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The following story is fiction about a couple of burglars who get strapped by a very self-protective house.  The story contains scenes of severe strappings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Safe House


The house looked like all the others in the neighborhood ignoring the usual sorts of minor variations although it had some very special security features.  The owners were not sure they worthwhile until a few years later when John "Lite-fingers" Smith and David "Crusher" Jones visited uninvited.

Lite-fingers and Crusher rode through the area a couple of times to case the house and marked it as rich owner's away.  Being cautious they sprayed an indicator powder on the driveway and when they checked back at midnight, it was untouched and there were still several newspapers on the porch.  As stealthily as Ninjas, they crept onto the grounds and forced a patio door.  Their search for good stuff was most fruitful.  In the family room was top of the line, i.e., high value, sound and audio equipment for the taking.  They removed a couple of pieces and stacked them in the hall.  They then found the silver in the sideboard.  It was then that things started to happen.

One by one each door and each window was blocked by a steel shutter which slid like a guillotine into place.  In a few minutes they were panicking.  Then there was a voice. «Put down the stuff you collected and head for the basement, please.»  They were confused, for now interior doors were also being blocked and lights were being put on and off although they did not see anyone.

"We're being watched." declared Lite-fingers .

"Yeah.  Guess we better put the stuff down." responded Crusher.© YLeeCoyote

"AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" agreed Lite-fingers most enthusiastically.  They typically said the obvious as they weren't the brightest candles in the jail where they had met.

They dropped everything and tried to get out.  Their efforts were useless.  Even Crusher couldn't make a dent in the shutters.  As soon as they left the dinning room, doors and lights quickly adjusted so that they had but one way to go.  Once in the main hall, everything was blocked except one door which led downstairs.  Reluctantly, they went into the basement as they were herded like cattle to an abattoir.  Again, they only had one place to go.  Fearful now, they heard: «Go into the Correction Facility.»  They decided to flee but when they turned they saw bars of light blocking the way back that was reminiscent of stuff from a "Star Wars" movie.  When they jumped back, the bars of light, shimmering red, moved closer.  Lite-fingers stuck his mask into one of the light beams.  A smoking cut was the result like a light saber had been used.

The command was repeated and the light bars advanced.  Properly fearful, they quickly obeyed and dashed to the Correction Room.  Then they were ordered to strip.  Their hesitation was quickly dispatched when a red beam swept about the room.  They discovered that their clothes looked like they had been slashed.  They quickly removed their damaged garments.

«KNEEL ON THE PUNISHMENT BENCHES!» commanded the voice harshly and they quickly put their knees on the flashing pads.


They bent over so that their rumps were sticking up.  The designers had been thoughtful and there was a space for their genitals to fit comfortably.  Quite suddenly, a dozen clamps emerged and engaged to firmly holding them securely and firmly in place around limbs and torsos.  A nipple invaded each mouth and expanded some.  A tube slid over each penis and then reduced to a shrink fit.  The two were panicking.

«You have been found guilty of breaking and entering, criminal trespass, attempted burglary and destruction of property.  You shall be punished now.» stated the voice coldly.  Although they couldn't see them, two "arms" extended from the walls each terminating in a wide leather strap somewhat heavier than a garrison belt and somewhat lighter than a razor strop.  The ordained punishment was two hundred strokes with the strap while conscious although the convicts were not told.  Soon after the first stroke, the lights were turned off leaving the room pitch black.  It was also absolutely quiet except for the noises the convicts made by screaming, breathing and pounding hearts.

Circuits weare activated and the arms soon quivered at exactly the proper frequency to make the strap lash back and forth resonantly.  When the energy reached the prescribed level, they each connected with the target rump.  At first a red stripe formed but after just a few cuts the targets were both solid red.  Each cut provoked a loud scream since the pain was most extreme.

There was all the time in the world for the punishment so after each cut there was a pause until punishee's vital statistics return to almost normal.  The first five cuts required a quarter hour and then the rate dropped to only a few cuts an hour.  It was not a problem should a convict faint for then the punishment would be paused until recovery aided by ice water dumps.  It was actually permissible for a convict to sleep but this has never happened especially when there was a pair and as the screams keep the other awake.

The room temperature was varied a lot to increase their discomfort.  At the beginning it was hot so that they sweated a lot.  They greedily sucked up water from the nipples.  What they didn't know is that the water was laced with drugs to control them by enhancing their responses and memories of the punishment.  There were also some nutriments added to prevent body fatigue.

Before twenty strokes had been administered, both convicts totally lost track of time.  This was desirable as that made the punishment more severe psychologically which and thus more effective.  All the strokes were effectively randomly spaced and silent so that there could not be any bracing for any of them  By the time they had got only a tenth of the scheduled punishment, each of the convicts was certain that hell would be an improvement.  Beside the mood drugs, there was an potency enhancer which caused them to get erect.  Then the penis tube provided an irresistible milking action and just as the convict past the point of no return for organism he received a double strap cut to destroy the pleasure.

It took two days for the punishment to run its course.  The convicts were in great pain when the clamps were opened and the punishment benches disappeared into the floor.  They quickly curled up into a fetal position, crying and scared.  The room temperature was lowered so that they were chilled.

They were allowed to stay that way for several hours during which time they repented of their criminal ways.  They were ordered to dress.  When they hesitated the electric grid in the floor encouraged their compliance.  They were herded back up stairs.  There they were put to sleep with a knockout gas.

A call to the police got a fast response.  The police found them in the hallway just waking up and with the stuff they had collected.  They were arrested immediately.  The police also found a video recording.  It showed them breaking and entering, looting the house and then being knocked out in the hallway.  It was all neatly time stamped over a period of less than an hour.  When arrested, they complained of great pain but examination did not show any bruises to support their claims of being beaten.  At their trial the video recording was most convincing evidence for their conviction.

The owners decided that extra security options were well worth the price they had paid.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 22, 2010

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