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Sasha Finds His Rightful Place


It was only a week after Sasha's tenth birthday that his mother last spanked him.  He remembered it very well and expected that he would remember it for the rest of his life.  It was a very severe spanking for his mother was very angry at what he had done.  Sasha did not resent his mother for this spanking in the least.  He realized (well after the fact) that he had behaved very badly, doing stuff he well knew that he shouldn't and that was nasty to others.  He could not even rationalize what he had done as just harmless mischief or doing something dangerous for the two little girls had their day ruined.

He often thought about how his mother had expressed her great disappointment with him when she lectured him before the spanking.  She was right and he knew he well-deserved what was coming.  That, of course, was not any consolation when he went to fetch the hairbrush from his desk where it was stored as a reminder to him.  It was an old-fashioned brush that had been his grandmother's; an old-fashioned brush with a heavy oak back that was wider than his hand.  After handing the brush to his mother, he undid his belt and zipper and lowered both his jeans and even his briefs.  He hadn't any choice about lowering his jeans but did about his briefs.  That subject had been discussed it from several angles – modesty, effectiveness and safety.  He did not have to tell his mother that he knew that not only did he deserve this spanking but that he knew it should be a long and hard one.  Not only had he acted badly but most juvenilely.  His face showed his disappointment in himself.

He laid himself across her lap without a word or hesitation.  He well knew that neither would be of help.  His mother grabbed his waist to assure that he would not fall and started with a few hand spanks.  They were not gentle, but did not sting and hurt like the brush would.  When he got older, he would realize that this was the physiological part that made him really feel, deep inside, that he was a little boy.  He used to cry when he was just a little kid but now, at ten, he could hold back the tears.  He was growing up and wanted to be a macho man and not a crybaby.  He got about ten spanks on each check that turned him red.  The next part was going to be much more painful.  He felt the brush gently rub his sensitive bottom as a precursor.  Mother always did that so that he could prepare himself for the pain.  He did his best but after a few hard spanks from the hard and heavy oak brush he succumbed and started to cry.  He lost track of how many spanks he got but would always recall "many; very many!"  Eventually, she stopped spanking him, and stood him up.  She hugged him as he cried and for a while even after he stopped.

It was always up to him how long they hugged.  Usually, he disengaged immediately after he stopped crying but this time he held on a bit longer for he was sorting out his thoughts.  Eventually he admitted that he really deserved that spanking and thanked her.  He pulled up his pants and went off to his room.  There, without any prodding, wrote two notes of apology to the two girls.

It was two months later that his mother was killed in the accident.  Such things happen and the rest of us must go on.  He continued to live with his father and soon learnt that a housekeeper is not a substitute for a mother.  After half a year he realized that something else was different.  He had not been spanked since his mother had died.  He knew that he had deserved several spankings and had his mother been alive, surely would have gotten them.  He also thought back on his life and realized two things.  First, that it had always been his mother and never his father who had spanked him.  Second, his mother had been in charge not only of him but also of his father – the supposed head of the household© YLeeCoyote

Soon after he turned eleven, he realized that he was making more and more decisions and that his father was accepting them without question even for those that directly affected his father's life.  Initially, they were not terribly significant decisions but simple ones such as where to have dinner or what movie to see but it established a pattern and their significance increased with time.

It was an accident that he saw his father's diary.  His father, in haste, had left it open on the kitchen table and Sasha's eye was caught by his father's words.  His fascination with his father's last line – that indicated how much he missed his spouse even though she had spanked him – caused Sasha to start browsing.  He quickly realized that he had been right about his mother being in charge and now understood why his father never spanked him.  A few days later, he fetched the diary and studied it more carefully.  He learnt that his father had gotten spanked at least twice a month and, in the last year, written that he would have been spanked if she had been alive and that he would have been good for him.  Sasha compared these feelings with his own and saw the differences.  He was growing up and learning to control his behavior and he did not miss being spanked whereas his father did.  Years later he would decide that his father was apparently still a boy emotionally and needed spankings but those thoughts were too complex for him now.

Soon after this discovery, Sasha and his father were returning home when they were pulled over by a traffic cop.  A summons was issued for a defective light.  When they got home, Sasha shocked his father with a simple, but profound, remark: "Mother would have spanked you for that, dad."  His father was astonished and just sat there with saucer eyes and mouth agape.  Soon after he followed up with "You know it's true, Father." and then, a minute later, "And you know you truly need it."

There was a long, pregnant pause and Sasha's father finally mumbled a weak "yes".  That was the turning point although neither knew it at the time.

When they got inside the house, Shaha said simply "Belt!" and holding out his hand.  "Assume the position."  Time seemed to freeze for Sasha although in reality it was only seconds before his father undid his belt, pulled it out of his trousers and handed it to his preteen son.  He then unzipped, pushed his trousers and underpants down and bent over the end of the couch presenting his bare ass for his first strapping from his son.

The boy folded the belt in half and quickly found the right position.  He raised the heavy leather belt and brought it down on target.  For the very first time, he watched the red stripe form and heard the low grunt from his father.  He repeated the action with similar results and then kept at it until his father's butt was bright red.  Each cut now did more than just elicit a grunt but actually a yelp of pain.  Sasha was sure that he also heard some sobbing.  When he decided it was enough he ordered his father to pull up his trousers and to go bed early.  His father's silent compliance spoke volumes.

After that, things were, as you would expect, different.  Sasha became much more assertive and found reasons to spank his father every two to three weeks.  Always believing in fairness, he setup some rules for his father defining his curfew, chores and similar items.  He also experimented with other methods than having his father bent over and strapping him with a belt.  What he yearned for was the intimacy that he had when he was over his mother's lap and decided that was the best idea.  But there was a problem – his father was bigger than he was and some modifications were needed.

Naturally, he made the change unilaterally.  One night after his father was late returning home without calling he put the new protocol into effect.  After lecturing his father about being responsible, he lead him into the bedroom were he sat on the bed.  After his father had undressed completely, Sasha had him lay over his lap with his upper body supported directly by the bed.  This solved the support issue and still placed his father's naked bottom in the proper position.  Like his mother had done, he started with his hand although he knew it would not really be effective and would even hurt himself more than his dad.  Nevertheless, he liked how his hand prints formed on his father's bottom.  He immediately liked the intimacy and proceeded with the spanking.  He then switched to a short strap he had made out of an old belt for the required effect.

It was a most effective arrangement.  He was comfortable and so was his father except for the spanking part.  By the second month of using this position, he could assure that he spanked sufficiently to make his father cry.  They were both happy with this arrangement.  Sasha felt very grown up and his father had the strict discipline including corporal punishment that he required.  There was an interesting bit of feedback from his father's employer who commented that he was glad that he had gotten over the loss of his wife as reflected in his 'not only restored but improved' productivity.

Even before Sasha turned twelve he started looking forward to that wonderful and awesome change of puberty.  He had read about things and realized that there was a problem with his father.  He was taking the adult role and treating his dad as if he was a little boy.  Not only was he spanking him but he called him by the diminutive of his name.  There was one thing that did not fit – he did not look like a boy for he had a lot of hair about his crotch.  It spoiled the feelings.  The solution was obvious, he decided.  A couple of days later at dinner he said: "Ricky, I've been treating you as a little boy for several months now and it has been good for both of us."

"Yes, Sasha." replied his father docilely.

"I've decided that it is inappropriate for you to have all that hair about your pee-pee.  Little boys don't have hair there.  I shall remove it."

Ricky looked a little surprised and took a while to respond.  "Yes, sir.  You know best."  He remembered how thrilled he had been to get them when he was in high school and knew he would miss them now but he could not argue with his dominant son.  His preteen, prepuberty son, who was so much like his deceased spouse in that regard that total obedience came naturally.

Just an hour later, Ricky was standing in his bathtub, naked while Sasha proceeded to run a small hair clipper through his pubes.  Ricky wished that he could have said not to do this but he could not open his mouth.  As Sasha guided the razor over the area to remove the stubble, Ricky realized that his son was correct – he should not have pubes.

Before Sasha was thirteen, he experienced a second loss.  His father perished in a plane crash.  Naturally, it was traumatic but having been in charge made it easier to deal with the situation since he was accustomed to making decisions.  Sasha went to live with his uncle as previously planned.  The family consisted of his father's brother and wife and his two cousins, Robert (a year older) and Kenneth (a year younger).

Having been the alpha male in the house with his father, Sasha quickly established dominance over his two cousins who, he quickly recognized, were as passive as his late father.  Within the month, there was a rearrangement so that Robby and Kenny were sharing a bedroom and Sasha had the single (which had previously been Robby's).  Their parents were surprised but since the brothers did not object, they accepted it.  They wrongly assumed that their sons preferred to share with each other rather than with their nephew.

Along with establishing his leadership of the pack position with his cousins, Sasha also set to changing their errant behavior.  They soon started to devote more time and effort to their school work and a lot less to goofing off and mischief.  Kenny was the first to get a spanking from Sasha.  He had hung out with his friends and did not do his homework and consequently failed a test.  Kenny could not offer any reasons that Sasha should not spank him as promised for his negligence and failure.  So with his big brother watching, Kenny was stripped by Sasha and taken over his lap for his first ever spanking.  It was most effective.  Sasha started, like he had with his own father, with his hand getting his cousin's bottom red and hot.  He then switched to the short strap he had made and finished the job.  Soon Kenny's bottom was glowing crimson and hot enough to roast marshmallows and he was crying.  Just like he had been comforted and comforted his father, Sasha comforted his cousin.  After he had washed his face, Robby promised to be more diligent.  When his red eyes were noticed at dinner, Robby explained that Kenny had messed up and Sasha had punished him with a spanking.  Robby's comment: "I deserved it, Father and promise to do better." put the subject aside.  Later, his aunt and uncle tried to fathom what had happened with their nephew and sons although the results definitely seemed to be good.

It was only a few days later that Robby got his first spanking from Sasha.  He had stayed out past his curfew and, with continued bad timing, his returned coincided with when Sasha had gotten up to use the toilet.  Just being in his underpants did not stop Sasha from immediately calling Robby to task for the offence.  Within three minutes, the older youth was naked and laying over his cousin's lap for his first spanking.  Robby had yielded more quickly than his younger brother had and was a lot less stoic about what was happening.  Even after just a few hand spanks, Robby was howling although not objecting that it was his cousin (rather than his father) spanking him.  Kenny was surprised seeing his big brother acting like a little wimp.  He just lay there and watched how Robby's butt turned bright red as their cousin applied first his hand and then his strap to the bare upturned bottom.  Kenny knew exactly how much this hurt and was disappointed that Robby was howling so much.  Kenny's respect and admiration for his big brother was reduced and that for his cousin correspondingly increased.

Robby had also been heard coming in by his parents who planned to discuss his lateness in the morning in their usual wimpy fashion.  They were surprised at how Sasha took the issue by the horns and that Robby immediately promised to keep to the rules.  Then when his older cousin said he was to be spanked as punishment he did not object but only complained that it was hurting.  The two parents noticed that their sons were becoming better behaved and more diligent about their school work now that Sasha had taken charge.  This pleased them and since the boys were not objecting they did not see any reason to intervene.  Like the child rearing books state, when discipline is fair, children don't object and both Robby and Kenny saw that Sasha kept to the same standard he expected of them.

With the passage of time, Sasha decided that his uncle and father were like two peas in a pod – the same passive types.  Unlike them and his two cousins he had inherited the genes for dominance from his mother.  Once he had made this decision, it was clear that he should take charge of his aunt and uncle as he had of his father and for exactly the same reasons.  They had effectively abdicated their parental control of his cousins without any objection nor even discussions.  The opportunity occurred when the two came home drunk after a party.  The evidence of excess was in the crushed fender and garage door and their hung over state the next day.

Sasha took to lecturing them quite soon after they appeared (even in their impaired state).  Especially since both Robby and Kenny were there, the errant adults really could not claim innocence as he went on.  He even told how he had been in charge of his father soon after his mother had died and that it had done him a world of good generally and in particular at his job.  "You, Uncle, are just like your brother – you need direction like a boy requires and you, Aunt, unlike my mother, also need direction like a girl does."  Such directness and bluntness got everyone's attention.  Robby and Kenny looked at each other and realized how their cousin had taken charge and that they were better off for it.  Would it also be true if he took charge of their parents?  The two adults were just astounded.  Their orphaned nephew whom they had taken in now wanted to take charge of them.  Both of them had often been lectured in this manner when they were youngsters and they were so conditioned to obediently accept not only the lecture but corporal punishment that as much as they wanted to object at such an outrageous idea, they couldn't.  They knew that they had let him take charge of their sons and his father had told them how he had taken charge.  That they were so passive during the lecture told everyone that Sasha was the one who was the true leader in the household.

"You both need to be spanked for last night." Sasha declared firmly.  He sat in the middle of the couch.  "Uncle, you're first."  His uncle came over and stood passively as Sasha undid his pants and yanked them down before pulling him over his lap.  As his cousins watched, he proceeded to first hand spank and then use his short strap on him.  The two brothers saw that their father's butt got striped and turned red just like theirs did and that there were the sounds of pain.  The procedure for their mother was the same since she was wearing slacks.  Sasha did not treat her any differently because she was female and her bared bottom metamorphosed in the same way.  She was, however, much more vocal.  The two spankings done, the two chastised adults were sent back to their bedroom to contemplate on both their misdeeds and the new arrangements.

That very same evening Sasha decided (just as he had with his father) that it was inappropriate for either of them to have pubic hair for it represented an adult status and they were not deserving of that.  He acted, as always, directly and clipped and shaved them.  They accepted his decision without any objection convincing Sasha that he was doing the correct thing.  The next time that Robby required a spanking, Sasha also removed his young bush.  At this time Kenny did not have any pubes.

When Kenny had gotten some pubes, he surprised Sasha by saying: "I guess it is time that you use this on me." and handed him the razor.  Kenny explained that he rather that the guys in school didn't know he had lost them for his brother was teased by his classmates even more than the guys that never had any.  He reckoned that trimmed ones would be better.  Sasha filed this information away.

It was Sasha's fifteenth birthday and the family was having a little private celebration.  They had finished dinner and he had opened his birthday presents.  As they all had birthday cake and ice cream Sasha felt very good.  He was, as the now usual arrangement, sitting at the head of the table with his cousins on one side and his uncle and aunt on the other as befits the alpha male of the household.  He had already made the announcement that Kenny was now in charge of everyone's pubes.  Kenny had thanked him sincerely and promised that he would do a good job.  Without thinking, he knew that he would keep his parents shaved but allow his brother and himself to have short ones (to make it easier in school)

Sasha was looking forward to reading the book he had gotten – The Life of Alexander the Great – his namesake.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 26, 2008

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