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Samson Becomes the Man of the House


Samson, always called Sam, first started to notice the changes in his older brother's behavior once he started to get hair about his own dick when he was but eleven.  James, at fourteen needed a lot of attention from their parents because he was constantly getting into trouble.  Their dad frequently had to punish the older boy for many things that could be summed up as disrespect and running wild.  Even though there were three years difference in their ages James had started puberty only a few months before Sam did.  Because of this Sam soon grew bigger and stronger even though he was three years younger than his brother.

There was another difference between the two.  James was not outstanding in any regard – neither intellectually, physically nor in comeliness. He was always near the bottom of his classes in school and, not being interested in sports, was also a couch potato when he was not running about with his good-for-nothing friends.  Sam was considerably different.  He was a parents' dream come true – at the top of his class and good at sports.  His favorite was wrestling; no, not professional exhibitions, but the real thing as done in the Olympics and school events.  His pursuit of the sport taught him that he needed to be strong and tall to be a winner; a champion.  Well, there was not much he could do about the latter except to hope that he would grow tall, but he could work on the former.  He started to exercise at the Y and even lifted weights in addition to being on the wrestling team and swimming a lot. He was quite pleased with the results.  Before he was thirteen, he had very strong and well developed muscles.

Only a year later, unfortunately, their dad got sick and James grew even wilder.  Their mother alone could not control him.  Sam was most unhappy seeing their mother cringe when James said cruel, nasty and vulgar things and stayed out late.  Lamentably, their dad could not apply the necessary physical discipline as he had in the past.  It broke Sam's heart hearing his mother cry.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of months after their dad's funeral.  James had yelled at his mother once again.  She could not take it anymore and had run to her bedroom to collapse on her bed, weeping in total despair.  Sam decided that this should not continue; could not continue; must not continue.  If James wanted to waste his life, that was his right but as long as he lived with his mother and brother, he would have to moderate his ways.© YLeeCoyote

James was heading for the door when Sam grabbed him.  James was slightly taller but Sam was far stronger.  Within a couple of seconds, Sam had his cursing brother under his physical control.  James was held with one arm about his neck and with one arm painfully twisted up behind his back.  "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" snarled Sam, increasing the pressure on both his brother's throat and arm briefly but long enough to get his message across.

James quieted down since he could not move and could hardly breathe.  Sam told James of his great displeasure of his hurting their mother. "You need what Dad used to give you – a long, hard spanking."  He then propelled James to the kitchen with its plain chairs that their dad sat on when he spanked them.

Without loosening his grip, he commanded: "Open your belt and fly."  James' hesitation was answered by Sam giving him a sharp dose of pain from a suddenly increased pressure on his arm.  "Drop 'em – and the boxers too."  James' jeans dropped to the floor and he pushed his boxers down.  Sitting down Sam pulled his older but weaker brother across his lap while maintaining the hammerlock and locking James' legs down with his own.  Then for the first time, Sam raised his arm and brought his palm down on James' butt as hard as he could.  James yelled.  He yelled just as he had when his father had spanked him.  Over and over Sam raised this arm and brought it crashing down on the target.  The initial hand prints merged into an overall pink.  As the long, hard spanking continued the pink buns turned red and then crimson.  There was also a change at the other end.  James's yelling had metamorphosed into bawling.

Their mother had heard the noise and roused herself.  She approached the kitchen and stopped to listen.  It had been sometime since she heard such things – the smack of a hard hand on James's bottom accompanied by his howls. «Lord knew the boy could use a good spanking but who could be doing it?» she though as she approached the kitchen door.  She stood mesmerized by the sight of her younger son straightforwardly spanking his older brother so effectively.  To do anything was impossible as she was totally frozen by the sight.  Sam obviously had the situation well in hand and James was submitting just as he had to their late father. Gradually she came out of her mesmerized state and could hear the lecturing from the her second son.  He sounded just like his father had.

When Sam decided that it was enough, he lifted his brother up.  "Get working on your homework, boy.  Pronto!" he ordered.

James hesitated.  "You're not my father." he grumbled.

"Do as your brother said, James." said their mother with unusual authority in her voice.

"Yes, mother." he cried and half naked hobbled from the room. «He's scrawny like a little boy and not like his father.» she thought as she watched seeing his genitals for the first time since he was ten.  Then she was in the comforting and strong arms of her good son who lead her to the living room couch.

They sat there, quietly, while she regained her composure.  When she could speak her questions were obvious.  Sam explained that it broke his heart the way his brother hurt her and he was going to put a stop to it.  For the first time since her husband had gotten sick, she felt safe and protected in the strong arms of a male even though he was not quite a man yet.  When he gently suggested that she go to bed and get some sleep she did just as if her late husband had suggested it.  The way that Sam had taken charge reminded her so much of his dear father in his grave much too soon.

In the morning Sam bust into the pigsty that was his brother's room and yanked him out of bed.  "Get ready for school, James.  Or else…."  To be sure his brother knew what the alternative was, he gave him a hard spank on his still tender butt.  That seemed to be sufficient to get him moving.

At dinner, the boy's mother made an announcement: "James, from now on Sam is in charge of you.  You shall do as he tells you and he has full authority to punish you like your dear departed father did."  Both lads were surprised.  Sam was pleased for he immediately realized that he could better protect his mother from his irreverent, ingrate of a brother.  James, however, reacted much more dramatically.  He started yelling and cursing and ranting "No way!"

Sam knew he had to act and act decisively.  "Be quiet, James." he ordered as he got up.  The protests continued until Sam grabbed James.  That shifted his attention and he began to yell at and curse his brother.  Sam put a stop to that with one hard slap to the face as he once again took physical control of his older brother.  Sam yanked his brother's belt and jeans open.  When they fell he pushed the boxers down also and as he sat pulled his brother over his lap.  He then started to spank him for the second time.  He was mad and spanked long and hard.  James in addition to yelling was kicking so much that his jeans and even his boxers flew off.

As the spanking proceeded, James' yells changed.  He stopped random yells and curses and started in with promises of change.  But Sam had heard those words before – many times before – when their dad was spanking James.  They were meaningless until they were salted with tears of contrition.  It took a while but James broke before Sam's hand gave out and was bawling like he did the night before; like a little boy. Sam put him into the corner saying  "Stay there until you're ready to apologize to mother." which he did albeit poorly.

James changed after that although the change was not instantaneous nor did he become a perfect boy.  His truancy was reduced and he managed to temper his insolence.  There was also a change in the boys' mother with Sam tending to James like a much old brother or an uncle or even, one might say, a father.  She missed her husband a great deal for she had depended upon him for major decisions and, especially, raising the boys.  Sam had taken control of James perhaps even being stricter than their dad had been and certainly far more prone to spanking.  Her change was not conscious but subtle and gradual.

That very first time that Sam spanked James was, of course, the start.  There was that tremendous felling of relief coupled with the very secure feeling when Sam held her so very safe – like when her father had comforted her as a child.  She needed a man in the house to replace her husband.  It was that simple.  Had she had a responsible first born, that would have happened when he was seventeen or so at the latest.  That was not in the cards now that the second born was in charge of him.  So while he was still thirteen Sam usurped the role of the man of the house.

That, of course, did not happen overnight but took several months.  After those first two spankings, Sam resolved not to let the situation regress back to the previous and intolerable situation and he realized that he loved the power he had over his brother.  James was overwhelmed by Sam's actions.  After the second spanking he stayed away several nights until he had to come home.  Then Sam pounced like a cross between a tiger and a large python and treated him very severely.

James thought that the lecturing went on for hours while he was in the tight and painful clutches of his younger but much stronger brother.  But that was not all for after a while, James started to lose clothing as Sam ripped filthy garment after filthy garment off his grubby body. Once he was naked it was time for a major spanking and Sam wasted little time turning him over his lap.  It was rapid fire hard spanks for a long time.  Sam was angry and he let his anger flow through his powerful arm and hand to roast his brother's butt to a flaming red state.

Before Sam was halfway through the spanking, James was passed the begging and promising stages and was well into the blubbering uncontrollably like a little boy stage.  Sam pulled James into the bathroom and got the epilater from the cabinet.  He turned on the device and rolled it over James' pubes.  James was in such pain that he hardly noticed the additional pain caused by each of his pubes being yanked out down to their very roots.  Sam rubbed the device over James' crotch repeatedly to be sure of extracting each and every short hair that grew on the pubis and genitals of his brother.  When he was satisfied that he got each and every one, he did the same to James' pits.  There was not any need to do anything more for James was now as bald as a ten year old.

It would be quite a while before there was any noticeable regrowth which is exactly what Sam wanted.  Without hair James was just a little boy and his friends would be less interested in his company.  James' friends would see him in the school gym and observe that he was hairless without any further action by Sam. But he went further which was a simple task with the advent of digital cameras although James was too distracted to even notice the pictures being taken.  Sam posted the images of his brother – the glowing crimson butt, the pain contorted face covered with tears and his bald crotch – on a secret site.  It would be an easy task to tell James' friends.  James understood the threat of an simple email to his friends.

James was given an epilater treatment every two to three weeks after that so that he would constantly be reminded of his lowly status as a boy rather than a youth.

* * * * * * * * * *

As Sam tamed his brother, his relationship with his mother changed as well.  She had been very dependent on her late husband and had always let him make the decisions.  Once Sam was in charge of James, she did not have to do think about it.  It was by then essentially a given that Sam took care of himself so she did not have to worry about either youth but only herself and the household.  She had never been good dealing with repairmen and the like.  When Sam had been along when she took the car for service, he just started to deal with the service manager and, since he had a much better understanding of the car and what was needed, things went far more smoothly.  Nichole was proud how well her youngest son impressed the service manager which was shown by how the way the manager treated him.  All she did was pay the bill and she was especially pleased at how quickly the work was accomplished.

After this, Sam dealt with others for her just as his late father had.  It was not planed, but she slipped into the practice of asking him for advice about other matters just like she asked her mate.  Soon, Sam did not wait to be asked but just told her what to do.  One day, accidentally, Sam called his mother by her given name and she did not object.  Most things were innocuous like dinner choices or household items but it soon began to include more significant and personal choices.  A curfew was one of these things.  Nichole had developed the habit of visiting with her friends and staying out late just talking but that lead to her being late for work (and jeopardizing her job).  Sam had a little chat with her and she agreed to a curfew on work nights.

It was less than a week later that she came home late.  "Nicki, you are late and that is unacceptable." proclaimed Sam when she got in.  "You have earned a spanking."  To Nichole Sam now sounded like her father and she was speechless but also helpless as her masterful son led her into the kitchen.  After sitting on a chair it was easy for him to pull her over his lap.  He lifted up her skirt and yanked down her panties so he could get to her bare bottom.  A score of spanks turned her checks apple red and left her promises covered in tears.  That night she slept on her stomach and vowed never to be late again.  Her bottom hurt all the next day but she was proud of her son for being so manly – just like his father and grandfather.

A couple of days later Sam spoke to his mother and explained that he was disturbed by the spanking.  Nicki though she understood, admitted that she deserved the spanking and promised that she would follow the rules so he would not have to spank her again.  "No, Nicki, that won't solve the problem because you will be a naughty little girl again and merit another spanking.  That is for certain.  But it is not right that I see your pubes so they will have to go; PERIOD.  Take care of them when you take care of your legs and other things."

Nichole was stunned.  It was more than two decades that she had a nice fur-covered beaver.  But she suddenly remembered how her father had let her keep her panties on for her spankings once she had gotten hair.  But Sam made a different decision.  Before she could decide to ask about that, Sam spoke again.  "Go take care of it now, Nicki, or I'll have to do it."  Talking back to her father; her husband and now even her authoritative son was not something she could do, so she obeyed as befits a little girl.

Sam never talked of it, but there was little doubt that he was the man; the master of the house.  James knew that he had to obey his brother even better than he had obeyed his father for Sam had the certainty of youth to know that he was right.  Nicki was proud of him in three ways.  First, as her most manly son who achieved many things. Second, as a replacement for her husband as the head of the household. Third, and finally, as a surrogate father who kept her in line with strict rules and a heavy hand.  Nichole was now happier than she had been since her dear husband had gotten sick.

* * * * * * * * * *

The school term was three quarters over and when Nichole got home she found James snacking as teen boys are wont to do.  She demanded to see his report card and he complied.  Evidently, the discipline imposed had some effect but she was appalled at the low grades.

"Just you wait until your brother gets home, James."

"Yes, mother."

"Now go do your homework."

It was a hard practice session that Sam had with the wrestling team.  The coach had pushed them hard and had driven up the team's aggression level with his rousing  "Fight, fight, fight; win, win, win!" pep talk.  When Sam barged in on James he was already breathing fire.  It did not help James' case that he had been mendacious over the last few weeks.  Sam was doubly unhappy as this became clear.

James was stripped and was over lap in record time for a spanking. As much as he hated being spanked by his younger brother, he had learnt that it was best that he not resist at all.  It was ineffective and just made Sam angrier.  It was at least ten minutes before Sam eased up on the bawling James but by then his rapid fire spanks had turned James bottom to flaming toast.  Sam left James to cry on his own bed.  When they were called for dinner, Sam dragged the still naked James to the table.

James wanted to dress or otherwise cover himself, but Sam did not give him the chance.  "A little boy with a flaming bottom does not need to cover his hairless little pee-pee from his mommy."  Sitting on the hard wood chair with his painful bottom made him receptive to the strict rules he would have to conform to until his grades improved.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sam was upset.  It was well past his mother's bedtime this Sunday evening for she had to get to work early in the morning.  She really should not have gone to the movies this evening but both Ross, her boyfriend, and she had promised that they would be back before her curfew.  Sam heard the key turning in the lock and when they walked in and he growled:  "YOU'RE LATE.  You're more than an hour late and you have to get up early for work.  Did the subway get stuck?"

Ross was quite surprised at how Sam spoke to his mother and at how she responded.  "No, dear.  We just were talking and lost track of the time in the coffee shop.  I'll be more careful next time."

"I've heard that before.  I've heard it several times before and you remember what I promised you if you were late again?

"Yes, dear, a spanking." she said quietly and blushed for her boyfriend also heard.

Sam shifted a chair and sat down.  "Come here, young lady." he said firmly but coldly.  She approached her son and was about to be pulled over his lap when Ross spoke.

"It really was my fault, Sir."

"In that case it is you that should be spanked." the surrogate father said simply.  "Come here, young man."

Ross had not been spoken to like that in many years – not since he was Sam's age – and his father disciplined him.  Yet there was something about the youth's bearing that made him feel like a boy again; a naughty boy at that.  Like he was in a trance, he obeyed the order, just as he would have for any date's guardian.  He stood there looking at the floor as Sam lectured him on the proper behavior.  Even when Sam opened his belt and slacks which fell to the floor he remained still. His underpants were quickly pulled down exposing his privates.

Sam gave a yank and Ross was over the youth's lap with his butt upturned like a little boy over his daddy's lap, like he had been many times in the distant past.  He was surprised at how hard the youth spanked.  He was strong and he was spanking hard and fast.  Ross could hardly believe how much the spanks hurt.  They hurt like when he was only twelve and his father was spanking him.  And this was with Sam's bare hand only!

When this had started, Ross though that it would be easy to laugh it off but now he knew better.  The pain was getting to him and he started to beg and promise.  But the torrent of spanks continued hard and fast.  He could no longer beg nor promise but only whimper.  He was on the verge of tears when Sam stopped.  The youth pulled up his clothes and told him to get along home.

When the door closed behind Ross, Sam turned to his mother.  "It's very late.  Get to bed and be sure to set your alarm clock.  You don't want to be late for work."

"Yes, dear." she said rushing to her room.

It was a week later that Ross was over for dinner.  Again he was very respectful to Sam just as if he had been his girl's father.  By now Ross and Nichole had talked and he knew that Sam was the man of the house and Nichole was happy with that.  It was what had happened to him that was the big surprise.  After the spanking he realized that he behaved differently.  He was more attentive at work and did his own household chores more.  It was just like when his own father had spanked him and he was on his best behavior to avoid another red hot tail.

Sam smiled at this report and generously offered to spank him whenever he needed it.  Ross politely declined the offer.

It was another two weeks when Ross had second thoughts.  His work habits both in the office and at home deteriorated – and his boss had made comments.  Nichole reminded him of Sam generous offer and they told Sam.

"You're just like a little boy – you need regular spanking to behavior properly.  It no wonder that your marriage collapsed and you're now a now a boarder in a small furnished room and have big alimony and child support payments."

It was not long after that Ross discovered that he was being lectured once again about being more responsible and doing what he should do.  Just like the first time, he was mesmerized by the forceful personality of the young lecturer, even younger than his own kids.  He stood mute and passive as the lecture was supplemented by his being stripped.  Sam not only lowered his pants but removed every item he was wearing – shirt, pants and shoes, even his socks and underwear.  With every word and with every garment taken, Ross felt himself helplessly slipping deeper into the abyss that the aura surrounding the dynamic youth, just like an insect trapped in a pitcher plant.  It was almost a relief when Sam pulled Ross over his lap and clamped him into position for the actual spanking.  It was harder and longer than the first.  At first Ross quickly began to beg and plead but Sam was relentless and spanked away.

Ross tried to wiggle out of the painful situation but Sam held him so tightly that he was trapped.  Hard spank after hard spanked continued and Ross was crushed as the pain mounted.  He began to cry.  Sam smiled for he knew that Ross was broken.  And once broken he would break more easily the next time.  The next thing that Ross was aware of was that he was standing in the corner with his hands on his head, sobbing, and with a great pain in his ass.  It was like he was a boy again who had seriously displeased his father.  He knew he must change his ways or he would suffer like this again and again.

But Sam had one more thing that he felt was required.  When Ross had done sufficient corner time, he led him to the bathroom and stood him in the tub.  Ross did not expect what was about to happen as he stood with his hands on his head again.  Sam grabbed his penis and in just seconds ran the small clipper over his pubes mowing them down like a combine does to the wheat in a field.  Then he used the hand shower to wet the pubic region before covering it with thick shaving cream.  As the safety razor removed the stubble left by the chipper, Sam explained.: "Men are flogged but boys are spanked.  You are a boy and boys don't have pubes.  Understand, boy?"

It was all that Ross could do to mumble a very deferential and submissive "Yes, Sir."  That answer was like the snapping of the lock on a jail cell door as it slams shut.  Deep inside himself Ross knew he could not escape Sam's domination.  Part of him knew that he did not want to.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things were very peaceful in the household after everyone had gotten use to Sam being the authoritarian father.  Disobedience earned severe corporal punishment.  James had the hardest time with the issue as he was Sam's brother and had previously lorded over Sam.  That Sam had surpassed him was a hard thing to accept; but accept it he had to or he would be well reminded of how much stronger his brother was.  With a rarely shown bit of smarts he decided that he would finish high school, now just two more years, and then move on.  Until then he would bide his time.  His no-good friends had abandoned him as they learnt how he was under his brother's thumb and over his lap.

Nichole was very happy with the situation.  She now had a strong, dominant man heading her household and felt most secure.  She could easily see her son as her father when he disciplined her and as her husband when he lead the family.  She was ever so proud of him.

Sam did not see things as either of them did.  He had gotten into this role only to protect his mother and had never anticipated how the situation would develop.  He was very glad that his mother was happy and doing a lot better than she had when his father had been sick.  Ross was an unexpected extra that he could have done without but his mother liked his company so that made it OK.  Perhaps it was because they both had a childish aspect to their personalities.

Ross surprised Sam one evening at dinner.  "Sam, I've been thinking.  Perhaps I could be a boarder here.  Nicki and I could then see more of each other and it would be easier.  I could pay my share and we would all be better off."

"Interesting thought.  Do you like the idea, mother?"

"Yes, dear.  I hope that you like it also."

"Yes…it seems like a good idea…but…" he turned and looked at Ross, "but there better not be any hanky-panky, young man."

"Oh, no sir.  That would not be right at all.  Not right at all." agreed Ross.

They worked out the details and a few weeks later Ross moved into the spare room.  Doing the budget and bills got a lot easier.  But after a few days – actually nights – Sam realized that there was a problem.  Although there was not any actual improprieties – yet – Sam did not like how close they had come and decided that he needed to act.  As soon as he started to talk to them they guiltily moved several inches apart although they remained sitting on the couch.  Sam even used this act as an admission of guilt in his discussion.

He positioned the chair and as he sat said: "Nicki, come here." The pair was a bit surprised as he usually spanked them privately.  Sam quickly positioned his mother over his lap and after lifting her dress clamped her into position with his arm.  He then placed his spanking hand into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees exposing her lovely buns.  Then he spanked her hard (as always) until her bottom was thoroughly red and she was bawling like a little girl should.  Of course, he lectured her about the proper behavior of a single young lady.  Her bottom would sting for days.

It was now Ross' turn.  It was now more than a year since Sam had first spanked Ross and a pattern had developed.  Ross had learnt to stand passively, head bowed in shame as the dominant youth lectured him and stripped him naked.  It no longer mattered if this sort of treatment was what he expected when he gave Sam authority over him as a surrogate father for he could not consider stopping it.  This time it was especially embarrassing because his girlfriend was watching.  They had both been told that since they did not have pubes, they were not entitled to be modest or shy like real adults.  Then, as with Nicki moments before, Ross was placed into position over Sam's lap and clamped into position by his strong arm.  After adding a few more words of lecture, Sam began the long hard spanking.  There was something that Ross could not help doing in this position and that was to slip totally into his little boy persona.  As a little boy he cried and submitted to the powerful authority that was turning his bottom into a flaming hot source of pain.  He had no doubt that he was being severely punished.

Sam also decided that he should take precautions to protect the honor of his dear mother using the supplies he had purchased just a day ago.  With Ross still in his most submissive little boy state he led him to the bathroom and gave him pubic shave as he did regularly.  Ross was surprised at the next events for Sam washed his pee-pee (that's what he called it as a little boy) and coated it with an antiseptic and stuck it into a bowl of ice and water.  Ross has learnt not to question what Sam did but to accept it quietly especially right after a severe spanking. Sam took out a device, used the antiseptic on it and pulled Ross's foreskin forward and punched two pairs of holes through it.  Because of the lower temperature, there was little bleeding nor pain.  As he was told Ross kept his modified pee-pee iced for a while.  Sam then put some healing ointment on it before sending Sam to bed.

In the morning, Sam inspected his work and was pleased.  Ross was extra sensitive all day but there was nothing to do expect tolerate the discomfort.  That evening, Ross learnt what this was all about when Sam slipped a miniature padlock through the four holes.  It was amassing how loud the snap of the padlock seemed to be.  Ross saw that he could pee normally but not get fully erect and certainly not have intercourse.  He started to inquire but Sam just cut him off.  "I have infibulated you so that I don't have to be concerned with the virtue of mother.  It will help you to concentrate on your work at the office also."

It was a week later that Sam went to Ross' room at bedtime.  "Boy, as you get older your body goes through changes, behaves differently and need different things to stay healthy.  While you are infibulated you require regular prostate massages.  I'm here to give you your first one, boy."  Ross was a bit puzzled for he knew less that he really should have about his own body.  He stripped and lay on the towel at the edge of the bed as Sam directed him to.  Sam then started to rub some petroleum jelly on Ross' bottom hole like Ross' mother did to him many years earlier when she needed to give him an enema or check his temperature.  Sam kept telling him to relax and Ross obeyed as always. What the older one could not see, was Sam opening his pants, getting his hard cock out and then covering it with the lube.  Sam leaned forward and easily pushed his shaft into without him even being aware of it. What Ross soon became aware of was that there was something going in and out of his hole and when it thrust in there were very nice sensations. So very nice like when he was mating with his ex-wife.

Sam had tried to prolong this first fuck but he came sooner than he wanted to filling Ross with a great load while Ross just made a small mess on the towel.  Sam cleaned himself with the towel as Ross admired his manly hair and endowment.  "I'll give you such a treatment every few days, boy.  But now it's lights out time.

"Oh thank you.  That felt very good and I'm already looking forward to the next time, sir.".  Waiting to fall asleep, Ross wondered why his own father never did this wonderful thing when he was growing up.  He was quite happy with the prostate massages.

* * * * * * * * * *

James eventually got out of high school but was rejected even by the local community college.  He had some dead end jobs and then ran away to get away from his dominating younger brother.  Down on his luck (as some might say) he was spotted by an officer of a tramp steamer who quickly saw his "potential" after just a few hours.  He was hired ostensibly as cabin/scullery boy but his more important duty was as the captain's catamite but he never was hungry nor without direction and discipline.

A decade later Sam was doing very well in business.  He married and moved to a large estate.  Nicki has retired and loves being a babysitter for her grandchildren.  Ross is employed as a servant both in and out of the house and gets massages monthly.  Both Sam and his wife kept the two well disciplined.

It is the very model of a happy household.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 11, 2004

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