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The following story is fiction about boy being spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Saving David's Ass



All across America kids clamber aboard substandard yellow school buses stuck on truck chassis every school day.  No so for many in New York City for instead of those vehicles the students are expected to use the public transit system or to walk.  For the former the Board of Education issues MetroCards® without charge to those eligible in grades K-12.  On school days, they are good for three trips (presumably to school, to after school activity or the public library and back home) between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

This story was inspired by my finding such a student MetroCard.  It did not take long to realize the trouble that David (name written on the card with a marker) was in for as he had a cash flow problem and parental anger in the mix.  I turned it into a Railroad Clerk (in the booth in a subway station) who cancelled it immediately which would make getting the replacement easier.

Of course, freshman David had heard various horror stories of long delays in getting replacement cards from the sophs and even a friend's big brother.

David's story (as I imagined it)© YLeeCoyote

David was thrilled about starting high school.  Not only did being a 'freshman' sound so much better than being an 'eighth grader' had but it was also even better than 'ninth grader'.  It was also an adventure into the adult world for now he was commuting with grownups.  It would be a few weeks before he realized that it had opened up an entire world for now he had a trump card.  In the past when he wanted to go some place he heard "You're too young to take the subway by yourself." or similar statements.  Now he could counter that: "I take the subway at least twice a day for school and even explore new ways with my classmates.  I'm learning to get around New York by myself." and it worked.

It was approaching bedtime when he was packing up his backpack for the next day that he realized his precious student MetroCard was missing.  He searched high and low, in every book and notebook, in every section and pocket.  But, alas, it was really missing.

Many thoughts went through his mind in rapid order.  He would need cash to get to school and back home.  A full $5.50 each day.  He checked his funds – yes he had the cash for one day but it would mean having to eat in the school cafeteria.  He could manage a one day delay in telling his father so he could get some extra money until he got a replacement card.  His dad did like his losing things of value and he recalled several painful spankings in the past.

He also remembered what his buddy's big brother had told him about how long they took to replace lost cards – DAYS!  His father would probably spank him every day.  Perhaps he could borrow from his friends and postpone telling Dad for a second day or three.

David went to bed worrying and eventually slipped into dreamland.

It was summer time and he was off from school.  "I need you to go to the grocery, Davy." said his mother handing him a shopping list and a twenty-dollar bill.  "Hurry back and be very careful with the change."

"Yes, mother." he replied as he headed out.  At least this chore showed some trust in him he thought as he headed to the supermarket.  It was when he returned that the trouble unfolded.  He had lost the change – more than eight dollars.

He could not look at his father when he was being scolded and lectured for being careless with money.  He spent a half hour in the corner waiting for his father to spank him.  The waiting was terrible for all he could think of was the upcoming spanking but when the wait was over it would be worse.

He stood before his father who opened his shorts and let them fall to the floor.  Then his underpants were lowered before he was turned over his father's lap.  He felt so little.  His father patted his bottom with his big hand and David knew that the horrible pain of the spanking would soon follow.  He was correct.  The hand was raised and brought back down forcefully.  And painfully.  Over and over.  The pain was intense and he was soon crying.

Then he was alone.  His bottom red-hot and in pain as he lay on his bed crying.  He knew why he was spanked.  Losing stuff was a great big NO-NO!

He sat up.  This butt did not hurt.  He realized that he had just relived the spanking of the past and the nightmare was over.

David tossed and turned for a long time before he got back to sleep.  But, alas, the nightmares were not yet over.

It was the discussion that he most feared.  But there was not anyway to avoid it.  He needed to tell his father that he had lost his student MetroCard.  He knew that his father would be angry.  Spanking angry.  But there was not anything else to do.  He needed another $5.50 a day and that would only come from his father.

But it came at a price – a lecture and spanking.  The former was not pleasant but would be over quickly.  The effects of the latter would linger.  He hoped that his father's day at work was one of the 'good days'.

He waited until after dinner to talk with his father.  There was no point in being evasive as that just annoyed his dad.  "Father," he said, "I lost my student MetroCard and need some extra money until I get the replacement."  He paused, "I'm terribly sorry."

His father gave him a scathing look.  "So you were careless … again."  David nodded sadly.  "What did I promise you if you lost things again, boy?"

"A spanking, Sir."

"Indeed.  What did we agree about last summer before you started high school when you complained that you were too old to go over my lap?"

"That I would bend over and you would use the belt." said David with trepidation for he had not yet been strapped.

"Exactly.  Drop your jeans and underpants and get into position as we agreed." David slowly lowered his pants and bent over the chair gripping the seat for the first time.  With an unsure voice he said: "Ready, Father."

"Hold tight, son." said his dad as swung the belt at the bare target for the first time.  David yelled but managed to bravely stay in place.  His father watched the red stripe form.

Over and over the action was repeated.  It took a while but the count reached fourteen, his age, and the punishment concluded.  "You may get up David.  You took that very well.  You are growing up."  He placed ten dollars on the desk and left his son to recover.

David awoke again and realized that he had another nightmare rather than an actual strapping.  The day of reckoning was yet to come.  He doubted that could be avoided but would he have a third dream like Scrooge did?

* * * * * * * * * *

The day went slowly at school for David was worried about getting a replacement MetroCard.  At the end of the day he went to the office and joined the others with similar problems.  The aide in charge explained the computer system was not working quite right but she would do her best for them.

David heard one student complain of a failed card and the student was told to tell the clerk in the booth who would let him in and to return tomorrow for a new card.  He also heard a couple of stories like his.  "I can't issue you a replacement card until the system is working.  Sorry.  Hopefully tomorrow." the aide said.

David was sure that he would have to tell his father that evening.  His butt throbbed in anticipation of the pain to come.  The aide entered his name, got the id number of the lost MetroCard and entered into the system to cancel it.  She looked surprised.  "David, you are lucky.  Your card was cancelled yesterday.  I guess that someone must have turned it at a booth so I can issue you a replacement now."  She got a new card, did some paper work and said: "Sign here."

David's relief was palpable to all in the room.  He would not have to tell his father for after all he was not a baby anymore and could handle his own affairs.  He would not get strapped today and he was most happy about that.  The entire episode was the topic of conversation on the way home until his buddy had to change trains.

That night, his butt still unscathed, he was delighted that his student MetroCard was exactly where it belonged – in his wallet ready for the trip to school in the morning.  He quickly fell asleep not worried about being spanked.

David was in the hidden glen with several of his buddies.  He was surrounded and he was being lectured about how important it is to be careful and not lose things.  And how careless boys get spanked for losing things.  David protested that none of them was his father and therefore did not have spanking rights.

Somehow that did not make a difference in anyone's thoughts.  "You lost your student MetroCard and for that you earned a spanking.  That you got a replacement immediately does not negate the fact YOU HAVE EARNED A SPANKING."

Surrounded by his friends David could not fight them off.  His belt was open and his jeans yanked down.  He was dragged to a fallen tree and drapped over the trunk with his tail up high.  With so many hands holding him, he couldn't escape.  His own belt was pulled from his jeans.  In what order they would go was the immediate question.

"In birthday order within the year and three cuts each." said one and the others agreed to the simple plan.

January21 was first.  He raised the belt and brought down on the target.  David clenched his teeth so not to yell in front of his peers.  The second stroke elicited a grunt as did the third.  The lucky first guy saw the individual stripes form on David's butt.

The belt was passed to March3 for his turn.  The target got redder and the grunts more noticeable.  The two holding him down backed off as he was not struggling as April18 found his place.  He did it rapid fire taking only five seconds to deliver his quota of three cuts.  David felt them and could not maintain his silence much to the delight of his rapid fire friend.

August30 was a southpaw and his cuts found some new territory to set blaze causing David to whine at the pain.  December25, the last one, wanted to be most effective.  He took careful aim and swung hard.  When the belt hit the crease between butt and thigh, David yelled and jumped.  He was quickly pushed back into position and held down for the next vicious cut in the same place.  His third cut and the last of the fifteen, he placed a bit lower on the back of David's legs happily evoking a scream.  December25 was grinning with sadistic pleasure after punishing his friend.

"That's all Davy." said March3.

David sat up in bed.  It took him a bit before he realized that he just had had another nightmare.  Was this predicting the future?  Or, like Scrooge's dream, just a possible future that would not be.  He hoped the latter.

And then he realized something else.  It had been a wet dream.  Or, more precisely, a wet nightmare.  What did that say of the future?


Who, but David, can say what happened and how much he worried.  I think that he should have been sure of getting the replacement card the next day.  OTOH, that would not have lead to a story like uncertainty did.

The End

You can read about the student MetroCard at  I note that a previous version had this official directive to the schools: "[schools] … may never 'punish' a student by delaying the replacement of a lost, damaged, or stolen MetroCard."

© Copyright A.I.L. June 15, 2018

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