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The following story is fiction about Santa and spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping in a role reversal situation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

David M. Katz wrote a story which he posted on which inspired a rewrite by me.  This is the original and the link to the revised version is at the end.  I thank David for permission to post it here and to do the rewrite.

This work is copyright by the authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Santa, Sammy and Spanking (Version 1)


David M. Katz <>

Sean Hunter

Tomorrow is Christmas!  I love Christmas.  I do really like getting new toys and I like getting out of school but Christmas is also fun.  I got to help Daddy put lights on the house this year.  Mommy and I made cookies today.  We made lots of cookies.  Some of the cookies got put in boxes and I got to take them to the neighbors.  Some of the cookies got saved for Santa to eat tonight.  We also ate some of the cookies.  Mommy has been playing Christmas songs all day.  I really like "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer".  Daddy had to work part of the day today but he got to come home early and I helped him get the spare bedroom ready for Grandma and Grandpa – they are coming to spend the night on Christmas afternoon.  Daddy and I put a bowl of carrot sticks outside for the reindeer to eat.  Mommy and Daddy and I are going to watch Christmas movies all afternoon.  I have a brother named Sammy but I don't think he likes Christmas too much.  I don't know why.  Also, Sammy and Daddy have been arguing all afternoon.  I don't know why about that either.  I hope Sammy gets in a better mood by tomorrow.

Samuel "Sammy" Hunter, Jr.

Ugh!  Someone please just kill me now!  Christmas is so lame.  OK, maybe it isn't Christmas that is lame because I do get a lot of cool stuff and I get to be out of school.  I guess it is all of the dumb crap that we do that makes Christmas lame.  Dad insists on covering the house in lights.  Our house surely disrupts planes because it is so bright.  I usually get stuck helping Dad drag the lights out and check them and then it is up and down the ladder stringing the things all over the roof and gutters.  Look, I know it was a lie but I told Dad I was sick this year.  I spent the day in my room playing video games while Dad hung up the lights.  No, he didn't have to do it himself.  He got my little brother, Sean, to help him.  Sean is eight now and it is time he took over the tradition of slaving over the lights.  Anyway, Sean acted like he had a blast.  I have been hiding out in my room again.  Mom is in her cookie-making mode.  I do not want to spend all morning covered in dough and icing.  Yeah, I'll eat the cookies, I just hate making them.  It's OK because Sean had fun helping Mom.  Oh my God!  If I have to hear "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" one more time I am going to jab a pencil in my ears!  I really do love my grandparents but Christmas means they will be here for three days.  I am going to have to spend the whole time telling every detail of my life and everything about school and Grandpa is going to ask me a million times if I have a girlfriend.  Grandma will forget I am fifteen and will bring me some toy for a ten-year-old – well, maybe Sean will like playing with it.

Dad and Mom want to keep the Santa thing alive for Sean.  OK, I get it.  I was a kid once too.  I am willing to play along but putting out carrots for reindeer is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.  Dad will go outside tonight and dump what carrots the rabbits around here didn't eat while all the time munching on one of Santa's cookies.  I think another stupid thing is Dad's Santa suit.  Every Christmas Eve after Sean has gone to bed (I suppose he used to do it for me too) Dad puts on a full Santa suit complete with a full white beard and black boots.  Dad will then put out the gifts dressed like that.  He says it puts him in the Christmas spirit – whatever, Dad.  I thought I had a way to get away from it all, but no.  My friend Eric's sister is in college and she is throwing a killer Christmas party for all her friends and Eric and I got invited.  Dad said I couldn't go.  He said there wasn't enough supervision and the crowd was too old for me and then he said I would be out too late.  Dad doesn't get it.  I have been trying to get him to let me go to the party all day but he won't budge.  Dad tells me I should just join the family for Christmas movies, I decided I was feeling sick again.  I guess it isn't a lie because if I have to see "Prancer" or "The Santa Clause" one more time in my life then I will barf.© YLeeCoyote

Sean Hunter

It is hard to go to sleep.  I wonder what Santa will bring me?  My belly sortta of hurts too.  Mommy says that is because I am excited and also because I ate too many cookies.  Sammy said he was sick too and he went to bed early.  See, I don't think he is sick.  Mommy is worried about him but I think he just hates Christmas and doesn't want to be around any of us.  I can hardly wait to see Grandma and Grandpa!  I did eat lots of cookies but I left plenty for Santa too.  I also left out a big glass of tea.  I know they say you are supposed to leave out milk but Daddy says Santa doesn't really like milk and gets too much of it.  I think it is weird that my daddy's just like Santa.  Daddy doesn't like milk either.  I hope the reindeer eat the carrots I left for them.  I worry every year because we don't have a chimney but Mommy and Daddy say it is OK.  They say they will leave the back door unlocked for Santa.  What if Daddy forgets to leave the door unlocked?  Maybe I should go check?  No, I better not get out of bed because Santa might come early and then he would see me out of bed.  I guess he will ring the bell if the door is locked.

Sammy Hunter

Mom and Dad will never know.  I told Mom I was sick and was going to bed.  Dad gave me a look as if to say "I am watching you" but was quickly back into the movie.  I texted Eric and told him to meet me at the corner down from my house.  Eric just got his license.  I turned my TV on since I always sleep with my TV on and sneaked out of my room.  I walked right out the back door and nobody was the wiser.  The party was so cool!  Everyone was dancing to some great music – none of that Rudolph crap.  There was food everywhere and someone even brought beer and the place was crawling with hot girls.  Eric and I did a lot of running around for his sister.  She kept having us fill the ice bowls and get more trays of food and stuff like that.  I even overheard one of the other people at the party call us "go-fers" but I really wasn't sure what that meant.  Eric decided we should leave a little after midnight.  I was able to sneak a beer for the ride home.  I thought the stuff was nasty so I only drank half a bottle.  I offered the rest to Eric but he said he was driving and couldn't drink.  I poured the rest of the beer out of my window and tossed the bottle in the back seat.  Eric didn't seem to like that.

"Dude!  You can't leave that shit in my car.  My dad will go berserk if he sees a beer bottle in my car."

"Chill!  I'll throw it away when you drop me off."

"Anyway, I'm glad you could make it.  How'd you get your dad to change his mind?"

"Uh, well, Dad doesn't exactly know I'm out.  He thinks I'm sick and in my room sleeping."

Eric looked shocked and shook his head and told me it had been nice knowing me.  Eric said parents always have a way of finding stuff out and that I was in deep shit.  I assured Eric my parents were sleeping.

"Mom and Dad always crash early on Christmas Eve because Sean will have the whole house up before dawn.  Dad will put on that lame Santa suit of his and set out the gifts, eat some cookies and throw away the carrots and then go to bed."

Eric looked at me weird, "Carrots?"

"Don't ask, Dude.  Trust me, it is the stupidest thing on earth."

Eric dropped me off at the corner.  I tossed the beer bottle in Old Man Jackson's trash can and made the hike home.  It was starting to snow.  Hey!  White Christmas.  Cool!

I got home and went around to sneak in through the back door.  I saw the bowl of carrots sitting by the patio.  I thought to myself, "Oh crap.  Dad forgot the stupid carrots, Sean will be so disappointed.  Guess I'll do Dad and Sean a favor."

I tossed the carrots in the wooded area behind the house figuring some rabbit or raccoon would find them and left the bowl upside down by the patio.  Having done my good deed for the year, I reached for the knob on the back door.

Sean Hunter

I guess I fell asleep.  My belly felt better but I really needed some water.  I hoped it was safe enough to go get water.  I slipped out of bed and walked quietly to the kitchen.  I couldn't resist.  I looked in the den where the Christmas tree was at to see if maybe Santa had come yet.  I got the shock of my life.  Oh, no!  What if he saw me?  And, why was Sammy there?  And, why was Santa …?  I stood there and watched.  I couldn't help it.  Maybe I was still asleep and dreaming?  I pinched my arm.  No, I wasn't dreaming.  I never got my water.

Sammy Hunter

I walked in the door just as Dad was coming to the door.  He was headed out to dump the carrots.  I don't know who was more surprised to see whom.

"Sammy!  What the hell …?"

There was Dad decked all out in his Santa suit chomping on a cookie.  I grasped for a lie.

"Uh, hey, Dad, Yeah … well, it's like this … I needed a little air and thought I would … uh … yeah … dump out the carrots for you."

"And, as you were out there dumping the carrots you must have stumbled across a beer and drank that too?  Sammy, I can smell the beer on your breath.  So … why don't you cut the crap and come clean with the truth because I have a real good idea what all happened this evening."

I looked at my feet and stammered out the truth, "I … yeah … Dad, I'm sorry … I sort of sneaked out … I went to Eric's sister's party.  It wasn't a big deal.  I'm home.  I'm safe.  Let's just all go to bed and forget the whole thing."  I looked up at Dad with a meek little hopeful smile.

Dad answered by grabbing my shoulder and leading me toward the den.  We made it to the den and Dad pushed me toward the big fluffy couch.  "Sit!"  I sat down and Dad planted himself next to me.

"I'm sorry, Dad."

"That's a good start.  Was it worth it?"


"Was it worth lying to me and your mother?  Was it worth bailing on your brother on Christmas Eve?  Was it worth disappointing everyone?"

"Uh, Dad, I don't know.  I guess I had a good time but I think Eric and I were mostly there to run errands for his sister."

"Ya, think?  Did it not seem bizarre to you that a bunch of college ladies would want a couple of little high school boys at their party?"

"Maybe.  I mean I danced a little.  The music was great, the food was great, the place was overrun with hot ladies but I didn't score."

"Let me put on my shock face.  You mean the college women didn't show an interest in the under-aged boys?  OK, what about the beer?"

"I had a half of one coming home.  They weren't letting me and Eric have any.  It all seemed on the up and up.  They said we weren't old enough.  I sneaked one out as we were leaving.  It was nasty…"  Dad cut me off and looked concerned.

"Did Eric drink and drive?"

"Oh, hell no, Dad.  I even offered him part of my beer and he turned it down."  Dad looked relieved.

I swallowed hard and decided to get to the point of the discussion, "So how long am I grounded for?"

"You're not grounded, Sammy …"  I felt a wave of relief flow over me.  I guessed Dad understood after all.

"… we've got too much going on over the next few days with your grandparents being here and also I think it would be sort of cruel to ground you on Christmas."

"Thanks, Dad.  I really am sorry.  Won't happen again."  I got up to leave and go to bed.  Dad stopped me.

"Hold on there, Buddy.  I didn't say you weren't going to be punished.  I said I wasn't going to ground you."

My heart skipped a beat and I broke out in a cold sweat.  I knew that could only mean one thing.  I might be fifteen but Dad had made it clear that he would still whip my ass if he thought I needed it.  Dad fulfilled my fears when he had me stand up and he led me to the back of the couch.  Dad pushed me forward a bit and I knew to bend over the couch.  Dad reached around my waist and unbuckled my belt and tugged it off.  Shit!  I was going to get whipped with my own belt.  I realized Dad's Santa suit didn't have a real belt.  I sure wished he was going to be using the flimsy vinyl thing he was wearing.  Dad then told me to take my jeans and boxers down.  I stood up and pushed my jeans and undies down and bent back over the couch.  I closed my eyes and waited for the worst.  I heard Dad snap the belt as he folded it over.


I threw my head back and sucked in air.  Shit, that hurt!


Two quick lashes found the lower part of my butt.  I bit down hard on my lips and tried to think of anything but the building fire in my ass.  While I was appreciating those the belt landed twice more in a crisscross fashion across the middle of my ass.  I was fighting hard not to cry and was breathing heavy.  I yelled out at Dad.

"Please … Daddy, let the whipping be over.  It's hurting!"

"It's supposed to hurt.  I hope it is hurting.  We aren't close to stopping yet … ten more to go."

Dad delivered five hard licks to my lower ass.  I wailed and could no longer hold back the tears.  I was grabbing at the cushions on the couch and was sobbing like a toddler.  The next five were slow and meticulous and put me in sheer agony.  I wanted to run outside and sit in the snow.  I was a mess of sobs and snot.  It was over!

I managed to stand up and I started rubbing at my ass.  The skin was hot and I could feel several raised welts.  I put my clothes back.  Dad offered a hug and I accepted.  I thought someone was running in the hallway but realized I must be hearing things.  Dad handed me my belt, told me he loved me and sent me to bed.

Sean Hunter

I wondered if I should go get Mommy and Daddy.  I was afraid they would be mad if they found out I was up.  Also, would Santa still leave my gifts?  I guessed it was OK.  I mean it was Santa.  But … why was Santa spanking Sammy?  It looked awful.  I knew Sammy got it with the belt sometimes because I sometimes heard it from his room.  It always sounded plain terrible and Sammy sure would cry a lot.  It was even worse watching it.  I sure hoped I never got spanked with a belt.  Daddy mostly uses his hand on me but if I have done something really bad then he will use one of my sandals on me and that really hurts.  Santa was whacking Sammy's  butt really hard with the belt.  Sammy started crying and then the spanking was over and Santa hugged Sammy.  Sammy's behind was as red as Santa's suit.  I ran back to bed and hid under my covers.

Sammy Hunter

I kicked off my shoes and pulled my jeans and shirt off and draped myself across my bed on my belly.  Despite the pain and burning in my ass I fell asleep quickly.  It seemed I had just fallen asleep when Sean was running around yelling for everyone to get up.  I groaned both for the early hour and for the lingering soreness in my butt.  I slipped my discarded shirt back over my head and, knowing Mom wouldn't appreciate a bunch of Christmas morning pictures of me in my boxers, I found some loose basketball shorts and was ready to join the family around the tree.

Sean was screaming with excitement over his gifts.  I think the entire Lego factory sent a truck to our house.  (It is OK and doesn't make you look like a kid if you are playing Lego with your little brother, right?)  Sean had a new bike and a baseball glove.  Sean got a bunch of clothes and actually seemed to like some of them.  I scored a new skateboard, some really cool headphones with an itunes card, a leather jacket and a bunch of clothes.  Then it was like someone flipped a light switch.  Sean got reflective and quiet.  He seemed like he wanted to say something.  Mom sensed there was something on his mind and asked him if something was bothering him.  Sean looked at me and spoke.

"Sammy, I need to ask you something and I hope it is OK but I went to get some water last night and I saw something that maybe I shouldn't have seen.  Sammy, why was Santa spanking you?"

Dad shot me a look and I acknowledged the situation with my eyes.  I sat quietly for a minute and finally figured out how to handle the question.

"Well, Sean, I guess I should let you know that I haven't been very good this past year.  It seems like I showed up on Santa's naughty list.  Well, Santa's a really cool guy and he doesn't like for any kid to not get Christmas presents so he slipped in my room and asked me to come talk to him.  Santa explained the problem and said if I took a spanking then he would be able to leave my gifts for me.  So, hey, what was I supposed to do?  I figured a spanking was a lot better than getting left out on the gifts.  I guess you sort of saw us while it was happening.  I'm OK now and it is all settled.  See, I got my presents."

Dad looked my way with a smile of approval.  Sean's Christmas was saved.

Sean Hunter

Wow!  I better make sure I am good all year.  I definitely do not want to end up on Santa's naughty list – ever!

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© Copyright David M. Katz December 14, 2014

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