.  Following the Pact the eight Webelos and their first-class scout den chief had assembled in secret, in the relative dark of night to hold the trial.  Part of the essence of the Pact was not to involve the rest of the pack, the den leader or other adults at camp for any violations.  Their indoctrination of the meaning of democracy and self-government was complete.  They could not be the best if they washed their dirty linen in public.

The Pact included the rules of conduct and procedures and even a punishment scale.  The first business was to chose the officers – judge, jury; prosecutor and defense council.  The charge was read and the evidence given.  The defendant confessed and just pleaded for mercy with promises of good behavior.© YLeeCoyote

Without the need for a verdict, the defendant waited while the others debated the punishment.  The sentence was three cuts from each of the other members of the den.  The convict went to cut necessary switch.  When he returned, he stripped and got into position over a fallen tree.  Even the slightest hesitation would have been dishonorable, shameful and a reason for scorn.

Then, by the light of the full moon, they lined up to do their unpleasant duty.  Three times they delivered one cut each.  The convict suffered in silence as befits a brave scout.  He had trouble sleeping that night.

In the morning, it was obvious to all that he still felt the stings of the switch.  But the eight Webelos were so very proud of their den chief.  Not even once for the five remaining days of the trip did they fail to do as he directed the very first time.  Their unity, group cohesion and den spirt showed as they triumphed in event after event.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 29, 2005

21:  A bully gets summary judgement from his classmates.

Getting the Bully

By the time they were all in the third form it was unanimous among his classmates – Luther was a coward and a bully.  Unfortunately, the school powers did not see his myriad of faults.  When he was appointed to a position of minor authority with a little bit power he became even worse.

It was obvious to his classmates that he intimidated the other candidates for the lead role in the school play.  He was determined perform the role of the great admiral as Midshipman Nelson and to be the star.  It got to be too much for the other players until one of them developed a battle plan.  The entire cast and crew all signed on.  The end of the play was rewritten and an epilog added all in secret.  The necessary props were gotten.

The play was going well except for the star's lackluster performance.  The last unchanged scene went very well.  "Midshipman Nelson you are to receive ten cuts for stealing." the Captain pronounced at the hearing with great enthusiasm© YLeeCoyote

"Aye, Aye, Captain." replied the Bosun as a sailor bound the star's wrists.  The rope was different than in rehearsals.  Luther was led to the cannon and pulled over it more roughly than in the past.  The rope was quickly clipped to the cannon's base.  The bully was in the trap before he knew that there was a hunt.

"Sailor, ready him." ordered the Bosun.  Luther was a little surprised but did not resist and his britches were pulled down and a second rope was wrapped about his ankles and belayed.  The trap was now closed.

Luther was surprised when the officer did not dash on to the set yelling: "Hold it Bosun; there been a confession.  Mr. Nelson is innocent.  Free him." as he did in the rehearsals.  Instead, his pants were yanked down and the officer expounded on the sentence and finished with: "Do your duty, Bosun."

And that is just what the Bosun enthusiastically did.  He raised the section of untwisted hawser and brought it down hard on the exposed buns of Luther in front of the entire audience composed of the student body and parents.  Luther yelled!  Luther cursed!

"Gag him." snapped the officer.  That done the Bosun continued the strapping.  Struggle as he might, he could not free himself nor effectively complain.  The scene was watched with great pleasure by the other students of the school all of whom wished that it was real..  As the realization that the flogging was indeed real enveloped them, not one of them sympathized with Luther as they enjoyed his buns turning red.

The curtain came down to a standing ovation.  When raised for a curtain call, a short epilogue was said explaining that the Great Admiral Nelson was never so treated for such an offence.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 12, 2005

Collection Continues in Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., Summer, 2005

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